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He don't worry about being bullied.  If you see someone getting bullied, tell a teacher or an adult that wills tep in a help.  Or get a group of friends to stand up to the bully.  Don't be afriad, and don't let him get power over you.

Bradley - 13 - Georgia/Dacula

My son was bullied as a first year middle school student two years ago.  He was sexually assaulted, locked in a supply closet, and attacked by two students with little to no response from his school.  Eventually, his class schedule was changed and his assailants were rendered consequences.  However, the emotional damage was done.  Together, my son and I traveled the path of healing.  I also wrote a book which now supports prevention and healing for children who are bullies, being bullied or bystanders. 

Courtney Brown - 38 - Louisiana

Everyone should treat others as they would like to be treated. You never know what can send someone over the edge and how badly you can affect someone by being mean. As someone who has been bullied and someone who has seen bullying, I know that only kindness can heal hurt. Nobody deserves to feel bad about themselves because of someone else. You can make someone's day or even save a life by choosing to be kind.

Lauren - 19 - CA/Los Angeles

I care because I have bullied and been bullied. I have a hard time on getting along with my best friend. 

Rachel - 12 - Seattle WA

Because I am the 2nd from smallest in my year I am bullied every day at school and I just want it to stop because it hurts so much

callum - 14 - london

Sometimes I find my friend being bullied because of what she likes or dislikes. I can see how much it hurts her and it isn't ok. I try to stand up to the bullies and now we have a non-bullying club that some kids in our neighborhood go to. I also know what it feels like to go through it, and it isn't anything that anyone ever appreciates.

Ashley - 13 - Texas

I care because people bully me they call me fat and it changes your mind to think this:

Fat                               You will never be good enough

                 You need to be skinny

                                                                         Everyone hates you

You will never be pretty or loved or cared for by another human being

         You are disgusting 

                                                               Stop eating fatty 

   No one deserves to feel this way even though I do.  You will probably look at this and say she is 12 what does she know. Guess what? NEWS FLASH age doesn't matter and I care a hole lot 

Jayde - 12 - United States

bullying can effect many people and most people who bully dont understand what is going on with the person they are bullying. I also feel bad for the bully because they might be having emotional problems and dont know what to do with the pain so they give the pain to other people. 

lindsay - 12 - wisconsin

ig ot bullied and it really  hurt my fellings but i learnrd a vauble lesson stand up for yourself and do'nt be afarid to talk to somone about it.

daniel - 15 - colorado

Bullying isn't a aprt of growing up, I hate when people say that because i's not true, I know it may seem like it's the end of the world but it's not! I'm here telling you all that it isnt. I'm living proof telling you that it gets better just stay strong.

Selena - 17 - Ohio

I was bullied to the point where I moved schools and I am happy now but at the time it felt horrible

Cailey - 12 - Australia

I care because I used to be a bully in elementary and I seen how I changed those people's life. In middle school I was normal and did not bully anyone. In high school I was bullied, a lot. I was confused why anyone would want to be mean to me when I was always so nice. The person I bullied the most is now my best friend. DONT BULLY

Teasia - 16 - Michigan

I used to get bullied in school by everyone and would cry all the time. No one should be bullied , because you never know what the impact on them might be. 

alexis - 17 - sc, aiken

I hate bullying, I have been targeted before and I am currently being targeted by bullies at the moment, I helped my friend through a time when she was bullied, and it was a hard time for both of us. Bullying needs to stop, because bullies can do awful things to people, mentally and physically.

Emmy - 14 - Emgland

I think all students deserve a fair chance at an education.

Claudia - 32 - Irving, TX

I care because i got bullied in 3 grade and i really felt sad

Sain - 9 - Irving TX

i care because people should not be treated bad there supposed to be treated right no one should be bullied at all 

Denise - 9 - Irving TX

because i been bully once i feel sorry for kids that been than been bully im normal im how i am 

mariana - 11 - irving,tx

I care because no body should be bullyed

Rogelio - 10 - irving TX

I care because I have been bully and I think that its unfare to hert people

anrea - 10 - Irving Tx

because i seen alot of people been sad

jonathan - 9 - irving,tx

i dont want students to feel sad because their being bulied

yisel - 11 - irvingtx

I care because i don't thing is fare that kids should be bullying

celeste - 9 - Irving,Tx

I Care because i was once for being smart and my weight and it hurts slot.
i was also bullied for the Way i looked, but not everyone
Can be look like a super model. I always felt depressed and never told anyone. It grew so much that i stopped eating and wearing so much makeup and my grades went from A+and A- to D-and F and i haven't had much confidence in myself since

tati - 12 - Minnesota

People at my school called me fat and ugly. Although this was terrible, worse than that was the fact that my best friend did the same thing.  From this experience I learned that beauty isn't about having a pretty face. It's about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul.  Never be bullied into silence. Never allow yourself to be made a victim. Accept no one's definition of your life; define yourself. 

Mila - 12 - Serbia

I don't understand. How can people do horrible things to those around themselves. I am going on my 3rd year of being bullied and each year i stand up for myself by telling my schools principals only to get in trouble and be punished. I believe that the "no bullying policy" is a bunch of crap because in my opinion it protects the person who is bullying. It is wrong and life should not be like this.

Alexandra - 16 - Iowa

I see bullying everyday and its not just the stereotypical big kid beats up on little kid stuff. I'm a six foot tall, 15 year old girl; and I have been bullied by people way smaller than me for years. Now its not me being bullied, but other people and about EVERYTHING. Racism is coming back strong and everyone laughs and jokes about it. "Its funny" they say... "I wasn't even talking to you"... "Why do you care"...  Its wrong and people get hurt that is why I care.

Catherine - 15 - NC

Bullying is so horrible. It makes kids feel worthless and it makes them feel as if they're not important. We need to stop bullying! It's just not right.

Taylor - 13 - San Angelo, Texas

when I was in middle school I was a bully But once I went to high school I seen other kids getting bullied and it made me realize that it was wrong so I began to stick up for the kids that got bullied because I was seeing the effect it had on the kids around me.There is hope out there the reason I'm writing this is for the kids that get bullied seek help and the kids that watch them get bullied stop watching and do something what if that person was you or your brother or sister or even worse your kid bullying has to stop.

Marquis Edwards - 31 - Daytona Beach Florida

Every one deseves to be on this planet. They shouldn't be bullyed for who they are or what they are. There family wealth shouldn't matter it should be the way the treat peoyple, the way they are, the way they take part in this world. Bullying shouldn't spread. 

Sara - 12 - MN

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