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I am So proud to have been apart of this entire project. Bringing people together for a greater cause is just something you can't forget. After seeing this website get so big,so fast. I can finally say that I was apart of something wayyy bigger than myself. I am just greatful it's reached this many people and become a tool for people.

Chelese - 16 - MN

Every day on this earth should be one to remember, not one you want to forget.

Jenny - 17 - MD

People think bulling is not a big problem but it is. I have been bullied since first grade and i still get bullied. I have told my techers my parents everyone i could for it could stop but it never did i hated it. Most of my teachers and others said ``Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me`` its not true it hurt they just dont know how it feels. i want to put a stop to bullying for other kids dont have to fell the hurt like i did.

Cynthia - 12 - TX

I know how that feels. It's horrible.

Mayara - 15 - SP

Bullying is wrong.. all types. I've been bullied verbally since first grade.. at the time it didn't effect me. But then it continued.. (it wasn't just in school either, random people just called me out on the street) and the person who's actually inspired me to ignore it (which is extremely hard) and not worry too much is Demi (Lovato) because of her personal experiences. I haven't told anyone that before...

Tianna - 14 - PA

My best friend died :(
and was the fault of BULLYING D:

Laura - 11 - --

Bullying happens all the time, and it gotta stop! We gotta do something!

Leonardo, Brazil - 15 - BR

I had been bullied since I was 7 until I complete 10 and it was really terrible. But now I feel better.

Natalie - 14 - NY

Someone had to do something! The number of people who suffer bully is very big.

Leticia - 13 - NY

We all have feelings, no matter how hard some people try to hide it.

Alexis - 14 - MN

i've been bullied horribly my whole life and stayed home from school and hid in the bathroom in fear and i dont want other people to go through what me and so many others are going through.

Victoria - 13 - NJ

"I am being bullyied every day by my So-Called Friends and I feel like I want to kill myself sometimes from being bullied so badly.But I won't because I got to do something about it...

Tania - 15 - TX

I was bullyied REALLY early. I was, like, in first grade when that started and was terrible. I've hated myself for so many years because of that. I just heard these days that my older sister was also bullyied, and she told me 'Time cures everything and will give you what you need to show them who you are'. I don't hate myself anymore. I don't care about those people anymore, but I just don't know 'till today WHY I was bullyied.

Laura - 15 - OT

My sistter who is in 7th got me to write about my age kids billying  me calling names
2.phisical bulling.


COLE - 8 - MN

bullying is HORRIBLE and we all need to take a stand and stop it.

Sophie - 14 - MN

I have been bullied since kindergarden and now that i am in 7th .
 I WANT IT TO STOP ! I know is wrong!
what to do I can't nothing we Kneed help.

ADELE - 12 - MN

I want my children to feel safe in school.

Tina - 35 - WI

Someone has to.

Morgan - 16 - OH

My sister has been bullied since 6th grade, and she doesn't deserve it.

Lindsay - 17 - NC

I heard about a kid who committed suicide because he was bullied so bad. Made me feel awful.

Renne - 13 - NY

My so-called friend posted fake pictures of me and some nasty guy on her Facebook page, and my boyfriend saw it and dumped me. That's messed up.

Kerry - 15 - NJ

Bullying hurts. I want it to stop. 

Jack - 13 - WA

Bullying is wrong. Period.

Nick - 14 - TX

I had a chance to stop some bullying last year, but I didn't cuz I was scared. Still feel bad about that.

Stephen - 16 - CA

I think I can make a difference. If more people cared, maybe it would change.

Ashley - 14 - PA

It happened to me. What if it happened to you?

Mark - 12 - MI

It's time to do something.

Erlante - 11 - MN

everyone should care. Stopping the bullying in our schools will make everyone safer.

Roxanne - 45 - CA

My son will start kindergarten next year, and I do not want him or any child to be subjected to the same kind of misery I went through as a target of bullying.  Changing the bully-or-be-bullied mentality will make our schools safer, our children happier, and us parents less worried.  

Greg - 41 - IL

My son suffers from anxiety and he IS the bully.  It is part of his defense.  If he bullies others, he gives them the reason not to like him and in his mind, he maintains control of the rejections.   I care because I want to help him stop. He really wants to stop too because he really just wants friends, he is just so scared of rejection.

Michelle - 36 - MN

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