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We are delighted for Nicole Mae Palmer to receive the second Paula F. Goldberg Champion for Children With Disabilities Award.

Nicole Mae Palmer - 2024 Paula F. Goldberg Champion for Children with Disabilities Award Recipient

Nicole Mae Palmer is a graduate student who is currently working on a Masters in Nonprofit Leadership and Management. Shaped by her personal experiences, Nicole plans to elevate the voices of the disability community within the nonprofit sector by using the principles of universal design to help organizations become more accessible, equitable, and inclusive.

Christine Palmer, who nominated her for this award, said this about her:

Nicole exemplifies visionary leadership because she noticed that children with disabilities were underrepresented in her college mentorship program and worked effortlessly to create a positive change. As a volunteer camp counselor for children with disabilities similar to her own, Nicole has worked to create safe, accessible spaces for kiddos to connect and feel heard. She helps her campers grow in confidence, embrace their identity as being disabled or medically complex, and see strength and beauty in their unique selves. Nicole serves as a leader, role model, and symbol of hope for her campers with complex health conditions and disabilities.

Nicole has a growth mindset and views the opportunities in front of her not “as they are” but imagines what “they could be.” If a clear path is not already established, she is not afraid to forge a new one. She views her disabilities not as barriers; but as opportunities to work passionately to create a more accessible environment for everyone, especially children with disabilities.