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Become a Champion Against Bullying

2015 Champions—Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

AK North Pole High School Students will be encouraged to wear orange, and the freshmen will watch a movie "Bully" and debrief with counselors afterwards.
AL Cobb Elementary/Constantine Elementary We will participate in Unity Day on October 21, 2015 and we will wear Orange. Also, we will wear our Unity Day shirts. The students will sign their bullying prevention pledge cards and participate in a Unity Day walk against bullying. We will also have a Bullying Prevention Assembly on October 21, 2015. The students will also watch a bullying prevention video and power point. Finally, the students will participate in different skits regarding bullying prevention.
AL SirGENTZ Participating in Unity Day and wearing orange to spread awareness and stand for the cause.
AL Cobb Elementary This year our school will be participating in Unity Day by wearing our Unity Day shirts or orange. Also, we will have a Bullying Prevention Assembly on October 21, 2015. The students are learning about bullying through guidance lessons, power points, bullying prevention videos and raps. Also, the students are signing their bullying prevention pledge cards and taking a stand against bullying.
AL Drake Law Firm We are committed to a more just and fair community, which means putting an end to bullying.
AL Wettermark & Keith LLC Wettermark & Keith LLC is dedicated to standing up for those who can't stand up for themselves.
AL IAmGreatness Youth INC This year marks the beginning of our bullying awareness week. It will be held Oct. 19th-24th.
AL Hoover High School We plan to raise awareness by having morning announcements, doing activities in advisory, and having news reports through our school news team.
AL School of Discovery Our school will be organizing a Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying.
AL Sigma Beta Club of Birmingham Participating in Unity Day on Oct 21, 2015.
AR Lisa Academy We are talking about bullying and how to stop it.
AR Robinson Middle School Our mentor program will lead activities with the students on how to prevent bullying in our community.
AZ Hand In Hand Christian Preschool/Kindergarten My kindergarten class will be talking about what is a bully and what do you do when you see someone being bullied.
AZ Paideia Academy We will have a monthly focus group.
AZ Howard Snader Representation We help spread awareness about bullying in the community and how to prevent it.
AZ Sunrise Mountain High School Anti-bullying classroom guidance lessons are provided for all grade levels. Students participate in bullying prevention assemblies. Students sign anti-bullying pledge. Students at the high school level compete in an anti-bullying art contest every year.
AZ Bill Black Personal Injury Law Many of our employees have children in school at an age where bullying starts to become a problem. Because of our status within the community, we are able to raise awareness through print and other media.
AZ Surrano Insurance Advocates Our business is all about standing up for the little guy, which is why we, as parents, aim to educate, raise awareness, and promote tolerance.
AZ Bright Photography Bright Photography does an anti-bullying campaign during the spring for the local High School district, called Prom Paparazzi. Junior and Senior students are asked to write an essay on how they have or plan to prevent bullying in their school and community. One student's essay is chosen and the winner receives recognition and prizes for Prom that year from local businesses.
AZ Coach Christian Vitale Topics of Interest include: Living with a Learning Disability, How to Redirect Your Emotions to Your Benefit, How to Survive Bullying, How to Deal with Adversity in All Forms, School and Grades (how they effect your future), Self Confidence (Your internal voice), Dealing with Mistakes, Life Choices and Their Effects, Positive Influence of Music and Sports, Avoiding Negative Influences (Control your own emotions), The Power of Heart and Fire, What Makes You Different, Change Starts with Attitude, Goal Setting…The GAMES of Life (Goals, Assessment, Mapping, Evaluation, Strategies)
AZ Canyon Elementary We are planning something and are excited about what is to come!
AZ Coronado K-8 Coronado K-8 is a KIND CAMPUS and we stand against Bullying! The school campus will be wearing Orange to show unity and kindness.
AZ GREENWAY MIDDLE SCHOOL We are a No Place For Hate School which is an Educational Program through the Anti Defamation League. We have earned the No Place For Hate banner for 3 consecutive years and this year going for year #4. Bullying prevention is embedded into our school culture and climate daily to always create a safe and nurturing learning environment for all.
CA Bay Area Technology School We are holding a " Bullying Prevention Walk" during our PE classes on October 21.
CA Red Cup Theatre Company Because our upcoming production, DNA, deals with the issue of teenage bullying, we are supporting National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month by donating 15% of all funds we raise between now (October 8th) and Unity Day (October 21st) to PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center (NBPC)?.
CA Ceiba College Prep We will be doing many different things: Creating a Unity Poster, conducting classroom presentations to raise awareness and knowledge about bullying and cyberbullying, having students commit to standing up against bullying by signing an Upstander Pledge (that we created), using sidewalk chalk to have students show their support in stamping out bullying, and educating parents and families as to what they can do be get involved.
CA Amador Valley High School The City of Pleasanton is celebrating October as National Bullying Prevention Month and all of Amador Valley is wearing orange, making banners, and signing pledges on October 21st.
CA Duarte Unified School District We do events and activities throughout the year district-wide to promote bullying prevention.
CA Apache Closet-Sanger High School We want to spread the word that we Sangers want to eradicate Bullying from schools. You can help by talking about bullying prevention with at least one person. SHS students can join the Apache Closet 4th Anti-Bullying Campaign/Unity Day 2015 held at Sanger High School during lunch on Wednesday October 21st "Wear Orange." 80 students have received bullying prevention training and workshops to provide SHS students with a group support every Thursday of each month. "I believe I can't change the world but I can try to change one person at a time and you can do it too." ? ~Monica de Pruneda Life Quotes.
CA A.G.B.U. Manoogian-Demirdjian School Bullying prevention workshops.
CA Goethe International Charter School We are reading books and showing films in class, including prevention for the parent’s University, and we installed a buddy bench on the playground.
CA Safetyville USA Children's health & safety learning center.
CA Anthony Spangler Elementary For bullying prevention we will be wearing orange, we will have orange bracelets, and we will use a bullying prevention book.
CA Luther Burbank School Luther Burbank will be holding a variety of bullying prevention activities throughout the month of October. We will celebrate Unity Day as a school and community by encouraging students, staff and parents to wear orange.
CA Educational Options Center We promote the signing of a banner pledging to stand up to bullying and to not be a bully. We also have a door decorating contest, our school wears orange on Unity Day and weekly classroom lessons.
CA Lucky Kat World Lucky Kat World is a kids website full of games and activities dedicated to promoting good character and spreading awareness about bullying prevention.
CA Hesperia High School- Peer Counseling Club We will be holding various activities throughout the month of October, including: Classroom presentations, bullying prevention door decorating contest, a school-wide Unity Day, team building activities, posters, and a School PSA about Bullying Prevention Month.
CA Aspire Public Schools Rosa Parks Academy RPA will be recognizing Bullying Prevention Month with Mix it Up Day, Red Ribbon Week, and Random Acts of Kindness. We believe that Respect makes the world a better place, Not Bullies.
CA Rancho Simi Recreation and Park District At selected before and after school clubs on nine school campuses we include: A class poster contest, a school banner project, a ribbon tying activity, Project Connect, we wear orange on "Unity Day", offer wristbands, a Color Run, puppet shows, short bullying prevention videos, law enforcement visits, bookmarks, a coloring book, Above/Below the Line and a parent handbook.
CA Ethan A. Chase Middle School We are promoting Unity Day with posters, our students and staff are wearing orange to show support, and we hold lunch time activities with music.
CA Palms Elementary School The month of October is focused on bullying prevention activities.
CA French Funk French Funk is an online vintage store dedicated to raising money to help people in need. We are also all about individually and passionately believe that all people are incredible, beautiful, creatures who's greatness should be celebrated, not ridiculed. If you have ever had your light doused by another, join us by hash-tagging #lefreak on your photos to show support for your fellow freaks against bullying!
CA Corona Ranch Student Council We will create posters to advertise Bullying Prevention Month. We will ask students to sign a petition that they will not bully others.
CA Stockton Kuk Sool Hapkido Our goal at Stockton Kuk Sool Hapkido is to foster a community of martial artists who are leaders in our local community. Our martial arts students will take pledges to support the bullying prevention campaign and advocate for those who are being bullied.
CA Canoga Park High School/Anti-Bullying Club We are wearing orange.
CA StoppingStigma We do many things to help with bullying prevention including an amazing TED Talk on our website.
CA Surf Dog Ricochet, the SURFice Dog I raise awareness of Bullying Prevention through my Facebook. I also visit schools and show my bullying prevention videos. As a dog, I accept, and love others un-conditionally, and act as a role model to humans. I promote kindness & treat everyone with respect. I love everyone I come in contact with. I'm an advocate for bullying prevention, and being true to yourself. I support, educate, empower & inspire kids who get bullied, feel isolated, misunderstood, confused or any other uncomfortable feelings.
CA ABC's Working with my high school, I’ve also reached out to help local middle schools. We post positive posters, give advice, mediate situations, and help at-risk students. We're working on giving assemblies and promoting around town a play about bullying prevention.
CA Jocks and Gentlemen, a short film Filming a short film called JOCKS AND GENTLEMEN in June 2015. The goal of this film is to raise awareness of bullying and to encourage people to stand up for victims of this widespread problem. It is our promise to donate this film to middle and high schools to engage people in thoughtful discussions of solutions to this social issue. Stand Up and Share Your Story Campaign: We are encouraging people to write a short story of their experiences with bullying - when they stood up for someone or when someone stood up for them.
CA Rosamond Against Bullying: You're Not Alone We just started but will be doing a fundraiser through boost custom in for t shirts try to raise enough money for the kids in our community to raise awareness against bullying and try and get our schools to take a stand and parents to reach out to their children
CA Passions & Dreams Funding Launching "BE A HERO" Challenge in May 2015 together with the "Sky's the Limit" interactive online-onsite training programs where we connect students to positive role models, career opportunities and entrepreneurial options. These events will increase self-esteem, build up confidence and learn ways to overcome bullying.
CA FUNtastic Dental and Orthodontics On Unity Day we will proudly wear ORANGE!
CA New Hope Academy of Change New Hope Academy of Change is a non profit community based educational organization that provides Educational Services to students grades K-12 . Approved by the CA Dept of Educ to provide Supplemental Educational Services to School districts throughout California per the NCLB. We also provide anti bullying workshops and training for teachers, staff, parents & students. Our group comes together once a month and share event, stories or revelation on how we can better handle situation pertaining to bullying.
CA The Effect Foundation None yet
CA Amazing School Assemblies I promote Bully Prevention through my assembly "The Bully Game". The busiest assembly performer in all of Southern California, I use universal anti-bullying concepts in a super fun format to leave a positive impact on Elementary school age children.
CA QamQomics My name is Qamdhym (pronounced "Camden") I am a Freshman at Antelope High School. I am an artist, an athlete, a musician and an Autism Spectrum Advocate. I was diagnosed as being part of the autism spectrum in the 2nd grade. I used drawing as a way of "stimming" during my elementary years, as it calmed me and allowed me to focus on the teacher while instructing. When I went to middle school I used comic strips to express my feelings on how I interacted with the world. From these years of drawing was born comic strip characters Asp and Norm. I have recently self published an educational booklet, entitled, Asp and Norm Educate on Autism Spectrum Acceptance. The booklet includes comic strip characters Asp, who represents individuals on the autism spectrum and Norm,who represents those not on the spectrum. The interaction between Asp and Norm represent how simple and fun a relationship with someone on the spectrum can be with understanding and Acceptance.
CA Raney Intermediate School We have a school wide program where students wear orange, and a Mix It Up day during lunch.
CA Ramona Elementary School We will have lessons on Tattling vs. Telling, What is Bullying? and Character Development. We will unite each Monday in October wearing blue to remind our students about being Safe, Respectful and Responsible.
CA CHIME Charter School CHIME is committed to educating our students and school community about bullying prevention and development of character. We hold schoolwide events throughout the school year which promote acceptance and anti-bullying, including Mix It Up Day, Random Acts of Kindness, Day of Pink, and other activities to promote and foster an environment of inclusion.
CA Nova Legal Funding Nova Legal Funding provides Pro-Bono litigation financing for victims of bullying who are in an ongoing legal dispute with schools. If the child's parents don't have the money to invest in litigation, we step in and fill that gap—free of charge.
CA Grey Law Our expert employment law attorney’s stand up for those that are have been harassed and bullied in the workplace.
CA Johnson Attorneys Group Johnson Attorneys Group recently asked college-bound students ages 17 and older to submit a 500-plus word essay on the topic of bullying to spread awareness and put an end to widespread bullying in our local communities. The winner was awarded a $1000 scholarship.
CA My Fight Gym We're a fitness and martial arts website that teaches self defense and promotes healthy habits through training. Our philosophy is that martial arts builds character, to increases one's confidence to stand up to bullies, and helps bullies themselves redirect their aggression in a healthy way. 10% of our monthly membership sales (starting July 2015) will be donated monthly to Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center.
CO Giberson Elementary Bullying Prevention Seminars, Kelso's Choice, Kindness Revolution, No-Name Calling Week
CO Envision Martial Arts Envision Martial Arts is committed to providing the children and families in our communities with Bullying Prevention education. We offer FREE, open to the public, Bullying Prevention seminars and teach Bullying Prevention in our martial arts classes daily.
CT Glastonbury Community Action Partnership We plan to advertise and to wear ORANGE in support of National Bullying Prevention Day in October.
CT Perry Hill School We host Unity Day, have morning announcements, sign the bullying prevention pledge school-wide, and work in small groups to discuss ways we can put an end to bullying/mean behavior.
CT Perry Hill School We had an announcement on Oct.1st explaining about National Bullying Prevention Month. Our school wide activities include a "Unity Day" where everyone is encouraged to wear orange and we are asking the students and staff to sign a pledge to "Stop Bullying/Speak Up."
DC Hyde Addison Elementary We will be promoting #bekind campaign at school this month.
DC Garfield Prep ES We plan to have a bullying prevention poster contest.
DC Rick Daniels I wrote a book called Little Remy: The little boy who doesn't want to go to school. It's about a boy who didn't want to go to school because he was being bullied.
DE Concord High School Anti-Bullying Committee We do events and activities throughout the year!
FL Pinewood Elementary We will lead activities with the students on how to prevent bullying in our community.
FL Bonneville Elementary School We are making a proclamation at lunch. We will also make a bulletin board with students in our lunchroom. We will participate in classroom lessons targeted at bullying prevention.
FL Street Team Citrus Street Team Citrus is an alliance of prevention partners in Citrus County who work together to bring prevention events and causes to the community. Members include the Aspire Relationship Center, Anti-Drug Coalition, Citrus Tobacco Free, CASA and more. For Unity Day the Street team is partnering with Cornerstone Baptist Church and City of Inverness to unite our citizens by creating a PEACE MARCH through our town ending at our County Courthouse.
FL Winter Park High School SADD club
FL Ivey Lane Elementary We have a parade about bullying prevention.
FL The Bully Files A novel composed of short stories about those who bully and those being bullied in all aspects of life from different ages, races, and family circumstances.
FL Pinewood Elementary School School-wide activities with the students on how to prevent bullying in our community.
FL Village Academy Our school will be educating our students about bullying prevention and interventions for the entire month of October with school-wide assemblies, lessons and student-centered activities.
FL Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School We will celebrate Unity Day.
FL Psychology Club at North Broward Preparatory School We are going to have everyone wear "UNITE" ribbons on Unity Day!
FL S. O. S. Foundation of Tampa Bay, Inc S. O. S. Foundation of Tampa Bay, Inc. provides the youth and their families with bullying information. We hold community bullying workshops and seminars. We are a firm believer in education the public on current youth issues.
FL Gotha Middle School All
Fl Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School poster/essay contest, be wearing kindness bracelets, signing kindness pledges and receiving tickets if caught being kind! We will also be celebrating Unity Day. Each student will write a message about unity on an orange strip of paper and connect them together to create a paper chain to hang around the school.
FL Lake Panasoffkee Elementary School Anti-bullying classroom guidance lessons are provided for all grade levels. Students participate in bullying prevention assemblies. Students sign anti-bullying pledge.
FL U Niquely U, Inc. Working on details of plans for National Bullying Prevention Month. Please see company webpage for updates.
FL S.T.O.P. Our community group is new. I recently formed this group to bring awareness to our community on bullying. We need to become educated so that we can educate the community and need all the help we can get.
FL Suncoast Super Target We support the Pasco County School District in their proactive efforts to ensure safe and inclusive schools in our community through Together We Stand Youth and Family Summit and 5K run.
Fl Caloosa Middle School Our activities include anti-bullying flyers throughout school, school news broadcasts of bullying prevention videos, and classroom involvement.
FL Edgewood Jr./Sr. High School We are having a candy sale fundraiser where the profits made will be donated to PACER.
FL Northeast Florida Healthy Start Coalition - Teen Leadership Council Teen leaders are prepared to recognize Unity Day by wearing orange to school and to hand out orange ribbons to other students that they made that has "Unity" written on it.
FL The Parker Foundation for Autism and Child Development We are providing Bullying Prevention resources on our website and FB page, as well as speaking on this important subject and taking part in any local bullying prevention events advocating for this cause.
FL Lake County Anti Bullying I would like to put in place a program that deals with the aftermath of bullying for all parties involved. Perhaps bring together psychologists or someone in the medical field to follow up with the students and parents. I live in a low income area and not many parents can afford to get help. I would like to put in place a program that deals with the aftermath of the bullying for both the aggressor and the victim. Perhaps psychologists or someone in the medical field to follow up with the students and parents. I live in a low income area and not many parents can afford to take their children to one to get help.
FL Keys to Be The Change Our students participate in Unity Day as well as create posters which are distributed to all schools in our district.
FL Rosenwald High School We will host: Unity Day-Oct. 21(wear orange), Rosenwald Advisory Program(RAP)-students define and discuss the impact of bullying each week through videos, probing questions and scenarios. Oct. 11-students participate in a community skating party. Oct. 17-Staff team participate in walk, crawl, run or roll 5K walk.
FL Lake Gem Elementary School We are having students take the Bullying Pledge (Bullying Stops with Me). Faculty and staff will where blue in celebration of National Bullying Prevention Month.
FL Union Park Middle School We will have: Unity / Wear Orange Day; Classroom discussions; Morning announcements; Banners; Bulletin boards; Posters; Ribbons; Wristbands; Prizes for stepping up to bullying; Promote campaign on school marquee.
FL W.D. Sugg Middle School In addition to participating in the National Unity Day Wednesday, October, 21, 2015 Make it Orange, Make it End, we are also holding a Make it Orange, Make it End poster contest. The social studies teachers are using videos and lesson plans from Pacer's National Bullying Prevention Center so that our students understand, "The end of bullying begins with YOU!
FL Camelot Elementary We will celebrate Unity Day, Bullying Prevention and Red Ribbon Week.
FL Gregory Drive Elementary We are making a PBS video and have school-wide bullying prevention lessons.
FL Be Kind Brevard Proclamations for Bullying Prevention Month; Proclamations for "No Bullying in Brevard County anytime, anywhere and by anyone"; Kindness Pledges; passing out "Kindness, Pass It On" stickers and business cards; promoting Unity Day and the Month to businesses, schools, municipalities, retirement communities and recreational facilities; presentations to elementary and secondary school students; participating in a college Health Fair; newspaper articles; participating in community events; sponsoring a play called "The Weight of Words"; creating a website which will include links to organizations such as; promo; collaborating with organizations with similar goals and partnering with the School Resource Officers.
FL DCPS Division of Technology
GA CETPA, Inc. We offer bilingual information in English and in Spanish.
GA Diplomats Fraternity Incorporated
GA Heards Ferry Elementary Celebrating RRW and Bullying Prevention week the week of October 26th. Different theme days with bullying prevention messages for the children.
GA Don't Be A Bully (DBAB) Foundation, Inc. The Don't Be A Bully Foundation has been doing events all month in recognition of bullying prevention. October 10th we perform our bullying prevention stage play, Don't Be A Bully, Speak Up! Speak Out! October 18th we had our 1st Anti-bullying Charity Car and Bike Show. October 19th we did an bullying prevention workshop at Clarksdale Elementary School, GA. We offer orange anti-bullying buttons to the students for taking a pledge to speak up and speak out against bullying.
GA EBA We hold talks and put up posters
GA POP Ambassadors - Sandy Springs Charter Middle School We have an afterschool club dedicated to discussing issues and spearheading schoolwide activities to promote a positive school culture and climate. We also have weekly newsletters, morning newscasts and other fun activities to keep students and parents engaged
GA The Rally Group We are currently working with several school systems it implement programs that are in curriculum form as to be taught in a classroom environment. In addition to these things we are working with law makers to pass legislation to change the laws that define bullying and the reporting process that schools are required to do.
GA "Think Twice" (Anti-Bullying Program) Our events include: 1st Annual Black & Red Ball, 1st Annual Community Day, 1st Annual Bowl Against Bullying, 1st Annual Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying, 2nd Annual Ride Against Bullying.
GA Life Transition Experts Life Transition Experts (LTE) will be promoting National Bullying Prevention Month on the LTE website, Facebook and the personal LinkedIn of Robyn Bartlett. Pro Bono presentations will be offered on the underlying neurological, psychological, and sociological variables involved in the 'Bullying Dance', be it school, home, or the workplace.
GA Indian Creek Elementary School Because I am an educator/filmmaker, I will be making a movie/documentary that will be used to educate the public and schools about the enormity of bullying in our society and the different types of bullying. As I will start filming the movie entitled Ostracized which will deal with bullying in June 2015, I will be visiting some of the summer to discuss the importance of not bullying. By contrast, when school is back in session in the Fall of 2015, I will take some of the cast members with me to talk to different schools (K - 12) about bullying and why it is wrong. As an educator, who happens to be a filmmaker, I have seen my fair share of bullying within the school systems. It is very disheartening when students are afraid to learn or not able to learn due to someone bullying them through physical, nonverbal or cyber means.
GA Savvy Cyber Kids Educational sessions at schools for parents, teachers, and students.
GA Champion Boxing Gym We mentor and teach at-risk youth life skills through the art of boxing. We also throw large amateur boxing matches in order to draw attention to problems we have in our community.
GA Pretty Girl Zone I plan on teaming up with other local independent artists to create an EP album about bullying or the effects of bullying, release it and use the proceeds from sales each year to support a positive teen with a scholarship who goes above and beyond the call of duty to stand up to bullying in their high school. We will also complete one music video for the main theme song.
GA The C. B. A Foundation We received a proclamation from the GA capital stating that October will be bullying prevention month in the state of Georgia. We also did the same this last year. Each day we held different events. We plan to do the same thing this year. Currently we are planning a run, walk, roll.
GA Bombshell Bath Bomb Boudoir At Bombshell, we are dedicated to social responsibility. We believe that bullying prevention begins with adults. As an online company, we feel that social media is one of the biggest obstacles society faces in bullying prevention. During this month, we want to encourage others to be kind and positive no matter where conversation takes place.
GA Greater Friendship Missionary Baptist Church We are having awareness service, education and representation of bullying awareness the week of October 21st.
GA South Atlanta High Our school is new to bullying prevention month. This will be our first year announcing bullying prevention awareness and we are excited to be a part of this incredible movement.
GA Riverside Middle School We will celebrate Unity Day by wearing orange and decorating the exterior of our school building. Eagle Ambassadors and student leaders will promote Bullying Prevention Month.
GA Juliette Low Elementary School Our counselor presents information to students, faculty & staff. We have a school-wide assembly and a parent newsletter.
GA Lincoln County 4-H We have participated in the the Great American NO BULL Challenge and plan to continue to participate in other activities and events to promote bullying prevention.
GA 0 Tolerance/ Technocation Run/Walk/Rock: We are interested in hosting and partnering in Indianapolis, Indiana and Atlanta, Georgia.
HI Kailua Intermediate School We will be working on a Self-Esteem campaign to help kids become empowered so bullies cannot affect them. We will also begin a Humans of Kailua intermediate wall showcasing all the uniquely different students at our school.
HI Resolution Way Foundation We conduct Anti Bullying campaigns through our ARMageddon Arm Wrestling tournament. Here we aim to bring an End to Bullying and making our community more aware one school at a time. We also offer free conditioning training during the summer to stay fit and live healthy.
IA St. Ambrose University- SADD Education/Awareness throughout October around campus. We have a Unity Day table in our student center and cafeteria to spread the word.
IA Parkview Middle School Ankeny We celebrate National Bullying Prevention Month with a variety of activities, including themed dress-up days related to bullying. We have also done related activities throughout the year including lessons and activities during classes, Random Acts of Kindness month, and door decorating contests.
IA Estherville Lincoln Central High School
IA Davis County High School We annually recognize Unity Day with signage, orange wear, pledges by students & staff, orange bracelets and hair ties.
IL Bloom High School On Unity Day, staff and students will wear orange in support of Bullying Awareness Month. Students will be provided with facts and statistics about bullying.
IL Club 21 Down Syndrome We have a Labor Day Parade, Save Our Fallen Children, a Dance -A-Thon, and work to end bullying.
IL Village Leadership Academy Each class at VLA has a Grass Roots Campaign each year on an issue students think is important to change in their community. My 5th grade class will be working with other students to make sure we have a world with less bullies.
IL Stars Clap Academy We provide intervention and prevention training, youth community events, school talks, and movie nights. We offer a books over bullies program, and a blog talk radio show for youth, families and peer groups which focus on intervention of bullying across the USA.
IL Windsor Elementary School Our school is recognizing and participating in Unity Day, creating a unity banner and taking a bullying prevention pledge.
IL John Deere Middle School We will have month long lessons, activities, and celebrations to educate and prevent bullying behaviors.
IL Bloom Trail High School We are celebrating Unity Day by wearing orange as a school. We also talk about cyberbullying and have bullying prevention presentations with our students.
IL Gordon D. Bush Elementary Gordon Bush will hold a Bullying Prevention Poster Contest for the primary grades and an Essay contest for the Intermediate Grades.
IL Mrs. Talbott's Class I teach 4th grade and we are struggling mightily against relational aggression. I'm THRILLED to find this site.
IL Windsor Elementary School We have something in our announcements every day and we plan on getting a speaker for an assembly regarding bullying.
IL P.O.P.S Movement We strive daily in poverty stricken America within our organization and 6 steps of P.E.A.C.E to stop bullying and promote bullying prevention awareness especially with our youth population. We also have planned to do a bullying prevention and healing show on our blog-talk radio platform.
IL Protect The Youth Protect the Youth is a non-for profit organization that is aimed at raising awareness about bullying in every form that youth in our community face. Awareness is made through social media and through other community organizations that promote anti-bullying.
IL FAB- Families Against Bullying We are a new organization that just formed in Herrin, IL. We are planning a bullying prevention rally/concert in conjunction with bullying prevention week. Our projected date is Saturday, November 14th, 2015. We will have inspirational speakers and musicians.
IL CICS- Wrightwood We are holding a school wide anti-bully poster contest during October. We also have an anti-bully club who is planning events during that month and throughout the year to promote kindness and decrease bullying within our school.
IL Belleville East High School BEAST is a support group for student who have been bullied. No Lancer Left Behind Bullying Prevention Program.
IN Girls Against Bullying We are holding workshops, creating a website, hosting events, speaking in the community and putting up posters.
IN Central Indiana Law Enforcement Training Network The Central Indiana Law Enforcement Training Network will bring awareness to bullying prevention throughout all of Central Indiana.
IN Worthington and Lyons Elementary Schools We are spreading awareness through a character education guidance program that promotes respect and kindness. We have a board where teachers share "Terrific Tales of Character Education" where our students are recognized for their amazing efforts to build a strong and accepting school climate.
KS Coronado Middle School We have a National Bullying Prevention Poster Campaign and provide empathy exercises.
KS Kansas CASA Association Court Appointed Special Advocates helping children and families.
KS Maize High School Maize High School Peer Helpers organize a bullying prevention campaign with the hope of creating an inclusive space for all students.
KY Bess Solutions We provide on-site and on-line training programs and post information on our Facebook page.
KY Back Up Bully! Program Anti-bullying workshops for children in grades 1-5 and workshops for parents
KY Commons4Kids We are a charity that donates trading cards to kids; we have received a few stories about how the cards we donate to kids have helped with bullying issues- they help bring kids together with a common hobby. We've donated over 4 million trading cards to kids in 10 different states.
KY Carlisle County High School We are hosting a bullying prevention basketball game and fun run.
KY Adanta Behavioral Health Services We are posting a local newspaper article written by our organization CEO on Facebook.
LA Mary Goff Elementary
LA Wright Academy of Taekwondo I talk to my students every class about not bullying, telling an adult if they are being bullied and telling an adult if they see someone else being bullied.
LA Magnolia Family Counseling, LLC We would like to raise awareness on this very important issue by sharing info via our website, social media, and print media in our office.
LA Journey Rehab We provide Mental Health Counseling and are looking to organize a rally in the local area for bullying prevention.
LA Fellowship of Christian Students, Louisiana School for Agricultural Sciences We will celebrate Unity Day, Oct. 21.
LA Big Dreamers Youth Club We are having a youth empowerment program on October 17th. Our main topic is on bullying prevention. Big Dreamers Youth Club…Taking A Stand Against Bullying!
MA St. Anna Catholic School We will hold Bullying Prevention Day on October 5th. Students wear blue, have classroom discussions and team building activities.
MA Freeman-Kennedy School We will be completing the Project Connect activity and hanging it in our cafeteria and we will all wear orange on October 21st - Unity Day.
MA Stadium Performance We place our primary focus on developing athletes into well-rounded, strong mental and physical leaders. Like many teens, several of our clients come to us as bullied individuals who suffer from low self-esteem and depression. Here at SP, we build self-esteem by facilitating high interaction between great athletes preparing for collegiate sports and students lacking ability but possessing an initiative for improvement. Our athletes and students are proud members of our new culture and are becoming leaders in their schools, on their sports teams and in their homes. These athletes are a bright spot to our communities.
MA Town of Truro Recreation & Beach Department Our youth soccer teams wear orange to show support, provide literature to spectators, and post information on our web site and social media accounts.
MA South School Our civics club established the Bulldogs Don't Bully logo that has been adopted by our district as our motto against bullying. We sponsor many activities throughout the year to spread awareness of bullying prevention strategies and alternatives.
MA South School Civics Club established the Bulldogs Don't Bully logo that has been adopted by our district as our motto against bullying. We sponsor many activities throughout the year to spread awareness of anti bullying strategies and alternatives.
MA Somerset Middle School Our school has a Bristol County Officer speaking with grades 6, 7, 8 about bullying. We make a Link Up against bullying (orange links of paper with students names on them), and we walk or run against bullying during Physical education classes.
MA STEM Middle Academy My special education students have written wonderful essays, including personal experiences and citing national data, regarding the impact, causes and likelihood of bullying behaviors!
MD Calvert Education At Calvert, we believe all students deserve the opportunity to reach their potential. Calvert Education staff will be showing their support by wearing orange on Unity Day and encouraging our families to join in through our Facebook page by posting their photos with #UnityDay2015.
MD KENTLAND COMMUNITY CENTER We will be wearing Orange for Unity Day. Our Xtreme Teens program will band together to talk about bullying and bullying prevention. After our discussion we will watch the film "Bully" then make orange bracelets and orange ribbons for unity. We take our pledge to stand up and speak out against bullying!
MD Rockledge Elementary School Our school is participating in Unity Day on Oct. 21 by wearing orange and having a bullying prevention presentation on the morning announcements. We are also signing a pledge to stand up against bullying.
MD Georgetown Visitation Our school does fundraising, a bake sale, poster making, and building awareness at school and on social media.
MD The Autism Society of America Sensory Friendly Films, 1Power4Autism, National Autism Awareness Month and Sharing Your Story. We do more on
MD Pandas Karate Pandas Karate has created a program called "Armour." Which teaches kids how to stop bullying without using their fist!
MD Surrattsville High School Our school has advisory lessons, a schoolwide pledge signing against bullying, and a Blue Out Day in support of bullying prevention.
MD Brookes Publishing Company Brookes Publishing is an educational publisher of research-based resources that boost the learning and success of all people, with and without disabilities. Included in our scope of resources are titles that help school professionals address bullying prevention and intervention and foster social acceptance in the classroom.
MD Seat Pleasant Elementary School We will have lessons focusing on how to stop bullying in school and how to be a good friend. We will also hold informational and interactive groups.
MD Tease Free Kids We are starting a National Anti-bullying Hall of Fame and will have our first induction ceremony in October.
MD Men and Families Center, Inc. We have implemented creative healing workshops for teens and adult women, urban art classes, family game nights, trauma trainings, workshops, and are creating a toolkit to connect youth and adults affected by bullying, domestic violence, trauma, and various types of abuse. We also have youth groups that focuses on healthy relationships in the home, in the school and communities around them. We host a variety of holistic supportive services and activities that focus on strengthening the family structure and changing the mindset of youth and their families.
MD Leithwalk Elementary/Middle School We will be making posters.
MD We Lead By Example, Inc./Tae Kwon Do Ramblers Self-Defense Systems We Lead By Example, Inc./Tae Kwon Do Ramblers Self-Defense Systems is a leader in dealing with bullying behavior that affects people of all ages. Grandmaster/Dr. Clifford Thomas teaches bullying prevention and self-defense in his martial arts classes throughout the year and our organization hosts community workshops and seminars that directly address bullying or crosscutting issues. In April, we held a workshop that addressed child sexual abuse. In June, our workshop was geared to senior citizens who are also victims of bullying behavior. On October 3, we will join PACER and host a community walk and rally against bullying.
MD Freedom Elementary School During October all classroom counseling lessons will be focused on bullying prevention. Students will also participate in a school wide assembly discussing bullying. In addition, students will come together on Unity Day and show how they can take a stand against bullying.
MD Park Hall Elementary We will have bullying prevention classroom lessons, activities, assembly programs and bullying prevention spirit days.
MD The Highlands School For Unity Day the Girls Club will perform a Unity Dance, there will be a banner and a petition for students to sign, we have Unity Ribbons, and the students will dress in orange.
MD Baltimore Chapter,Choir Psi Phi National Music Society,Inc. We have a Bullying Prevention Run/Walk, a Testimonial Banner and we are raising awareness by handing out flyers and wearing orange on Unity Day. We will also be working with youth that day teaching them how music unites!
MD Stevensville Middle School We are posting orange ribbons on every classroom door, creating a bulletin board with the #beahero hashtag that will have students' quotes about how to be heroes instead of bullies, a bulletin board with a #beahero hashtag singed by students who pledge to not bully, and emails with infographics and information will be distributed to parents through email.
MD 4 the Healing in You, Inc. We are committed to safeguarding our youth, educating to end bullying in our communities, providing safe space for youth to be their unique selves, and helping youth who have experienced bullying to heal.
MD Ascend Institute of Martial Arts Every Saturday in October Ascend will be conducting FREE bullying prevention workshops for the Bethesda, MD community!
MI Hillman Elementary School We will encourage all staff and students to wear orange on October 21st and hope to implement some other ideas listed on your website.
MI Capital Cheer Legends Capital Cheer Legends athletes have made a commitment to not only teammates, but themselves to treat others fairly and to stand up against bullying. Athletes and parents sign a contract as well as sign a wall dedicated to bullying prevention.
MI Wayne Memorial High School We are giving out ribbons and bracelets in support of the bullying prevention movement.
MN Lifeworks Services, Inc. We have a Self-Advocacy class at Lifeworks in Apple Valley, MN. We talk about sticking up for our rights and the rights of others. We want to spread the word about anti-bullying and about accepting others as they are!
MN First Lutheran Church Discussion in church newsletter: Informational brochures displayed in the church: Discussion at youth activities.
MN Rockford Elementary Arts Magnet School All staff and students will be wearing orange on National Unity Day this year. Each student and staff member will get a small ribbon with the colors green/white (our school colors) and orange (the bully prevention color) to attach to their backpacks and bags. Additionally, every student will be doing an art project based on kindness and bullying prevention. We are so excited!!
MN Piedmont Girl Scout troop 4073 We got a donation of 25 shirts for our troop and for some of the staff at our school to spread the word about Unity Day. Thanks to Big Frog shirts in Duluth MN for the great shirts!
MN Ultimate Martial Arts- Lakeville We teach self esteem and internal confidence. We are offering a free karate class for all new students during the month of October!
MN Brimhall Friendship Connection I will be working with my 5th and 6th graders to become peer counselors/ambassadors for bullying prevention. We also are participating in Unity Day by wearing orange and getting our message out!
MN FCCLA We are wearing orange to celebrate Unity Day.
MN New Prague High School We celebrate Bullying Prevention Week in October and a group of students meet monthly to discuss activities for our bullying prevention group, PROUD (People Respecting Others and Understanding Differences)
MN Murray County Central We have Unity Day and Kindness Week, and a student task force called TEAM- Together Everyone Achieves More.
MN Kerkhoven Murdock Sunburg Elementary School On Wednesday, October 21, KMS Elementary staff and students will be wearing orange in support of National Unity Day against bullying.
MO Boone County Family Resources We are using resources from the PACER websites to share with our persons served by our agency and their families to help them better understand how to prevent bullying.
MO Banishing Bullying Behaviors Project
MO Be a #BellaOriginal Foundation Inc. The Be a #BellaOriginal Foundation Inc. is committed to promote bullying prevention, self-esteem and self-worth in our youth!
MO Lakeview Middle School Our class meetings in October address the issue of bullying and we hold dress up days to celebrate being "bully" free. Morning announcements include facts about bullying and we may have a” mix-it-up day” at lunch.
MS St. Martin Middle School Junior Civitan Club We promote Unity Day and bullying prevention with banners and by making an orange chain link garland to spread out through the school. We also are having an ORANGE Out Day on Oct. 21.
MS Starkville High School Students Against Destructive Decisions We will hold an October Bullying Prevention Feast.
MS Osyka Elementary Osyka Elementary developed rules with our students regarding bullying prevention.
MS Armstrong Middle School Our students will participate in an activity each day to raise awareness of bullying prevention. Students will be encouraged to wear orange on Oct. 21 to celebrate Unity Day.
NC #NotOnMyWatch™ #NotOnMyWatch™ provides bullying prevention, suicide-prevention, and social advocacy services across the country. Our organization passes out bullying prevention resources, pencils, bookmarks, etc. We also coordinate visits with local schools to speak about bullying and cyberbullying.
NC West Montgomery High Shool We offer counseling with a teacher.
NC Wrightsville Beach Elementary We are learning about bullying and how to prevent it in the Media Center. We are creating a wall of words describing ways we can be kind to each other and help to prevent bullying.
NC North Johnston High School, IMPACT Club The IMPACT Club will sponsor a week long awareness program to include daily announcements, a student pledge and petition signing celebration on Unity Day, October 21. This is the second year that our high school club has sponsored an Anti-bullying campaign with the help of the PACER resources.
NC Friendships Forever, Inc. We will be doing the following activities: Mentor programs at schools and for communities, anti-bullying celebration and walk, nationwide school/city tour events, reaching out to youths uniting communities.
NC Wadesboro Elementary School Wadesboro Elementary will present a program to the parents on "Becoming a champion against bullying."
NC Morven Elementary School Morven Elementary will present a program for the PTA, entitled "Champions For Bully Preventions."
NC Weddington Middle School We teach our students that if you are not a part of the solution, then you are a part of the problem! We go back to basics and encourage kindness towards everyone, treating others the way we want to be treated and standing up for what is right.
NC Lake Rim Elementary School Our school has bullying prevention classes the entire month of October.
NC Peer Mentors We had a day in October when everyone wore orange.
NC Fuquay Varina Pediatrics We are having kids take a pledge against bullying.
NC Heritage Collegiate Leadership Academy We are a public charter school in our second year of operation. Last year, we had a Bullying Prevention Rally at our school. We had student skits, presentations and a guest panel comprised of community leaders all working together to Stomp Out Bullying. We also had several lessons and activities taught in our classrooms.
NC Hawfields Middle School Hawfields is committed to a zero-tolerance bullying policy.
NC JT Barber Elementary Reading books and performing a play about bullying.
ND Lizzie Jensen: Miss Geographic Center. Miss North Dakota Scholarship Organization I am an individual telling my story about my bullying experience and reminding children and adults their self-worth in this world. I am starting to speak out to schools in the ND area to help prevent bullying and to promote helping others.
ND Tate Topa Tribal School Our Middle School Student Council is heading up a Red Ribbon and Bully Prevention Week the last week of October. We have made posters and put them up around the school. Each day is a special theme concerning drugs and bullying prevention. On Friday October 30th the middle school students are putting on a program for the elementary students to encourage the younger students to stay bully free and drug free. The elementary leadership students have also made posters. The school counselors focus lessons around how to stand up to bullies, and how to be a defender of the person being bullied.
NJ Stellar All Stars Stellar will begin our Stellar Against Bullying campaign this October. Our athletes will be creating their own orange t-shirts and will discuss the ways in which they fight bullying both in the gym and out. Our coaching staff will be working with the athletes to initiate new team bonding activities and develop an action plan to stop bullying before it starts.
NJ Lewis F. Cole Middle School SADD Club. Students will participate by wearing an orange shirt on National Bullying Prevention Day to come together as a sign of unity and put a stop to bullying. This will correlate with our bullying prevention pledge and other activities throughout the month.
NJ W.H.Y - We Help You Mix it up Day, Bully Free and all day WHY training and suicide prevention.
NJ Mothers Against Bullying We are holding a Walk Out Bullying Walk-a-thon
NJ Pleasantville Junior Jokers We are just getting started in bullying prevention and we would like to start implementing this into our program through our practices and fundraising events.
NJ Audubon School Sr./Jr. High We will be having an activity
NJ Rainbow Rabbit Anti-Bullying Educational Program The Rainbow Rabbit organization realizes the significance of empowering children, parents, and educators, who are all navigating their way through tough challenging times. Our mission is to address the serious issues affecting today’s children and to bring about positive change. Many people have been bullied during the course of their lives, which can make you feel like an outsider. The Rainbow Rabbit Anti-Bullying Educational Program provides educators with the tools to help students handle difficult situations in and out of the classroom.
NJ Franklin Township School We are having a Respect Week, a Hunterdon County Cyber Crimes Unit Presentation, and bullying prevention lessons.
NJ Long Branch Free Public Library We display anti-bullying materials around the library, with a display that includes strands of orange beads for patrons to wear for Unity Day. The library staff also wears orange.
NJ Rah Rah Routines Rah Rah Routines is celebrating National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month throughout October with various social media activities and client participation -- including Bullying Prevention Pledges, Blue Shirt Day and MORE! We are passionate about equality, and strongly believe all individuals should be treated fairly and respectfully regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, general interests and more.
NM Dona Ana County We are encouraging all county employees to wear orange on Unity Day 2015.
NM Lincoln Middle School Creation of a culture of Kindness: Monthly Kindness Activities including end the word, Red Ribbon Week, and Kindness Week.
NM Zuni Elementary School Counseling Program We offer classroom guidance lessons.
NM Chaparral Middle School Our school will have a Bullying Prevention Rally, Bullying Prevention Guidance Lessons, Bully Prevention Poster Contest, and Pledge Cards signed by all students.
NM Barcelona Elementary School Our school will celebrate Unity Day by holding a bullying prevention poster contest, signing bullying prevention petitions on the PACER website during students' recesses, signing a Unity Day banner, handing out resources and information on bullying prevention, wearing orange, and playing music with positive messages of hope. We may also participate in the Unity Dance. Our school's Peer Mediation Program is sponsoring the event as promoters of peace on campus. We are looking forward to adding our voice to help put an end to bullying and encourage acceptance, inclusion, and kindness!
NV Rosemary Clarke Middle School We are organizing a walk against bullying on campus and encouraging students to wear orange for Unity Day. We are selling orange t-shirts for students to wear on Unity Day.
NV My Book Only Personalized Children's Books Our mission is to promote literacy and self-esteem by providing quality personalized books that will instill in children the love of reading. Each book is personalized with the child's name and the names of their friends. Each bullying prevention month My Book Only will donate 50% of all book sales to PACER's campaign. In addition, all year we will donate 5% of each book sold that deals with a child's self-esteem.
NV Stop Bullying in Schools We are having a conference in Miami, donating books to schools and developing an anti-bullying poster.
NV Family ATA III Martial Arts Our instructors provide anti-bullying seminars at local schools and pre-schools.
NV Teen Talk with Hannah Teen Talk with Hannah will be continually exploring the problem of bullying in our schools and with our children through panels with students, parents, educators and other adults.
NV Mueller, Hinds & Associates We work with local schools to raise awareness about bullying and how to spot it.
NV Elko Institute for Academic Achievement We are starting next school year, I am open for any suggestions!
NY Moment of Silence We have the students write letters about what the moment of silence means to them and then run an assembly where all the letter writers receive a certificate and a prize.
NY Bullyproof Project Community Awareness and getting the schools to be more involved.
NY Schuyler County Public Health Department Our County Legislature declares Oct. as Bullying Prevention Month. We do a lot of educational activities within the county and ask all schools, agencies, businesses and individuals wear orange on Unity Day. We also request they take selfies, group pictures etc. and post on social media on Unity showing staff wearing orange. Some hold signs declaring self-proclamations etc.
NY Dr. Kenneth B. Clark Academy We will be purchasing orange bracelets for all students and staff to wear. Staff and students will also be encouraged to wear orange articles of clothing. Teachers and clinicians will be running activities and groups related to the topics of bullying and bullying prevention.
NY P.S./I.S. 268Q P.S./I.S. 268 in Jamaica Queens, NY has taken a pledge to stomp out bullying throughout the school environment. In January 2014, the school initiated a bullying prevention program named the School Against Bullying (SAB) program. The program began as an initiative geared toward promoting positive social behavior, and to provide students with information and activities to facilitate a bully free school community. As the SAB program continues to expand each year, we use the month of October as a time to spearhead our school's goal of promoting a school culture based upon acceptance, tolerance, and most importantly, fairness.
NY Pierre Van Cortlandt Middle School We will be conducting lessons with our students in two separate meetings that explore the importance of being an Upstander. On October 21st, the students will participate and contribute to the Unity Day celebration. They will take the pledge to be Upstanders and learn more about what they can do to prevent and stop bullying and support victims of bullying.
NY St. Brigid School The St. Brigid community will wear orange and create a unity chain to raise awareness about bullying.
NY Move It! (NYC) I will be hosting a dance aerobics class to promote community and harmony amongst people through dancing.
NY Grove Street Academy We are making posters, initiating an effort to have kids make friends with someone they don't know at school, to stand up for others, and sign a Bullying Prevention Agreement.
NY New Heights Middle School We have a lot of bullying prevention activities in October: Health education class lessons, all staff and scholars wear orange on Unity Day, Kennan West assembly, we are creating a bullying prevention PSA, making posters and a door decorating contest, and advisory lessons and activities about the effects of bullying and the bullying prevention movement.
NY Emmet Belknap Intermediate School For Bullying Prevention Month we have a poster contest, a bullying prevention poster signed by all students, an orange chain link of positive traits, students wear orange, and a monthly character theme.
NY The Seeing Place Theater We are currently producing a play called GIDION'S KNOT which is about a child who is bullied by students and his teacher and he ends up committing suicide. We're presenting the play so that we can foster a conversation about bullying prevention in our schools. We have also produced THE LARAMIE PROJECT in 2014 to foster a conversation about bullying in the LGBT community.
NY P.S. 144 Ryder Elementary
NY Stamford Central School Bullying Awareness Week: Monday 10/19 Wear Boots to Stomp out Bullying, Tuesday 10/20 Wear Pink to Erase Bullying, Wednesday 10/21 Unity Day- Wear Orange, Thursday 10/22 Put Bullying to Bed- PJ Day.
NY Give More HUGS Teachers and organizations can join Give More HUGS to bring discussions about preventing bullying by participating in a Warm-up Wednesday activity.
OH Geneva Middle School We address bullying during morning announcements, through posters, and conversation during lunch/walking period.
OH CLAYMONT JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL We live-streamed Nick Vujicic, have a Bullying Prevention Week, complete with discussions/videos, our students sign the Bullying Prevention Pledge, wear orange on Unity Day, and we have a Positive Message Campaign.
OH West Union Junior High School The West Union Junior High Student council is taking a stand against bullying by making posters and creating a supportive environment for all students.
OH First Student As the largest school bus transportation provider in the country, First Student is part of the solution when it comes to eliminating bullying. Through driver training, information for parents and schools, and supporting this initiative, First Student wants all of us to be #TogetherAgainst bullying.
OH Wayne-Local Schools WHS was named the Nicest School in America Co-Winner 2015 sponsored by Secret's Mean Stinks. We continue to educate students about recognizing a bully and how to stand up to one safely. We also encourage students to live above the influence of peer pressure and educate them on embracing their differences. We educate them on the importance of having heroes and staying focused on healthy goals. We are holding three REDO Days across our district this year sponsored by the Violence Free Coalition of Warren County, Ohio. Our goal is to create a safe and positive school culture. Thank you for your part in inspiring
OH IPNADI | The Self Defense Authority Child Empowerment / Bully Prevention Programs / Workshops Battered Women's Programs
OH Orion Academy We do moral focus assembly each month with a different focus word. Last month was wisdom and this month we will be talking about respect which will be a good way to lead into the topic of bullying.
OH Blissfield High School's Stand Up, Speak Out Group We are connecting with the local university's drama department to produce PSAs to inform and inspire high school students about the effects of bullying, prejudice, and hate. We are also organizing a poetry/music night to build a community of awareness. We are part of the Lenawee County Anti-Bullying Task Force. Several of our students will be talking about our program on the air this month. Lots of great stuff going on!
OH Hip Little Tribe We are creating awareness through our designs for bullying prevention and our blog with letters from parents and children to help spread the word about bullying. Also, by donating 10% of proceeds towards bullying prevention initiatives.
OH Northeast Ohio College Preparatory High School A pep rally will be hosted by the scholars at NEO I Can School. The scholars will also continue to fight against bullying by forming a peer intervention group that will advocate, provide emotional support and other resources for scholars throughout the school year who are experiencing some form of bullying.
OH Project You Are Loved We do random acts of kindness to help give kids a boost of happiness and self-worth by using kind words. We have put sticky notes on the lockers of several schools in and outside our school districts with phrases that show the other students we care so they know that even if they feel alone they are not.
OH Case School N.O.W program We have a district wide Not on Our Watch program that makes each student in the district aware of bullying and help the students to stand up and speak out.
OH Peer Haven We are working to help have/set up Anti-bullying assemblies, rallies, and a county wide Wear Orange campaign!
OH West Clermont Community Community involvement
OH One Million Acts of Kindness One Million Acts of Kindness began in 2007 because of the Virginia Tech tragedy. We traveled the country doing school programs talking to students, parents and educators about having kindness as a goal in one's life. I also ride a bicycle raising awareness about putting an end to bullying. Every person needs to realize their importance in the world. It is so important to help one another especially when someone is in need of a helping hand. Be a hero to everyone in your life!
OK Knock Out Bullying, Inc. Every second Tuesday, we have a meeting. See page for details.
OK Lincoln Elementary We teach the second step curriculum as well as guidance lessons throughout that year that support respectful and kind behavior.
OR The Business Dept. The Business Dept & Will Fries are Facebook Strategy Experts who provide training & guidance to social media gurus, and encourage everyone in our online communities to upstand against bullying.
OR Best Taekwondo Academy Our bullying prevention programs, called "Leverage Defense for Woman Course" and "Leverage Defense for Kids Course" focus on physical skills and psychological aspects in tandem.
PA Hero's For Hope We will be doing several programs at some local schools, as well as some birthday parties.
PA Reading Harbor We are publishing resources to help those who have been bullied.
PA Dawn of New York Beauty Against Bullying (BAB): Africa Bound is a community-based anti-bullying fashion show and charity event with a global initiative to positively reach and impact the lives of those who have or may be experiencing bullying and to teach individuals to love their bodies and themselves regardless of their age, size, culture, gender or socio-economic background. This unique, multi-cultural and sensory charity event will benefit the Pocono community and form a collaborative relationship across continents to unite with Good Shepherd Sustainable Learning Foundation (GSSLF) which benefits Good Shepherd Academy in Cameroon, West Africa where opportunities for creative expression will be created, supported and expanded through BAB’s on-going work... In addition, local Pocono school-based initiatives against bullying will also be funded.
PA ACHIEVA Spookley The Square Pumpkin activities on Saturday, October 2, 2015 at Triple B Farms. Big awareness event that we are sponsoring along with autism speaks.
PA impACT on Stage Release of amazing Cyberbullying video in October!
PA Ryer Martial Arts Academy Ryer Academy's martial arts programs build a strong foundation in social and emotional learning using the best in martial arts instruction. You will see improvements in your child's attitude; their ability to engage and show empathy towards others; as well as an improvement in making responsible decisions. But what makes Ryer Academy's Kids' Martial Arts program unique is that we go beyond the physical skills as we incorporate Verbal Martial Arts into our curriculum. We teach kids on a daily basis how to deflect bullying by communicating clearly, thinking critically and creatively, and solving problems effectively.
PA NHS School Apollo Students sign an anti-bullying pledge. Each classroom will conduct various bullying prevention lessons and an assembly will be held for the students regarding bullying prevention strategies.
PA Brownsville Area School District Brownsville Area School District participates in assemblies, classroom lessons, friendship walks, make a friend day, and other activities that promote positive and healthy friendships. We are hoping to become more involved and hope to learn about other activities that will shed light on this delicate matter and teach through participation.
PA Pathfinder School I teach bullying prevention year round with my students.
PA Lafayette School As part of our Bullying Prevention Committee, we meet monthly and have classroom discussions on our Bullying Prevention "word of the month."
PA Sto - Rox Elementary Our school has daily announcements, tips, and reminders about what to do if students see or are a victim of bullying. We will celebrate Unity Day on October 21 - Orange Out Day.
PA Delta Zeta Zeta Epsilon We are writing letters to students who have been bullied to help students from feeling a little less victimized by bullies.
PA WPIC, Center for Autism Merck Social Skills Groups We are posting on our bulletin board that October is Bullying Prevention Month and we host Social Skills Themed Groups on Bullying and Cyberbullying.
PA North Hills School District We began a "Stand Up, Don't Stand By" bystander program in 2014 and have been expanding its scope ever since. North Hills Middle School recently won the local "Shine a Light on Bullying" contest which will bring out a local radio personality and band to our school for an awareness assembly. Additionally, both North Hills High School and Middle School participated in the 2015 Unity Day celebration.
PA The MMA Academy of Pittsburgh Most of our students are bullied. We build their confidence and strengthen them mentally and physically. When certain problems occur and they are brought to our attention, we schedule private, one-on-one lesson at no charge to the student. Its becoming a very popular school in our area. The girls scouts just booked their 2nd annual seminar with us!
PR Puerto Rico Stop Bullying Association, Inc We are holding a professional conference for the educational community: First Summit Coexistence and Harassment in School on October 29th.
RI Resmini For Justice We always help those who seek justice. We are active in the community helping prevent bullying.
RI Paul Cuffee Upper School On October 21 during our All School Meeting the Student Senate Organization will be hosting a bullying prevention event. All students are encourage to wear the color orange on that day. We also have bullying mailboxes in designated spaces throughout the school.
RI CRANSTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS STADIUM All Students will be wearing orange on October 21st. We will be having bullying prevention assemblies.
SC Please Stop the Violence-Every life Matters We volunteer in local schools, have workshops to raise awareness in October and distribute literature at the annual Pecan Festival in Florence, SC.
SC Mt. Pleasant Academy Kaleidoscope We have begun a peer mediation group. This will equip children with positive character traits. Also how to help handle peer trouble within our program.
SC Samurai Karate Studio Sensei Feldt provides FREE school talks and hosts bully workshops at his school throughout the year. He is also available to work privately one on one.
SC Ocean Bay Middle School All staff and students wear our school T shirt on "Unity Day." We have a guest speaker on Oct. 22 on strategies to prevent bullying. We also post up multi-colored & laminated sheets throughout the building detailing themes like: Respect, No Bullying, Positive Citizenship, etc. all week long.
SC York School District 1 Our district has implemented the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program district-wide. We won a PACER Unity Award for the "Bigger than Bullying" 5K we sponsored last year; plans are being made for the 5K again this fall. We will celebrate National Bullying Prevention Month in October with assemblies, pep rallies and other events.
SC Indian Land High School FOR Club Sharing information on announcements, promoting community and caring through our ILHS FOR Club. Standing together on 10/21 to wear orange. Planning a Run, Walk, Roll to raise awareness about bullying prevention. Random acts of kindness.
SC Cyber Academy of South Carolina A counselor will be doing programs with all of our classes.
SC Mullins High School Mullins High School has bullying prevention activities planned throughout the school year. From all staff members being trained to recognize and react to bullying situations to students participating in art contests, essay contests, class projects, and so much more. We love our students, school and community and believe in being bully free.
SC Hunter Street Elementary School We have a Box Out Bullying program that includes a Wear Orange day and Super Hero day.
TN Angela Floyd School for Dance and Music, LLC Hosting National Bullying Prevention Month with our competition dancers and will share with our entire school.
TN Phillip Miller As parents and teachers, we know how bullying can affect children’ s lives, which is why we strive to end it.
TN UCAN of Memphis July 25 we will host our 2nd annual Dare 2 Dream Conference at Neighborhood Christian Center centering around anti-bullying strategies for both parents and students. October we will host a anti-bullying play open to the public.
TN DuPont Tyler Middle Prep School Ally For All Program (associated with the Oasis Center in Nashville, TN).
TN Fairley Elementary School On October 21, 2015 students, teachers and staff will unite by wearing orange. On October 26, 2015 we will have a bullying prevention assembly with students in grades 3-5.
TN Omni Prep Academy Lower School We are raising awareness of bullying prevention. We are wearing Orange on Unity Day to show that Omni Prep is dedicated to being unified in the fight against bullying!
TN Omni Prep Academy Middle School Students will participate in bullying prevention lessons including how to stay away from cyberbullying. The students will wear orange on Wednesday to show how OPA is unified in our fight against bullying! Students will sign no bullying pledges that pledge students' actions to treat every student with respect!
TN The Active Heart and Hands of Jesus The Active Heart and Hands of Jesus is implement a campaign against bullying. We will wear orange, make posters, read theme related stories, form a walk against bullying with the kids that will take us around the building and make a unity chain.
TX Nei Wai Chia Martial Arts Academy Nei Wai Chia’s well rounded program draws from a variety of martial arts sources, as well a various philosophies and basic common sense. We want our students to understand that good self defense includes more than physical skill. Our program also emphasizes virtuous conduct, self-discipline, restraint, tolerance and respect.
TX Newton County Sheriff's Office We disseminate bullying prevention coloring books to local area students.
TX Zotz Education Center Our school is involved in many ways: Parental Involvement Meeting about Cyberbullying and Internet Safety, Take a Stand Against Bullying Pledge Cards, students will sign a link for a Unity Chain, students and staff will wear orange t-shirts on Unity Day, we will take a group unity picture in the stands at the football stadium to show that we are united in the stand against bullying, students will sit together during lunch and view a video about positive self-image, and students will receive bookmarks and stickers to promote the stand against bullying.
TX Houston Quran Academy We are just starting this program.
TX South Texas Institutes of Health We are participating in a Bullying Prevention Health Fair.
TX Career Center East Our entire campus is joining PACER and Unity Day by wearing orange and we have a Flyer/Warmup Awareness Event throughout the entire school.
TX City of Laredo- Parks & Leisure Services Youth Council On Unity Day we will proudly wear ORANGE! We will be hosting a bullying prevention awareness walk at a local park.
TX Grupo EPEE SW Dallas Our monthly meeting will talk about bullying and how the Latino parents with children in the special education program need to be aware of this issue and how to work like a team with the ARD Committee to develop a prevention plan in the IEP, along with other issues.
TX Cypress-Fairbanks ISD CFISD provides monthly lessons throughout the school year regarding bullying through our Project Safety lessons.
TX Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc Fort Worth Alumnae Chapter We are holding a Walk/Run
TX I'm Bully Free I’m Bully Free‘s mission is to be a Center of Excellence and provide support and raise awareness to schools that have declared a commitment to creating and maintaining a Bully-Free, Safe and Secure environment. I’m Bully Free has schools, universities, corporations, and supporters around the world! Our stakeholders includes schools, students, teachers and community members that work together to ensure that everyone feels respected, safe, and valued. We are currently also working with Pampa Texas ISD and raising funds for anti-bullying programs and speakers to be integrated throughout the whole 2015-16 school year and hopefully every year after.
TX Geiger Portraits & Photography We will be devoting a full month to gathering donations through photography services to give to For every $1 we make, we will donate 50 cents towards fighting against bullying!
TX Helping Tales Publishers Published a new children's anti-bullying book
TX Jefferson Avenue Elementary School Our activities include: The Great Kindness Challenge, No Place For Hate Activities, and No-Name Calling Week.
TX Gordon, Elias & Seely We work with the community to make sure bullying becomes a thing of the past.
TX Kindness Matters, Inc. Kindness Matters is designed to change the way young people talk to each other. The "pro kindness" campaign involves a Weekly Kindness Challenge, school and community presentations, and an active social media presence.
TX Masters TaeKwonDo Academy We host bullying defense seminars and public school presentations.
TX Searchrpm Searchrpm looks at the latest concerns and solutions for keeping kids safe online. Our online resource center is all about bringing parents up to speed on how they can protect their kids, ways to teach kids about Internet safety and helping them build good online habits.
TX Tatum Primary We integrate bullying prevention with character education and the implementation of random acts of kindness.
TX Crockett Elementary We have district wide implementation of the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program. On our campus teachers teach lessons connected to bullying prevention every Wednesday. We have bullying prevention commitments we follow and hold an annual Bully and Drug Free Rally on our campus.
TX Harris County Department of Education Center for Safe and Secure Schools We are always posting information about bullying prevention on our websites and have workshops and seminars on bullying prevention.
TX Carleston Elementary Students will be taught the importance of bullying awareness during the month of October. There will be daily activities including, morning announcements, educational activities, assemblies, and video clips. Students will be asked to wear orange on October 21st.
TX Westside High School We have bullying prevention posters around our school, weekly news articles, and are planning to have a Photo Booth with "Don't be mean behind the screen props.
TX Southwest Independent School District The SWISD has launched a bullying prevention 'AHA-B'(Anti-Harassment, Anti-Bullying) initiative to proactively plan, communicate, educate, and involve our district in a variety of activities that promote a respectful learning community. Our efforts extend from our school campuses into student transportation and will include student cyber activities. Designated district staff are thrilled to be able to partner with an invested community task force made up of parents and community leaders who meet once a month to ensure the program continues to target measurable success.
TX Odem-Edroy ISD We will take a Pledge Against Bullying, watch out for bullying, and make Kindness Chains.
TX StopBullyingOurPurpose With bullying being a major problem in this country and our communities, the mayors of the following cities: Lewisville, Flower Mound, Highland Village and Dallas, have proclaimed it “SBOP 'S Say No to Bullying Day. " SBOP (StopBullyingOurPurpose) is a nonprofit anti-bullying organization based in Lewisville. To bring awareness to this problem, there will be a balloon release and pep rally on Friday, October 2nd. SBOP will visit several schools to spread awareness of this problem and also provide effective tools to help stop bullying. There will be a free bullying prevention rally on Sat 10/3/15.
TX Bee Friendly Boot Camp The Bee Friendly Boot Camp exists to save lives and banish bullying by instilling value, worth and belonging for elementary school students. Imagine if you could have an environment that was safe and secure producing a healthy place to learn! Don't Bee stung by bullying instead, nominate your school today! We are a digitally based paper-less program with a concert-like production integrating schools, students, parents and the community.
TX Woodland Acres Middle School - GPISD We are conducting bullying prevention lessons in the classrooms, meeting with students during lunch to discuss bullying and how they can help make it stop, signing a campus pledge to stand up against bullying, creating a Unity Chain on October 21st and wearing orange on Unity Day to support Kindness, Acceptance and Inclusion.
TX Boys & Girls Clubs of Edinburg RGV We are hosting weekly highlights of information to the 500 youth that attend our club daily. We kicked the month out with a blue shirt day and pledge.
TX Woodland Acres Middle School - GPISD We are celebrating Unity Day by wearing Orange as a campus. We are also creating the UnityChain to display at our school and we are signing a banner to show we are united for kindness, acceptance and inclusion.
TX HCDE Center for Safe and Secure Schools We are constantly sending out information on bullying prevention, updating our website with new bullying information and resources, and we conduct bullying prevention workshops.
TX Darul Arqam Southwest School We have Bullying Prevention Month.
TX Kathy Caraway Elementary We offer daily lessons, counselor guidance, an Orange Out Day, and a contest.
TX Judo Institute We teach a program called, "STOP! I'M WARNING YOU!" We focus on teaching kids how to speak up, how to stand up for themselves, safety issues, strong body - strong mind, how to protect themselves without kicks or punches, and how to help others!
TX Xquizite Ladies We extend information to children at all schools in the community to raise awareness of bullying.
VA Daniel Morgan Middle School Our school will be doing activities throughout the month to unite our school and community against bullying. We will also be participating on October 21 Unity Day!!
VA Caroline Middle School We are hosting our 5th annual Anti-Bullying Walk on Thursday, October 8 2015.
VA I'M JUST ME MOVEMENT I'm Just Movement Day held in schools and I'm Just Me leadership award for kids who stand up to bullying.
VA Charterhouse School - Edinburg We will be participating in Unity Day- staff and students wear orange to collaboratively make an effort to stop bullying, encouraging staff and students to attend Run, Walk, and Roll Against Bullying in Washington DC on October 17, 2015, and participating in the Be Good to Each other campaign.
VA MichieHamlett We blog about issues affecting families with children in school and are active within the Charlottesville community to help raise awareness about bullying.
VA S.T.A.R.S. Organization We will be having a "No Bully Walk" in October 2016 in Washington D.C.
VA Walnut Hill Elementary School Our school has: 1. Daily Morning Announcements 2. "Joining Hands against Bullying" - Display of hands with bullying prevention messages throughout hallways 3. Display of posters & drawings 4. Students view videos on bullying prevention 5. Classroom guidance lessons on bullying prevention
VA I'M JUST ME MOVEMENT We provide age appropriate activities that start the conversation and dialogue about embracing self-pride. All students should be proud of who they are; as well as accepting others and their differences. An important focus that we have is being able to work with students with specific learning challenges because sometimes, they are reluctant to share; or are not readily involved because they feel that they are not like everyone else. We agree that bullying stops with one person at a time.
VI Lockhart School's Performing Artists In Action Against Violence Club For this month we are having our entire student body take the pledge against all forms of Bullying & violence. We are also holding a mega "Bully Free Begins With Me" Rally on Oct.21, featuring an original skit with that title, as well as having students form a "Living Peace & Unity Tapestry" as our finale!
VI St Croix Central High School We hold a poetry, poster, and rap contest. We also have daily announcements and put up flyers.
WA University High School Our school speaks to each grade level about harassment, intimidation and bullying. In addition, our student leadership helps educate the students.
WA Autism Empowerment Autism Empowerment has been proud to partner with as Champion Partner since 2012. Each year we host different kinds of Bullying Prevention activities in Washington including panels and podcasts. We will be also posting YouTube videos throughout the month of October. Please visit our website for more details.
WA Blind Judo Foundation Co-Founders Ron C. Peck and Coach Willy Cahill of the Blind Judo Foundation and Coach Cahill Principal of Cahill's Judo Academy is acutely aware of this national epidemic and is teaching athletes both sighted and visually impaired to be aware of and proactive in stamping out bullying to all Judo students. Judo is about building confidence, enhancing independence and empowerment of individuals. Bullying has no place in our society or around the world.
WA Ms. Camay International I am the Executive Director of Ms. Camay's Black Tie Fashion Gala together with and the National Workplace Bullying Coalition that will raise awareness about Workplace Bullying.
WA Coupeville High School We will hold a t-shirt design contest and a day to wear orange.
WA Christensen Elementary School We are celebrating Unity Day and putting Bullying Prevention/Friendship Posters around the school.
WA The Charles Lafitte Foundation CLF Kid’s Corner invites you to enter an essay contest to support National Bullying Prevention Month! You could win great prizes. For more information visit our website. All entries are due by November 13th, 2015.
WI Turtle Lake Public Library We want to put up some displays for anti-bullying months and give out free bracelets to the public.
WV Robert C. Byrd High School (SADD Chapter) SADD members at RCB High are asking the student body, faculty, administration, and staff to wear orange on October 21st for Unity Day. We are also going to have a unity chain for students to sign their names on the week of Oct. 14-Oct.18. Signing their name means they are bully-free and unite for kindness and acceptance. The goal is for students to visualize the lengths a support system can go.

2015 Bullying Champions from Around the World - Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

- England YMCA Coventry & Warwickshire
- South Africa Bokamoso Anti-Bullying, Youth Support And Home Based Care Organization We are the non-profit making organization located in South Africa in province of Free State, city of Bloemfontein. Our secondary program is working with communities and schools specifically in terms of bullying prevention, creating awareness and providing support and bringing about skill programs to our youth.
- Trinidad Trinidad Primary Schools Workshops ... PowerPoint presentations
- Zimbabwe Zimbabwe Anti Bullying Society We are raising awareness and holding workshops.