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i know what it feels like to be bullied. some of the people just get use to it, they come pre-pared for it until some people speak up.

crystal - 13 - il,justice

I think bullying needs to stop millions of kids are suffering from this terrible thing. Bullies are just kids who want to overpower others they want to make others feel bad about themselves. But don't let them bully you stand up for your rights and your friends. You are a human being and don't deserve to be treated like this. You are strong and everyone belives in you!!

Alyssa - 12 -

I think bullying needs to stop millions of kids are suffering from this terrible thing. Bullies are just kids who want to overpower others they want to make others feel bad about themselves. But don't let them bully you stand up for your rights and your friends. You are a human being and don't deserve to be treated like this. You are strong and everyone belives in you!!

Alyssa - 12 -

I've been bullied, sexual harassment, sexual assaulted, name calling, threatened, and abused by mere words. I handled most of it on my own. But not everyone can stand up for themselves, everyone is different, and sometimes it takes a push from a friend to make it all better... Even if you have completely given up on yourself and the rest of the human race. Find something you love, something to live for! It's your life, and you control your destiny! Make it better, those mean things they say about you, are they true? You have power. You have heart. Smile :)

Kaitlyn - 15 - Mississippi

I was never a victim of bullying, but I've seen it happened. It hurts my heart to know that people get picked on for no reason because of the way they look, how they talk, what they wear, etc. If I ever see anyone get picked on, I always be the right person and tell the other person, No that not cool, or nice, and to even leave the person getting pick on alone. People have feelings and no one likes getting left alone. You really got to put yourself in the victim's shoes. Wouldl you like to get treated like that? How would you feel? But overall I'm just totally against bullying & I'm 100% all for the prevention center thing. It truely does make a difference in some peoples lives.

Tamara - 18 - Georgia

bullying is a mjor problem in our soceity today. I'm sure everyone in life has been bullied at least once. Whether you realize it or not. It made you feel some type of way after it happened. There has been alot of tragic things that have happen because of bullying. People don't understand what others go through in their individual lives and lack an understanding of what it can do. We need to stop and think about what we do sometimes. LETS MAKE A CHANGE!

Jeremy - 18 - PA

I was bullied from sixth grade to ninth grade until I finally started homeschooling. I never understood why it was me kids liked to pick on. I don't like seeing other people treated the same way. I care because I was once in that position. It's horrible to wake up each day and have to go to school and be around people that laugh at you. It's horrible to think that you have something wrong with you just because kids at school hate you. Some people are just so brutal. It's really messed up how some kids get joy over making others cry. 

Dana - 16 - SC

Being bullyied is not "part of life". It is something that no one should experience. I know, because I've been bullied too. Luckily, the boy next to me stood up for me. If you see someone being bullied, stand up for them, please. It changed my life and now I am best friends with the boy that sat next to me. Stand up and be brave!

Kylie - 17 - United States

My son was bullied for years until he had given up all hope, and was thinking of harming himself or others. This is unacceptable, our children should not have to endure this pain! 

Jennifer - 36 - Arkansas

On behalf of Prime Time Palm Beach County, we support kids against bullying!

Katie - 30 - Boynton Beach, Florida

As someone who has been bullied for years in school, I feel that no one deserves to be bullied. However, bullying is already a tradition in my current high school- Grade 11 tends to bully the new underclassmen via extracurricular activities, in which they claimed this bullying method as the preparation for uni life, while actually it makes the grade 10 feel pressured. Me and my friends has started an anti-bullying campaign anonymously and we're now ready to spread the message schoolwide.

Seth - 16 - Indonesia

When i was in prep (first year at school) I was picked on by other kids because i spoke like an adult. First grade, I was tied up to a fence everyday and was punched repeatedly for being small. Second grade, I was just different. Forth grade, it was uncool to hang out with me. sixth grade, everyone found out I had a crush on the coollest kid in school, he was so embarressed because I liked him. Seventh grade, I was called a dwarf because someone caught me while i was bloated and I'm shorter than everyone else. Now eighth grade, I'm still being made fun of for wanting to be a fiction writer like J.K Rowlings. I feel like no one understands me and it hurts to be judged on how i look, believe, think, even my grades. I feel like the only I will be left alone, is if I'm perfect in EVERY way, but it will never happen...

Bethany - 13 - Melbourne, Australia

bullying needs to stop my friend gets bullyed all the time and she wants to leave the school because she gets bullied stand up to the bully!

Tiffani - 13 - sage valley

I know what it's like to be bullied, I understand how hard it can be some days, and I'm able to relate to those who have had it worse than me. My school isn't the best school, the teachers consider it to be a good atmosphere for kids like me, but it's not. Kids pick on the other kids constantly, people get pushed into lockers, kids get tripped in the halls, and you can hear laughter directed at someone wherever you go, all while the teachers are standing only a few feet away. So even though my school isn't the greatest it only makes me more motivated to make a difference, I care because bullying is one thing I just can't tolerate.

Maddy - 15 - ND

I was bullied when I was in my gradeschool, boys and even girls pick on me. I never really had a friend and all i did back then was just cry & take all the insults in. Until I reached my highschool, I started to get myself altogether , i did become confident but in a bad way where I became a bully myself & did bully someone. when I reached my 2nd yr of HS, I decided to change, repent of what I did. and then I started to help those other teens at my school against those who bully them (it's like good bully vs bad bully). I was happy that i could help and now that I am in college finishing a degree I will never stop & try to help those who are in need.

Allene - 19 - Philippines

i hate bullying so much. We dont really have bullying in our school but we have alot of fighting. I will do anything in my power to stop bullying. someday i hope to change the world.

olivia - 14 - east windsor

i hate bullying so much. We dont really have bullying in our school but we have alot of fighting. I will do anything in my power to stop bullying. someday i hope to change the world.

olivia - 14 - east windsor

I think more people should care about bullying and trie to stop it from happening.And you never know but if we all come together we can stop bullying all around the world.Making websites with information to help kids in all ages.You pretty much get what i mean though.Just remember to help face bullying instead of watching people face it alone and leaving them to be frightend,and even scared to even go any were alone.Thank you for reading and don't forget to help the people around you that are being bullied.

Nicole - 12 - Clarkton Mo

I was bulllied a lot when I was younger and I still have friends that are being bullied. Some of them don't even laugh or smile anymore because of the hurt they feel. It kills me that other people go through it as well and if there was a way to end bullying for good, I would go for it whole-heartedly. We have an anti-bullying Campaign at school,which i am in but people don't take us seriously and children are too afriad to come to us. I want to put an end to all this heartache. 

Hope - 18 - Cape Town, South Africa

These kids who are bullying are our future. Someday -- soon -- they will be leading this world and have more power than they should. Can you imagine what the world will be like once these kids have all the power they want? I am against bullying because it is a greater problem than anyone believes. We need to step up and get to the root of the problem and fix it. Because if we can't do it, then who can?

Helena - 17 - MA

I care because.... Nobody should have to live there life in fear. "Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt" That's not true, words hurt! Nobody deserves to feel unwanted or worthless. There is a place in this world for everyone :)

Amber - 16 - Massachusetts

I care because bullying is getting serious. People don't understand, find it stupid, that it will just go away. People would rather stay silent than fighting for what they think is right. That's where I came and tried so hard. And now our generation have technology that they can use to hurt, they don't even have to be in the same room, building, city, or country to hurt someone. When it gets to the point that people would rather be die than be themselves because they were hurt.  YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Everyone is, every part of you should be unique and you should embrace it. If anyone tells you other wise just remember, your beautiful, I think so, your friends and family do too.  Be yourself and please stand up, your voice needs to be heard.  Everyone matters and can make a difference. Even you, sitting there reading this right now.

Savannah - 13 - Wisconsin

No one should have to feel that they are not worth it or they are not pretty or handsome, they should be able to be themselves without people judging them or making fun of them. When people make jokes they're just like ?oh, it was just a joke, I didn?t really mean it? rightttt NO, we have feelings too? Me, I?m a very serious person, I can?t take a joke, but it HURTS me why can?t they understand that? I feel bad for people who have been cyberbullied or bullied because people just don?t seem to understand that EVERYONE has feelings, just as every other human being in the world. 

Cece - 11 - Connecticut

i know what it feels like to get bullied....people make fun of me about the music i listen too, and what i wear. Getting  bullied puts lots of pressure on you... and bullying caused me to cut i care . 

Autumn - 13 - williamstown,kentucky

I've been bullied a lot when I was little because I had ADD and I was always pulled out for tests. I believe that this should stop and people should focus more on this situation. Now I try every day to make people happy and give people the life I can get and could never have.

Tess - 15 - USA

I was bullied because of being me I was called ''gay'' one day a girl came up to me and said ''Hi, everyday I see you at this table alone.'' after that we were best friends we did everything together.Then I started getting friends back i was glad we were friends we are still friends to day.

Lillie - 10 - South Carolina

If this is happening "all the time," then you should report it.  A one-time incident can be ignored, but if your friend is constantly harrassed, this is bullying and it is wrong!

Buttercup - 72 - Virginia


anonymous - 11 - sarasota

Bullying hurts alot. I know. Everyone is created equal. everyone is beautiful. theres nothing wrong with being different because different is good.Not bad. i think its better to be yourself instead of trying to be popular or the coolest. If you want to be the best that you can BE YOU, dont listen to the world if there saying bad things about you just be you.

Pearl - 11 - Flordia

I care because if others are getting bullied you can feel if you were how hard it would be. I've never bullied but I know how it feels if it was me and I have met people who bullied and it is just so wrong

allya - 12 - newcastle

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