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Become a Champion Against Bullying

2021 Champions—Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

AL Legacy Prep Week of Kindness; SEL groups all month catered to Bullying Prevention; wear orange for Unity Day.
AL Sanford Middle School For the month of October and throughout the school year, we will launch a bullying prevention campaign- "It's Not Okay!" Our students and teachers will participate in educational activities with our school counselor and local agencies. Each week, in our school news segments, information about bullying prevention will be shared will all students and teachers. For Unity Day- Oct. 20th, everyone will dress in orange to signify their unity to each other. We will have homerooms design anti-bullying posters to be displayed in the hall.
AL Hayes K-8 We are wearing orange on the 20th; coloring and writing activities about bullying prevention. SEL sessions are about bullying prevention.
AL Randolph Park Elementary The students participate in bullying guidance lessons throughout the entire month of October. Our school also participated in Unity Day on October 20, 2021 by wearing orange. Also, the students signed a bullying prevention pledge and participated in a Kahoot! bullying review game.
AL Sacred Heart School We did a school wide virtue on Kindness and incorporated it into Unity Day. Each student and staff cut out their footprints on orange paper, wrote something kind, and connected them class to class in the hallway. Every student and staff signed the Unity Day poster that was posted in the hallway. Some classes wrote a poem or a word with each of the letters in KINDNESS. I showed the Pacer National Bullying Prevention video as well as What is Bullying? to grades 3rd through 6th and did lessons on bullying with each class.
AL Pecan Grove Prep We have a speaker that comes in and talks about being kind and always using kind words with your friends. We read books and do sharing activities.
AS Lupelele Elementary School: American Samoa Implement HEALTH lessons on BULLYING; Whole School/Cluster Activities- STOMP OUT Bullying Themes: 1. Create a Jingle/Song 2. Create Banners/Posters 3. Create an Anti-Bullying PSA or TikTok; Invite Guest Speakers to address Bullying Issues; STOMP OUT Bullying WAVE.
AS Faleāsao Elementary School: American Samoa Our school took the pledge against bullying, and celebrated National Bullying Prevention Month throughout the entire month of October. Utilizing resources provided on PACER’S website, our teachers integrated their lessons with the purpose of raising awareness in helping to stop bullying in our school community. Other educators integrated these resources through English Language Arts, Physical Education, Samoan Culture, as well as Health and Science. We wore orange shirts every Friday to acknowledge the important cause and we should be a part of it.
AS Alataua Lua Elementry School: American Samoa Color Day.
AS SAMOANA HIGH SCHOOL: American Samoa Our students are participating in supporting bullying prevention by executing a variety of curriculum activities provided by PACER and aligned with standards and benchmarks of our ASDOE. We highly engage students in creating banners, short skits, writing poetry, conducting surveys, video clips, and so forth. Students are encouraged to wear orange T-Shirts, ribbons, or anything orange. For the next few weeks, the community/ASG representatives (Domestic Violence and Social Services) will take part in presentations. The "School Wave" will be our culminating event to show our kindhearted support and to remind every citizens of American Samoa that "Samoana High School is Against Bullying.
AS Uifa'atali Peter Coleman elementary School: American Samoa Wearing orange shirts.
AS Samoan Department of Tafuna High School Every Friday the students will be wearing orange t-shirts. Banners will be hanging outside of the classrooms and our school gate to promote "Champions Against Bullying." Promote a poem and essay writing competition about bullying.
AS MANU'A HIGH SCHOOL: American Samoa Orange Fridays to promote bullying prevention- all Juniors will wear Orange; October Stop Bullying Month- Big Brother Big Sister program - Juniors will pair with Freshmen for the month to help build a rapport, study, break time, and lunch time hanging out together; Read Aloud for the ECE on Unity Day Oct 20th; Unity Day lunch with teachers & staff; Spirit Week Days feature Heroes & Friends themes.
AZ FABKids FABKids Events is located in Phoenix, AZ. Our mission is to provide a positive environment where youth can express themselves in a judgment free zone. Utilizing performing arts,fashion and personal expression to advocate for self motivation and community advocacy.
CA Boo2Bullying B2B is a youth empowerment organization. We give kids the tools to foster a healthy self-image, learn to accept diversity and others who are different, speak their truth, and positively impact their peers. Our anti-bullying and suicide prevention programs in schools, on social media platforms, and through community outreach activities teach youth (ages 5-18) ways to recognize bullying, call it out, and stand against it. Pre-COVID, in 2018 and 2019, we served 25,000 local students. During the pandemic while schools were closed, B2B expanded its social media outreach and responded to requests for anti-bullying presentations elsewhere in Southern California and beyond.
CA The Blind Judo Foundation and Cahill's Judo Academy Coach Willy Cahill of Cahill's Judo Academy, Co-Founder of the Blind Judo Foundation along with Co-Founder Ron C. Peck have zero tolerance for bullying. All instructors are alert to any and all forms of bullying again with a zero tolerance approach. Civility and respect is practiced on and off the Judo mat.
CA Emerson Elementary School Anti-Bullying Assembly, Posters, Flipgrid challenge, Art work, Writing prompts, Collaborative activities.
CA Fair Ave Elementary We will be celebrating Bullying Prevention all month. On Unity Day everyone will wear orange and there will be a pledge table set up for students to pledge against bullying.
CA John Muir Elementary A virtual kickoff assembly video • Counselor does Second Step Bullying Prevention Lessons • Weekly announcements (daily during spirit week) • Bullying will be the main topic of the counselor month Newsletter • End the month with a spirit week • A weekly feature on our school website (along with resources for parents) • Classroom activities and lessons are encouraged and resources are provided to teachers • A poster contest- all posters will be hung around campus during spirit week.
CA Isana Himalia Academy We are creating posters "Say no to bullying."
CA Hazeltine Elementary In service, signing the pledge, wearing orange every Monday in October.
CA Stepping Into Excellence We will be wearing orange on Unity Day, sharing ideas to help stop bullying and create a photo collage to post to our social media accounts for the day.
CA Larry G. Meeks Academy Read a louds, slide decks, character building charts.
CA Alamo Elementary School Promoting information re: National Bullying Prevention Month in our weekly newsletter and through our social media pages; holding assemblies at the end of the month to empower children to make good choices and be more supportive of each other.
CA Washington STEAM Multilingual Academy Our counselor and the Bear Buddies Club have hosted a table and poster-creation project at lunch this week.
CA Nieto Herrera Elementary School Orange Out on 10/20; Pledges to be inclusive and kind; Classrooms lessons; Family newsletter with information about Unity Day.
CA Alexander Science Center School Digital Bullying Prevention Room, Library Aide read-alouds, Unity Week Oct 18-22.
CO Conrad Ball Middle School Bully Prevention Day and Month will be observed, as well as Spirit Week.
DC Alice Deal Middle School Deal counselors are completing classroom lessons about bullying prevention, participation in Unity Day 2021.
DC Fly By Nature Foundation Our mission is to deliver effective Pop Up workshops and presentations on the impact of bullying. Our curriculum is aligned with National Common Core Standards & Social Emotional Learning methods. As a result, decreasing overall bullying while restoring a positive and safe culture for kids in our Schools. 4 CORE GOALS: 1. Strive to remove any roadblocks associated with bullying, that may disrupt students from achieve academic success. 2. Demonstrate decision-making skills and responsible behaviors in personal, school, and community by building their emotional intelligence. 3. Learn effective ways to safely conduct themselves on social media, cyber security risks, online etiquette, and the significance of their digital reputation. 4. Recognize the feelings and perspectives of others through unity, diversity, inclusion & empathy.
FL The Parker Foundation for Autism and Child Development Our "Be a Buddy" Initiative is part of our three fully funded programs offered through The Parker Foundation which is a FL Non-Profit founded in 2015. Be a Buddy 5K Race Saturday, October 23 2021. We bring our "Traveling Unity Banner" to all of our events and on the road as a Champion Against Bullying organization and share the Pledge Against Bullying and free resources offered through PACER's NBPC.
FL Kenwood K-8 Center We are holding a wear Orange Unity Day 10/20/21; Mix it up at Lunch Day; Participating in the Kindness Challenge; We are a No Place Place for Hate designated school.
FL Gateway Elementary School Participate in Unity Day by wearing orange 10/21/21, Bullying Prevention SEL lessons weekly in October, Social Media campaign.
GA Fulton Science Academy Private School Since we are PreK-12, we had each level have different guidance lessons regarding bullying. Since I work with the high school, we related bullying to advocacy. The lesson talked about types of bullying and how to address a person who bullies. For the entire high school, I shared a video on how to deal with a bullying situation using the wonderful Brooks Gibbs video. Our elementary kids posed in front of a backdrop where they represented the "I" in KIND. Our entire school participated in an orange-out and gathered for a picture.
GA Chattahoochee County Schools Classroom presentations, posters and Color Day- All Orange.
GA Virtuous Women Eshet Hayil Ministries Helping to prevent bullying in our schools.
GA The Be Nice Program The Be Nice program is a campaign created by Rylee Ruegger who is a survivor of bullying. She travels to schools and community organizations promoting her message of #LetsBeNice as well as empathy. Rylee was named Pacers 2020 Together Against Bullying Champion in the 2020 Unity Day Awards.
GA GFWC Violets Junior Woman's Club Posts on our social media page, wearing orange on Oct 20, having flyers available for schools in area.
GA Fairview Elementary Orange Day; Second Step lessons; PBIS Student Ambassador recommendation and recognition; School Counseling lessons; Hispanic Heritage Month cultural recognitions and art displays.
GU Astumbo Elementary School (Guam, USA) WEAR ORANGE to spread awareness. Unity Tree activity.
IL Hampshire Elementary School Full month of Bullying Prevention lessons, morning announcements, wear blue day, wear orange day, completing the anti-bullying pledge.
IL The Chicago High School for Agricultural Sciences Unity Day; "Because I Care" campaign; Pledge Signing event.
IL Team Bully-Free Forever of Parker Junior High School Games, Chalk the Walk, Skits, Videos.
IL Keumgang Martial Arts Academy Our after school program does daily bullying prevention activities and classes! We are teaching bullying prevention classes during PE classes in our local schools using Taekwondo.
IL McKinley School The school will support bullying prevention by wearing orange on Wednesdays. Students will take the online pledge on the PACER website. Our social emotional learning theme for the month of October is self-management, which aligns with bullying prevention. We will be partaking in our annual bullying prevention poster contest. We will also be providing the students with SEL lessons on bullying prevention and sharing resources.
IN Harney Ambassadors We are holding a Wear Orange Day and Make a New Friend Day!
IN Saint Simon the Apostle Hosting Tech Talk Night, Bullying prevention speaker coming to speak wth kids, Unity Tree.
KS Robert M Martin Elementary Our counselor leads a lesson with every class about bullying and what they can do to prevent it as well as what they can do when it does happen. We will also participate in wearing orange for Unity Day on Oct. 20. Students will have an opportunity to sign a banner showing that they will show kindness, acceptance, and inclusion and stand up against bullying.
LA IDEA Innovation Academy 10/21 - Unity Day - student will wear orange. We Give Bullying Da Boot - Students wear boots with their uniform. Bullying 101 - Informational sheet for parents. Year Round Bullying Boxes - Boxes placed in the school to safely report bullying. SEL lessons on bullying.
MA T&T Consulting T&T Consulting generates awareness of PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center and aims to increase participation in bullying prevention, through various outreach efforts with youth.
MD Beyond the Classroom, Inc. Beyond the Classroom, Inc. hosts bullying prevention workshops and promotes diversity, equity and inclusion in our events and mentoring clubs. We use a lot of PACER's bullying educational tools and resources.
MD We Lead By Example, Inc./Tae Kwon Do Ramblers Self-Defense Systems Our nonprofit focuses on safety and self-defense for people of all ages. For children, we offer our program called Street Smarts. We address issues that include Anger Management and Bullying Prevention: We show youth how to control their anger in confrontational situations with positive approaches. Importantly, they learn how to be leaders rather than followers, how not to be forced into negative and harmful situations, including bullying, and how to stand on their own convictions. We train children to be aware of their surroundings and how to react and respond effectively if approached. We teach bullying prevention year-round in our classes, seminars, and workshops in the community. We hold an annual Walk and Rally for Bullying Prevention and Child Safety.
MI Detroit Omicron Chapter of Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority, Inc. As we mentor young women, we offer resources to help combat bullying. This includes how to report bullying under see something, say something. We are working on having monthly workshops in order to recognize cyber bullying, sexual bullying and other ways to bully.
MI Westfield Charter Academy National Bullying Prevention Month- Unity Day (wear orange, unity mural, classroom activities), booth at parent open house, twice a week lessons, and Caught Being Kind.
MI Parsons Elementary School Kindness challenge, Unity Day, 5th grade bullying prevention training.
MI Chapman Elementary School Our students will be taking a pledge to stand up against bullying, participating in a Social Media Challenge, and take part in Unity Day.
MI Weiss Elementary School Our students will be taking a pledge to stand up against bullying, participating in a Social Media Challenge, and take part in Unity Day.
MI Carlson High School Unity Day, Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, Anti-Bullying Pledge.
MI Shumate Middle School Bullying prevention training, Unity Day celebration, social media challenge.
MI Lakeshore Virtual School Unity Day, Bullying Prevention Awareness Month, Anti-Bullying Pledge.
MI Private Literacy Tutoring Private Literacy Tutoring works all year to encourage kindness, tolerance, and acceptance.
MN Rosemount Middle School We have a fall pep rally that starts off the year in an upbeat fashion. Our theme this year is MAKE IT MATTER- Each month we have a word of the month, and we encourage students and staff to Make it Matter in everything they do. Each Thursday we honor THE IRISH WAY, by facilitating Anti-bullying/character building lessons that get students involved. On Unity Day, October 20th, we all wear orange and plan our weekly lessons around how to stand up for kindness, inclusion and acceptance. We celebrate Mix it Up Day, cultural days, have mental health awareness weeks, and promote acts of service and kindness throughout the year.
MN Park Spanish Immersion Elementary School Social worker is promoting Unity Day with orange poster. Encouraging kids to wear orange on Oct 20. I will share lessons with my K-2 students. I see 272 kids.
MN Ultimate Martial Arts Stillwater Students will take a pledge against bullying; Kindness in chalk activity; Unity Day Party; Daily challenge to show kindness to someone.
MN Special Olympics MN Staff celebrating UNITY Day and promotion of PACER resources through the Unified Champion School program.
MO Support The Badge Support The Badge is a Fed. recognized 501c3 charitable organization providing for our 1st Responders and their Families. Bullying is a subject we feel very strongly about. Many children of 1st Responders have fallen victim to bullying. Like most, they too suffer in silence. We must do everything we can to protect them. If we can change society's views and make being nice the norm, we may have a chance. We must start teaching our youth from the beginning to treat others as they would want to be treated. It will take the children to change the world! We must plant the the seed and show them size doesn't matter everyone is capable of standing up and killing them with kindness. We will be fundraising with t-shirts to provide for prizes etc for the students of our local schools and churches here in Mid-East Missouri.
MS Hancock Middle School We have a schoolwide news program that shows commercials and clips of how to handle a bullying situation etc. We also have a counselor referral program where students speak to the counselor about their bullying issues, we also have bullying contracts, information, and report forms on our website. We have a zero tolerance program and take bullying very seriously.
MS Burkes Palace of District 16 Palace of Children Bullying Prevention Rally
MS ACSD/ Long Creek Elementary School We just had a powerful Unity Day program with 2 dynamic speakers. This is an event that will be annually.
NC The Institute for the Development of Young Leaders We have widely recognized National Bullying Prevention Month. We have shared anti-videos on our school morning show, passed out bookmarks, had our student sign the no bullying pledge, posted no bullying signs around the school, celebrated UNITY Day by allowing our staff/students to wear orange, posted orange hearts around the school to remind students to show kindness and use build-ups and not put-downs.
NC Perry Harrison Elementary School Students participated in creating a Unity Rainbow - Human-Kind...Be Both. Students also participated in classroom activities discussing how we are similar, yet different and how we can make new friends, even when they are different from ourselves.
NC Ashe County Middle School Wearing orange on Unity Day and Playing Unity Day videos.
NC Diverse Inclusive Demons of RJ Reynolds High School Week 1: Students take the anti-bullying pledge and receive a “Candy Kindness Affirmation.” Club members will create abulletin board. Week 2: Tik Tok Kindness Challenge Week 3: Unity Day is October 20th - everyone is encouraged to wear orange. Teachers that participate will be entered into a drawing to win a prize. Homeroom teachers can send pictures of their classes participating in Unity Day- homeroom with the most orange gets a shout out! Week 4: Positive messages on bathroom mirrors. Eat lunch with someone new (lunch buddies).
NC Peachtree Elementary School Participating in Unity Day and Red Ribbon Week.
NC South Johnson Elementary School We will be having an anti-bullying week where we wear Orange, sign pledges and educate the students.
NC Asheville PEAK Academy Sharing the Bullying Prevention 101 Quick guide for Elementary School Students.
NE Project Harmony Child Advocacy Center Social Media messages, newsletter articles.
NJ Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. During the month of October we bring awareness by wearing orange and posting on social media.
NJ NJ Center for Tourette Syndrome and Associated Disorders Our Youth Advocates go into New Jersey schools and deliver a message about being kind and accepting others' differences. We are also releasing a PSA about using Tourette Syndrome as a joke.
NJ Lewis F Cole Middle School Unity Day, Human Peace Sign Ribbon.
NJ Kindergarten Success Academy We will have an bullying prevention parade/walk on October 20th with a theme of United Against Bullying. All students and staff will wear orange for our walk. In addition, students will take the anti-bullying pledge and we will have peace signs placed on our school fence.
NM Barcelona Elementary School We will wear orange on Wednesday, October 20 and show support of a more peaceful and caring world for all! There will be giveaways and activities in the morning for all classrooms to participate in. Students and staff members will learn about ways to prevent bullying, sign anti-bullying pledges, listen to anti-bullying music, and vote for their favorite student created poster. The first place winner of the poster contest will receive a prize and all entries with students’ information and parents’ signatures will be sent to PACER’s National Bullying Prevention Center.
NY Lincoln High School Classroom presentations and interactive activities including videos, pre/post-assessments, and PACER online pledge.
NY Main Street School Having an assembly and wearing orange.
NY Pearl River Middle School SEL groups all month catered to Bullying Prevention; wear orange for Unity Day, Bullying Prevention Day and Month will be observed.
NY Carle Place Middle/High School In the process of creating activities. In the past we have done Unity Day dances, signed pledges, created and distributed t-shirts, gathered in solidarity and played influential music and quotes over the loud speaker. We also decorate the school in orange and hand out orange ribbons to all who come in the building.
NY The Relationship Foundation The Relationship Foundation (TRF) is a nonprofit focused on the essential role of positive relationships that build resilience and cooperation. TRF promotes the Trauma-Informed education movement through the lens of fostering supportive student-teacher and peer relationships. A caring relationship builds a child’s resilience to trauma. TRF provides professional development, workshops, and seminars through its unique Social-Emotional Learning curriculum.
OH Empower our Youth Foundation Anti-bullying Fashion Shows, Glow Putt Putt Golfing Party celebrating, National Bullying Prevention Month Books & Badges with the community police - read-aloud story and provide bullying prevention resources, PPE Kits, snacks and an age appropriate book, E.P.I.C. Kids Class - mentorship/tutoring/mental health.
OH Empower our Youth LLC Empower our Youth Foundation Chalk Art Walk community event happening at William H. Adams Community Center Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, May 22nd.
OH Constellation Schools: Elyria Community Elementary Participating in Unity Day and organizing a Fun Run to bring awareness to Bullying Prevention Month.
OH Wheelersburg Middle School We will be using the student activity kit and will be participating in Unity Day.
OH Warner Girls' Leadership Academy We are participating in Know Your Classmate Day, Unity Day and No One Eats Alone Day.
OH Youth Advocate Services All year, our staff advocate for youth within their schools and their homes - often times coaching youth and parents about the short and long-term effects of bullying. We also train our foster parents on the signs and symptoms of bullying - touching on what to do if their foster child is being bullied AND if their foster child is the one bullying. We share resources with the families we serve, as well as on our social media pages. On Unity Day, our staff wears orange and we encourage our social media followers to do so as well by posting a staff photo and sharing bullying facts.
OH Highview 6th Grade Center Students will make an anti-bullying pledge and make posters. We are going to have an assembly to urge students to not bully others.
OH Horizon Science Academy-Youngstown We are celebrating Unity Day by wearing orange and signing the anti-bullying pledge. We are also holding a poster contest and have lessons in our SEL class about bullying, This is a year long topic we talk about.
OK Oklahoma Virtual Charter Academy At OVCA, we love to focus on Social Emotional Learning as well as rigorous academics. We believe students must have balanced social emotional skills before they are effectively able to focus on academics. Therefore, we have district wide SEL lessons weekly, which in October also consists of lessons on bullying prevention. PACER provides amazing resources for OVCA and we are appreciative!
OR BIKERS AGAINST BULLIES LANE COUNTY CHAPTER We go into schools to promote positive life skills and focus on being the best you can be! We escort kids who are experiencing bullying and show our support for them.
OR Willamina Elementary School Wear Orange Fridays. Social Emotional Learning Curriculum and Teaching about Bullying. Universal hand signal (ASL) for "Stop" when confronting a bullying situation.
PA Perkiomen Valley Middle School West We schedule a bullying prevention week with some lessons taught to all students during our advisory period. All staff will be wearing their Orange PACER shirts on Unity Day. The week will culminate with students signing the bullying prevention pledge and the pledges will be proudly displayed for all to see.
PA Wonderfully Me, Inc. Made custom yard signs to be posted and held a presentation.
PA Dunham Army Health Clinic We will educate our staff throughout the month of October via informational emails, flyers and posters. This will equip them with toolsets to identify and combat cyber/bullying when confronted with it. We will also encourage our staff to share all information with their family and friends as well as to “Take the Pledge.” Additionally, we will participate by wearing orange on Unity Day 10/20/21.
SC Charles Cotesworth Pinckney Elementary Unity Day- October 20- “Orange you glad 2B Bully Free” Students and staff are encouraged to wear orange shirts and other accessories. ORANGE sends a message of support, hope and unity to show that we are united against bullying and united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion. RRW Activities M: “Stay Red-y & live Drug Free Looks Like Me” - wear Red T: “Lei off Drugs - wear Hawaiian wear W: “Don’t get Mixed-Up with Drugs” wear mix match clothing. Th: “I Dream of a Drug Free World” wear 2 piece Pajama/Loungewear. Poster Contest - Theme “Drug Free looks like Me” Can food drive - class winner - Ice Cream Party.
SC Round Top Elementary School During the entire month of October, each classroom from kindergarten to 5th grade (688 students!) received classroom guidance lessons related to bullying, empathy and assertiveness. We celebrated by enjoying dress-up days: "We are Soldiers for Preventing Bullying" (RTE is a Dept. of Defense school. Students wore camouflage), "Kindness is GROOVY" (wore tie dye), "Unity Day" (wore orange), "Pajama Day" (we make everyone feel comfortable/included). Orange cupcakes were delivered to all faculty/staff for their support/modeling in the initiative on Unity Day.
TN U.S. All Star Federation (USASF) Including information in our monthly newsletter - sharing PACER resources - encouraging members to share their acts of kindness throughout the month - encouraging participation in Unity Day by going orange.
TX NEISD - Roosevelt Bullying prevention work for LGBTQ+ Pride Club.
TX School of Science and Technology-Corpus Christi Elementary Weekly activities to include discussions, creating posters, read stories, watch videos, etc.
TX Just Innovate inc Since 2016, Just Innovate Inc. Has been instrumental throughout communities with using creative ideas and inventions that have provided assistance for people during times of natural disasters. Our latest venture has challenged us to create comics that teach, while raising awareness. We wanted to create a comic episode geared towards addressing schooling bullying, while promoting self-appreciation.
TX Get Along Girlz Antibullying Group We present gifts to girls who experience bullying with encouraging/inspirational gifts. We do virtual conferences on educating girls about different types of bullying. We provide support and referrals for help. We talk about how to apologize if you are bullying, and pledge to get along girl.
TX Lake Dallas Elementary We have a 5th grade SAVE Club. We have notes in the hallway where students acknowledge kind deeds done by other students. Classroom bullying lessons are taught annually to each class.
TX Hopkins Elementary Bulls Against Bullying nationally known PBR Rodeo Bulls and the famous bull trainer, Dennis Davis, will be visiting our campus to kick off Bullying Prevention Month! Students that take the "Leave the Bullying to the Bulls" Pledge will be able to visit the bulls that will be on exhibit on the campus.
TX Marshall Middle School Student Council Orange Out Day Announcements, Bulldogs Against Bullying.
TX Wolfe Elementary, Katyisd *Wear Orange on Unity Day * Door Decorations * “Kids Against Bullying” Pledge.
TX Plano Independent School District Providing tools to assist our campuses with educating students.
TX Alief Family YMCA After School Program We have 8 after school sites in Alief. We will be celebrating Unity Day with Wear Orange Day- October 20, 2021- Meet a Friend at Lunch Day- Caught Being Nice- Love Wins Day- and a host of other amazing activities!
TX McQueeney Elementary We are celebrating Character Week, recognizing Unity Day by wearing orange (school wide event) and will continue learning about the importance of being kind.
TX Permenter Middle School Our school submitted a proclamation and to celebrate we will wear orange and post on all social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook with the #unityday2021.
TX Reaves Elementary School wide events, Wear orange, shade out the hate by wearing sunglasses, pledge signup, hand out flyers, pencils, book marks, kindness bracelets, stickers, etc.
TX Bay Colony Elementary School School Counselor is giving Bullying Prevention Lessons; Promoting Unity Day with announcements, lessons and activities; 3rd and 4th graders are signing the Pledge to Stand up to Bullying.
VA Commonwealth of VA GIRL SCOUT TROOP 1120 We are going to cheer our community in Tappahannock VA to advocate SAFETY from Gun violence and Bullying. We are going to craft orange hands to distribute.
VA Kerrydale Elementary School Classroom lessons about recognizing, reporting and refusing bullying. Incorporating school-wide initiatives into the bullying curriculum. Wearing orange for Unity Day. Art work and other collaborative activities.
VA Charles City Elementary School Unity Day, Wear red to kickoff Red Ribbon Week, Pajama Day, favorite sports jersey, Run Walk Against Bullying and Drugs activity.
VA Project Hygiene, Inc We're conducting three bullying prevention workshops at Gholson Middle School in Landover, MD.
VA Charles City High School Daily announcements, spirit week, classroom lessons.
WA Interact of Lake Stevens High School Interact will celebrate Unity Day by providing information and resources to promote inclusive school environments.
WA Marshalls Made posters.

2021 Bullying Champions from Around the World - Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

- India DPS International School Gurugram- India Teen Talks on Cyber Bullying; How Bullying Feels; COVID 10 and CyberBullying.
- Ireland St. Brigid's N.S. Castleknock Bullying prevention activities.
- South Africa Malandela Primary school Teach and educate kids about bullying both at school and at home.
- Taiwan Washington Bilingual Elementary School - International Preparatory Studies Our students had to work as a group to make large puzzle piece posters to make people aware of bullying. We had classroom talks about: standing up to bullying; include people more during playtime; be aware of others feeling and show respect and trust.
- Thailand Proud To Be Me, Proud To Be Yourself Group Educating and conducting a campaign against bullying among children and youth in Thailand. Building confidence so they can use their talents to benefit the public.