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Learning Center

PACER has information and resources for children and young adults with all disabilities, their parents and families, and the professionals working with the families.

National Parent Center on Transition & Employment

The road to adulthood for youth with disabilities is filled with opportunity, and parents play a key role. PACER’s National Parent Center on Transition and Employment is ready with the information families want, presented in a way families can use.

Dispute Resolution

Information, resources, and training opportunities to help parents resolve disagreements concerning special education with public schools.

Family Engagement in School

All parents want their children to do well in school. When parents participate, children achieve. They learn more, earn higher grades, and have better school attendance. All parents want to give their children the best foundation for their future.

As children are growing up, their most significant experiences and relationships will happen at home or at school. By partnering with their child’s school, parents can make sure that these environments are working together to prepare their child for future success.

Health Information Center

Information about the health care system, resources, and advocacy for families of children and youth with special health needs and disabilities.


Information and referral for parents of youth with disabilities to understand their independent living and housing options for the future.

Working with Culturally Diverse Families

When schools are intentional and proactive in using culturally-competent strategies to provide information and support to families who are from diverse cultures or speak another language, they pave the way for meaningful family engagement, and better outcomes for students.