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Teens Respond to “I Care Because” Statement: Cyberbullying | PACERTalks About Bullying: Season 2, Episode 18

The “I Care Because” section features statements from individuals around the world, sharing why they care about bullying prevention. In this episode teens read and respond to a statements about cyberbullying, sharing their insight and advice.

i have a younger sister  that  is the most loveable person you could ever meet.. but you know you always have that group of people that makes you not want to go to school either because your close isn't the latest fashion  or your just not "COOL"  she calls me everyday crying because she get's bullied at school... so i just hope and pray that we can come together as a team and abolish bullying bc someone can really get hurt

tanya - 18 - nc

I have never been bullied but I see people being bullied, I feel sad for them being bullied everyday.. I just wish this bullying would stop, so the people being bullied could live their life happy

Eugem - 15 - Ph

I have NEVER been bullyed. But a couple days ago this kid in my class beat  up a 5th grader( by the way we are forth graders) on the bus FOR NO REASON!!!!  Then he made up a whole diffrent story to tell that the boy started calling him names! Then my best friend was right there watching and she said it was a whole diffrent story. I don't ever want to be bullyed and not anyone else go through it ethier. So I want to help to prevent bullying from happening.

Shelby - 9 - KY

I was bullied in Elementary, Junior and High School. I am in college now and it still happens. If we don't stop it with the younger generations it will keep happening. I've been blessed with a great mother to help me through it and keep my esteem up but a lot of people don't have that. 

Eli - 22 - Wa

I have never been bullied, but I know people who has and it's so sad because I can't make that people stop doing terrible things. I always wanted to help these people but had no idea of how. Now I'm participating, and you ? ;) Thanks Demi Lovato for being this great person you are. You now help people from the whole world !

Fernanda - BRAZIL - 16 - ES

Bullying needs to stop now. I've been phisically and mentally bullied since kindergarden and now in high school. It has ended for me and needs to be ended for others.

Sue - 14 - FL

Being bullied at school can make us lose the best moments of our youth and will mark our life forever! I had been bullied all my high school life and I think that those moments couldn't permit me to enjoy my daily life at school. Now, I  feel  that school was the worst experience of my whole life! i have a bad self steeem, i lost my determination and personality! I cant speak out because i think people would  make fun of me! THIS SHOULD STOP! LET'S STOP THIS SUFFERING!

Ernesto, Peru - 18 - PE

I am a social outcast, to say the least. Everything I do is critiqued by my peers. I am dead meat, and they are preying vultures. I have build a very thin shell around myself, but on some days, it's not enough. I don't want anyone else to live life going through what I do. I know bullying can't ever TOTALLY go away, but I want to do all I can to try.

Michelle - 12 - CT

I was bullied a few years ago. The reason for that was that I looked different, I had different style, I thought different.  Sometimes they still pick on me, but now I have learned to tell them something back. I think bullying is something that has to stop. It has to stop now and this is something only we can do. Today at school I saw two guys picking on a girl. I knew what she felt and I had to stop it. So I did. I really hope she feels better knowing that there's someone on her side. 

Kaidi - 15 - EE

I was bullied once and I hated the feeling. I dont get it. I say that I bet the bullies wouldnt like it if they were BEING bullied. It isnt fair. I must admit I did bully once and I will NEVER do it again, as after I had done it and left the 'Gang' they bullied me for leaving and sticking up for my real friends. The best thing to do is ignor them and get on with your life as normal. Teen bullying is quite common, so I am going to help ANYONE I can!

CoolGirl - 10 - UK

I know what it's like on both ends. I've been bullied myself for many reasons, but I've also been accused of being a bully too. It's a harsh mistake for others to make, and it leads to even more bullying. I want to help others that have tough situations, then I can help myself afterwards through feeling better.

Stacy - 16 - UK

I suffer bullying, I have friends that suffer bullying too. And this horrible, must end!

Barbara . - 14 - Brazil-SP

I had been bullied since I was 10, and it doesn't feel good. It makes you feel strange, sad. It's terrible, and the worst part is that I don't have friends. So, I feel alone. I want this to change soon, very soon, 'cause I can't live like this anymore :( Demi, thank you so much for beeing an inspiration, you rock <3

Nekane - 14 - ES

I have been bullied since Pre School and I am now in 2nd grade. I am the 2009 Minnesota You Can Do It Princess, it was a pageant for girls ages 5-24 who have special needs or challenges. I do not want any more kids to have to be picked on for any reason. Let's take a stand as one to stop this from happening to other kids!

Rachel - 7 - MN

Bullying is?something that must stop.It's not time for crying or stand apart.It's time to do something.Get out and tell someone can help,and show that u is a strong teen.

Hanun - 15 - IN

I suffer bullying and it is horrible. They cause you to destroy it. Thanks for the initiative. I love you Demi. You are an example of a teenager to me.

allanny - 12 - rn

i am froom brazil,e voc mandou bem fazendo o site,to do seu lado,te adoro.  (English) - I am from Brazil, and you have done very well making this site, I'm on your side, I adore you.

isa - 11 - sp

I think no one should be picked on because I've had bullies. And one time it was so bad at one school I went to a catholic school which was OK but not the best but I always feel like when ever I'm at school there's always going to be someone that might be a bully. I think we need to stop it.

Laura - 14 - VA

i am a victum everyday at school and have been sence 1st grade. life should be a places of love and happiness every where you go not hurt and sadness. i am sad and hurt most of the time at school it is not fun lets take a stand. 

Kelsey-ray - 15 - tx

I've been bullying since i was in kinder garden. I really wanted to be home schooled but my mom didn't let me so i had to learn how to deal with this.
Now i'm in my senior year and the bullying stopped, but i'll never forget those years...

Emi - 17 - AR

i have always been bullied in school, but i have decided this year, it is going to stop. 

Lia - 15 - IR

You shouldn't have to worry about getting hurt or teased at school or anywhere. We are told by administrators and teachers that school is a safe environment, but it sometimes isn't. I've been bullied constantly, which, for a long time, had an effect on my school work. 

Joy - 15 - md

At my school everybody looks so happy except me when im getting ready for school i always feel like i might throwup because im so scared and i can't stand the constent bullying it's not cool at all and im sick of it and to be honest the only true friend i have is my sister she is like my BFF i love you sis.

Thanh - 13 - GA

Most of the time, I wasn't affected by the bullying until the last time I changed schools. It was so hard for the first year, I didn't want to get up and go to school. I was depressed. 

But I can't do this anymore.
I have to hope that one day my dreams will come true and I will be able to forget all that.

Catherine - 17 - I

Bullying is nothing but fear. 

Marianna - 12 - BR

 I had bullying. and i think i can make a difference. we need a better world to live.

Grazzy - 14 - BR

I am So proud to have been apart of this entire project. Bringing people together for a greater cause is just something you can't forget. After seeing this website get so big,so fast. I can finally say that I was apart of something wayyy bigger than myself. I am just greatful it's reached this many people and become a tool for people.

Chelese - 16 - MN

Every day on this earth should be one to remember, not one you want to forget.

Jenny - 17 - MD

People think bulling is not a big problem but it is. I have been bullied since first grade and i still get bullied. I have told my techers my parents everyone i could for it could stop but it never did i hated it. Most of my teachers and others said ``Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me`` its not true it hurt they just dont know how it feels. i want to put a stop to bullying for other kids dont have to fell the hurt like i did.

Cynthia - 12 - TX

I know how that feels. It's horrible.

Mayara - 15 - SP

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