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Items marked squareare FREE to Minnesota parents of children and young adults with disabilities.

staritems are free to young adults, high school or older, with disabilities and their families.

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Special Education Rights

PACER Center provides a wide array of services to help parents advocate for their children with disabilities. The project is staffed by parent advocates who assist parents by distributing informative materials, conducting workshops and trainings, and providing one-on-one consultations with parents throughout Minnesota. Parent advocates help clarify existing laws, explain school procedures, develop strategies for working with schools, and answer questions about everything from transportation to parental rights.


A Guide for Minnesota Parents to the Individualized Education Programpdf icon
Helps parents work with schools to address each child's special needs through understanding the required components of the IEP. Includes examples from the Minnesota state recommended form. 2014.
square $3 | 10+ copies, $2 each  | PHP-a12

A Parent's Guide to Special Education Advisory Councils (SEAC)pdf icon
This book gives an in depth look at how special education advisory councils work. 2006.
square $3 | 10+ copies, $2.50 each  | PHP-a37

Choices: Opportunities for Life
The information in this booklet can help parents think about the steps involved in encouraging decision making skills in their young children with disabilities. 2009.
square $6 | 10+ copies, $5 each  | PHP-a31

Families are Important! An Early Childhood Guidebook for Families of Young Children
Helps families of children with disabilities or delayed development understand Minnesota's early intervention system and how to access services for their child. 2014.
square $7 | 10+ copies, $5 each  | PHP-a9

High Expectations
Helps parents who have just learned their child has a disability to maintain high expectations for the child's future while challenging the low expectations of others. 2009.
square $3 | 10+ copies, $2.50 each  | PHP-a34

I Wish I Knew Then What I Know Now
New! Advice from over twenty parents of children with disabilities, sharing what they have learned while navigating health care, education, and social support systems and what they would do differently if they did it all again. 2012
square $6 | 10+ copies, $5 each  | PHP-a42

Minnesota Secondary Transition Toolkit for Families: A Guide to Preparing Your Child with a Disability for Life Beyond High School
This toolkit was created to make transition planning easier and offers easy-to-understand information about the purpose of transition planning, the goal and importance of age-appropriate assessments, and the required rules that are used by schools. It also includes information on the community partners that can provide youth with supports as adults. Topics include healthcare and health maintenance, benefits planning, postsecondary education and accommodations, recreation, social resources, transportation, and housing. 2013. Download only. One copy may be printed from downloaded booklet.
| ST-41

Parents Can Be the Key
As a parent, you know your child in a way no one else can. You are an expert on your child and a vital member of the team that plans your child’s education. You, as a parent, can be the key to an appropriate education for your child. You have important information to share about your child’s educational planning, and you can take action to make changes when they are needed. To be an effective advocate, you must know your rights and those of your child. Exercising these rights and fulfilling your responsibilities are important steps in supporting your child on his or her educational journey. This book offers an overview of special education in Minnesota.
square $3 | 10+ copies, $2 each  | PHP-a1

Possibilities: A Financial Resource for Parents of Children with Disabilities
a booklet first published in 2004 by the National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE) and PACER, has been revamped and expanded in an online format. This guide offers tips and information on organizing financial records, managing money, dealing with debt, preparing income taxes, saving for college, preparing youth for adult employment, and more. Each section includes links to additional resources. 2011
FREE | Online Only  | WEB-1

Siblings Forever: Brothers and Sisters of Children with Disabilities Share Their Stories
New! By sharing the feelings and experiences of 21 siblings from age 5 to 47, this booklet provides a way for families to explore the unique challenges and benefits siblings of children with disabilities may encounter. Tips for parents on raising siblings of children with disabilities are also included, along with resource and book lists for all ages concerning the sibling relationship.
square $8 | 10+ copies, $6 each  | AP-44

Working Together: A Parent's Guide to Parent and Professional Partnership and Communication Within Special Education
Helps parents effectively communicate with special education professionals as they develop their child's educational program. 2009.
square $6 | 10+ copies, $5 each  | PHP-a19


Truancy: A Family Guide to Understanding and Seeking Help for Truancy
This brochure provides families with information on the importance of children attending school regularly and on time. It also explains Minnesota laws on school attendance and truancy: being frequently absent from school without permission or a valid reason. If children have multiple unexcused absences, this brochure can help families encourage school attendance and understand possible consequences of truancy.
square FREE | PHP-a4

Record Keeping Folders

image of Special Education Record Keeping Folders publication Special Education Record Keeping Folders
Special education records contain important information for making educational decisions. This set of 6 folders helps parents organize school paperwork to help them make good decisions about their children’s education. 2014.
1-10 copies, $10 each | 11-100 copies, $8 each | 101-500 copies, $7 each | PHP-a5

Handouts squareFree to Download pdf icon | $1.50 per request | 10+ copies, $.50 each

Publication Name Publication Code *Audio MP3 (download)
A Place to Start: Understanding the Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance Statement PHP-c186  
Accessing County Children's Mental Health Services for Your Child PHP-c84  
Accommodation and Modifications Parent and Child Checklist PHP-c49b  
ADA Q&A...Back to School PHP-c51c  
Ages at Which Children Develop Specific Skills PHP-c67  
Attending Meetings to Plan Your Child's IEP (See Translations for Spanish and Hmong.) PHP-c27 Download Audio
Basic Disability Etiquette Tips PHP-c127  
Be Your Own Best Advocate PHP-c116  
Behavior Intervention or Crisis Plans PHP-c141  
Categories of Diverse Disabilities PHP-c128  
Changes in IDEA Involve Parents’ Rights PHP-c173  
Chart Your Own Future: How Your Individualized Education Program (IEP) Can Help PHP-c113  
Checklist: Preparing for and Attending Mediation (See Translations pages for Spanish, Somali, and Hmong) PHP-c200  
Childhood Skills Checklist PHP-c76  
Communication in the Special Education Process PHP-c82  
Coordinating Service Plans for Your Child Using the IIIP Process PHP-c97  
Day Training and Supported Employment Programs: Information for Parents - Worksheet PHP-c199b  
Day Training and Supported Employment Programs: Information for Parents of Students with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities PHP-c199a  
Direct and Indirect Services PHP-c180  
Disability Awareness Activities for Students of All Ages PHP-c204  
Disability Related Interagency, Special Education Council and Committee Opportunities PHP-c100  
Early Literacy: Parents Play a Key Role PHP-c134  
Effective communication for students with hearing, vision, or speech disabilities in public schools PHP-c242  
Evaluation: What Does It Mean for Your Child? (See Translations for Spanish.) PHP-c2 Download Audio
Examples of PBI Strategies - Hmong PHP-c215b(h)  
Examples of PBI Strategies - Spanish PHP-c215b(s)  
Extracurricular Activities and Students with Disabilities PHP-c195  
Facilitated IEP Meetings PHP-c90  
Father's Involvement Is Important / Tips for Fathers of Children with Disabilities PHP-c74  
Filing a Complaint with the MDE - (See Translations pages for Spanish,Somali, Hmong versions) PHP-b17  
From Experience to Influence: The Power of a Parent's Story PHP-c121  
From Needs to Services: Parent Homework Sheet PHP-c210  
Getting Off to a Good Start: Positive Interactions with Diverse Families in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Special Education PHP-c131  
Graduation Incentives Program PHP-c223  
Guidelines for Exploring Interagency Opportunities PHP-c99  
How Can My Child Be Involved in the IEP Process? PHP-c77 Download Audio
How to Communicate Effectively with Early Childhood Professionals PHP-c159  
How to Prepare Your Child with Disabilities for Kindergarten: Tips for Parents (See Translations page for Spanish, Hmong and Somali.) PHP-c179  
How Will I Know If My Child Is Making Progress? (See Translations for Spanish.) PHP-c78  
How You Can Help Your Child Learn to Be a Good Self Advocate PHP-c95  
IEP Team Meeting Planner PHP-c184  
Increasing Parent Involvement on Special Education Committees, Councils, and Boards PHP-c98  
Initial Considerations of Parents of Students with Disabilities: Choosing a Charter School - a Parent Checklist PHP-c240  
Introducing Your Child to the School Community Using a “Student Snapshot” Format PHP-c160  
Introducing Your Child to the School Community Using a “Student Snapshot” Format PHP-160  
It's the "Person First" - Then the Disability PHP-c31  
Keeping Good Records Helps Special Education Stay on Track PHP-c155  
Key Questions for Parent Leaders to Ask PHP-c120  
Keys to Success in the Family-School Partnership PHP-c96  
Know Your Parental Rights: The meaning and importance of Prior Written Notice and Parent Consent PHP-c232  
Know Your School District: Tips for Parents PHP-c112  
Least Restrictive Environment PHP-c7  
Manners Unleashed: Etiquette Regarding Service Dogs PHP-c164  
Minnesota Charter Schools and Special Education Advisory Councils (SEACs) PHP-c176  
Minnesota Due Process Options - (See Translations pages for Spanish,Somali, Hmong versions) PHP-a25  
National group offers guidelines for accessible playgrounds PHP-c15  
Natural Environments Support Early Intervention Services PHP-c178  
Obtaining an Evaluation for a Private School Student PHP-c147  
Parent Checklist for Residential Treatment Programs PHP-c85b  
Parent Documentation: Behavior Concern for Early Childhood (3 Years to 5 Years) PHP-c106d  
Parent Documentation: Behavior Concern for Infants (Birth to 1 Year) PHP-c106b  
Parent Documentation: Behavior Concern for Toddlers (1 Year to 3 Years) PHP-c106c  
Parent Partnerships Project For Children's Mental Health "Access to Services" PHP-c88  
Parent Partnerships Project For Children's Mental Health "The Commitment of Financial Resources" PHP-c89  
Parent Partnerships Project for Children's Mental Health "Training for Professionals" PHP-c87  
Parent Tips for Transition Planning NPC-34  
Parent's Question: Is Retention a Good Idea? PHP-c3  
Parents Can Prepare for Special Education Meetings PHP-c156  
Parents of Children with Disabilities Need to Nurture Their Own Relationship PHP-c10  
Physical Education and Children with Disabilities and Developmental Adapted Physical Education (DAPE) PHP-c182  
Placement in Alternative Educational Setting-IDEA 2004 Section 615 (K) PHP-c111  
Plan Ahead for Academic Success Using the IEP Meeting Checklist PHP-c183  
Planning for a meeting about your child's behavior needs PHP-c144  
Planning for Your Child’s Transition to Kindergarten: A Timeline PHP-c201  
Potential Community Partners and Locations for Parent Outreach Activities in Diverse Communities PHP-c133  
Prepare Your Child for Age of Majority and Transfer of Rights in Minnesota PHP-c63  
Preparing for Transition from Early Intervention to an Individualized Education Program (See Translations for Hmong Version) PHP-c158  
Questions for Parents of Children with Disabilities to Ask About Public Charter Schools PHP-c110  
Questions for Parents to Ask about School Adaptations PHP-c91  
Residential Programs for Children: Things for Parents to Consider PHP-c85a  
Resolving Special Education Issues: It Seems Like the School is Not Following My Child's IEP - What Can I Do? PHP-c93  
Resolving Special Education Issues: Keeping Special Education Records PHP-c94  
Resource List of Disability Organizations PHP-c36  
Safety: It Takes Planning and Educating, Too For Children and Young Adults with Disabilities PHP-c122  
Sample Self-Advocacy Plan PHP-c149b  
School Accommodation and Modification Ideas for Students who Receive Special Education Services PHP-c49a  
School Records and Parents Rights PHP-c41  
SEAC Strategies for Success Guidebook FAPE-36  
SEAC Strategies for Success Training Modules: Terms and Definitions PHP-c175  
Section 504 Flow Chart PHP-c202  
Separate Programs for Minnesota Children with Emotional or Behavioral Disorders: A Parent’s Guide PHP-c177  
Sibling Resources: A Bibliography of Selected Resources for Siblings of Children with Disabilities PHP-c50  
Six Areas that May Affect Individualized Education Program (IEP) Services PHP-c221  
Strategies for Success in Local Early Childhood Parent Outreach Activities Among Diverse Cultures PHP-c132  
Students with Disabilities & Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 PHP-c33  
Surrogate Parents: Frequently Asked Questions PHP-c222  
Tantrums, Tears, and Tempers: Behavior Is Communication PHP-c154  
Tantrums, Tears, and Tempers: Behavior Is Communication (Hmong version) PHP-c154h  
Telling Classmates About Your Child's Disability May Foster Acceptance PHP-c101 Download Audio
Telling the teacher: What I want my child's classroom teacher to know PHP-c124  
Terms Related to Statewide Assessments PHP-c185  
The Evolution of a Parent: A Gradual Process PHP-c8  
The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act(IDEA) Defines Related Services PHP-c181  
The Journey: A Parent Comes to Terms with Her Daughter's Disability PHP-c26  
Three Important Laws: Protecting the rights of students with disabilities PHP-c247  
Tips for talking with your child’s school PHP-c241  
Tips for Teachers and School Staff from Students with Mental Health and Behavioral Challenges PHP-c148  
Tips for Working with Your Child’s School when Chronic Conditions Cause Absences HIAC-h25  
Tips for Working with Your Child’s School when Chronic Conditions Cause Absences (Hmong version) HIAC-h25h  
Tips to Support Reading and Writing for Children with Significant Disabilities (See Translations for Hmong, Somali and Spanish) PHP-c206  
Tips to Support Reading and Writing, Every Child Needs a Voice (See Translations for Hmong, Somali and Spanish) PHP-c207  
Tips to Support Reading and Writing, Every Writer Needs a Pencil (See Translations for Hmong and Spanish) PHP-c208  
Tips to Support Shared Reading (See Translations for Hmong and Spanish) PHP-c213  
Tips to Support Shared Reading - Hmong version PHP-c213h  
Tips to Support Shared Reading - Somali version PHP-c213so  
Tips to Support Shared Reading - Spanish version PHP-c213s  
Tips When Considering Housing and Services PHP-c224  
Top Ten Tips, Ideas to Improve Parent to Professional Communication PHP-c198  
Total Special Education Systems (TSES) and Charter Schools PHP-c172  
Transfer Students and Special Education PHP-c163  
Transportation for Children with Disabilities PHP-c62  
Understanding the Early Intervention System PHP-c137  
Understanding the Special Education Process PHP-c231  
Understanding the Special Education Process - Hmong version PHP-c231h  
Use Questions to Find Answers: A guide for parents of children receiving special education services PHP-c136  
Want to Help Your Child Succeed in School? Be Involved! PHP-c220  
What if Your Child IS the One Showing Bullying Behavior? PHP-c109  
What is a Functional Behavioral Assessment and How Is It Used? An Overview for Parents PHP-c215a  
What is a Functional Behavioral Assessment and How Is It Used? An Overview for Parents - Spanish PHP-c215a(s)  
What Is an Emotional or Behavioral Disorder? PHP-c81  
When Billy Doesn't Do His Homework PHP-c56  
When Should Parents Be Concerned About Their Child’s Behavior PHP-c106a  
When Your Child Turns Three: Moving from an IFSP to an IEP or IIIP PHP-c119 Download Audio
Who Is My Child’s IEP Team PHP-c203  
Why Your Child Needs You to Become an Advocate PHP-c226  
Your IEP Meeting: A Great Place to Practice Self-Advocacy Skills PHP-c149a  

* To download the MP3 files, right click on the Download link and select "Save Target As.."
Choose where to save it and click "Save". Then, open the file in desired media player upon completion.

Activity Cards

Family Fun Math Activity Cards
These activity cards help your child develop math skills that are important for learning success. You can do these fun skill-builders at home, in your neighborhood, and on the go! For children in grades K-3. (See Translations pages for Hmong, Spanish, and Somali.) 2015.
square $4 | 10+copies, $2.50 each | 100+ copies, $2 each  | PHP-a46

Family Fun Reading Activity Cards
These activity cards help your child develop literacy skills that are important for reading and learning success. You can do these fun skill-builders at home, in your neighborhood, and on the go! For children in grades K-3. (See Translations pages for Hmong, Spanish, and Somali.) 2012.
square $4 | 10+copies, $2.50 each | 100+ copies, $2 each  | PHP-a43

Information Cards

IEP Meeting Parent Tip Card
Laminated cards with questions to ask during your child's Individualized Education Program (IEP) meeting, as well as questions to ask about the IEP process. 2014. (See Translations pages for Hmong, Spanish, and Somali.)
square $0.25 | 100+ copies, $.20 each  | PHP-a45

Parent Information Cards
Laminated 3 x 5-inch cards detailing parent rights and responsibilities in special education as well as topics of discussion for IEP development that parents can bring with them to their child's IEP meetings. 2010. (See translations for Spanish, Hmong, and Somali versions)
square $0.25 | 100+ copies, $.20 each  | PHP-a39


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