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Become a Champion Against Bullying

2014 Champions—Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

AL The Pinnacle Schools
AL Coosa Central
AL Fearfully & Wonderfully Made
AL Anniston High School Classroom guidance activities, motivational speakers, wearing orange, creating school and community awareness
AL Ponytail Princesses Campfire Girls We are part of the national organization Campfire Girls USA. Our group is made up of 7 year old girls and our October Meeting will be focused on bullying and how to recognize it and what to do if you are the victim or see it bullying occurring.
AL Sumter Academy School Assemblies every Wednesday promoting the "WE WILL" Generation to make a difference against Bullying! Encouraging all students to wear orange on 10/22 for Unity Day!
AL Samford University Pink goes Orange and petition signing.
AL T.R. Miller High School Students and faculty are wearing orange on Oct. 22nd
AL Cobb Elementary Guidance Lessons on bullying, bullying pledge cards, bullying pencils, special guests, bullying walk, and Unity Day.
AL Constantine Elementary Bullying pledge cards, bullying pencils,bullying walk, Unity Day,Guidance Lessons and special guests.
AL Anniston Middle School This month Anniston Middle School hosted an anti-bullying kick off rally in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month. We will also have our 1st Annual Verses and Flow. Students are given an opportunity to compete in a contest by writing a rap or poem related to bullying. A poster contest will also be held. We are also participating in Unity Day. Students will wear orange and sign a no bullying pledge.
AL Ashford Academy We are having Army National Guard Bully Prevention Presentation (Oct. 21st), Bully and Suicide prevention assembly (Oct. 30th) and Poster contest Gr K-5/ Essay Contest Gr. 6-12th
AL Phillips Elementary Wearing Orange on the 22nd!
AL Malachi Wilkerson Middle School Unity Day recognized through public address (morning announcements), Students will sign the pledge wall in the gym.
AL Vance Elementary School We will wear Orange and sign a petition to be a bully free school
AR Jacksonville Lighthouse Charter School We made a Unity Chain that hangs in the front lobby of our school. We will also have a Unity Walk on Unity Day and will be wearing orange. We will view the anti-bullying videos, have an art contest under the theme "the end of bullying begins with me" and take part in the k-5 poster contest.
AR Youth MOVE Arkansas Youth MOVE is a youth led organization that offers Peer to Peer Support, Advocacy, & Education helpful to youth & families in the community. In October, several of the members will attend a community event wearing Anti- Bullying shirts that we designed. Each of them has a simple statement on the back stating how they were bullied, or how it made them feel. They will disperse themselves throughout the crowd, remaining silent and still. This statement will hopefully have an impact on the community members, raising awareness to the problem at the same time. The youth will also attend a Downtown Rally, hold a Booth at a monthly Downtown 'Alive After Five' Event, & volunteer at a few Fall Festivals for local schools and day cares. Anti-Bullying information will be distributed at each of these events.
AR Lamar Middle School We will observe Unity Day by wearing orange and sign orange pledges against bullying as well as stick those pledges on the wall also all that wear orange on that day in the middle school we will take a picture and publish it in the school annual and hopefully the local paper
AZ Maxine O. Bush School Hosting parent events to inform them about bullying and how they can help.
AZ Achievement Learning Foundation The Achievement Learning Foundation supports bullying prevention through its character education program, Youth-N-Action. Students in YNA learn what bullying looks like, what bystanders can do to help victims of bullying, and why it is important to treat everyone with respect. The Achievement Learning Foundation will also participate in Unity Day. All of our program staff will wear orange to show that we are united to end bullying.
AZ Family Involvement Center 1. Hosting a daytime and an evening program for parents/caregivers to educate them about bullying - will cover the facts/stats, who is most at risk, how to support your kids, techniques for dealing with bullying, how to create a safe environment and more 2. Guest speakers from a Bullying Prevention Group will be coming in to present at an open community forum meeting hosted at our location each month
AZ Trailside Point School We are having a school wide assembly with the Anti-Defamation League, posters, contest, poetry. We are the first school in Arizona to receive this award! (Anti-Defamation League award). StopBullyingAZ is a bullying prevention initiative of Phoenix's First Lady Nicole Stanton, she was our guest speaker during October 2013. Mark Trombino, actor, was a guest speaker for our anti bullying assembly. Trailside Point School is the only school presented the No Place for Hate Award 2013-2014.
CA HomeGardens Academy Unity Day Poster contest Walk through the community-protest against bullying
CA Cloverdale Elementary School So far, we will participate with Unity Day on October 22nd. This is our second year participating with our Orange Day.
CA Cameron's Anti-Bully Campaign Wearing our orange, RMC Anti-Bully Institute Panel, PBIS Club at Tournament Hills Elementary
CA Monte Vista Elementary School "A walk in my shoes" assembly. All students on campus will receive a red, silicone bracelet which reads. "One school. One Goal. Drug & Bully Free. I will be teaching an Anti-Bullying, Make your Mark! Guidance lesson to all classrooms. Our school will be purchasing 3 Buddy Benches.
CA Magnolia Science Academy 7 Weekly school-wide activities every Friday to promote an Anti-Bullying awareness.
CA East West Kung Fu Schools We will be hosting Bullying Prevention and Awareness seminars throughout the month of October at our schools and in our communities!
CA Paradise Valley Elementary School Leading Up: Poster and Coloring Contests. 10/20/14: Assembly that features UNITY DAY language as well and Project Cornerstone Common Language (UPstander & Bucket Filling.) 10/21/14: "PV's Amazing (unity) Race" scavenger hunt. 10/22/14: Unity Day Pledge & Ribbon Tying Ceremony. 10/23/14: Community Art Project. 10/24/14: Unity Dance Party. We have an entire week of great activities planned.
CA Intentional Act of Kindness Proceeds from the sale of products with the "Promote Kindness" design (look for the orange stars to honor National Bullying Prevention Month!) will be donated to Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center
CA Blind Judo Foundation Co-Founder Coach Willy Cahill of the Blind Judo Foundation and Principal of Cahill's Judo Academy is acutely aware of this national epidemic and is teaching athletes both sighted and visually impaired to be aware of and proactive in stamping out bullying to his students.
CA Girl Scout Troop 3224 We, as girl scout troop leaders, are trying to teach our girls about what bullying is, why it's harmful, and what they can do to prevent it and stop it from happening when they see it.
CA Speak Out Against Bullying, Inc. Los Angeles Press Conference to Kick Off National Bullying Prevention Month Hosting Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying Hosting numerous Bullying Awareness Presentations at Summer Camps and Boys & Girls Clubs Hosting Bullying Awareness Community Town Hall Meetings
CA Hyper Bully Defense Workshops Hyper Bully Defense locations are doing FREE workshops across the world in October. Our mission is to reach 1Million kids and families together. Register for an event here:
CA Monarch Learning Center
CA Dispatch High school and middle school on-campus events in the quad area during lunch period. Promoting the Anti-Bullying message.
CA Sk8 Everyday TM Clothing We promote no bullying by touring local schools in our area as well as promoting no bullying at all of our community events
CA Social Groovy Our entire social network is built around the belief that there should be a safe and drama-free place for people to go online and express themselves. We continue to support our members without bias towards gender, orientation, religion, or race.
CA Agnes Liong As Miss San Francisco Beauties of The Nation and Miss Germany International, I will attend and create events, such as visiting schools to educate how to effectively deal with bullying, fundraisers, charity galas and more to help spread the word and put an ultimate end to bullying!
CA Vintage High School In my school i have started a bullying prevention program that teachers high school students about bullying and bullying prevention.
CA Kinsights
CA Cuesta College San Luis Obispo It is still being organized by our school, But I would like to put on a booth about the organization, and also put out as many flyers as possible. Another idea is to give a personal speech at my local Jr. High School, where I know a lot of the staff and think this is a very important topic for that age. I would like to give out flyers and information as well as needed.
CA La Familia Counseling Center, Inc. We will be having a Anti-cyberbullying event October 23rd, 2014 informing and empowering youth and the community to take a stand against any form of bullying.
CA Wheatland Union High School We are a coalition of students who wish to improve our school culture.
CA OC Martial Arts We are conducting anti bullying talks at local schools and community groups.
CA La Familia High School Planning events, we will update.
CA Hillview Crest Elementary School We've created banners, hung up Unity Day Posters and Flyers. Throughout the month, we'll be having classroom & playground discussions about anti-bullying month. On 10/22, we plan to have a plead signing and give each student an "orange" wristband :-)
CA Bello Hair LLC We will show our support and bring awareness to others by posting up daily quotes and photos expressing the seriousness of the cause, we will go out into our local community and schools to talk to children and parents, and handout flyers and other informative information.
CA Orosi High School he Orosi High School is sponsoring weekly challenges to combat bullying. Like, "Good morning week"- say good morning to 5 people you don't know every day this week. Students are passing out orange ribbons and wearing Orange shirts for unity Day.
CA Desert Mirage High School Our Freshman classes all organized a Bully Prevention Week at school. One class had daily school announcements, other classes created posters, slogans, poems, and other bully prevention related ideas in organizing a gallery walk inside our class pod to promote anti-bullying in our community.
CA LHGH Student Recovery We are doing a classroom active about bullying along with power point.
CA Stockton Kuk Sool Hapkido Our martial arts school promotes leadership against bullying, by raising awareness about bullying prevention and encouraging our students to be positive citizens in the community. We teach respect everyday.
CA Solano Middle School / Mrs. Kelley-Santos' 6th grade class Still planning!
CA Golden View Elementary School GOLDEN VIEW PTA has signed up with a local pizza place, ZPizzeria, who is doing a "Nice Slice" program - which provides schools with certificates for free slices of pizza that teachers can give to students who show acts of kindness and character that prevent bullying - such as: kindness, bravery, being courteous, thoughtful and putting others first.
CA People's Care We had each of our locations participate in Unity Day 2014. I plan to organize something more for next during the entire month of October, as we had a late start this year. This is such an amazing group for a great cause, looking forward to many years of continued efforts & spreading awareness!
CA Willis Jepson Middle School Bully Prevention Awareness (October 6 - 10) Bully Prevention Fair (October 9) - school and local organizations at lunches to educate students about choices to be bully free. Spirit Day (Thursday, October 16) - Wear Purple/classroom visits. Unity Day (October 22) - Wear Orange/Sign pledge/record pledge. News Bulletin to record pledge on news. We are having a no name calling week in January and a day of silence in April.
CO Mirror Image Arts We are getting our bullying prevention programming in schools and recreation centers. We are also collaborating with other organizations to create a comprehensive socio-emotional learning experience. Finally, we are utilizing fabulous resources from as a leave behind wherever we take our programming.
CO PHOENIX Fitness & Kenpo Studio I do a Self Confidence Self Defense Class once a month, I volunteer with Angels of America's Fallen and really try to get more involved on this subject
CO Atlantis Community, Inc. This will be our first venture into bullying. We want to enhance the tools our consumers have in order to better advocate for themselves.
CT Jovenes Unidos Inc.
CT Salem School Classroom Lessons
CT Saint Brigid School We do many different activities: Blue Shirt Day, Middle school bullying/violence prevention research projects, project seatbelt trick or treat cards, STAND UP for Others Week, Make friends with someone you don't know at school week
CT Huckleberry Hill Elementary School Our 4th grade students are learning about Anti-Bullying Legislation in preparation for a visit to the CT State Capital later this month.
CT Northeast Elementary School and NES PTO We will participate in Unity Day by wearing orange
CT Joseph A. DePaolo Middle School Unity Day, October 22nd and classroom presentations.
DC DC Uniquely Moves (Youth Move National) Youth Movement and Youth Voice
DC LaSalle-Backus EC We will participate in Unity Day by wearing orange and tweeting our support
DC The Campbell Center We will be celebrating Unity Day (Oct. 22nd), Google Hangout (TBA) and a We Will Generation Workshop (TBA)
DC Crime Museum UNITY DAY 2014
DC John Burroughs EC We have created door decorating contest, essay and poster contest, bully prevention rally, also, we are participating in Unity Day in addition to Walk, Run, Roll
DC John Burroughs EC Our planning is still in progress!
DC Quarles & Brady LLp Quarles Cares continues its efforts and support of anti-bullying campaigns in multiple states. Our local DC office will be participating in UNITY DAY on October 22.
DC United Cerebral Palsy social media promotion and newsletter promotion
DC Center City Public Charter School - Petworth Campus We will be wearing orange on Unity Day, creating posters, guidance classroom lessons on bullying, having students sit with different peers during lunch, watching the movie Bully, and much more.
DC Noyes Educational Campus We are having a national bullying prevention "flier" contest, anti-bullying assembly/rall, and an anti-bullying educational skit.
DC St. Thomas More Catholic Academy We are wearing orange, having classroom activities, and hosting visiting speakers
DE Girl Scout Troop We will be sharing with sister scouts!
DE Zeta Amicettes of Dover DE We are having a poster contest and orange campaign.
DE F.D. Stubbs Elementary School Planning to begin activities in October. Activities will include a Bullying Awareness assembly and the Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying Walk.
FL Calera As an internet service provider, Calera is trying to make the internet a safer place for young people and raise awareness about cyberbullying.
FL The Talking Jar Series (Talking Jars) Parent Nights, Munchies for Mom's, Desserts for Dad's, Classroom App for trainings about bullying, anger, grief, character, etc. Speaking presentations and tools to "talk" about Bullying at school and at home. Everything from Education, school resources, journaling to reporting (bilingual App) as well as our Talking Jars tools, The Bully Jar & others for schools, homes and counselors!
FL The Adventures of Moosey Begins The movie premiere of Moosey will be held on October 10, West Palm Beach, FL. Tickets are on sale now.
FL Serving Hearts Abroad We are beginning a year round annual campaign beginning in October with a focus on children from other nations. Our newsletter and website for anti-bullying will premiere in October. We will have 2 seminars and one Health Fair a year for Anti-Bullying.
FL Pasco Youth Initiative The Pasco Youth Initiative in partnership with the Suncoast Super Target will provide bullying prevention information and children's activities at Pasco County Sheriff's America's Night Out Against Crime.
FL Vanessa's Essence Natural Hair Care LLC We will reach out to our social network and ask everyone to wear Orange. Our blog on our Company website will be about bullying and how parents can help their children.
FL Bully Avenue National Bullying Prevention Month I will allow any organization in association with anti-bullying to come on my radio show titled: On Bully Avenue with Author Deon Davis to promote their event or to just talk about the subject. every Thursday @ 4pm
FL Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School We will be participating in UNITY Day on Oct. 22nd!
FL Riverview Elementary School School wide pledge against bullying.
FL Pierce Hammock Elementary School We are holding classroom anti-bullying guidance lessons, having guest speakers, etc.
FL Avalon Middle School We will be training our staff on how to identify bullying, show webisodes to our students to educate them on bullying and wearing orange on Oct. 22nd to Unite Against Bullying.
FL The American Love Mission Ministry Students and parent members of our church as speaking during a special Unity Day discussion forum on our members and members of our surrounding communities.
FL Freedom Middle School Unity Day and Anti-Bullying Video contest, Guidance lessons on Bullying Awareness/Prevention
FL FSUS Panacea We are bringing awareness to bullying and the affect it has on our peers. We have a goal as a club to train members, and even other students and faculty, on how to help fight bullying.
FL Flagler County Public School District We are still planning!
FL Dance Out Bullying "Dance It Out" Workshops
FL Boys & Girls Club of Alachua County Woodland Park We are having anti-bullying training for staff and children, unity day, and guest speakers from across city and county organizations.
FL New Springs Schools Our events for National Bullying Prevention Month: Bullying Prevention Poster Contest, inviting the guest speaker, and getting students to sign the banner that says New Springs Students Believe Bullying ends with me.
FL Evangelical Christian School I am your 2014 Jr. High School America. My Platform is B.R.A.V.E. I'd like to be able to get flyers to hand out at events :-) Have been promoting on Facebook
FL Cholee Lake Elementary Cholee Lake Elementary Guidance Department provide lessons on Anti-Bullying behavior the entire month of October to grades K-5. We sponsor an Anti-Bully week to being awareness to our students about the dangers of bullying behavior on the victims, bystanders, and aggressors.
FL Webster Elementary School Signed classroom pledges not to bully. Distribution and celebration of anti-bullying wristbands - "See a Bully, Stop a Bully." Anti-bullying presentations by Ronald McDonald Organization and Shipley's Martial Arts. The use of the "Help Box" for anonymously reporting incidents of bullying. Distribution of "Tips for a Bully Free Classroom" to teachers. Bullying Awareness information sent home to parents.
GA Atlanta Youth Tennis & Education Foundation Still planning
GA Excel Christian Academy Recognize students who perform random acts of kindness
GA Tutt Middle School We are having a silent protest.
GA "Think Twice" (Anti-Bullying Program) October 11,2014 - Fun Run October 20-24,2014 - Bullying Prevention Rallies
GA Capabilities NOT Disabilities We are involved with Georgia Bullying Prevention Month 2014, Unity Day October 22nd, 2014 and check our website for new activities.
GA Liberty County High School It's all about bringing AWARENESS about Bullying this year. Student's will receive information and lesson's through weekly video messages shown on our school news channel, posters throughout the building, a lunch time "Sign The Pledge Campaign", Wear a Orange Ribbon Day, and classroom lessons through our Health classes.
GA Urban Youth Empowerment Project of America, Inc. Anti-bullying pep rally and round-table discussion/town Hall meeting
GA Bradwell Institute Wear Orange to Unite Against Bullying on October 22. Everyone will receive an orange sticker to place on the back of their ID to show they are against bullying. Students will leave their thumbprint on the bulletin board as a way to take the pledge against bullying. We also wear orange once a month to keep the awareness going year round.
GA The C.B.A. Foundation We are participating in Georgia Bullying Prevention Month in October and Unity Day on Oct. 22. Check for other events on the website or facebook page.
GA Family Patterns Matter The youth advisory board for FPM is hosting a "uniquely you" campaign in each of the schools they attend. They will be wearing bracelets and producing an anti-bullying public service announcement.
GA One Talent, Inc. We are having The BeLieve Movement Release Party & National Bullying Prevention Campaign Kickoff on July 26th. BeLieve In Yourself" is written, recorded and produced by recording artist Kamilah Burrow. This song brings awareness to teen suicide, bullying and low self esteem.
GA Surrendering Is Free Inc. I will hold seminars, provide resources and host annual back to school picnic for the 2014 season with free consultation from licensed therapist in the community.
GA South Central Middle School
GA Youth Empowered Solutions Inc Planning College Park, Ga Anti Bullying Month 2011- SW Dekalb High School No Bully Zone. Developed a series of skits in the Drama Classe 9-12 th grade for create awareness of bullying
IA QC United presents Pete the Purple Bull QC United is presenting "Pete's Awesome CommUNITY Party" October 12th at the Waterfront Convention Center in Bettendorf, Iowa from 1pm to 5pm. (Pete the Purple Bull is a cuddly, friendly character who has arrived in the Human World to lead the Unity Year-Round Campaign. He especially is on a mission to rid the World of Bullying behavior.) This a free, family-friendly celebration recognizing the many positive things people of all ages are doing to make our community a safe and welcoming place to learn, live and work. There will be entertainment, art activities, games and Pete-ZZA. Pete's Awesome CommUNITY Leadership Awards will be given to some special individuals making a positive difference in their communities.
IA Dojo's Family Martial Arts We are offering a special class to all Ankeny children (and those in the surrounding areas). We are reaching out to the school PTO's to help us in getting the word out.
IA College Community School District, Class meetings (definition of bullying, our 4 anti-bullying promises, the Bullying Circle…)
IA Cardinal Community School Distrcit Classroom guidance lessons, student leadership team helping support and explain Unity Day to elementary classes, a Unity Day assembly, all students had opportunity to sign Unity Day banner and wear orange!
IL Lisle High School We have a bulletin board that is themed every month. This month, we have information about both Breast Cancer Awareness, and Anti-Bullying Prevention Month that is encouraging students to Stand Up and wear orange on Wednesday, October 22nd.
IL Faraday Elementary Informational Assembly, creating poetry, posters, art work, etc
IL The Center for Prevention of Abuse Wear orange on Wednesdays. Show your support and unity for bullying prevention efforts. Rock your favorite orange tee, scarf, jeans etc. on the following days: October 1, 8, 15, 22, & 29. Be a better bystander. Use respectful words and actions to intervene when safe to do so and always report the incident to officials if unsafe. Treat others with respect. Look for opportunities to offer an encouraging word and/or an act of kindness. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Let your light shine! Join millions for Unity Day Wednesday, Oct. 22. Change your outdoor light bulbs to orange in a show of unity and support for bullying prevention. Post and tag pictures on social media using #UnityDay2014.
IL Taft Grade School My 8th grade language arts class is doing a unit utilizing the "Bully" DVD and action plan.
IL Woman on Fire/ Young Women on Fire We will all wear our "Never back down" t-shirts, will hold several never back down events throughout Chicago and suburban schools. All students will receive bookmarks and wrist bracelets to encourage them to never back down and raise their confidence. We are also having a video post challenge to never back down on Instagram and Facebook. Anyone can participate
IL Stop Bullying Stand Up Today Creating a PSA video
IL Girl Scouts of GCNWI Present to the school the movie Bully. And took the upstanding bystander pledge.
IL The Thornton Township Youth Committee Program Inc Making personal calls and visits to all school district superintendents and school boards in our service area to adopt a comprehensive anti-bullying policy for their school
IL PBL Junior High We are holding PACER activities!
IL Metamora Grade School The student council at Metamora Grade is putting together many activities for the month of October. We are having a quote contest, poster contest, and doing Random Acts of Kindness Coupons. We are also going to have spirit days to show our support for the prevention of bullying in our school.
IL Marcus Garvey We are a bully free zone. Social Emotional Learning is a key component of our school's curriculum.
IL John M. Smyth Magnet an IB World School Students will have a contest to create a "Bully Free Zone" poster. The winning poster will become our school poster and will be posted in each classroom.
IL G. Stanley Hall Elementary School We are taking a stand against bullying on October 24th by having students and parents go outside and link arms together. Anti-bullying messages will be displayed and taught and reinforced in classrooms and in school assemblies. Students will sign an anti-bullying pledge.
IL Stuffed Love Volunteer events including a Stuffed Love Build. Also will be on social media promoting National Bullying Prevention Month.
IL Girl Scouts Troop 8139
IL Hazel Crest School District 1521/2 Creating a poster contest to display and a writing contest.
IL Courtenay Language Arts Center Conducted a staff and student survey as needs assessment, hosted an anti bullying assembly and a group of middle school students are working on an assembly to present to their school mates at a future assembly, organized a parent/staff member anti bullying committee for long term intervention and solutions
IN Nwi Iron Eagles Youth Football and Cheer Family The Iron Eagle Family will be hosting our First Annual Tackling Bullying Super Bowl Games. Our Super Bowl will be in October and all day we play games for each division.
IN Central Indian Law Enforcement Training Network The Central Indiana Law Enforcement Training Network will bring awareness to bullying prevention throughout all of Central Indiana.
IN Clarksville Elementary School We are hoping to do a project to display our awareness of bullying during October
KS R.L. Wright Elementary Last school year we participated in Unity Day and had various activities going on throughout the week. This year we plan to do the same, and are looking for new ways to get the message to our students.
KS Kindness Krew We are just beginning and seeking information
KY Regional Prevention Center of Comprehend, Inc. We are promoting the Unity day and prevention month in our communities through posters, psa's, facebook accounts all through our 5 county region in our 6 public and 2 private school districts. We are doing prevention education in schools as needed as well.
KY JCPS None yet.
KY Buckner Elementary October Unity day and awareness throughout the school
KY McFerran Head Start One Mile Walkers Club and McFerran Preparatory Academy McFerran Head Start One Mile Walkers Club along with McFerran Preparatory Academy will participate in a walk to stop or prevent bullying in school.
KY Booker T. Washington Intermediate Academy PTA Safe school's week will be in October 20th-24th
KY New Vision Missionary Baptist Church On October 19th we are having a special presentation by youth group. On October 25th, we are having a cook-out and bon fire.
LA O'Brien House Alcohol & Drug Prevention Services
LA Center of Empowerment for Families & Youth, Inc. We have a National Campaign of Anti Bullying through Photography & Cinematography . We are also hosting an Anti Bullying Play Tour.
LA Glen Oaks Park Elementary Junior Beta Club Host A Bully Free Day, Have students and staff sign the pledge, have a rally.
LA Langston Hughes Academy
LA Element of Surprise-Forever Martial Arts, LLC
LA Parkview Elementary
LA New Beginnings Schools Foundation We are having campaign activities and awareness seminars
LA William J. Fischer Accelerated Academy We are a K-8 in New Orleans and since we have such a wide range of grade levels we just broke the events down to grade appropriate activities. K-3- Poster Contest 4-5 Anti-Bullying Slogan Contest 6-8 Anti Bullying Rap/ Song
LA DuraCARE Counseling & Consulting Services LLC Bully Prevention Poster Contest
LA Fifth Ward Elementary School Ronald McDonald Visit on Bullying Prevention Orange Shirt Day
LA Sixth Ward Elementary School Orange Shirt Day Ronald McDonald Visit about Bullying Prevention
LA Glen Oaks Park Elementary Not to bully and to stand up for yourself and others.
LA 504 Violence Turnaround We are teenagers and young adults who attend community functions and schools to promote unity and peaceful resolutions to conflict. We provide anti- bullying information and activities.
LA Southside Xtreme Martial Arts We support the Fight against Bullying and Our Martial Arts Athletes all take the Hyper Bully Defense "End Bullying Pledge"
MA Lynnfield Middle School: the ONE Club Students will wear orange, ONE club members will lead assemblies, students created posters promoting Unity Day.
MA La Chic Mentoring Plus Inc. We are holding workshops, one-one bullying prevention and school advocates.
MA NF Soccer Academy The NF Soccer Academy is a soccer school that promotes friendship, respect and tolerance between everyone. We motivate our students to have self-esteem and make this school bullying free.
MA Georgetown Middle High School Assembly run by Massachusetts Aggression Reduction Center, Anti-bullying club in Middle School, Peer Leaders in high school, Several special peer leader trainings to change the school culture.
MA Pittsfield High School We are beginning the year with events throughout October for Bullying Prevention Month. We are definitely planning to wear orange for unity day! Additionally, we use the saying that PHS stands for Personal Achievements, Honorable Actions, and Strength in Community. For example, we have Strength in Community day where students are awarded for demonstrating any actions that show strength in community. We have used actions such as to stick up for anyone being bullied and have the courage to stand up to the bullies telling them to "STOP". Bullying is an issue we take seriously and work on daily.
MD We Lead By Example, Inc. In Summer 2014, Dr. Clifford Thomas provided bullying prevention and safety classes using realistic props at the Port Towns Performing Arts Camp. Our campers performed three bullying prevention and child safety skits and demonstrated leading by example by being leaders, not followers, at the 200th Commemoration of Maryland's War of 1812’s Battle of Bladensburg. We are coordinating our October 2014 Bullying Prevention Month community workshop at our dojo with an international effort by professional martial arts organizations. We provide seminars for a variety of organizations year round to address the gamut of bullying methods, including physical assault. Through our Tae Kwon Do Ramblers Self-Defense Systems affiliate, we also teach bullying prevention and child safety.Dr. Thomas was most recently featured in a bullying prevention news segment in August 2014 (
MD Safety Shield The safety shield provides talks to students and their parents on bullying prevention techniques
MD Baltimore County Family Navigation We will be holding our Family Resource Academy- Topic Stop the Bullying on Saturday, September 13, 2014 from 9:00-12:30
MD Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle School Planning classroom presentations to include: Are You A Bully Test, What is Bullying, and Is It Teasing Or Bullying, as well as a school wide event (TBD) where students may take the "Kids Against Bullying" pledge.
MD Matthew Henson Middle School Bystanders… Become Upstanders!
MD Oklahoma Road Middle School
MD Superdojo (Elkton, Maryland) Bully Education seminars using martial arts as a motivational tool.
MD Lovely Ladies of Laurel We will be hosting a parent/student information night on bullying
MD Forestville High School We are wearing orange shirts on Unity Day!
MD North Carroll Middle School October 6th we will kick off Bullying Prevention Month with a HERO day. Motivational speaker/singer Jake Ballentine will kick off the morning, and then our student HERO groups will create Public Service Announcements for show on our TV station all month about bullying and strategies to help others. Our student groups will also participate in a team building activity designed to help students connect to each other, learn about students they don't know, and become more of a community!
MD Margaret Brent Elementary/Middle School Following weekly activities planned for Bullying Prevention Month: Week I - Classroom Presentations Week II - Harmful effects of bullying (Reps from each classroom will be selected to participate in a skit) *Bullying support box to be placed in main office so that students who feel they are targets of bullying may enter their names anonymously (support group to follow as well as a group for students repeatedly identified as bullies. Week III - Unity Week 10/20 – Start classroom poster/essay contest 10/21 – Unity banner (voluntary contribution by students to sign the banner and define what unity means to them) 10/22 – Unity Day (wear orange) 10/23 – Students to sign bullying pledge 10/24 – Results of poster/essay contest given at end of school day Week IV - Wrap up; Check referrals for bullying incidents; ID students for bullying support and prevention groups
MD Choir Psi Phi National Music Society Inc. , Baltimore Chapter #BeCPP4Change- Challenging all members of our Society to show support against bullying throughout social media. Month Long Fundraiser to Donate to National Bullying Prevention Month. Visit Local Schools in Baltimore to talk about Bullying in Schools. Share Testimonials from members who have been victims of and guilty of Bullying.
MD Towson High School We are signing the bullying pledge
MD Talbot County Parks and Recreation We will be hosting a Bullying Awareness Field Hockey Game Day! Each team will be wearing orange shirts that say "Stick it to Bullying". Local police officers are coming out to raise awareness for bullying and playing games with the kids and families. Saint Michaels High School Art students will be hosting a community art project that will be displayed in our local Chick-Fil-A. Kids and families will also be signing an anti-bullying pledge! We are looking forward to a fun event to raise awareness!
MD Accessible Safety Accessible Safety provides discussion groups on how to identify and avoid bullying as well as empowering the child teaching them how to use your mind and body to assess their environment and to come up with a plan to be safe.
MD Lyndhurst Elementary School Our school is having a week of spirit activities that bring attention to preventing bullying.
MD Richard Henry Lee Elementary School All RHLEE Students are Students Against Bullying and will each sign a pledge form in their classrooms that they will not tolerate bullying. We also have a daily pledge that we say during morning announcements in October that addresses bullying prevention.
MD Oakleigh Elementary School SPEAK UP posters, Anti-Bullying Pledge, Anti-Bullying student committee, 6 Rs of Anti-Bullying
MD Girl Scout Troop 40096 We are having members of our troop take the anti-bullying pledge and if they successfully follow the pledge they will be awarded a certificate
ME Maine Camp Experience Blog and social media campaign amongst our 33 members summer camps in Maine.
ME Eliot Elementary School The entire school will be wearing orange in support of Unity Day. A signed banner to be a champion against bullying will up for staff and students to sign.
ME NAMI Maine incorporating bullying discussion in supervisions with NAMI Maine Family Respite Program respite providers
ME Lake Region Middle School We are starting a student wellness team and discussing what we can do for bullying prevention in our school!
MI Levey Middle School We are in the planning process!
MI Washtenaw International High/Middle Academy We are doing Anti-Bullying Awareness Activities throughout the month of October, such as Mix-it-Up Day, presentations, skits, contests, and signing a "Take a Stand Against Bullying" Petition
MI Austin Catholic High School This campaign will be part of a year long campaign ending in a five mile anti bullying walk in the April of 2015
MI Chandler Park Academy High School State of Michigan Cyberbullying Speakers scheduled and US Army reps speaking to 9th graders
MI Freeland Middle School - Student Council Spirit Week Incorporation
MI 30 Day Anti Bully/Anti Gossip Challenge This is a challenge to help bring awareness to the consequences of bullying and gossip
MI Escuela Avancemos We are participating in several anti bullying contest and I am personally assembling an anti bullying awareness team.
MN Multicultural Kids Network MCKN will connect with Parents and community members to raise awareness in addition to directly collaborate with PACER during National Bullying Prevention Month. Our kids could very benefit from it.
MN Rockford Elementary Arts Magnet School All staff and students wear orange on Unity Day. Each student takes the "I Am a Kid Against Bullying" pledge and creates a work of art that includes an element of the pledge. All artwork is displayed in our commons as a large visual that represents how we unite against bullying as a school. We focus on how to be a hero and stand up against bullying by providing our students with the necessary skills and resources.
MN Lakes & Prairies Girl Scout Troop 34045 (5th grade) Our Girl Scout Troop is holding a "One Block Walk Against Bullying" where we have designed a shirt in orange and received donations that we give back to our local schools for bullying prevention programs. Our event is Monday Oct. 27th.
MN Edward Neill Elementary We are uniting against bullying by wearing orange on Oct. 22nd.
MN Edgewood Education Center Edgewood Education Center has already placed posters around our building to promote National Bullying Prevention
MN Challenger Elementary School ISD#564 We are wearing shirts all students and staff on Monday, Oct. 6th
MN Franklin Middle School ISD #564 In addition to the t-shirt day, we will be wearing a ribbon on a different day.
MN Sonnesyn Elementary We celebrate Belonging throughout the month of October. We have Elevation Education coming to our school to teach the students about Empathy, bullying behavior, the difference between teasing and kidding, and how to stand up to bullying behavior! Students and staff will all wear orange on Unity Day!
MN South View Middle School We will be wearing ORANGE for Unity Day. We will be completing Project Connect with our students in classrooms and we will spend the month of October working in classrooms with small groups of students to educate them on how they can be "UPSTANDERS" within our school community.
MN Ultimate Martial Arts and Fitness We will be hosting a Unity day on October 22nd from 5-6pm. We will be teaching students basic self defense and ways to deal with bullies both cyber and face to face. We hope to end bullying and it starts with our students! All families are welcome to come and participate in the Unity day events!
MN St. Cloud Technical and Community College Informing the college community through posters and banners about the importance of bullying prevention!
MN Ultimate Martial Arts- Stillwater On Unity Day, October 22nd, we will be hosting a BullyProof day! Bring your friends and family to learn self defenses from our Master Instructors. Learn strategic ways to defend yourself verbally, how to find help, and if needed self defend.
MN Student Leaders Creating Change We are raising money for the Ben Cohen Foundation because they were the first Foundation that helped fund SLCC. We would like to give back and help BCF fund other programs around the nation and the world. We also want to bring awareness to the 160,000 students who miss school A DAY because they are being bullied or fear of being bullied. We do this through panels and educational assemblies in collaboration with schools and local organizations.
MO Ash Grove Elementary School We have a Red Ribbon week and Bully Awareness activities
MO Niangu R-V School Bully Busters
MO Joshua Center for Neurological Disorders We will be discussing bullying in our social skills classes, our parent support group and on our facebook page.
MO Kennard Classical Junior Academy We are having an anti-bullying pledge drive and wearing "orange" to celebrate National Unity Day.
MO Hiram Neuwoehner High School We are having: bullying promise pledge, reading bully prevention books to students (peer-to-peer) and classroom lessons.
MS Gulfport Central Middle School We will be having: Community Meetings, School Documentary focusing on how to be a "peer watcher", How to help those that bully awareness, Orange Day-students wear orange to school, Anti-Bullying Council will mentor younger students and adults-share what true bullying is.
MS Mississippi State University The group decided to make a banner and have students sign it saying that they are against bullying.
MS McComb High School Students completed many activities in connection with National Bullying Prevention Month. The Character Education Topic for the month was “Character”, students also completed Bullying Surveys and a lesson on Banishing Bullying. Classrooms developed videos and songs about Banishing Bullying as well as wearing orange at the end of the month and signing a banner as a commitment to Banish Bullying.
MS Downtown Martial Arts Academy We teach children and adults about preventing and reporting bullying, in the course of learning traditional and competitive martial arts.
MS N.R. Burger Middle School We are having a guest speaker on Oct. 16th 2014
MS Florence High School SADD We are campaigning around campus
MS Girl Scout Troop 33004 I teach my Girl Scouts how important it is to stand up to bullies and what to do in situations where bullying is happening. I am trying so very hard to get someone to talk to the schools about it because it happens so much here.
MS Deep South Collegiate League Our events will not be in October..they will be in June & July.
MS NEW NEW'S BOUTIQUE' LITTLE DIVA'S RE-TREAT I will be hosting a retreat March 7-10 little girls age 5-12 to talk about bullying, get awareness, and prevention.
NC East Mecklenburg High School A School Wide Campaign that addressed Bully Prevention. Students participated in activities and lessons during their homeroom classes about bullying. In addition a Bully Prevention booth was setup in the cafeteria lobby during school lunches with flyers/handouts addressing how to report and recognize bullying. Also our students wore silicone wrist bands stating "Banding Against Bullying" for the full week and created a PSA for the student body to watch over the school announcements addressing Bully Prevention.
NC Alexander County Head Start We are just planning to start the activities this October.
NC New Vision Church of the Nazarene First time Anti-Bullying prevention program for Teens o at the Church. We want to make a difference in our community. From 6/23/14 to 7/21/14
NC North Johnston High School Impact Club The Impact Club is a club that promotes friendship. Our club is promoting the National Bullying Prevention Month by putting up posters and asking the student body to wear orange on October 22. Club members are involved in coming up with solutions to end bullying in our school.
NC TSHS PRIDE CLUB We are having a table in the cafeteria to raise awareness against bullying, PRIDE members are advocates for victims of bullying and report bullying incidents even when they are not the individual being bullied. PRIDE members also represent diverse populations and educate their peers that differences are good and welcomed.
NC Stand UP Speak OUT Catawba Valley Hosting Teen Nation Tour "Stand UP to Bullying" concert 10/4/14 a peer to peer anti-bullying concert from 2-4 pm at Belk Centrum in Hickory, NC and in-school programs 10/2-10/3
NC Swansboro High School Bully prevention education being provided to 4th and 5th grade students at Sand Ridge and Queens Creek Elementary schools by Swansboro High School SAVE students. Swansboro Area Schools Unity Day Anti-Bullying March on October 22nd at Swansboro High School
NC Sand Ridge Elementary School Bully prevention education being provided to 4th and 5th grade students at Sand Ridge and Queens Creek Elementary schools by Swansboro High School SAVE students. Swansboro Area Schools Unity Day Anti-Bullying March on October 22nd at Swansboro High School
NC Queens Creek Elementary School Bully prevention education being provided to 4th and 5th grade students at Sand Ridge and Queens Creek Elementary schools by Swansboro High School SAVE students. Swansboro Area Schools Unity Day Anti-Bullying March on October 22nd at Swansboro High School
NC Sandy Grove Middle School All student will sign "no bullying" pledge wall.
NC Just506 I am encouraging local middle schools, high schools and colleges to participate in Unity Day. I am informing schools about bullying and how serious the problem is. I am also making a video about bullying victims and how it changed them.
NC Camden Intermediate School We are combining National Bullying Prevention Month and Red Ribbon Week this year. Guest speakers will present on Bullying Prevention and Drugs, Alcohol, and Tobacco Abuse Prevention. Students will participate in activities all week that promote being an UPstander and ending bullying at our school. Information and pledges for parents/guardians and students will be sent home to help adults in the home to have discussions with their students about the effects of bullying and the dangers of using drugs, alcohol and tobacco.
NC Fuquay Varina Pediatrics Info, coloring pages, and games!
NC Miss North Carolina Junior High School America Reading Llama Llama and the Bully Goat to elementary aged children. Promoting the Miss High School America platform, B.R.A.V.E, Building Respect and Values for Everyone which is an anti bullying campaign
NC Parkview Village Expressive Arts magnet Elementary School Guidance Lessons; Spirit Week in support of anti-bullying and drug prevention/ awareness month/week; small group program geared for males to become exposed to self-control and positive social behavior techniques.
NC Margaret B. Pollard Middle School Classroom lessons, student pledge sheets for homerooms, teacher pledge sheets, Unity Day on 22nd, school wide survey, bookmarks, brochures and bracelets for students sponsored by "Be The Change" anti-bullying club.
NC Page High School We will be doing weekly quotes on bullying. Then we will collaborate with the arts and theatre department to come up with a skit and a mural.
NC Spring Valley Elementary We are stomping out bullying and celebrating Red Ribbon Week Oct 23-31
NC Mount Pleasant Middle School Classroom guidance, wearing orange in Unity
NC Richlands Elementary School School Counseling Core Curriculum Lessons and Activities, Small Group Counseling, Wearing Blue for World Bullying Day, Wearing Orange for Unity Day, Posters, Positive Messages Posted around School, Morning Announcements
NC FVHS GSA The FVHS Gay-Straight Alliance is making a display for our school's library specifically geared to anti-gay bullying.
NC Winstead Elementary School Students are signing "Stop Bullying" Pledge Cards, wearing orange on Unity Day, signing our "Unite Against Bullying!" Banner, creating "Stop Bullying" posters, and we are having a stop bullying assembly.
NC Waynesville Middle School Stomp Out Bullying Blue Shirt Day Take a Compliment Flyers
NC Master Gelo's Martial Arts We are going to be outreaching to schools and have them come to our school to get training
NC Selma Elementary School We have put up Unity Day posters and invited all teachers and staff to wear orange. We are also planning to do a Unity Day pep rally during recess, where we will explain the meeting of unity and promote our anti-bullying motto "I Choose." We will finish up by having each grade level join us in a Unity Walk around our school's track. :)
NC Mary E. Phillips High School The SGA conducted mini workshops to educate high school students to support the Anti-Bully Campaign. Students created skits, took surveys, wrote songs and poetry. On October 31st students will participate in a stereotype activity entitled "Cant Judge a Bully by Its Color". All students will wear Orange on Unity Day and promote anti-bullying.
NC City Stage Co. CARRIE The Musical
NC Kittrell Job Corps Center. We are celebrating with posters, poems and wrap sessions.
NC Eastern NC Jack and Jill of America, INC October 21 - we will be passing out bully prevention materials at ChicFilA in Winterville, NC
NC Bellamy Elementary School Classroom presentations and 21 day challenge to buddy up with a friend to put an end to bullying. Posters, book markers and wrists bands.
NC The Academy at Lincoln Classroom lessons, student pledge sheets for homerooms, Unity Day on 22nd; Spirit Week in support of anti-bullying and drug prevention/ awareness month; collaborated with the arts program for anti-bullying poster creation and skits
NC Ogden Elementary School Bully Prevention Pledge, Bully Prevention Friendship Bracelets, Unity Day 2014
NC Bradley Creek Elementary Classroom lessons, posters, No-Bullying Pledge (all students to sign)
NC Brewster Middle School We are creating posters, wearing orange, doing skits, handing out ribbons.
NC Girls For Empowerment We will hosting a Community Unity day that includes a fun walk/run,different vendors, speakers, food, interactive bullying prevention games, and I will also be speaking at some local schools.
NC Southwest Guilford High School Petition sign up for all students to take a stand against bullying & educational resources.
NC Edenton-Chowan Boys & Girls Club Edenton-Chowan Boys & Girls Club will be implementing curriculum and programming with grades k-12 focusing on bully prevention.
NC Charlotte Motor Speedway The Race To End Bullying Music Festival- Free Concert The Teen Nation Tour will perform music and anti-bullying message in the Fan zone at the Charlotte Motor Speedway during the Nascar Sprint cup series and in conjunction with the Bank of America 500. Oct. 9th - 5:00pm-6:30pm Oct. 10th - 2:30pm-3:30pm Oct. 11th - 11:00am-1:00pm
NC Wellcome Middle School We are celebrating with: black out bullying day, time out bullying pictures during lunch, anti-bullying assembly, bullying awareness essay contest, grade level hallway competition to see who has the best hallway and anti-bullying theme.
NC Margaret B. Pollard Middle School Classroom lessons, student pledge, teacher pledge for safe zones, announcements, Unity Day activities, school wide bullying survey
NC D.C. Virgo Preparatory Academy Classroom guidance lessons, poster contests, celebrating Unity Day and much more throughout the month (and school year)!
NC Upchurch Elementary School Bullying Prevention Poster Contest
ND Finley-Sharon Public School UNITY DAY- celebrated by K-12 Grades
NE Daisy Troop 50488 We are girl scouts and we do a lot of anti bullying
NE Umo n ho n Nation Elementary School Awareness Walk
NH Newmarket Junior Senior High School We are doing Unity Day, Kindness Cards for the month, mix it up lunch, and Red Ribbon Week promoting kindness for yourself and others.
NJ The Charles Lafitte Foundation CLF Kid’s Corner invites you to enter an essay contest to support National Bullying Prevention Month and you could win $1,000 for your school library and a Kindle Fire for you! For more information visit our website. All entries are due by November 15th, 2014.
NJ Wear to Share Looking for creative ways to engage the attention and help prevent and stop bullying world wide.
NJ Lopatcong Township Middle School Lessons about bullying, respect
NJ Paterson Public School # 2 We teach lessons throughout the first week of October. There will be a culminating assembly on Friday the 10th in which students will address the issues of bullying through video, skits and songs.
NJ Lewis F. Cole Middle School Our SADD Club creates anti bullying campaign posters and on Oct. 22 everyone participates in National Bullying Prevention Month by wearing Orange. We then take a panoramic school picture of students, faculty and staff standing up against Bullying.
NJ Be The Change Team We are having mix it up day and breaking the bullying chain.
NJ Grades4life Our organization is partnering with companies such as McDonalds, Salad Works, and more to offer discounts and prizes to promote anti-bullying.
NJ Academy For Urban Leadership Charter H.S.
NJ Them Cloud Kids Homework Club
NJ Plainfield Academy for the Arts and Advanced Studies Individual lessons throughout our 7-12 school, focusing on bullying and the impact it can have; "UNITY DAY" on October 22nd; Pledge banners
NJ Living For My Dreams This is a group I am looking to start in my area due to the recent tragedy of a sweet 12 year old girl.
NJ Frenchtown Elementary School We are incorporating morning announcements about caring and being kind to others.
NJ New Roberto Clemente Middle School In the planning stages now for a week long of activities and a culminating event on Friday 10/10
NM The GREAT Academy We will be holding an anti-bullying walk on Oct. 25th
NM Stop Bullying Speak Up- Hobbs Eagles - Hobbs, NM Our organization is teaming up with the Ethan Lee Foundation on October 1 for a 5k run and 2 mile walk
NM Doña Ana County Encouraging all county employees to wear orange on Unity Day 2014.
NV Esmeralda County School District Esmeralda County School District is participating in National Bullying Prevention Month using various bullying prevention resources – the classroom toolkits, awareness raising ideas, orange banner petition signing, short lecture to educate, student involvement activities: completing the worksheet and each class did a writing project with illustrations and created a power point to review throughout the year. We had a poster contest ‘Anti-Bullying’ and the superintendent made classroom books with the students work for their classroom libraries.
NV Teen Talk with Hannah I will be organizing a Run, Walk, Roll event, will be offering to speak to local schools and other groups of children
NV Peterson Behavior Jr/Sr High School
NV Milagros Escondidos Each month we have meetings with special families.
NV Carson ATA Martial Arts Bullying Prevention and Stranger Safety Seminar open to the entire community on September 27, as well as a community potluck at our academy on October 22. We are also providing Bullying Prevention seminars in our schools during the month of October, with follow up seminars year round.
NV PollyGrind Film Festival Bullying is a subject dear to PollyGrind founder Chad Clinton Freeman as he was a victim up bullying growing up. Each year PollyGrind tries to send a positive message about acceptance. The festival PollyGrind celebrates individuality, diversity, creativity, and empowerment. This year we are happy to be screening the short film Forgive Me by 19-year old filmmaker Nicholas Lamoreux at 4 p.m. on October 17 at the South Point Casino in Las Vegas. Many other projects we screen deal with social issues such as mental illness, addiction, individuality, love and acceptance, but this one really hits the emotions of bullying right on the head, offering a glimpse at how bullying effects an individual and how suicide effects those that care for that person. It is a very emotional short that Nicholas is trying to get shown in schools. It was made entirely by teens in front and behind the camera.
NV Nellis Air Force Base Youth Program We will have guest speaker and local law enforcement come out.
NY Hyde Park Elementary School Classroom lessons will be ongoing throughout the month of October. Students school-wide will sign a pledge to stop bullying. We will also be participating in Unity Day!
NY We are People 2 Our website strives to shed a light on the latest stories about bullying in today's current affairs. For National Bullying Prevention Month we will post a story everyday that highlights one person who overcame bullying. We also look forward to wearing our orange shirts on Unity Day.
NY St. Mary Gate of Heaven School SMGH will "go orange" on Unity Day 2014, all students and faculty will wear orange to symbolize our unity against bullying. We will also all sign a Unity Banner to pledge to stop bullying in our school.
NY Westchester Hills School 29 Anti-bullying Presentation
NY P.S. 230x National Bullying Prevention Assembly
NY TOB BRIDGE program We will have the children sign the pledge, bring out awareness and act out skits
NY NRCIL Bullying Prevention Conference 10/22 Parents, youth and professionals who work with youth are encouraged to join us at the Bruce Wright Conference Center to learn how to prevent bullying. To register online: or call 785-8703. Check-in at 8:30am. Conference 9:00am-3:00pm. #UnityDay
NY Cambridge Central School We will be participating in a K-12 bullying prevention month program where students, teachers and staff will be wearing their "Bully Free Zone" bracelets and school colors throughout the month of October and on select days throughout the year. This program will follow student assemblies where the school virtues of P.R.I.D.E. (Positive, Respectful, Independent, Driven and Empathetic) are focused on in an effort to make Cambridge Central a "Bully-Free Zone".
NY Future Child Advocates of Fordham Annual university-wide signing of PACER's Anti-bullying Petition throughout October. FCAF seeks to raise awareness of child abuse, neglect, and bullying throughout the Bronx and around the country.
NY Airigami We hope to have anti-bullying as a key them for this wonderful event in February:
NY KD Novelties Personalized Children's Book We will donate 10% of the proceeds of title Terrance the Giraffe during October. We will promote activities via social media and press releases raising awareness of bullying prevention month.
NY Hinterlands The Musical Meet Paul. He’s 16. He’s into theoretical physics. He lives in the middle of nowhere. And he’s gay. Being a scrawny, queer science nerd practically makes him a bully magnet. And as the harassment piles up, Paul contemplates taking his own life. In THE HINTERLANDS, a six-part musical miniseries, Paul struggles to keep his head above water as he confronts intolerance, his sexuality and the rocky path of adolescence. We wanted to respond to the issue of gay bullying in a way that would help kids like Paul understand that they're incredibly valuable members of our human community and that they are inherently worthy of love and compassion. The Hinterlands is our attempt to help all bullied young people find and embrace their own innate worthiness NOW, despite the onslaught of hatred they must survive every day.
NY "Can't Bully Me Now" Musical "Can't Bully Me Now" is an hour long hands-on anti-bullying musical. I was inspired by a family member of mine to write the musical. He was violently bullied on the school bus, all because a few bullies felt they could take his slice of pizza. He was held down in the seat and punched repeatedly. The bullies told him that he "just had to take it". I was angry and saddened to hear about it and I said "NO WAY", he does NOT have to take it! Can't Bully Me Now was written for him and all victims of bullying. I was teased myself as a child and I never forgot it! I was always picked last in gym class by my classmates. Kids also laughed at my hand-me-down clothes and outdated hairstyles. It was time for me to do something about it and make a difference! There are 3 acts and five songs in the musical that help teach youth how to combat bullying and the importance of kindness, compassion, empathy, and respect. Hear the story behind the musical:
NY Number 2 School
NY Number 5 School
NY Catskill Elementary School Business Club Students, Faculty, and Staff will be wearing Orange on Unity Day on October 22! CES Business Club members will hand out orange bracelets to every student in Grades K-5!
NY Family Dental Wellness we are rewarding patients in our office who wear orange in support of anti bullying month by donating $1 per patient who supports the cause!
NY Williamsville South High School Our faculty and students will be wearing orange on October 22nd. All of our students will receive orange wristbands to wear on Unity Day. We will be placing Unity signs around our school building. Our art club is making a Unity banner and our students will be leaving positive messages on colored pieces of paper that will create a mosaic. Our music department will be joining our Wellness Team in our cafeteria during lunch periods and we will be showcasing our students musical talents with presentations against bullying. Each day we will present a public address announcement with bullying awareness messages.
NY Our Lady of the Assumption Religious Ed Program Classroom discussion on bullying will be held on Unity Day, Wed Oct 22, 2014 . All students will sign a pledge on that day to stop bullying and receive a "STOP THE BULLYING" bracelet.
NY PS 101K We are having a petition signing and wearing orange on Unity Day.
NY Future Leaders Elementary School Anti-bullying contracts and art projects
NY HS for Construction Trades, Engineering & Architecture Parent Workshop during PTA
NY Manhattan Bridges High School Skits, Posters, Student Government
NY Riverhead Charter School Unity Day and Bullying Prevention lessons
NY We "R" Listening Inc. We will be posting information about the effects of bullying on our website and social media pages to raise awareness about the severity and effects of bullying on youth.
NY People Make a Difference, Inc. We are promoting our video combating adolescent school violence and bullying. Change your life initiative promoted through the Real Estate Weekly and the real estate business community of N.Y.
NY Hartwick College Hartwick College will be wearing orange on Unity Day as well as tabling outside our cafeteria to promote awareness. We will have uplifting words on sticky notes to share with others and a petition for faculty and students to sign.
NY Wright Brothers School Our school is doing weekly assemblies that address topics related to the issue of bullying. We also have the pleasure of having Hip Hop for Life work with a school as a whole and individual students.
NY Central Islip Senior Highschool/ council for Unity.
NY MyFairtyTaleBooks We will donate 10% of the proceeds of title The Good Friend. We will promote activities via social media and press releases raising awareness of bullying prevention month.
OH A. Benesch Elementary Wed. 10/22/14: Unity Day! everyone will wear something Orange.
OH Connecting for Kids We offer support to families with children who struggle and provide educational programming to help families. We will be promoting information on bullying in particular this month on our Facebook page. We also encourage Cleveland west side families in need of support to contact us via phone or email.
OH LaBrae School District LaBrae School District will "GO ORANGE" on Unity Day 2014, all students and faculty
OH Project R.E.M. Kick off campaign
OH Vermilion Local Schools Mor 2 Stand Leadership Training, Second Step, Olveus Kick-Off and class meetings, We Will Generation
OH Star Academy of Toledo
OH LaBrae High School
OH Cub Scout Pack 98 Anti-bullying education, attend memorial of youth who committed suicide.
OH Walnut Ridge High School We are having a pledge and rally against bullying.
OK Girl Scout Troop 727
OK Kids Connections Every other Tuesday evening we will be providing Anti Bullying activities and social support groups to our enrolled children
OR U.S. World Class Taekwondo We are hosting free Bully Prevention Seminars.
PA Columbia Montour VoTech
PA Ethics2Talk, LLC Interested in raising awareness and taking a stand against bullying
PA Juniata Park Academy We will be having activities for Red Ribbon Week.
PA Here is some free advice on how to deal with fear, anxiety, and other mental health issues at
PA LTS EMS Council I am doing an event in May to kick off EMS week on May 17, 2014. I am responsible for citizen awareness programs that will provide for prevention of injury and/or illness to individuals. I was thinking of doing a program that would make the child sign an agreement that they will not bully. I remember as a teenager we did this for S.A.D.D. We did it to not drink and drive.
PA Keystone State Oilers We are a youth football and cheer program. Non profit... I run the youth organization; and my son is a Running Back on the team. My idea is to donate the dollar amount for each point he scores for the season.
PA Elk Lake Rachel's challenge summit. Random acts of kindness. Character counts.
PA SARCC Schuylkill We hope to partner with each school in our county to participate in Unity Day and other bullying awareness programs throughout the entire year.
PA Dallastown High School Unity Day, morning announcements about bullying, posters, school wide wear orange event on 10/22.
PA United Communities Sharswood MS OST Group United Mural
PA Dollar General- Bethel, PA Dollar General in Bethel, PA wears orange in the fight against bullying!!
PA Pen Legacy Foundation Why Can't We Be Friends "The Play" and the movie will be released October 25, 2015 in theaters
PA CASHS PTSA State Police will be coming in to do a workshop on bullying sometime in October.
PA Ryer Martial Arts Academy Ryer Martial Arts Academy will gather on October 22nd to host an anti-bullying workshop where our members will make a pledge not to bully or let bullying occur.
PA Connellsville Area Junior High School Participates in the Olweus Anti-Bullying program
PA Alice Paul House Elementary school prevention education programs regarding bullying and child sexual abuse. Wearing orange on Unity Day to show our support and raise awareness.
PA Mooretyme Productions Would like to sponsor something at Thurgood Marshall Elementary
PA Brooke Elementary Kids will dress for mix up day and also mix up/change where they usually sit at lunch.
RI AlphaBEST We celebrate our uniqueness.
RI East Bay Martial Arts Bully Awareness Month activities, Wear Orange on Oct 22, Buddies and Bracelets day October 2nd, October 25th Be A Buddy not A Bully Family Fest.
RI Alert Solutions We provide schools across the country with a product called SpeakUp! SpeakUp enables students to anonymously report bullying/ online bullying incidents.
RI Mastery Martial Arts Mastery Martial Arts has been working with school ages kids at the elementary level - teaching our Martial Arts Success for kids Bullying program with great success.
SC Webber Elementary School We hosted a Unity Day Celebration last year on Oct 9th that was televised. We will be hosting another one on Oct 22.
SC The H.O.P.E. Mentoring Center We will be partnering with the city of Bennettsville Police Department bringing awareness to Bullying at the end of the having a unity dance
SC Mrs Greater Greenwood SC America
SC "CSRA Saving Our Students, Inc." S.O.S. We will be having classroom guidance activities, motivational speakers, wearing orange, and creating school and community awareness
SC Aftershock Youth Empowerment Stomp Out Bullying Campaign - Team will be visiting various churches, and community sites all month long.
SC Champion Taekwondo How to Stand Up to bullying is an organic, ongoing conversation on our mat and in our community. We use many resources, including Martial Arts Against Bullying Curriculum.
SC Bamberg School District One We are having informational programs for our students
SC Edisto Elementary School Classroom Guidance focusing on Bully Prevention Month, Skits, Role Playing, Videos, Bully Raps
SC Wesley United Methodist Church/ United Methodist Women Wear orange, video, poster, bookmarks, pamphlets, interactive talks.
SC Greenville High School Bully prevention rally and bully prevention contracts
SC Christ Our King- Stella Maris School We are having: classroom guidance lessons, anti-bullying assembly, school wide pledge banner that students will sign, and wearing orange on Unity Day
TN Dogwood Elementary School- Knox Co.Schools All students will have a Bully Lesson prior to Unity Day. Students and staff will wear Orange on Oct 22nd to support Unity day. Signs have been posted around the school as reminders for Unity day and appropriate responds to bullying and encouragements to Speak up when Bullying is seen. Students will have the opportunity to sign a pledge to speak up if they see Bullying and to promise to not engage in Bullying behavior. Along with their Bullying lesson students are taught the Character Counts traits (Respect and Caring) in regards to specific Bullying issues. This will be our third year participating.
TN Taekwondo Club, LLC Taekwondo Club provides students with age-appropriate self-defense training helping children build self-esteem and self-confidence while developing discipline, self-control and other life skills that can help prevent or stop them from being bullied.
TN Holston View Elementary School 1) Bullying pledge cards signed by students 2) Partners with YWCA "Week of Peace" 3) Group lesson presented in classrooms with students
TN Ashley Academy We are having weekly character development, activities, school counseling, and weekly discussions with Pre-K through 8th grade
TN Omni Prep Academy Our school will use a school wide assembly to educate students about the month's initiatives. Students will participate in a poster/awareness contest, as well as classroom activities.
TN UCAN of Memphis Oct 10, 2014 Swing for Success Golf Scramble to stomp out bullying at Glen Eagles Golf Course located at 6168 Attu. St, Millington, TN
TN Heritage High School Special Education Department
TN Girl Scouts
TN Morristown High School- East We have an entire day dedicated to anti-bullying. News stations will also be here.
TN Haynesfield Elementary School We will have a pledge card against bullying. We will also partner with YWCA "Week of Peace", Students will sign banner/poster school wide.
TX Rock The Link In recognition of National Bullying Prevention Month we are encouraging kids to spread the word and rock the link to help empower kids that are bullied and encourage kids who are bullying not to bully, but rock peace. Not only Oct, but always. We also invite kids to enter an anti-bullying essay contest.
TX Pullam Elementary We are having: Classroom presentations on bullying, presentation for parents on cyberbullying and internet safety, and a cardinal pledge to stop bullying.
TX Rocking It For Life We are inviting schools across America to show their support to one another, by joining the Rock It across America 5 min jump start version and share how your school rock peace not bullying. Send your very short video clip to [email protected] or send us your YouTube URL. Let's Rock It!
TX White Tiger Martial Arts The month of Oct is bullying prevention month. We take the time to educate our students about bullying. We teach them how to protect themselves and others when being bullied. We also get the parents involved. On Oct. 22 we ask everyone to wear something ORANGE.
TX Essie's Girls Inc Guest speakers (previous victims of bullying) coming in to talk to girls about bullying and things to do.
TX De La Viña Elementary, Edinburg C.I.S.D. In the month October we will be promoting National Bullying Month by wearing orange. We will also be having a campus wide walk to raise awareness of bullying prevention.
TX Rocking It For Life Rocking It For Life is presenting the anti-bully challenge. Take the Rock It Challenge at school 5mins a day during National Bullying Prevention Month.
TX Kenneth White Jr. High School We will be participating through: K. White Jr. High Student Anti-bullying Coalition, participating in Unity Day and having presenters from local businesses
TX Morgan's Wonderland Morgan's Wonderland presents the tour show "The Adventures of Wonder and Stinger", a fun and lively performance for children ages 3 - 10 years. The show is a one-hour journey introducing the two "different but the same" dogs, Wonder and Stinger, on an adventure that spreads the messages of anti-bullying and inclusion.
TX Center of Empowerment for Families & Youth, Inc. Our organization will be a hosting a basketball tournament and speaking tour during the month of October.
TX H.U.G.S. for Autism, Inc. We are going to promote Unity Day October 22, 2014 in school districts in the greater Houston, TX area.
TX Royal Clutch Riding Club Royal Clutch is dedicated to raising awareness for Bullying Prevention. Proceeds from any events hosted by Royal Clutch will donated to PACER
TX The Bully Suicide Project We are a 501 C 3 and work primarily with students and are in the process of planning a major initiative for student athletes in October, here in Dallas.
TX CNC Defense Groves Public Library Family Safety Day 2014, speaking to area kids and parents on Bully Prevention.
TX Pride Exclusive "Unity means Change" In the month October we will be promoting National Bullying Month by wearing orange and get Certificated and educated in the process.
TX B. L. GRAY JHS Unity Day
TX Miss Cy-Fair Houston I am currently working with the Cy-Fair school district as Miss Cy-Fair Houston 2014. I speak to students on different topics, including bullying, and would love more resources to make a bigger impact.
TX LONE STAR SEARCH AND RESCUE We are an organization made up of soldiers from all branches of our United States Military Forces. We are expanding our skills and knowledge to educate our young people and help make a difference in their lives.
TX Bash Of Happiness This is a community page for people to come to when they need a pick-me-up. Whatever your situation, this is a safe haven to bring a little happiness to your life, to keep you going no matter what the struggle. Sometimes when we fall, we need help getting back up. No one should ever feel alone, so please share with someone you think needs a little 'Bash of Happiness' in their lives.
TX ANTI-BULLYING TEEN ROUGH-ING FOUNDATION Saturday, June 26, 2014 at 10am - 6pm Stop The Violence Rally Dallas, Texas. Notes: Looking for location
TX MacArthur Elementary School We are promoting bullying awareness all year but especially during October. We are teaching lessons to a local high school and having the high school students present bully guidance lessons to our elementary school students. We are uniting by wearing ORANGE on Unity Day. We will have Toro the Houston Texans mascot come speak to our students about bullying.
TX Ann M. Garcia-Enriquez Middle Ann M. Garcia-Enriquez Middle School is participating in a poster contest, book fair, team building activities and everyone on campus will wear orange shirts.
TX Dr. Armando Cuellar Middle School We are having posters and banners.
TX Woodland Acres Middle School Our campus is making AM/PM daily announcements. Our students have started decorating the halls with anti-bullying messages and posters. As a campus we are also participating in Unity Day, Oct. 22, 2014 by wearing ORANGE. In addition to campus and classroom activities, we are also holding our annual Drug Awareness March and incorporating anti-bullying messages. This march is open to our community, students, parents, faculty and staff.
TX Neil Armstrong Elementary Unity day 10/22/14
TX Rosebud Primary ACE Program We are participating in Unity Day on October 22nd and having a cyberbullying and internet safety day on Thursday, Oct. 16th.
TX Mount Vernon Elementary School “Be a Buddy Not a Bully” guidance lessons and school wide reinforcement activities, participate in Unity Day and in making a school wide "orange" chain, parent newsletter, and special school announcement
TX Canyon Lake High School - Student Council We have purchased posters to post around our school to encourage students to wear orange on Unity Day. We will also be reciting bullying statistics and facts on our daily announcements. Our Student Council will also encourage students to use #UnityDay2014 to show their support!!
TX Lamar Middle School Participating in Unity Day
TX Rosco RED Tees for CHANGE We will be going out to schools in our community with our Rosco RED "Be COOL. Don't Bully." Program
TX BHS REAL CUBS DON'T BULLY From Oct. 20-24th we will be working to define bullying, promote encouraging words and teach students were the line is drawn. We will provide resources, myths and facts. The different activities we will have include Pajama Day (don't lose sleep over bullies), Silly Sock day (sock out bullying), National Unity Day wear Real Cubs Don't Bully ORANGE shirts, Hat Day (Hats off to Upstanders) Blackout (Pep rally, halloween theme). Students will man table at lunch for signing up pledges, providing information and giving out bracelets. The BHS cheerleaders will perform an Anti-Bully Cheer at the Blackout Pep Rally.
TX Childtime Learning Center We are educating children about bullying.
TX Zion Stanton Church and Local Businesses will be participating in Unity Day
TX Jackson Roosevelt Elementary Banning Bullies-banner making contest, Stand Up to Bullies- shoe decorating contest, Wear Orange for Unity Day-Oct 22, daily announcements
TX Cobb Sixth Grade Campus Guidance Lessons, Clips during Counselor Corner regarding Bullying Awareness, Distributed flyers during Counselor Introductions about Bullying and how to report, Morning Announcements
TX Odyssey Academy We participate in guiding students in classroom activities, health lessons, role playing and wear orange to Unite Against Bullying.
TX Hill Country Elementary We pledge as a school to be Bulldogs with Character and always make the right choice especially when no one is looking. In being a Bulldog with Character we take a stand against bullying by being responsible, respectful and safe.
TX Southwest High School Facts during the morning announcements
TX IDEA Weslaco Academy As a campus, we have a zero tolerance bully zone. In order to keep it a zero tolerance bully zone we provide guidance lessons dealing primarily with bullying and character education.
TX Julian T. Saldivar - Dallas ISD We do activities year round to take a stand against bullying! The counselors provide guidance lessons in each classroom and host 2 assemblies. Bullying is an important conversation that we have throughout the year with all stakeholders.
TX Teen Nation Tour Teen Nation "TimeOUt" for Bullying Awareness campaign is inviting all the schools we have visited and others to participated in the campaign with us for National Bullying Prevention Month. We designed the campaign as a way to remember how important it is to take a timeout each day for bullying awareness in community. We encourage them to take time out for bullying awareness, to serve others, to show kindness, to be-friend someone, to be an upstander. We would like schools to participate by discussing it in your announcements, put up posters, have each student sign a pledge card and carry it with them. Have students, staff and parents all take timeout photos and post on social media and tag @TeenNationTour in them and must include #TNTTimeout. We will be giving away prices to students and schools all month long and some of the photos will be selected to be in our new National Music Video!
TX North Shore Senior High School 9th Grade Campus School viewing of Anti-Bullying video, Campus Rise over Run Shirt Day, Bullying Prevention Posters in Halls, Wall of commitment- student pledges.
TX Joyce Zotz Education Center The Zotz Education Center will pass out bullying prevention stickers and have all students sign an anti-bullying pledge card. We will also participate in Unity day by asking everyone to wear orange and Wear It to End It. Bullying prevention quotes will be announced daily during the morning announcements.
TX Normandy Crossing Elementary Normandy Crossing will wear Orange to stand up against bullying as well as have prevention puppet shows for the students from Unlimited Visions Aftercare, Inc.
TX Jefferson Avenue Elementary School school will be wearing orange, students will be signing pledge cards, parents will be signing an orange unity banner and will be receiving laminated anti-bullying cards with the school's phone number on them.
TX NOWCastSA NOWCastSA is sharing information about National Bullying Prevention Month in its weekly newsletter and on its social media sites.
TX Fabens High School Students council is working on an anti-bullying night for the elementary age kids
TX Pyburn and Woodland Acres Elementary Morning announcements the week of the 20th, classroom lessons, Wear Orange Day on the 22nd, different dress up days for the RRW culminating in a " The 11th Annual March Against Drugs" that involves the WA community and the 12th annual Book Character Parade for the Pyburn Community.
TX United Day School Throughout the year, anti-bullying messages resonate school-wide. In October, we participate in Red Ribbon activities and have grade-level poster contests and student poetry contests.
TX James B. Havard Elementary Wearing our No-Bullying T-Shirts, creating posters to be placed in our school's halls, morning announcements,guidance lessons on taking the steps of not being a bully or a victim and viewing a McGruff the crime Dog video called, "Bully Alert."
TX Purple Sage Elementary, GPISD This will be our first day participating in Unity Day. The Alley Theatre of Houston will present the play Oskar and the Big Bully Battle to our students.
TX North Shore Sr. High At North Shore Sr. High we are Super excited about our Brick Challenge. All month long all students and organizations are challenged to break down the walls to bullying by building a brick wall of encourage empowering words. This wall is comprised of paper bricks. It represents North Shore's commitment to provide a school wide climate free of hate in which all students feel safe and respected. At the end of the month all students, student leaders will commemorate the efforts with a ceremony of Peace. Our school counselors are going into the In School Suspension classes twice a week hosting group discussions with the students on the steps to Respect and The Road to Kindness. We have dedicated an entire week to anti bullying month in which everyday had a theme.
TX Oralia R. Rodriguez Elementary We will display our Unity Day poster, wear orange, and sign a pledge to be drug and bully free.
TX Bastian Elementary We are meeting with children at school
TX Oralia R. Rodriguez Elementary This is our 5th year participating in National Bullying Prevention Month. We will celebrate Unity Day October 22, 2014; we are having everyone wear ORANGE to show that bullying is not acceptable. During assembly our 5th grade leaders will be giving some tips on our challenge to GO Make a positive impact, Accept others, Take Personal Responsibility, and Serve our community (GO MATS.) All of our Matadors will be signing a pledge about our challenge, being Bully Free, Drug Free, and being a No PLACE FOR HATE school. We continue our efforts in November for Anti-Bullying week by teaching lessons on what to do against bullies and giving students bookmarks from PACER.
TX Texarkana Area Women Veterans Outreach Group We are military veterans across the board who speak monthly and host activities/events at schools in our community. We teach morals in Honor, Courage, and Commitment.
UT Miss Farmington Program Public speaking and benefit concerts
UT Flying Tiger Self Defense We are selling "Bullying Stops Here" t-shirts with $5 proceeds of each shirt going to PACER's National Bully Prevention Center. We will also be holding special in class discussions, activities, and drills to help our students learn how to deal with bullies, prevent being bullied, and help others if they are being bullied.
UT G.U.B.A.C.A: Gamers Uniting Against Bullying and Child Abuse During each month donations received will be donated to anti bullying organizations around the world.
VA P.arents A.gainst B.ullying Virginia 2nd Annual P.A.B 1000 Kids/Youth March against Bullying and Youth Violence date TBA
VA Kaleidoscope Counseling and Case Management, LLC
VA Join for bullying prevention for parents and for kids all throughout the month of October. All online. All from the comfort of your couch.
VA Performance Learning Center
VA River Bend Elementary School We will be doing classroom guidance lessons about bullying prevention and include reminders on the morning announcements. We will also send out educational information to parents.
VA Trevilians Elementary School We are having a bully poster contest and a School Wide "Re-Boot" Bully Prevention Assembly
VA Commonwealth Parenting Richmond, Virginia - 10/14/14 - Bullying: Should Parents Step In? workshop Fredericksburg, Virginia - 10/22/14 - Bullying Must Stop workshop Richmond, Virginia - 10/28/14 - Bullying Must Stop workshop Richmond, Virginia - 10/29/14 - Bullying Must Stop workshop
VA Luther Porter Jackson Middle School We are having a Blue Shirt Day, training new peer mediators, and discussing bullying with students!
VA Varina High Scool/Varina High School PTSA 10/16/14 - RECKLESS, a social media bullying awareness program hosted by the VHS PTSA; 10/28/14 - Bullying Awareness film will be shown to students; 10/29/14 - Mix-It-Up Lunch - students will have their seating arrangement picked by colors to have an opportunity to interact with different students and have facilitated conversations; 10/31/14 - Light the Night Walk will be held during half-time of the varsity football game to highlight the school's stand against bullying
VA New Directions Center On October 22nd,2014, we held a kick-off celebration. Theme: Be Brave: The End Begins with me. We provided orange ribbons to wear, had a poster contest, signed pledges and a school banner. Students will make orange bracelets to remind students of the pledge they signed against bullying. Finally, we are having a chain of prevention.
VT Villari's Self Defense & Wellness Center Offering a month free classes to kids that are being bullied.
VT Harwood Union Middle & High School Celebrating Unity Day by wearing ORANGE, Celebrating "World Smile Day" to promote kindness towards one another, Mixing-it Up @ School and Red Ribbon Week to promote loving yourself and others.
WA Boys & Girls Clubs of the Olympic Peninsula We do an entire anti bully month here at the Club with guest speakers, role playing, activities, etc.
WA Autism Empowerment Autism Empowerment offers a variety of activities and events throughout the month to promote Bullying Prevention and Safety Awareness. We host an annual Unity Day Show on Autism Empowerment Radio and this year we will also be having a Bullying Prevention events in the Southwest Washington and Portland, OR metro areas. Please see our website for details.
WA National Women’s Coalition Against Violence & Exploitation Your banner has been on our site for over a year. We participated in the UnityDay last year and would love to join you again this year. You will also be on our calendar and throughout our ongoing social sites and in our newsletter as you were last year!
WA Geiger Montessori We are wearing Orange to School
WA Athletes for Kids We are a program that pairs High School athletes with younger kids who have disabilities or special needs. Our program has brought a lot of awareness to Anti-Bullying and the mentors in their respective high schools preach this and model inclusion.
WI Onalaska High School Wearing Orange on Wednesday 10-22-14
WI I Have A Voice: Krystal's Campaign I go to schools and do speeches, show my movie, and we make shirts for everyone in my community! We participate in parades and love being at conventions!
WI Prairie du Chien High School
WI Lakeshore Tae Kwon Do We are holding anti-bullying seminars (FREE) on Thursdays in October
WV Kenneth Honey Rubenstein Center This will be our first year planning any events!
WV Morrisvale Helping Hand, Inc. Going to local school to bring awareness of bullying, and having a local fundraiser.
WV GFWC Wext Virginia Juniors
WV River View High School River View High School SADD Club will be participating in Unity Day and will have special guest speakers on Bullying Prevention

2014 Bullying Champions from Around the World - Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

- Canada The Pass It On Movement We are dedicated to pushing this movement in multiple schools, we have set up registration for other schools that would like to take part and are constantly pushing more and more ideas to help prevent bullying. The website is dedicated connecting victims with users who want to prevent bullying and help them with their problem. Everyday I wake up with more and more things I would love to do for an organization or my own and one day I will get there!
- Jamaica Queens Alternate Learning Center at Jamaica Academy Classroom Lessons built into Advisory Program, Activities during our Community Circle
- Mexico Instituto Moderno Americano (IMA) At IMA we implement "Second Step Program" and "Steps to Respect Program" by Committee for Children to prevent bullying in our school. We celebrate Unity Day Against Bullying wearing orange and doing activities to show our support to bully victims: we have conferences for parents and students, the unity dance, the unity performance, etc.
- Mexico Secundaria Albert Einstein We are inviting the whole community to PACER run, walk and roll. We are having a Unity Day event on Oct. 22nd with all our school community. We are also having an unity dance, fan page, creating a poster, and watching videos about bullying.
- New Zealand Get Smart Merivale Primary School, Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand. Gate Pa Primary School, Tauranga, New Zealand. Greerton Village, Tauranga, New Zealand
- Nicaragua Lincoln International Academy We are having activities for the entire month, including: Showing videos about bullying during homeroom; distributing information to parents and students to educate them about bullying and how to prevent it,; Age-appropriate class presentations and discussions on bullying issues; Anti-Bullying poster design contest; Choose Kindness campaign; and other activities. We will focus on the role of the bystander and the appropriate reactions to bullying by students, teachers and parents. We will also focus on cyber-bullying and the harm caused by rumors.
- Philippines Bacoor National High School We are having an anti-bullying campaign in school and a seminar/ workshop on bullying
- UK A K J HR Awareness briefings
- Virgin Islands Lockhart Elementary School Performing Artists in Action Club Monday,Oct.6-school-wide Against Bullying Campaign & early morning pre-school "Why Can't We Be Friends?" Anti-Violence Rally. Oct.10 Orange for Unity Day.
Whitby - Canada Bartlett's Elite Taekwon-Do Ongoing Communication with the students to ensure they know what to do to help prevent bullying if they see if happening around them.