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I have been bullied before and i am actually in the current position of being bullied at school and online.  I've tried to talk to counselors about my problem but it doesn't seem to ever help me.. i think about suicide every single day but i am still living. Please Stay strong!

anonymous - 15 - California

My daughter is 5 & she is a victim... she has befriended the bully and she thinks he is her friend! She loved school and now is faking sick so she doesn't have to go... she comes home with several marks and bruises... the school seems like it's not as serious as I know it is, this has effected her in so many ways... I have even took it as far as calling the police and I'm getting the same there as well, sense it's not a life or death situation I have been put a side... my daughter is having nightmares and her behavior has changed in so many ways, she is not happy to have to go to school anymore. My heart is braking for her and my anger is had to keep control of. I'm stuck as to what to do or where to go anymore. I know the effects of bullying and know what happens if not addressed! Not sure if I came to the right website but I would like to let it be know, the bully hurts the victims family as well... I remain strong for my daughter and will fight to get the school, the police and everyone to listen and be aware of what bullying can do to a sad, shutdown, once happy school loving child but now unhappy scared to sleep or go to school she is crying out for help yet it seems no one can hear her! I'm so overwhelmed and broken as she is worse than what is seen on the outside. Thank u

Terra - 31 - MICHIGAN

I care because I was once a child that felt like I just didn't fit in even though I always had a lot of friends.  It's much deeper than the number of friends you have.  When I grew up I equated happiness and doing well with designer shoes nice clothes,money and a wealth of personal belongings. Everyone didn't have the same privilege. It wasn't until I was a young adult that I discovered how special I was and having all those "things" doesn't make me a good person. I had mentors, friends, family and awesome teachers who help me grow and increase my self- esteem. Now as an adult I realize how important it is to get my students to discover the gifted and good person they are and that it has nothing to do with what they own.

Marsha - 51 - Jeannette, PA

I been bullied  by kids. We need to stop it now

Eric - 10 - MMINNESOTA

Bullying traumatized me into high school. I care because I now suffer from depression, anxiety, and body dysmorphia. I care because I will never make anyone feel the way those bullies made me feel. I care because every life is prescious.

Jana - 18 - Indiana

I think bullying is wrong because it hurts people feelings.

lola - 19 - ferriday,LA

I have experienced it and its unjust to people, I have started an anti-bullying group in my school and we will help stop it!!!

Emilio - 14 - Mineral Wells, Texas

I used to attend CSMS, but I switched because I was severely bullied and nobody was helping me besides my parents. I spent the majority of the second semester doing school at my house because I felt safe at my house. I still remember walking into school everyday and people looking at me like I am odd. I used to be liked by almost everybody, there was this girl who did not like me and did not like the fact that I was nice and so she started telling all these horrible lies about me. Everyone would look at me like I was this troubled kid. About 50 people believed this one girl and I had only 2 people on my side who were too scared to stand up for me. I care because I have been in a very scary and horrible bullying situation and I want to try and prevent bullying as much as possible. I have started a # on twitter where people can openly tell their bullying story, because some people don't have someone to talk to like a parent like I did. And it must be scary not having anyone to talk to, which is why I wanted to start a #

Anonymous - 14 - Texas

WHY? Why do i let people get under my skin? look people are cruel that is just who people are and we as one should stand  for our justice, and shouldn't us victims be able to have a great 4 years of high school like everyone else but people just take it from us. NO! we need to fight back it is our time to stand against these bullies cause its unfair, YES i said its unfair we should all be treated the same not one person, kid, adult, or anyone is above another we are all human so STOP.

Jena - 15 - florida

I am creating a website for bullying prevention and care about kids being bulllied.

Marcus1 - 11 - Virginia

I spent most of my days in school being bullied since I was 13 years old, until I was 17. It was a really bad experience for me and it mold me into what I am today. I am very introverted and It is very hard for me to make friends since I can't trust people.In addition as a result of the bullying I have social anxiety and very low self-esteem, plus depression. I don't want anybody else to suffer bullying and to have the same consequences as me. That is why I am here, bullying needs to be stopped. 

Fergie - 20 - Massachusetts

I have been bullied my hole life and it's gave my depression stress and my mom is so scared and mad and let's put a end to bullies 

Dillon - 12 - Minasota

i was bullied before and not just was i still am getting bullied because i am a girl in the 6th grade and people pick on me because of 2 things and that is my face and my shoes its not my fault if i cant afford name brand shoes my face is that i am breaking out with lite spots but it is blending in with my my my color sometimes i cry but then when i stop and think about everything i tell myself that they are only hurting themselves and i also say i am going to put a stop to this and i did cause now i am the school president in till i leave for high shcool and know the kids that bullied me are jealous

Audrianna - 11 - nc aulander

I have been there as well. I see a little bit of light that used to shine bright in me and I now use it to shine and be my very best you matter to this world I know where you come from.

michael - 15 - Great Falls SC

I care because I have had past experiences with bullying which had made me into the strong person I am today. I get that everyone has something going on in their lives and do not deserve to be put down by anyone no matter what.

Keira - 15 - England

i care because ive never been bullied and im sorry if ur bullied life must suck but remember stand strong

max - 10 - utah

i've always been left out from friends circle. they never encourage me cause i ha big dreams and belonged to small soceity. cause i had different intretsts

Aathi - 18 - India

i get bullied because i'm small and my personality. As though the way i act is as if i don't care, which i sort of don't, it gets to me sometimes. I try to avoid it or just ignore it but people just keep going on. So, i care because i don't want others to feel bad about themselves because people are rude for no reason.

Johnny - 11 - Florida

I was bullied as well. I had girls curse me out and I hated that. I had to remind the monitor that it was her job to protect me. I don't think anyone deserves to be verbally bullied as words can hurt like bullets. No one deserves to be treated like that just because they're different. 

Priyansha - 13 - New Dehli, India

this is not right to do to people!!!!!!

kevin - 9 - denverr

I care because no child should ever be treated in a manner that they could get harmed. And everybody deserves equal rights.

Jomey - 25 - Texas

I was bullied by this girl in my school on the internet she hurt me so much that I cried myself to sleep. She apologized but it lasted two months I ended up having to tell my principle because I was afraid to talk to my parents about it never believe what people say about you because it can hurt.

Morgan - 14 - Michigan

I've been bullied since kindergarten I am now in 6th grade and the bullying stopped a little bit but it still happens Ive been bullied by friends and family members my friend always hits me she keeps saying I'm her punching bag but I'm not I've been trying to act cool and tough and eventually that raised my grades down I stay home alone all the time so I can cry by myself but I'm not gonna change just cause people want to bully me remember just to be yourself and ignore what people say cause we're all unique in out own way 😂💖

Charisma - 11 - Arizona

I've been bullied all my life util my mother and thought it was time to home school me . Of course i did not want to do it i thought i could stick up for myself..i got lied to.. This one boy he was hitting me like why?! why would he hit a girl?! i was confused like why everybody would talk about me my sister i just kept saying why.. So i care because i want everybody who is getting bullied to stick up for themselves.. Because i did not at that was a mistake because i wanted to kill myself but i didn't because i know those bullies did not deserve my life so that is why i hope and pray everybody stands up for themselves.

Jaaniah - 16 - Los Angeles California

I care because just imagine yourself in that situation wouldn't you want someone to help. So i care 

Selwyn - 15 - Brooklyn,NY

I was bulled all through my primary school years and just as I thought I was free from all the emotional trauma I experienced bullying all over again. In year 4 of my primary school years I joined a new school and that is where all the bullying began. this all affected my schoolwork and my behavior. I started failing all my classes except for English because I believed English was my escape, I loved reading books and that was the only thing the learners in the school could not take from me. I feared going to school, I would cry every morning thinking about all the things the learners where going to say and do to me. I got through bullying through books, a bit of therapy and support from my mum.

Morgan - 17 - South Africa

because the world is not understanding how serious this is. Lives matter. All those beautiful people that could've become something in this world and because of this horribleness they can't show us :( 

Jason - 15 - LA, California

...when I was in school. ( 6-10th grade) I was bullied. I was different.  Always a little chubby, with glasses and I was creative/ artistic. I was picked on for how I looked and for the interests I had, in the arts. This experience not only affected my adult relationships ( makor lack of trust) But, it has subconsciously kept me from following my talent. I will do whatever I can to protect young people, from the same fate.

Christopher - 46 - Raleigh, North Carolina

I care because, I feel everyone should be treated fairly. No one should be judged for not having a lot of money, not being in a certain sport, no one should be judged for anything. I want to take a stand and take bullying out of my school. Everyone should realize we are all people, just fighting different battles. 

Reagan - 14 - Pennsylvania

I care because i don't like seeing people down. No one can tell you who you are, what to do and how to be. Everyone is awesome and unique in their own way and that's more than enough.People shouldn't have to hide or feel they should need to be isolated from the world. 

Osasha - 14 - Pennsylvania

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