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Items marked squareare FREE to Minnesota parents of children and young adults with disabilities.

staritems are free to young adults, high school or older, with disabilities and their families.

Please limit requests for free items to 10 or less per order.

Order a free brochure that outlines PACER's early childhood program. (PHP-c64).

Subscribe to the early childhood newsletters, Early Childhood Connection (PHP-b6), published twice annually and Early Childhood enews, emailed quarterly.

Other Early Childhood Projects

Project KITE (Kids Included through Technology are Enriched) is a training curriculum for parents and teachers of young children with disabilities with a goal to promote inclusion for children with disabilities through the use of technology.

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Early Childhood

PACER's Early Childhood Project is dedicated to providing parents of children with disabilities, ages birth through 5 years, the confidence, knowledge, and skills needed to help their children obtain the education, health care, and other services that are mandated by law.


image of Families are Important: An Early Childhood Curriculum publication Families are Important: An Early Childhood Curriculum
This training curriculum describes the early intervention process and the family's role in developing an Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP). 51 slides. 2007.
$15 | CD-Rom  | ALL-45


image of Choices: Opportunities for Life publication Choices: Opportunities for Life
The information in this booklet can help parents think about the steps involved in encouraging decision making skills in their young children with disabilities. 2009.
square $6 | 10+ copies, $5 each  | PHP-a31

Early Childhood Transition Guidebook pdf icon (download for free)
Helps parents understand the process that guides their child's transition from infant and toddler intervention services to other early childhood services at age three and includes strategies to use for a successful transition. 2010.(See translations for Somali and Spanish.)
square $3.00 | 10+ copies, $2.50 each  | PHP-a40

image of Families are Important! An Early Childhood Guidebook for Families of Young Children publication Families are Important! An Early Childhood Guidebook for Families of Young Children
Helps families of children with disabilities or delayed development understand Minnesota's early intervention system and how to access services for their child. 2014.
square $7 | 10+ copies, $5 each  | PHP-a9

image of High Expectations publication High Expectations
Helps parents who have just learned their child has a disability to maintain high expectations for the child's future while challenging the low expectations of others. 2009.
square $3 | 10+ copies, $2.50 each  | PHP-a34

image of I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now publication I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now
New! Advice from over twenty parents of children with disabilities, sharing what they have learned while navigating health care, education, and social support systems and what they would do differently if they did it all again. 2012
square $6 | 10+ copies, $5 each  | PHP-a42

image of Possibilities: A Financial Resource for Parents of Children with Disabilities publication Possibilities: A Financial Resource for Parents of Children with Disabilities  (download for free)
a booklet first published in 2004 by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) and PACER, has been revamped and expanded in an online format. This guide offers tips and information on organizing financial records, managing money, dealing with debt, preparing income taxes, saving for college, preparing youth for adult employment, and more. Each section includes links to additional resources. 2011
FREE | Online Only  | WEB-1

Handouts squareFree to Download pdf icon | $1.50 per request | 10+ copies, $.50 each

Publication Name Publication Code *Audio MP3 (download)
A Family Guide to Participating in the Child Outcomes Measurement Process (See translations for Spanish) ALL-71  
ADA Q&A...Child Care Providers PHP-c51a  
Ages at Which Children Develop Specific Skills PHP-c67  
Childhood Skills Checklist PHP-c76  
Early Literacy: Parents Play a Key Role PHP-c134  
Getting Off to a Good Start: Positive Interactions with Diverse Families in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education PHP-c131  
How to Communicate Effectively with Early Childhood Professionals PHP-c159  
How to Prepare Your Child with Disabilities for Kindergarten: Tips for Parents (See Translations page for Spanish, Hmong and Somali.) PHP-c179  
Learning to Communicate PHP-c69  
Making the Move from Preschool to Kindergarten. (See Translations for Spanish, Hmong, Somali) PHP-c196  
Natural Environments Support Early Intervention Services PHP-c178  
PACER Center's Archived Webinars PHP-c192  
Planning for Your Child’s Transition to Kindergarten: A Timeline PHP-c201  
Potential Community Partners and Locations for Parent Outreach Activities in Diverse Communities PHP-c133  
Preparing for Transition from Early Intervention to an Individualized Education Program (See Translations for Hmong Version) PHP-c158  
Strategies for Success in Local Early Childhood Parent Outreach Activities Among Diverse Cultures PHP-c132  
Tantrums, Tears, and Tempers: Behavior Is Communication PHP-c154  
Techniques and Devices Can Help a Child Learn to Communicate PHP-c71  
Understanding the Early Intervention System PHP-c137  
What is the Difference Between an IFSP and an IEP? PHP-c59 Download Audio
When Your Child Turns Three: Moving from an IFSP to an IEP or IIIP PHP-c119 Download Audio
Who Is My Child’s IEP Team PHP-c203  
Young Children with Challenging Behavior: When Should Parents Be Concerned? PHP-c106  

* To download the MP3 files, right click on the Download link and select "Save Target As.."
Choose where to save it and click "Save". Then, open the file in desired media player upon completion.

Activity Cards

image of Let's Talk Activity Cards publication Let's Talk Activity Cards
Let's Talk is an easy and fun way to interact and help your child be ready for reading. These cards will help build your child's vocabulary and speaking skills-the first steps in learning to read. No special supplies are needed, just you and your child. (See Translations for Spanish.)
square $4 | 10+ copies, $2.50 each | 100+ copies, $2 each  | PHP-a27

Let's Talk and Count! Activity Cards
Letís Talk and Count! is an easy and fun way for parents to interact and help your child be ready for reading and counting. These cards will help build your childís vocabulary and speaking skills, as well as increase your childís early math skills. No special supplies are needed, just you and your child. (See Translations for Spanish and Hmong and Somali.)
square $4 | 10+ copies, $2.50 each | 100+ copies, $2 each  | PHP-a41

Book and Audio

Family Strengths Series

This series of five booklets teach and encourage parents of young children (birth to age 5.) All are simply worded and beautifully illustrated with photos of children and families of various ethnic/cultural groups. 2000. (See Translations for Hmong and Spanish.)
$5 | 10+, $4.50 each | 100+, $4 each

Written in the child's voice, engaging booklets with focus on development.

I Am My Child's First Teacher  |  LPA-35
English, Hmong, Spanish
Hopeful and supportive, this booklet focuses on the strengths developed and the challenges faced by parents of a young child with a disability.

Lovable Me! A Guide to Your Baby  |  LPA-32
English, Hmong, Spanish

Lovable Me! A Guide to Your Preschooler  |  LPA-34
English, Hmong, Spanish

Lovable Me! A Guide to Your Toddler  |  LPA-33
English, Hmong, Spanish
This engaging, encouraging booklet presents ways parents help children learn through everyday activities.

My Child Has a Disability  |  LPA-36
English, Hmong, Spanish


Accompanies Family Strength Series Books. Covers the text from the book series. All five books are on a single tape. 2001. (See Translations for Spanish.)
$3 | 10+ copies, $2 each | 100+, $1 each  | LPA-38

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