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Every Step You Take

EVERY | Complete, entire, all. When each individual or action is included without exception.

STEP | An action or movement often occurring as one in a series, such as the advance or movement made by raising the foot and bringing it down elsewhere.

YOU | A person, or people in general, being directly spoken to or acknowledged.

TAKE | Lead, guide, do. To move somebody or something from one place or situation to another.

(MATTERS) |Have important or significant effect on somebody or something.


Make individualized footprints to provide students with an opportunity to reflect on the steps they can take to create a world without bullying. This activity is designed to help students recognize that every step they take individually helps unite all students along the path for kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.


Pre-activity Discussion:


  1. Give each student a piece of paper.
  2. Ask students to trace their footstep(s). Or, instead of tracing footstep, use a foot or shoe template.
  3. Cut out the footstep(s).
  4. Write action step inside the cut out(s).
  5. Each student puts their name or initial under the action (optional).
  6. Collect the “steps.”
  7. Post all the steps, creating a collective path of the individual footsteps on a hallway floor or wall, in the classroom, or even on each riser on a stairway.
    • Invite the students to work together to create a visual of the world, which is then posted at the end of the path.
    • If more than one classroom is involved, the path could lead from classroom to classroom throughout the entire school!