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Quick Guides to Bullying Prevention
Middle and High School Students: Present in classroom and/or print for students

Slideshows: Bullying 101: Guide for Middle and High School Students and Pop Quiz

A visual, age appropriate 24-page guide with easy to understand information, supplemented with a follow-up pop quiz, which can be used in the classroom as a slide show presentation and as a printed booklet. The guide provides the basics for helping youth understand what bullying is and isn’t, the roles of teens, and tips on what students can do to address bullying situations, and the pop quiz provides the opportunity to check on what’s been learned. 

Download Bullying 101 Slideshow
Download Take the Quiz

Handout: Bullying Prevention 101, A Quick Guide for Middle and High School Students

A double sided handout designed to share (send or print) with middle and high school students providing an overview of how bullying is defined, the roles involved, rights, and helpful advocacy tips for self and for others to address bullying behavior.

Download Bullying 101 Handout

"What Youth Can Do"

Comprehensive information for students to help handle bullying situations.

What Youth Can Do If They Are Experiencing Bullying

What Youth Can Do to Help Peers Who Are Experiencing Bullying