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Items marked squareare FREE to Minnesota parents of children and young adults with disabilities.

staritems are free to young adults, high school or older, with disabilities and their families.

Please limit requests for free items to 10 or less per order.

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Assistive Technology (The Simon Technology Center)

The Simon Technology Center helps children and adults with disabilities and their families use assistive technology to improve their lives. The Simon Technology center believes that technology allows children and adults with disabilities to keep pace with a rapidly changing world by providing opportunities for communication, education, recreation, employment, and independence.

The Simon Technology Center offers information and resources on assistive technology through:

  • individualized technology consultations for children or adults with disabilities
  • workshops on assistive technology and related issues for parents and professionals
  • a statewide technology and software lending library
  • a computer laboratory that members of the community may use
  • a training model for early childhood professionals and parents of young children with disabilities, ages 3-8

Brochures & Forms

Accessible Instructional Materials Brochure
Information about Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) and whether or not their use would benefit your child. 2012. (See Translations Page for Spanish)

Bookshare Brochure
Bookshare is a free, accessible online library with eBooks and reading tools for your child with a print disability. This brochure provides more information on Bookshare’s materials, how to start using them, and who is eligible to access the library. Also available in Spanish.

Customized Technology Training for Educators Brochure
Information about assistive technology in-services offered through the Simon Technology Center. 2010.

Project KITE Brochure
Provides information about Project KITE (Kids Included through Technology are Enriched). This is an early childhood training program offered to parents and professionals. 2009.

Simon Technology Center Brochure
Order a free brochure that provides information about the services offered through the center, including assistive technology library, community outreach, and consultations. 2009.

Simon Technology Center Library Packet
Includes membership application form and library policies. The library offers access to over 2000 assistive technology options to Minnesota residents. $50 annual fee for parents, $100 for professionals. Mailing service is also available. Updated 2006.

STC Consultation Request Form
Application form for free, informal assistive technology consultation for children or adults with a disability. A $50 refundable deposit is required prior to scheduling an appointment. Updated 2006.

Booklets Free to Download pdf icon

Accessible Instructional Materials: A Technical Guide for Families and Advocates
This guide describes what types of accessible instructional materials (AIM) are available, why a student may need AIM, the process for making decisions about AIM, and what supports are necessary to effectively utilize them. Also includes what types of specialized formats are available and how to promote their use. 2011
square $3 | 10+ for $2.50 | STC-22

Accessible Instructional Materials: Basics for Families
This booklet helps parents decide whether their child needs accessible instructional materials (AIM), what specialized format the student needs, how to access these materials, and what supports the student needs to use AIM. 2011 (See Translations Page for Spanish)
square $2 | 10+ for $1.50 each | STC-23

Discover How Assistive Technology Can Help Your Infant or Toddler Learn and Grow
Provides information on assistive technology (AT) use with infants and toddlers for families and professionals. Also includes tips on how to find more information about AT. 2014.
square $1 | 10+ copies, $.50 each | STC-21

A guide for parents and professionals working with children ages 3-8 with disabilities. It provides assistive technology activities to encourage inclusion among all students. A wide range of devices and products promote best practices for home and classroom learning.
$5 | 10+ for $4 | STC-16

A guide for parents and professionals who want to help infants and toddlers with disabilities participate more fully in daily activities with the use of assistive technology. For ages birth to 3. 2011
$5 | 10+ for $4 | STC-24

EZ AT II - iBook
PACER’s popular “EZ AT 2” book is now available in an iBooks edition. Complete with video, picture examples, an interactive glossary, and the full support of iPad’s built-in accessibility features, “EZ AT 2” brings creative ideas to life to help children ages birth to 3 with disabilities use assistive technology (AT) to participate more fully in daily routines and activities. Designed for newer generation iPads, the “EZ AT 2” iBooks edition can be downloaded free at the iTunes store.
FREE | STC-24i

TOYS, Universal Tools for Learning
Learn how toys can affect the development of a child with a disability. This 12-page booklet outlines buying tips, categories of toys, and learning new skills through play. 2005, updated 2013.
square $3 | 10+ copies, $2.50 each | STC-14

Handouts squareFree to Download pdf icon | $1.50 per request | 10+ copies, $.50 each

Accommodation and Modifications Parent and Child Checklist PHP-c49b
Accommodations, Modifications and Assistive Technology STC-37
Assistive Technology for Infants and Toddlers (See Translations for Spanish, Hmong, and Somali.) PHP-c212
Augmentative Device Helps Max Speak PHP-c75
Conversations About Including Assistive Technology: Tips for Parents and Professionals STC-38
Including Assistive Technology: The Importance of Having a Process for Administrators STC-36
Learning to Communicate PHP-c69
School Accommodation and Modification Ideas for Students who Receive Special Education Services PHP-c49a
Simple, Inexpensive Devices Can Assist in Communication - Minnesota Version PHP-c72
Six Areas that May Affect Individualized Education Program (IEP) Services PHP-c221
Student-Centered AT Plan for the IEP (2-Page) STC-35b
Student-Centered AT Plan for the IEP (Expanded) STC-35a
Student-Centered K12 Consideration Flowchart IEP STC-35c
Techniques and Devices Can Help a Child Learn to Communicate PHP-c71
Technology Can Help Young Children Succeed PHP-c70
Tips to Support Reading and Writing for Children with Significant Disabilities (See Translations for Hmong, Somali and Spanish) PHP-c206
Tips to Support Reading and Writing, Every Child Needs a Voice (See Translations for Hmong, Somali and Spanish) PHP-c207
Tips to Support Reading and Writing, Every Writer Needs a Pencil (See Translations for Hmong and Spanish) PHP-c208
Tips to Support Shared Reading (See Translations for Hmong and Spanish) PHP-c213
Tips to Support Shared Reading - Hmong version PHP-c213h
Tips to Support Shared Reading - Somali version PHP-c213so
Tips to Support Shared Reading - Spanish version PHP-c213s

Presentation Handouts pdf icon

 Created / Updated
Accessible Instructional Materials Resources April 2013
Accessible Reading Apps for Android Devices April 2013
Accessible Reading Apps for iOS Devices April 2013
Chart of Educational Tools and OS Compatibility February 2015
Electronic Tools & Resources for Reading, Writing & Organization April 2013
Organization Category Descriptions May 2012
Tip Sheet for Exploring Free Web- and Tablet-based Assistive Technologies March 2014
Using Web 2.0 To Learn Like a Pro November 2013

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