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Presenting: Teen Talk on Cyberbullying

Teen Talk on Cyberbullying is a five-minute video designed to provide authentic insight and perspective from peers on issues related to cyberbullying. After viewing the video, hold a classroom discussion using the suggested questions .

Meet the Students

Go behind the scenes and learn more about the seventh grade students, Giselle, Ajontaé, Devon and Aniza, who appeared in Teen Talk on Cyberbullying.

Video Production

Special thanks to Chad Gerkin, a videographer from Minnesota who shared that he has loved movies and cameras since he was a little boy. As a result of his passion, growing up, he spent most of the money on equipment to make videos. In 2014, he attended Art Institute in Minneapolis and also started his own production company, Vinci Productions. His film making goal is to have an organic and real vision of the world. To date, he has done a wide variety of videos and is off to a great start with his career!