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Become a Champion Against Bullying

Calling ALL Students!

Take the first step in getting your school involved! Ask your principal, superintendent, teacher or school counselor to sign on as a CHAMPION AGAINST BULLYING!

Champions are schools and organizations that support the cause and are taking part in some way. It’s a great way to show you care!

Download the PDF , bring it to your school, and ask them to send to PACER.

Show your support of bullying prevention, sign up your organization

Throughout the nation, there are nonprofits, schools, and community groups that directly collaborate with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center by using and sharing our resources – such as classroom curriculum and activities, free bookmarks, videos, petition signing - to directly inspire, educate and involve students.

Community members are eligible to submit the names of their nonprofits, schools, or community groups, which will be posted to PACER’s bullying prevention website, along with links to their sites and an overview of their bullying prevention efforts. 

Champions are invited to distribute information about bullying prevention through their print and electronic newsletters. Become a champion with PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center and join this expanded effort to reach schools and organizations nationwide.  We appreciate their community leadership and dedication to helping create a world without bullying!

2020 Champions—Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

AL The Undergrid I am a Christian DJ. I have quality equipment and over 400 songs. I want to go into churches and other venues as a Christian DJ helping with bullying prevention awareness. I was deaf for the first two years of my life and developed a speech impairment. I was diagnosed with ADHD in fifth grade, so I know all about being bullied.
AL Be the SPARK Promotion of bullying prevention resources, promotion of kindness and awareness at local elementary and high schools, daycares, and summer camps, and also hosting bullying prevention awareness events throughout community.
AZ You Matter Too You Matter Too: 1st Annual Walk Against Bullying and Youth Suicide Fundraiser at Centennial Plaza Park in Peoria, AZ on February 22, 2020.
AZ ANTI-BULLYING STRATEGIES & CERTIFICATION INC We are constantly providing current information about bullying prevention and upcoming events on our facebook page:
CA Kipp Ignite Academy Classroom presentations, parent workshop, Unity Day.
CA Kendall-Harmon Elementary School Launch a FB campaign encouraging students and families to stand up against bullying; incorporate bullying prevention lessons into our monthly SEL lessons; celebrate Unity Day on October 21, 2020.
CA Highgrove Elementary Daily anti-bullying messages Poster/google slide contest.
CA Bell Mountain Middle School Unity Day, Bullying Prevention SEL lessons weekly in October, Social Media campaign.
CA Rancho Romero Elementary School This school year, we have a few activities to promote bullying prevention. We have read aloud, and done a Unity Tree project. We are raising awareness of bullying prevention in a school-wide assembly, and promoting in the school newsletters.
CO Bullying Recovery Resource Center Advocating for bullied children and their families. Advocating for a State Anti-Bullying Law promoting accountability.
CT Simply Dance Studio Bullying Prevention t-shirt fundraiser and pledge.
CT Bullyproofing Prevention I have been involved in bullying prevention presentations since 2012 and was recognized by CT Senator Chris Murphy in 2013. As a Stamford Police Officer, I started the Bullyproofing back up again this year by completing my 13th tour/presentation at Westhill High School where I spoke to the 9th grade class about bullying. Inspired by the impact, I immediately began creating a website, which is under construction, and I will utilize the site as a platform to provide information on bullying, resources to help students during crisis, as well as a place for kids to share experiences anonymously and engage with each other. The website will include additional information for parents, community members, and teachers to access. The website will also serve as the foundation for my organization for school officials to see as I will continue to do school tours and local work in the community at the Boys & Girls Club and various community centers. I have also identified local martial arts gyms that are more than supportive of my initiative and want to be involved.
DC Access Youth Inc. Access youth will be providing students with opportunities to host and participate in podcasts and live social media events to speak out against bullying and promote and inclusive school environments. Students will work together to create online PSA’s around the topic of bullying prevention and inclusion.
FL Palm Bay Academy Planning activities for bullying prevention.
FL Zeta Phi Beta Sorority,Inc Alpha Upsilon Zeta Youth Wearing orange masks: Signs and notes of kindness: Sharing bullying experiences and encouragement.
FL Booker T. Washington Senior High Unity Day celebration.
FL Martial Arts Combat Academy LLC Hand out flyer, Bullying prevention sessions in class, bullying prevention signage up around school, possible community bullying prevention event.
FL Silver Sands School Our school will be participating in multiple activities planned for our students. We will be taking each of the points; Kindess. acceptance and inclusion and breaking them down weekly. This will also include social stories and lessons.
FL Ridgewood Park Elementary Bullying Prevention Month
FL Binks Forest Elementary Bullying Pledge, Walk Against Bullying.
FL Allstar Martial Arts Academy We offer bullying awareness and prevention classes year round, but emphasize it especially during this time. We also offer free community seminars to spread awareness throughout our community.
GA SMR Leadership Solutions I provide leadership training to a variety of organizations. To work with youth, I write children's books and use my book, Boomer Be Nice, to teach kinds about anti bullying and leadership skills. We do this through workshops, book readings, and book giveaways.
GA Westfield School Peer leaders will go into the lower and middle school classrooms to talk about bullying and how to be an upstander. The students will celebrate Unity Day and how to support each other as a school community.
HI Kilohana Elementary School Daily Piko (morning assembly) "Choose Kindness" announcements. October "Choose Kindness" month. Wear our "Choose Kindness" t-shirts on Wednesdays.
IA Fighting For Our Rights A Non-Profit Organization Handing out bullying prevention material and posting Bullying Prevention course work.
IL Hampshire Elementary School We are currently planning activities for our elementary kiddos.
IN Akoben Academy of Indianapolis Once the school opens in July 2020 we will be educating teachers, students, and parents about all types of bullying which will then go along with our Call It Out anti-bullying program/policies, which will provide incentives for speaking up about bullying. Incorporation of classroom activities related to bullying to further solidify what they learn about bullying.
IN Hill Academy of Martial Arts We are a martial arts school that teaches all students regardless of age about the effects of bullying and how we can prevent it. We plan on reaching out to schools in the area and going in to talk to the students and offer a free workshop.
IN BREMEN PUBLIC SCHOOLS Posters, daily stats and facts about bullying.
KY Daniel Boone Elementary Lessons on Bullying Prevention, signs posted, information sent out to parents.
LA BEAST CREW, Inc. Promoting Bullying Prevention, podcasts, panel discussions, social media posting, promoting Unity Day, distribution of literature, sponsor for scholarship 5K, volunteerism.
LA Miss Louisiana Port City's Outstanding Teen Interviews promoting bullying prevention, podcast, presentation for Project Celebration as Youth Advisory Board member, anti-cyberbullying tiktoks.
MD Tri-County Youth Services Bureau Online social skills groups that focus on developing empathy.
MD Dr. James A. Forrest Career and Technology Center I teach Graphics. I have my students make posters and they post in our school and their home school.
MD Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated - State of Maryland Choose Kindness: A Statewide Door Decorating Contest and Going Orange on Unity Day 2020.
MI Inform Yourself Inc. Youth Development Virtual Hands-On Workshop, "Kindness Is Key" Using simple household items participants learn how to bulletproof themselves with martial arts.
MI TL Girlz TL Girlz (True Love Girlz) are a Detroit based girl group who perform youthful, clean, message music for elementary and middle school students. Their peer-to-peer movement uses the performing arts to convey messages to peers about bullying and being kind and respectful to all both in school and online. Locally, the TL Girlz perform in schools and private and public functions where they pass out literature and have anti-bullying pledge drives. Nationally, the TL Girlz spread the word through their anti-bullying anthem STOP THINK LISTEN and a will also be filming an anti-bullying/youth suicide prevention PSA.
MI Blissfield High School Right now, our Stand Up club is all virtual. However, we are redesigning our hallways with posters and displays and to reflect inclusivity and acceptance. Other activities include a poetry contest and photo contest.
MI Rho Delta Zeta Chapter of Zeta Phi Beta Working with local community schools to support prevention of bullying. Educating child, teens and young adults on cyber bullying and other forms of bullying.
MN Sauk Rapids-Rice Public Schools Monthly Unity Day (1st Wednesday of every month).
MN Cyber Village Academy Community Agreements, Acceptance conversations, SEL lessons.
MN Multicultural Kids Network Multicultural Kids Network will host globally on Zoom a talk with our audience about bullying and how even with our African culture it is not acceptable. Multicultural Kids Network will be hosting a Bantu Healing circle with African Healing drumming to help those affected by it.
MS Adams County Sheriff’s Office “Keepers of the Command” Certifying our youth to become Volunteer Advocates for their respective schools. Ongoing advocacy training.
NC Bright Star Theatre Bright Star provides educational, 45 minute shows that help students learn how to identify, avoid and end bullying in their schools. Helping students to learn what it means to be a positive, caring friend, these shows are a great way to help schools address and honor their bullying prevention efforts.
NC Weddington Middle School Our school will be participating in various ways, such as: sidewalk chalk messages, posters in art class, PSAs in language art classes and daily announcements, to name a few.
NC Upchurch Elementary School We will be doing a spirit week directed toward bullying prevention.
NJ Kings Way International Virtual Anti-Bullying Conference Oct 17, 2020
NM Crisis Center of Northern New Mexico Collaborate with other non-profits, for online and social distancing events, due to Covid-19 safety.
NV I'm Young and Empowered, Inc. Our organization is committed to supporting youth (elementary, middle to high school) by encouraging Kindness, Self Esteem, Respect and Unity. The goal is to impact the life of one student at a time - by using POSITIVE PEER PRESSURE - Using visual story telling and inspiring messages to prevent the trauma, suffering and negative impact that bullying creates.
NY Box Out Bullying Box Out Bullying brings recognized and highly recommend student assemblies, parent workshops, faculty professional development, and social-emotional learning residencies that align with your community's bullying prevention policy. Our interactive, age-appropriate, and theatrical assemblies and workshops combine the best of live-theater with proven effective bullying prevention techniques.
NY Tourette Association of American In 2019, the TAA and Julie Hertzog collaborated on a webinar on Bullying Prevention to help the TS and Tic Disorder community, We will be sharing this webinar out again on our social media accounts during the month of October. We also consistently post on socail medica our constituents and their stories on their experiences with bullying and how to prevent it.
NY Stronger Than You Think Hosting workshops about bullying prevention and building self esteem. Hosting seminars with certified speakers to discuss mental health and bullying prevention and run activities to raise awareness and more.
NY Renaissance Kids, Inc. We will be incorporating activities into our programs in the arts, music, writing and acting throughout the month of October.
NY Niagara Charter School NCS created a sticky note mural of pro-kindness pictures and notes which was hung up outside of the cafeteria all school year long. NCS encouraged all student and staff to partake in Unity Day by wearing orange tops. NCS used many of the videos and stories provided by PACER to spark conversations around kindness and bullying prevention in our "crew" meetings. NCS students signed PACER's bookmark pledge. The School Counselor and Dean created a "pro-kind tour" around the school in which students were educated on what bully is and looks like, what to do if bullying is happening to you or a peer, and how to spread kindness.
OH Empower our Youth LLC Empower our Youth organization focuses on Antibullying. Empower our Youth educates parents and youth with Antibullying resources/services by hosting a monthly Kool Kids Club for schoolagers (meetings are held at the local library in Columbus,OH), annual Antibullying Empower You fashion show, Antibullying monthly chalk art walk. All activities and events are family friendly. Our motto is "BE A VOICE FOR OUR YOUTH AGAINST BULLYING."
OK Merritt Public School Merritt plans to wear orange bracelets to represent our stand against bullying during the month of October.
PA Central Susquehanna LPN Career Center We are holding an awareness fair!
PA Philadelphia Academy Charter School Wear Orange on Unity Day and hold class discussions remotely to SPEAK UP and STOMP OUT Bullying.
PA Vida Charter School (Dual Language) Unity Day, month long weekly school-wide lessons including Wrinkled Hearts, decorating leaves for a Unity Day Tree with ideas or pictures of being kind, inclusive and accepting, every student and adult that enters the building signs a Unity Day Banner to pledge to be kind, to include other and to accept others.
SC STOMP with Ciaran Speaking virtually and around South Carolina about the side effects of bullying.
SC Olweus Bullying Prevention Program The OBPP will be conducting virtual Trainer Certification Courses; facilitating a free webinar focused on the connection between bullying prevention and social emotional learning; presenting about bullying prevention in a digital learning environment at conferences; providing resources to our network of trainers and schools; and sharing awareness information on our website and social media.
SC GREEN Charter School Our Word of the Month will be Unity. We will have Orange Shirt Day. We will have two bulletin boards promoting Unity, and classroom awards will be distributed at the end of the month to honor students who set a good example of kindness, acceptance, and inclusion.
SC Optimism Preventive Services, Inc. 1. Community Bullying Prevention Campaign 2. Virtual Unity Day Celebration 3. Virtual Poetry Night.
TN Thelittleroom Promoting self-love and bullying prevention. Supporting single parents and abused women.
TX CaDori Helping Hands, Inc I make inspirational “ I LOVE ME”Hoodies which help promote self esteem and empowers everyone to put yourself first because each individual has value! I use these Hoodies to sell and donate part of the proceeds to organizations like this one to help in the prevention of bullying. I also give away a ton of Hoodies during the month of October to help with bullying prevention campaigns.
TX Matagorda County Women's Crisis Center Sharing statistics and webpage content on our Facebook page, creating videos about how to prevent bullying, and participating in Unity Day.
TX James C. Neill Elementary We plan to do a month long of bullying prevention at school/virtually, including dress up days, counselor led lessons and activities.
TX The Pro-Vision Academy A month of bullying prevention activities. 3rd-12th grade programs. We will create a bullying prevention committee.
TX Greystone House Montessori - The Woodlands Workshops with children and parents for bullying prevention.
TX Goldthwaite Middle School Discussion groups on bullying and prevention.
TX Onalaska Student Council Pamphlets to students and staff. Posters showing negative effects of bullying. Activities to promote inclusion.
TX Hopkins Elementary Anti-Bullying Pledge.
TX Keenan Elementary School District-wide Unity Day.
TX St. Helen Catholic School There will be several surprise lessons from teachers to include both in person and hybrid students, along with their families.
VA Lindenwood Elementary School Virtual Bully-Free Day.
VA LOVEMADDly LOVEMADDly strives to encourage dialogue and action on college campuses to reduce the impact of alcohol related decisions influenced by social media, bullying, peer pressure, and the stigma to fit in. Speak up, speak out and be a voice for others.
VI ART FUN FOR EVERYONE CLUB With most of the islands’ children using “virtual” educational settings due to Covid, I formed a Facebook club to show kids from all ages, backgrounds and ethnic groups how to have fun creating beautiful art pieces, or designing a variety crafts that promote Unity, Kindness and Peace, thus avoiding Bullying. We will hold a special set of “Orange ART DAYS for Unity Against Bullying” activities to be displayed on Facebook throughout the month of October.
WA Interact of Lake Stevens High School Interact will celebrate Unity Day by providing information and resources to promote inclusive school environments.
WA Stevenson Elementary We will be using the amazing lesson plans that PACER has put out to share with our students. Our school counselors partner with our specialists to teach anti-bullying lessons.
WA The Blind Judo Foundation and Cahill's Judo Academy Coach Willy Cahill of Cahill's Judo Academy, Co-Founder of the Blind Judo Foundation along with Co-Founder Ron C. Peck have zero tolerance for bullying. All instructors are alert to any and all forms of bullying again with a zero tolerance approach. Civility and respect is practiced on and off the Judo mat.

2020 Bullying Champions from Around the World - Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

- Jamaica Oracabessa High We are going to start a bullying prevention committee.
- Japan 13th International District Omega Psi Phi Fraternity, Inc. Promoting Unity Day, Anti-Bullying Campaign during the month of October, visiting local schools, setting up bullying prevention displays.
- South Africa Bokamoso senior secondary School The bullying activity specialise in preventing and helping kids who are involved.