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PACER is a Minnesota nonprofit, tax-exempt organization and a national parent center that provides information, training, and assistance to parents of children and young adults with all disabilities; physical, learning, cognitive, emotional, and health. Its mission is to improve and expand opportunities that enhance the quality of life for children and youth with disabilities and their families.


Paula Goldberg

Leading PACER Center is Paula F. Goldberg, the Executive Director. Paula co-founded PACER in 1976. PACER opened its first office in August 1978.

PACER maintains several boards and committees that support the mission and activities of the organization. The majority of PACER’s Board of Directors are parents of children with disabilities.

PACER Center Board of Directors 2021-2022

  • Jeff Betchwars

    Lisa Elm

    Daniel Goldberg

    Kathy Graves

    Ginny Hopper

    Gwen Hopper

    Jay Jackson

    Daniel Levinson

    Ruth Lowenthal

    Paul Luehr

    Jessica Mattson

    Don McNeil

    Mark O’Leary

    Shannan Paul

    Sara Sagedahl

    Dorothy Slegman

    Abbie Wells-Herzog

    Matthew Woods