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Jetset Getset - Stronger (Than You Seem)

“Stronger” is a song written for the group Jetset Getset to help young people who are feeling discouraged. The writer, Jennifer Eliason, shares, "The teenage years are a time when self-esteem can take a beating. We wanted to write a song about how you can rise above the challenges and the experience can make you stronger."

From the album "Saturday Night" by Jetset Getset. Courtesy of Playback Records
Words and music by Jennifer Eliason & Trent Eliason
Song produced by Jack Gale & Jim Pierce. Video by Barking Fish Entertainment
Copyright 2013. Lovey Music (BMI) All right reserved.

Jetset Getset

Jetset Getset is a country music group from Dearborn County, Indiana, made up of mostly teenagers: singers Tori Little and Avery Eliason, and musicians Jason Owens (lead guitar), Justen Jette (rhythm guitar), Paul Kelley (bass), Gillian Bowman (drums) and Terry Ranck (keyboard), the only adult who performs with the group on a regular basis. Jetset Getset began in 2011, when a former school teacher named Kelli Jette decided to form a singing group to perform at local fairs and festivals, for fun. At first, the group consisted of just singers who performed to pre-recorded tracks. As their popularity grew, Kelli and the singers decided they wanted to begin doing original songs, so they started looking for musicians to form a band and go on tour. Jetset Getset has performed throughout the South, the Midwest and in Southern California.


“Stronger” was written by singer Avery Eliason's mother, Jennifer Eliason, and her college-aged brother, Trent, to help people who are feeling discouraged. 

"The girls in Jetset Getset were in junior high school at the time," says Jennifer. "Your self-esteem can take a beating at that age. We wanted to write a song about how those kinds of challenges don't have to bring you down; you can rise above them and the experience can make you a stronger person."


After viewing the video STRONGER and the artist videos, the following questions can be used in the classroom to encourage further conversation about the video content.

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