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Middle and High School, Starting the Discussion Toolkit

Thursday - Students and Adults Working Together

Morning Announcement

Today’s bullying prevention topic is “Students and Adults Working Together. When it comes to bullying, teens and adults don’t always see eye-to-eye. In one survey, for example, educators said they intervened in bullying situations 75 percent of the time; students said adults intervened only 10 percent of the time. Why the difference? Bullying often happens outside the view of adults, bullying is not always easily recognized, and adults may not perceive a situation as bullying.

Many students don’t talk with an adult about bullying. Some think they need to handle it on their own, others may have received unhelpful advice, and still others might think adults could make the situation worse.

In your classroom today, you will be learning why students don’t tell an adult, how to talk with an adult about bullying, and why it’s important to tell, seek help, and work with adults to deal with bullying.

Classroom Education and Activities

Active Learning and Discussion

Share Your Opinion! – Participate in an interactive polls.

Did you know – Read these interesting facts, some you may already know, some will definitely be new and informative.

Reasons Teens Don’t Tell – Explore reasons students don't tell an adult about bullying.

Advice Gone Wrong – Check out advice from adults that may not be helpful.

Discussion Questions:

(To make sure all students participate, you may want to break the class into groups of 5 to 8 students. Appoint one student in each group to take notes and report results to the class. Consider using that feedback for future bullying prevention projects.)

Video and Discussion

Watch "What Should You Do? Inclusion |PACERTalksAboutBullying, Ep. 29"Video. Visit > AdvocacyForSelf

Discussion Questions:

As you watch the video, pause at the beginning of each prompt and record your response about the possible impact of that option on bullying prevention. Then press play to hear what other students think about that option. Continue this format for the other prompts.

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