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Become a Champion Against Bullying

2022 Champions—Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

AL Pecan Grove Prep Hosting assemblies, chapel and meetings with local law agents and Christian speakers.
AL Randolph Park Elementary We are wearing orange for Unity Day on October 19,2022. The students will participate in Bullying lessons throughout the month of October and they will sign bullying free pledges.
AR Mayflower High School Learning about bullying prevention. Would love information about activities or events our school could do that could be inclusive and not backfire and cause harm for bullied kids/kids with disabilities.
AS Fagalii Elementary School: American Samoa Poems about bullying, PPTS about bullying, posters and banners. Skits about bullying and how to prevent it.
AZ Ingleside Middle School Ingleside Middle School is part of the No Place For Hate program. Each month we have events on our Erase the Hate Tuesday that coincide with our monthly feel good themes as well as embedding into our school curriculum a safe and nurturing learning environment. We at Ingleside Middle School are building a learning community of inclusivity, respect, equity, and understanding.
CA Diablo Vista Elementary School - Antioch SEL on bullying prevention and how to be a good friend is done throughout the month of October by the school counselor. A great focus is on being kind and inclusive throughout the entire year. Appropriate books are read and we hold discussions on how students can be upstanders. Newsletter will go home to parents on topics covered.
CA Jackson STEM Dual Language Magnet Academy Wearing Orange on October 19, Kindness counts - Filling buckets every day with schoolwide focus, Smiling Calm hearts - School Kids Yoga, Bookmark pledge 10/19.
CA Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary School Every Step You Take, Unity Parade and Unity Banner!
CA Gustine Traveling Library The Gustine Traveling Library holds bullying prevention events and friendship events across the state of California to get kids more active in their communities while sharing the importance of respecting each other. We have our Traveling Library Robo Cop Says Stop Anti Cyber Bullying Initiative for young kids to learn about how to not be a cyber bully online.
CA Beverly Hills Unified School District Established school wide behavior expectations; Heightened supervision; Establishing routines for reporting unwanted behavior.
CA River Oaks Academy We use mindfulness approach, spread awareness, and the social emotional learning. Our school is pro active in handling any situation. The world needs more empathy, let’s continue with one person at a time.
CA Time 2 Tell We host a yearly FREE summer camp (Jr. Warrior Camp) for kids who have been targets of bullying.
CA Boo2Bullying Bullying: A Community Symposium. Saturday, October 1, 2022, from 10:00 am to noon Pacific Time, at the Palm Springs Convention Center in collaboration with Palm Springs Human Rights Commission."
CA John Muir Elementary (Antioch) A virtual kickoff assembly video; Counselor does Second Step Bullying Prevention Lessons; Weekly announcements; Bullying will be the main topic of the counselor October Newsletter; End the month with a spirit week; A weekly feature on our school website (along with resources for parents) Classroom activities and lessons are encouraged and resources are provided to teachers; A poster contest- all posters will be hung around campus during spirit week; Whole School participation in Unity Day.
CA Grasslands Elementary School Bullying prevention school assembly ideas and spirit/kindness week ideas.
CA De Anza Middle School Embedding activities into our "Crew" (advisory) time, spirit week, wear orange on 10/19.
CA The Only Way Outreach Ministry Bullying Prevention Pep Rally on October 18th; Bullying Prevention Pop-Up Shops.
CA Stone Valley Middle School Celebrating Unity Day, all teachers and staff will wear PACER Unity Day shirts, students are encouraged to wear orange in unity of Kindness, Acceptance and Inclusion. Video will be shown in the classroom, with a discussion and activity.
CA Rancho Romero Elementary Bullying Prevention Week - Monday KickOff during drop off with school Mascot, Unity Tree will be filled with kind messages from all the students (student community art project), Wearing Orange on Unity Day, a Poster Contest, Pledge signing in the Library, and Librarian will read books during the week surrounding the theme of Kindness, Acceptance and Inclusion.
CO Alameda International Junior and Senior High School At Alameda International, we have a program called Sources of Strength. This is a youth-led suicide prevention program, which also addresses substance abuse, bullying, and school violence (all issues that impact youth today). Each month, kids in the program create campaigns with the goal of increasing protective factors in students’ lives, so when times get tough, everyone has people and resources to rely on. One such protective factor is "positive friends", and to be a positive friend, one has to be kind, accepting, and respectful and willing to stand up to bullying. In October, students in Sources of Strength would like to talk with students school-wide about bullying, e.g., what it is, how and where it happens, what to do, and more.
CT Luis Munoz Marin School We are participating in daily circles highlighting inclusiveness and kindness topics. We are wearing orange on Unity Day (day before actually as Unity day is our picture day). Students and staff, with the help of SEL Ambassadors, will be making an orange unity chain to represent a Unified school against bullying. On Unity Day, the school community will be wearing orange and creating a Unity circle on the field, connected by the Unity Chain. The students will be completing surveys as a reflection of their understanding of bullying, strategies to use and how to report incidences of bullying.
CT Connecticut Center for the Prevention of Emotional Abuse Providing training, guidance and investigation of abuse allegations.
CT Benjamin Jepson Magnet School We conduct SEL 40 minutes lessons daily.
DC Friendship PCS Southeast We are developing the following interventions for our schoolwide approach: 1.Assess Bullying, 2. Set Policies & Rules, 3. Build a Safe Environment, 4. Respond to Bullying, 5. Support the Kids Involved, and 6. Bystanders to Bullying.
DE Campus Community School - Youth in Service Leadership (YSL) UNITY DAY - Pledge table; bullying prevention hall decorating; lesson on Random acts of kindness, month long study on bullying prevention.
FL UCP Downtown/Beta Campus We are wearing Orange for Unity Day on October 19, 2022. The students will participate in Bullying lessons throughout the month of October, and they will sign bullying free pledges.
FL Eastside High School Promoting awareness of National Unity Day by wearing orange today.
FL Embracing Our Differences, Inc. Embracing Our Differences' Unity Day initiative promotes empathy and respect among high school students through a full-day workshop of team-building activities that encourage cooperation and communication while providing opportunities for students to embrace their similarities & respect their differences. Students acquire the tools to be active leaders and create an inclusive culture within their respective school communities. Prior to the event, student leaders and faculty meet with the Unity Day facilitator to receive training to help lead the event. Additional student participants are selected through teacher nominations with an emphasis on identifying "alternative leaders" who are leaders in their peer group and not just students who fit into the “best or brightest” stereotype.
FL Spread The Word I am making bracelets with positive words, and 5% of my proceeds will go back to PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center.
FL The Village School of Naples Bullying Prevention and Awareness week; No Place for Hate activities; Student Teacher Committee; School-wide social-emotional approach and curriculum; Student speakers and parent educational event.
GA Brantley County Family Connection We have a Proclamation in place with the City of Nahunta, City of Hoboken, and Brantley County Board of Commissioners proclaiming October 5th as Wear Blue Day to show us united against bullying. We do a huge social media campaign, send bullying prevention and statistics out to partners weekly, and partner with Brantley County High School Audio Visual Club by putting bullying prevention information on the screens. Last year we partnered with the high school to start a Kindness Closet and B Kind Campaign that is youth lead and we plan to continue this school year
GA The Be Nice Program The Be Nice Program was created by Rylee Ruegger after experiencing bullying. Rylee visits local elementary schools and community organizations to educate others on the importance of bullying awareness and empathy. Promoting her message of #LetsBeNice, Rylee has partnered with PACER to supply students with the tools and resources needed.
GA Paths Forward Consulting and Coaching Global Youth Initiative; Youth Max, Partnership with Saving Our Next Generation, INC.
HI Mountain View Elementary School Unity Day, Pilina/Community Circles, Education and Support - Relationship Building - Report and Say Something.
IL Jefferson Elementary Door decoration, positive messages with chalk, pledge signing, wearing orange.
IL Montessori Academy of Chicago We have been celebrating Unity for the last 2 years by wearing Orange and working on supporting bullying prevention and kindness each October. This year we are hosting an Assembly to celebrate and focus on Bullying Prevention on Unity Day.
IL McKinley Elementary and Junior High School At School District 150, we celebrate Bullying Prevention Month by having a bullying prevention quote of the day announced every day in October. We have a poster contest for the elementary and junior high students, with the winners having their poster put on the school website. We address bullying prevention yearlong with our SEL curriculum.
IL M.E.A.N. GIRLS EMPOWERMENT M.E.A.N. Girls Empowerment Annual Bullying Prevention Walk titled Walk A Mile In HER Shoes – 5K Walk & Run; with opening guest speaker Glennita Williams, District Representative at U.S. House of Representatives/Office of Congresswoman Robin Kelly. The goal for this event is to bring awareness to bullying, youth violence, child suicide, and mental health. We aim to show support for those who have been bullied, uniting the community in a campaign to keep all youth safe from bullying, as well as raise money to support our Mentoring Program. This will be a family-fun race for participants of all ages. There will be opportunities to have fun and learn more about bullying, its effects and how to help put a stop to it.
IL D 89 Parents Community Engagement Planning to host Unity Day events in our community and school district asking everyone to patriciate in activities and sign pledges throughout our townships. #CommUnityDayinProvisotownship!
IL Joseph E Fisher School Unity Tree Anti-Bullying Sticky Note Mural; Weekly activities from the PACER Center curriculum guide for grades K-8; Weekly distribution of bullying prevention merchandise (pencils, stickers, buttons, bracelets, et).
IL The Shenanigan Series of youth books We’re making a movie that’s adapted from my novel, Foster and that bad, BADD bully.
IL Piccolo School We are taking a stand against bullying within our classroom by not being responsible for causing physical or emotional harm to others. We are spreading awareness to others with conversations and hand made posters.
IL Avenues to Independence We have a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion committee that connects our staff, donors, Board members and program participants. We help support adults with disabilities and are advocates for them and encourage inclusivity for all.
IN Bullying Free Future We are just initiating our coalition. We are going to collaborate with our local school district on bullying prevention and awareness.
IN Jimtown High School Classroom lessons.
IN Central Indiana Law Enforcement Training Network, LLC Social Networking (Social Media Promotion) and Speaking Engagements.
KS Welborn Elementary Student activity kits, RAK, Unity Day-wear orange to stand against bullying.
KS Kaycee’s Warriors Kaycee’s Warriors is a free training and mentoring program, founded by Kaycee Krell, that supports targets of bullying, inspires them to grow into their best self through personalized training curriculum, and empowers them to not only overcome their struggles, but become a bullying prevention warrior! Kaycee has led campaigns such as Mirror Mirror March with #NotAnOption, for others in the community to reflect on why suicide is not an option. Kaycee’s Warriors has expanded nationally through the newly created “Warrior Blog”, educating and inspiring others across the country through personal stories, coping mechanisms, and quotes.
LA Stand Together Community outreach programs geared towards creating awareness, having healthy discussions, and clarifying policies and procedures.
LA Agape Baptist Church Youth Group We are holding a community event on bullying. There is a lot of information and resources in the area and we provide help where to find them.
MA Edgerley Family South Boston Boys & Girls Club "Take a Stand, Lend a Hand" art project- contract that members and staff created showing what they will do to help stop bullying; Boston vs Bullies programming, and activities Friendship Club.
MD Pleasant Plains Elementary Kindness chain; bullying prevention activity book, bullying prevention promise.
MD We Lead By Example, Inc./Tae Kwon Do Ramblers Self-Defense Systems Our nonprofit focuses on safety and self-defense for people of all ages. We stress inclusivity within our "family," whose members are mutually supportive, as well as toward others. Our mission statement is: To develop confident, successful leaders by promoting personal safety and security, as well as to build high moral standards that reflect acceptance and respect for all cultures. We address issues that include Anger Management and Bullying Prevention: We show youth how to control their anger in confrontational situations with positive approaches. Importantly, they learn how to be leaders rather than followers, how not to be forced into negative and harmful situations, including bullying, and how to confidently stand on their own convictions. We teach bullying prevention year-round in our classes, seminars, and workshops in the community. We hold an annual Walk and Rally for Bullying Prevention and Child Safety, which will take place on October 1 this year.
MD Tri-County Youth Services Bureau Community and school education and information on bullying. Parent workshops to help parents identify bullying in their children.
MD Muhammad's Daughters Alliance Muhammad's Daughters Alliance (MDA) is a supporter of enforcing justice, protection and human rights of people with disabilities, and to end harassment, bullying and hate crimes in schools, and other public locations.
MI Gibraltar School District Our students learn about bullying prevention throughout the year by taking a pledge to stand up against bullying, participating in Social Media Challenges, using bullying prevention materials to teach our students how to be upstanders, kindness awards for our students, and taking part in Unity Day.
MI Blissfield High School Stand Up, Speak Out Our Upstanders are working with our PBIS leaders to support positive school culture, partner with our GSA, advocate for student mental health and provide mentorship for our under-served elementary and middle school youth.
MI Awareness for young girls Mentoring We promise to always bring awareness to bullying and will have a bullying prevention event every October. Also we have an open door for anyone needing help.
MI Private Literacy Tutoring Acceptance of difference, respect, and empathy have always been a part of the Private Literacy Tutoring curriculum. During October, we discuss bullying prevention during our one-on-one tutoring sessions and encourage students to share the information at school.
MN Lincoln Elementary School 7 days of daily book videos and activities around Acceptance, Kindness and Inclusion. Ends with a Unity Day Assembly with staff and students wearing orange and students singing a song that has been taught by the music teacher.
MO Lawson Elementary School Wearing orange for Unity Day, and spirit week for the rest of the month of October.
MS 16th District Palace Of Children For the last two years we have put on a bullying awareness event at one of the local parks. We invite children of all ages, the community, and therapist. We are not giving up.
MS Roseland Park Elementary PBIS schoolwide; participated in wearing orange on October 19 for Unity Day; kindness and bullying prevention posters are placed around the school campus; SEL on bullying.
MS Center Hill High School Mindfulness posters, positive messages posted by the mirrors in bathrooms, bullying prevention education, learning the difference between assertive and aggressive.
NC Cabarrus County Schools Cabarrus County Schools is participating in Bullying Prevention Month in all 45 schools. Each school has activities planned to highlight bullying prevention, intervention and how to report bullying and harassment. CCS Central offices are also participating in Bullying Prevention Month starting with a pledge to be a "Champion Against Bullying," and weekly activities to encourage kindness. We will also participate in Unity Day on October 19th.
NC Tarawa Terrace Elementary School Promoting bullying prevention and unity through videos, school routines, classroom. and school-wide activities.
NC West Charlotte High School Our school will have weekly announcements about bullying and post information on social media platforms. We will actively participate in bullying prevention week and have students sign a pledge wall to be bully free. Also, one day during this week all students and staff will be encouraged to wear orange to show our support for anti-bullying. Pictures will be posted on social media. Our school is also developing a Bullying Prevention Program.
NC RESOURCESLINKED Resources linked Youth/Teens Services offer programs and events to bring awareness to bullying/cyberbullying. Outreach services provides awareness and education
NC Fuquay-Varina Growers Market "Plant Seeds of Kindness" bullying prevention flower pot kits.
NM Barcelona Elementary School Our school is celebrating Unity Day by wearing orange, signing an antibullying banner, sponsoring a poster contest, listening to antibullying music, taking pictures at our photo booth with messages of kindness and acceptance, receiving materials related to antibullying, creating an orange chain with links describing what to do to end bullying, making and wearing orange crowns, and hearing about bullying prevention over the morning announcements.
NV I’m Young And Empowered, Inc. Our youth group members, as well as parents/caregivers and educators, have participated in sharing bullying prevention materials (including cyber-bullying) with their peers, and volunteered for seasonal Kindness Campaigns.
NV Omar Haikal Islamic Academy Assembly; Art Activities; Guest Speakers. Assembly; Art Activities; Guest Speakers. Guest Speakers.
NV Nevada PEP Nevada PEP is recognizing National Bullying Prevention Month in many different ways- Hosting a Social Media Campaign- I Care We Care- Taking Kindness to New Heights- We have a digital rocket that needs messages of kindness for fuel. We have also developed a promotional video for this event. Proclamation by the Governor of Nevada Delivered ICWC Activity books and Anti bullying books, bookmarks, Teacher and Parent resources to school state-wide.
NY Lackawanna Middle School Classroom presentations about bullying prevention and anti-harassment by school social workers for grades 6,7, and 8. Planning to celebrate Unity Day on October 19th. Promoting awareness.
NY Rebecca School We read stories related to this topic and wear orange.
NY North Babylon High School Helping to stop bullying.
NY Reading with Dr. Liz I’m publishing a new antibullying children’s book based on my real life experiences being bullied as a child. I’ll be hosting several events to donate books to schools.
NY Westside Academy/Monroe 2 BOCES Weekly morning meetings.
NY Carle Place School District Anti-Bully videos played throughout the day. Orange t-shirts to show support. Kindness music played in between periods. Bullying prevention lessons done throughout each period. Group photo to show schoolwide support!
OH Empower our Youth Foundation Celebrate Life and Diversity Antibullying Fashion Show and Kids Art Walk on Sunday, August 21st at the Columbus Museum of Art.
OH Anton Grdina Elementary School Door decoration contest; Uniting with the Winning Against Violent Environments (W.A.V.E); Activities promoting the prevention of domestic violence and uniting against bullying in our neighborhoods, school, and our community environments.
OK Heritage Hall We will be posting information around our school about Unity/Bullying Prevention Day and showing videos about the effects of bullying. We will be Wearing and Sharing Orange as a school to show unity for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.
PA Cheer Haven All-Stars We will be inviting all cheer and gymnastics participants to WEAR ORANGE ALL WEEK to classes and practices. We begin our classes with a question about “how we can prevent bullying” at our facility and we also post reminders throughout our facility and give awards to those we see being “bully free”.
PA Wonderfully Me, inc. Participants participated in a self-defense class and had lessons on bullying.
PA Bridgeville Martial Arts Year-round our students learn self-defense as well as confidence and emotional skills through our Brave Academy.
SC Super Beauty, Inc. 5th Annual Buddies, Not Bullies Rally on Sunday, October 30 at South Carolina State House.
TN Bellevue Middle School We will take the pledge on Oct. 5th. We will participate in Unity Day on Oct.19 by wearing orange. Oct. 21st is a Bullying Prevention Assembly.
TX Elisabet Ney Pre-K Wearing orange, bullying prevention lessons, kindness rally.
TX YMCA of Greater Houston Our seven After School programs will be educating and making signs about bullying prevention.
TX Grupo EPEE SW Dallas - Proyecto PCNE Bullying Every year Grupo EPEE SW Dallas and Project PCNE Bullying promote awareness against Bullying to the Parents in the Latino Community. We promote the importance of parents learning about the polices in the school districts and state law about bullying. For us it is so important that the parents and schools work together in the prevention of bullying, but more important is working together to develop schools free of violence for everyone.
TX Saint Joseph Academy: Positive Peer Leadership Team Classroom presentations, social media messages, parent emails.
TX Woodville Middle School Bully Prevention Poster Contest; Wearing Orange for UNITY DAY; Random Acts of Kindness.
TX Steven Schade Sharing resources and writing to help prevent bullying.
TX Franklin the Helper Franklin the helper is a children’s book series by the published author, Franklin Edwards. Franklin’s books speak on social and emotional Issues as well as awareness. He helps promote self-confidence and bullying prevention.
TX Bonding with bracelets Kids interact by making bracelets.
TX MacGregor Elementary Participating in Unity Day on Oct. 19, showing anti-bullying videos from PACER, handing out bookmarks, posting information on school website, sharing information with parents.
TX Texas Connections Academy Pep rally, surveys, and petitions.
UT Alli Christiansen I created a poster about bulling and hung it in my school, I am having an assembly about bullying, I created a video to show in my local schools about bullying and have talked to people who have been impacted by bullying.
UT Roy High Hope Squad Provide education and activities that bring awareness about suicide, mental health and anti-bullying.
VA James Russell Middle School Bullying prevention class sessions w/ the School Counselor; Bullying Prevention Spirit Week; Bullying Prevention Pledge; Bullying Prevention Dream Wall.
WY Strong Families Strong Wyoming "Run For Your Life" 1K/5k Zombie Crawl to Rise Up and Stomp Out Bullying.

2022 Bullying Champions from Around the World - Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

- England ULTIMATE WARRIORS CIC We are a mixed martial arts gym. We are running a self-defense project for children and young people, which boasts health and physical fitness, self-confidence, discipline, social skills, resolves conflict, teaches respect, and imparts bullying prevention education.
- South Africa Zenobia Help Counseling Buddy not a Bully School Program.
- Taiwan Washington Bilingual Elementary School - International Preparatory Studies Friendship Project- Every Step You Take Paves the Way: Students drew and cut out their footprints and wrote one action they could do to help others and then stuck their footprints on a big poster for the school.