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Hold a “Kids Against Bullying” Pledge Signing Event

As a Kid Against Bullying, I pledge to:

  • Speak up
  • Reach out
  • Be a friend

I am a kid against bullying!

Sign the Pledge

Encourage students to take the “Kids Against Bullying” pledge. Options include pledging online, signing a bookmark with the pledge, or adding their name to a sign up sheet.

Online pledge

Students and others can take the pledge online and then view the interactive results.

Pledge bookmarks

School staff can order the bookmarks which includes the pledge and invite each student to sign their name.

Pledge sign up sheet

Students and others can add their name to the downloadable printed sign up sheet.

Acknowledge Everyone Who Signs

Show everyone who signs that their commitment matters with a custom certificate or decal.

Customized certificate

Create a customized certificate. Download the official Kids Against Bullying certificate, then fill in the student’s name.

Give a decal

Print this design on a sheet of labels (designed for template 5164: 3 ⅓” x 4”)