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Above the Line / Below the Line


To help students understand the concept of above the line versus below the line behaviors and make a commitment to promoting above the line behaviors at their school.


  • Above the Line/Below the Line handouts
  • Banner size paper – at least 30in x 40in
  • Markers


Above/Below the Line


  1. While one presenter is talking, have another draw a line across the paper. Write “above the line” on top of the line and “below the line” under the line, with arrows pointing up and down, respectively (i.e. copy the graphic on the handout).
  2. Ask the group to brainstorm ideas of what behaviors might be above and below the line in a bullying situation. Answers might include:
    1. Above the line
      1. Saying something nice to the target
      2. Asking the target to sit with you at lunch
      3. Telling the person bullying that what they’re doing isn’t OK
    2. Below the line
      1. Joining in the bullying
      2. Laughing at the target
      3. Saying something mean to the target later
  3. Write the group’s answers on the poster in the appropriate locations.
  4. Ask the group to brainstorm answers to these questions: What happens at our school when students engage in above the line behaviors? What happens when they engage in below the line behaviors?
  5. Ask students to commit to having more above the line behaviors and fewer below the line behaviors in their classroom.
  6. Find a place to display the poster as a reminder to the students of their commitment.