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Certificates of Attendance

Only those who participate in the live workshop are eligible to receive certificates of attendance. No certificates will be issued for viewing the archived workshops on this page

Intro to Coding & Video Games

An introduction to the fundamentals of coding. Teens will create interactive games and stories while developing basic programming skills. This workshop is designed for teens with all levels of coding experience.

LEGO Stop Motion Videos

In this Livestream, participants will learn to create stop-motion style videos with a camera and LEGO toys! Requirements: mobile device with camera, Stop Motion Studio app, your choice of LEGO figure or other toys with moving parts.

Transition to Employment: Tools to Help You Find a Job

Join us to learn about tools that help during a job search. We will explore apps for searching for jobs, writing a resume or letter, and preparing for an interview. We will also explore how to keep track of communications, read with text-to-speech, and write with dictation.

Math Tech: Tools to Support Secondary Students

Don’t let “summer slide” affect your student! Learn about an array of apps and websites that help secondary student (grades 7th – 12th) develop their math skills. We will include information on tools for students with learning challenges. This livestream is designed for families and professionals.

Coding Video Games

In this Livestream Tech for Teens, participants will create their own custom video games using Scratch online software. Learn the basic concepts of coding and share your games with friends and family! No coding experience is required.

Apps to Help Young Adults with Disabilities Learn About and Manage Their Money

This ‘Appy Hour’ will showcase apps that help to develop money skills to support independent living. Apps will address the essential skills of counting money, planning a budget, and tracking money spent.

Assistive Technology and Play in the Natural Environment

Young children with disabilities often experience barriers to play. This workshop will explore tools and strategies to make play more accessible for young children with disabilities in their natural routines and environments.

Educational Apps for Young Children

Apps have become a large part of learning. During this presentation, we will introduce you to a variety of apps appropriate for early childhood-aged children with disabilities.

3D Printing Online

In this Livestream Tech for Teens, we’ll be learning how to create a 3D model using Tinkercad online software. Then we’ll learn about what public resources are available for printing your own 3D models.

Executive Function Tools and Strategies for K-12 Students

Students of all ages with an array of disabilities struggle with executive function skills. This workshop will explore a variety of tools and strategies to support the needs of K-12 students.

Building Websites

An introduction to the basics of coding for the internet. Students will create their own unique website and publish it online. This workshop is designed for all levels of coding experience.

Being an Active Partner in Your Child's Transition from Early Childhood Special Education to Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a big step in any child's life. Parents of young children with disabilities will receive information to plan for this transition and learn strategies to help their child be successful.

Apps that Support Wellness for All Ages

This “Appy Hour” will feature tools to support wellness for all ages, including apps to practice calm breathing, experiment with guided meditation and yoga, track your mood, practice coping strategies, and support mental health.

Advocating for My Child & Family

Parents of infants and toddlers will learn how to use the IFSP process to address their concerns and priorities for their child and family. We will discuss writing child and family outcomes for the IFSP. You are invited to bring along a copy of your IFSP if you have one.

Assistive Technology to Support Social-Emotional Development for Young Children

This workshop is designed for parents and professionals to learn about the wide range of assistive technology available to help support the social-emotional development of young children.

Supplemental Security Income: The Bridge to Work

This workshop will provide information on how parents of youth with disabilities can navigate the system during times of transition, get connected to resources as well as manage their programs and benefits while exploring options to help them be successful in their post-secondary training and employment goals. Topics will include navigating transition, benefits management, and employment planning.

Introduction to Customized Employment

Learn about customized employment for individuals with disabilities. This approach to employment offers an individualized approach to integrated employment through the use of person-centered practices. This workshop addresses finding work that fits the young adult’s skills, interests, and needs.

Part 2: Executing the Plan - Time & Focus

Learn about a variety of tools and strategies for managing time and attention (including task initiation and follow-through). Presented strategies and tools may be appropriate for middle to high school, college students and beyond who are able to use and navigate mainstream clocks, timers, alarms, time tracking, distraction blocking tools, etc. The first hour will be a fast-paced presentation on strategies and demonstrations of a wide variety of tools on various platforms such as Chrome, Web-based, iPads, Android, etc. The last half hour will be used for an in-depth demonstration on a variety of tools (including Time Timer, MultiTimer, and others). Participants who attend in person will have the opportunity to try out many of the presented tools on Pacer’s provided technology. Livestream participants are welcome to follow along on their own technology. Students are encouraged to attend.

Apps that Support Independence for Vision Loss

This workshop will provide an overview of apps that support independence for individuals who are blind or low vision. Apps will address accessing text, daily living, and navigation for school, work, or home.

An Exploration of Augmentative and Alternative Communication Devices and Tools

Augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) tools can help individuals express their thoughts, wants, needs, and more. This workshop will introduce AAC and explore the range of AAC tools available.

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