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Paula Goldberg

Paula Goldberg was an extraordinary leader who made the world a better place for countless numbers of children with disabilities through her work at PACER Center. This award was created in her honor to encourage and recognize an individual or group who has demonstrated exceptional advocacy and leadership in support of the rights of children with disabilities. This award will be given annually, and the winner will receive $5,000 to support their ongoing efforts and will be recognized at a public event and in a variety of PACER’s online and print resources.

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The recipient of the Paula F. Goldberg Champion for Children with Disabilities Award is:

  • A visionary leader. The award winner is both a dreamer and a doer. They are able to look at an issue and envision a path to positive change. They take initiative, and through their vision, are able to inspire others to join together to achieve great things for children with disabilities. They not only have a vision to execute, but also a plan to succeed.
  • A tenacious advocate. The award winner is unwaveringly persistent in their advocacy for children with disabilities. They are undeterred by challenges and even failure, understanding that there are often setbacks on the road to success.
  • A true role model. The award winner is a person of achievement, integrity, and dedication, whose positive attitude and commitment to the cause inspires others to follow in their footsteps.

Previous Recipients