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i am constantly being bullied by my "friends" and it needs to stop. they aren't all bad just a couple, but those couple of people can make the biggest difference in the world. you know what i mean?

lindsey - 13 - FL

I know what it's like to be afraid; One guy always gets made fun of for being diffrent. I admire him for not being afraid. My teacher's never do anything about it. I hate that, I'm the one who says put yourself in his possesion, what if that was you? It turns out, I feel wonderful about standing up for someone. I'm with everyone against bullying, I think that it's one of the biggest causes of death. & no one deserves to be treated like that. Teens Against Bullying. 

Serena - 12 - Ga

Im not from America, Im in Australia. I watched demi lovato's ad for this campaign, so i decided to check the website out. I was bullied all through school and never knew why. I hated school so much but i still went every day anyway. I even cried some morning. begging my mum to not make me go. BULLYING HAS TO STOP !!!! :D

laura - 14 - Ca

I am bullied and it hurts because your bullie makes you feel bab about youself. I think bulling dosen't just hurt you ,it hurts the bullie as well.
* : D

riley - 10 - ga

I was bullied so bad in 5th that I dropped out and was home school'd. It was fun I could wake up whenever and just get up to go to the bathroom and NOT WORRY ABOUT PEOPLE CALLING ME A lESBIEN!! Im not going to lie I became a "vocal" bully in 7th grade to fit in. It worked. But it wasnt worth it. So I stopped and am way more liked this year than last year. DONT BULLY. You dont need an amazing story to know that. Just dont do it. Im with you Demi:) and Thank you....

abbey - 13 - md

" Bullying is bad I been dealing with it since i was in middle school until i took action... i defend kids that are vonrable to it... No one deserves to be bullyed so lets end this...!!!!"

Link Leader Alejandro - 17 - CA

Me and my friends where at the 6th grade all the time bullying someone, and it ended even to we got detention or the one who we bullied started crying and we got detention, and we got detention 3 times a week! Now when im on 7th grade i dont think its soo funny, but i cant stop it:/ And my friend is all the time bullying and i try to stop her but it dosent work... Soo now i guess im a bullyer even if i didnt want to:S

How to stop? - 14 - Fi

Bullying scars can go , but the me mark they leave on your life is  sad.. We are all equal  no one is better. I mean when you die all you take is your work, if your work is bullying then you have done NOTHING in life. WE ARE ALL ONE. the lunch lady, Demi lavato,  my freind, the King.................. It is not who we are it is what we do. So I am Officiaally against bullying.

Rwayish - 13 - Ca

My Best Friend was bullied!!!!!!

Casey - 13 - LA

people always say bullying gets easier as you get older but its not always true i have been bullied since i was 6 and it only stopped a year ago when i took action and reported the bullies now i rarley get bullied and can lead a happy life

nicole - 14 - uk

I wnat to stand up for a change  and stop bullying toward people. People only bullying and hate on some just because they don"t have any thing better to do and make themselves feel better than what thye already are.

Kelsey - 12 - Ga

It seems like the wrong thing to do. Ive never been bullied but from what I can tell that it's a very hard thing on the people that's getting bullied.

Jarnell - 16 - Fl

ive been continusly cyber bullied and it hurts my advice would be to not fire back at the bully it only makes things worse people need to no that its not funny and dosn't make you cool to bully thanks Demi people need to realise the effects of bullying.

Elise - 12 - Vc

i was bullied my whole life life but it got worse in middle school people would call me ugly and fat and i would come home and throw up my food and hurt my self one day a boy reapeatly called me name and would yell out for him to leave me alone and all his friend did was laugh then i got up and ran out of the school till this day i never told anyone what happend

hurting - 16 - ca

There was an unpopular girl at my school n she was bullied all the time, so one day i stood up for her and done something about i gave her a friend. You dont have to use violence or even tell someone about it, i just gave her a friend and found out that she is a really nice girl.

George - 15 - UK

I used to bully people a lot, but then it started getting back to me and I hated the way it felt. I feel that if you have to talk bad about someone to make yourself look good, then you should take a long hard look in the mirror. I still get bullied to this day, but I brush it off my shoulder. I'm a cheerleader and it comes from all the football players, but that's just how it is at my school.

Sarah - 15 - CA

Bullying is something that u shouldny play with. Some kids really get hurt and if you were that person that is getting bullied u wouldnt like  it. So if your against bullying ty to stop it, it you see someone getting bullied try to help that person its still not to late make a stand! =]

Ashley - 13 - nj

I think that bullying should be stopped because it's just cruel

Rissa - 13 - PA

I was bullied all through primary... I had my own hate club..and I felt really bad to have people agianst me! now I'm in high school and this girl is trying to Bully my best friend and I because of our culture and because we're always smiling! I think bullying is happening all over the world and it;s not right we need to stop this!!

Allysa - 15 - Bz

I was bullied all the Primary .. so much for my personality, for my dress .. and it is horrible, we must stop this! we can not let them go to other kids, I unfortunately had no one to help me .. i know it is horrible .. please stop with this! : (

Gabriel - 15 - AR

I was bullied all primary. I'm from Argentina... The reason was for that I was intelligent and they said me "NERD". I think that we have to stop this.

Sabrina - 16 - AR

If you see bullying know that someone is crying on the inside in front of you. And Demi... Thanks

Tyler - 13 - NC

this bullying thing needs to stop whether your young or old . Its not right and its not fair. i used to be bullied myself,when i was in kindergarden and i would always ask myself... what did i do wrong. i know how it feels and it does hurt thats why im against it.

Shay Green - 14 - va

i know how it feels to be lonley and scared when someone bullies you. You get that weird feeling inside, like your not good enough. And that's why i'm going to try to stop this at my school. To many peoples feelings are getting hurt, and it's time to stop the bulling! 

anonymous - 12 - MI

I'm from Brazil and I was bullied at 2007, and this is the worst thing that can happen to someone cause you're gonna to remeber for ever about it, and I still remember all the things that people used to do, I WANT THE END OF BULLYNG RIGHT NOW.

Julia - 15 - BR

No one should be bullied. We are all one human race and we should do anything within our power to make this world a nice place to live becuase we only live once. No one should feel dread or be scared of another human being...

anon-e-mouse - 13 - NY

Bullying is not Ok. Plain and simple. No one has or deserves to feel scared and alone...everyone should feel safe, no matter who you are.

Stephanie - 13 - ID

I know how it feels to be judged on their appearence or personality.  I formed an group of kids being bullied and see what we could do together to stop it called TOWC, ( the ones who care).  I think it helps the kids more.  Some people might find it lame because were in middl school but I dont because I really feel like its people like me who will cause an impact on bullying.

Skye - 11 - VA

i've never been bullied, but i know that it is painful on the outside, and the inside.. i hate when i see people being bullied because i don't know how it feels to be them. i want to put a stop to it.

Kyle - 11 - MN

i neaver bullied before and i will nevar  do it

amber - 8 - mn

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