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Become a Champion Against Bullying

2011 Champions—Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

AK Stone Soup Group We are going to participate in Unity Day and Unity Dance Day.
AL Lorma Colleges Basic Education Department
AL Birmingham Mayor's Office Division of Youth Services We will include information from the website in our monthly and weekly newsletter that is distributed to numbers of organizations and leaders in Birmingham, AL.
AL Institute for Sustainability Education & Development ISED will be writing letters to regional and national editors, handing out flyers, conducting speeches on bullying and anti-bullying measures, contacting government officials and sending out over 1,500 email alerts.
AR LcB Nail Lacquer Speaking Engagements to Philander Smith College, GoodWill Mentor Program
AZ Crane School District
AZ Nonviolence Legacy Project & Culture of Peace Alliance Oct. 22 & 29, 2011 = Multi-Generational Introduction to Kingian Nonviolence training program. A meeting called to look at how we can focus our nonviolence training work more specifically on the prevention of bullying and creation of a more caring and unified community.
AZ Pilot Parents of Southern Arizona Provided training awareness on bullying in both English and Spanish. Pilot Parents supported Unity Day by wearing orange. All school districts and many individual buildings received a packet with bullying information on a CD. Pledge cards and bookmarkers were distributed as well.
AZ Navajo Treatment Center for Children and Thier Families - Tuba City Regional Clinic
CA Total Life Fitness Total Life Fitness, Inc was formed to meet the health needs of an ever growing population of youth, adults and seniors suffering from injuries or degenerative diseases through multiple modalities and health and fitness education. The Dojo at Total Life Fitness concerns it's self with the health and safety of our youth and adults by offering a variety of martial arts classes, self defense courses, and bully awareness and response education for schools.
CA Youth Organizing! Disabled & Proud In September 2011 YO! is launching a youth driven year long "Own MY Power" Freedom from Bullying Campaign to educate our communities and policy makers about the impact of bullying on youth with disabilities.
CA Bahia Vista Elementary School
CA Long Beach High School
CA Palm Middle School October 10-14 will be "Bullying Prevention Week" -Daily Announcements -"The End of Bullying Begins With Me" petition; posters
CA Glenview Elementary School Oct. 12 - Wear Orange Day to support those who have been bullied. Parent Education on Bullying and Bystander Behaviors. Classroom lessons from the Welcoming Schools Curriculum.
CA Rowell Family Empowerment of Northern California Puppet shows; presentations
CA ParentsCAN- Parent Child Advocacy Network
CA Beyond Bullies We will be partnering with other organizations and having an event to bring awareness about bullying and cyberbullying.
CA Foulks Ranch Elementary School Our Task Force Against Bullying (TFAB) will be determining activities. They will include having all students sign our anti-bullying pledge that was developed by our TFAB.
CA Kuk Sool Won of Menlo Park Martial Arts and Character Development Center Presenting FREE Bullying Prevention Workshops on 10/22 for our community. One for grades K-4 and one for 5-9 on Bullying Prevention. Including conversations about bullying in this month's mat chats in all our classes. Outreach to local schools. October Blog posts dedicated to bully prevention topics.
CT Woodrow Wilson Middle School We will be participating in Unity Day. Students will create a bulletin board about info on bullying as well as read morning announcements.
CT America's ANTI Bully Provide ANTI bully workshops to children, parents and teachers using character as a guide to improve this international crisis.
DC Imagine Hope Lamond PCS Anti-Bullying Poster Contest, Unity Day Event, introducing our Peer Mediation Program, and Anti-bullying morning messages everyday in October
DE Autism Delaware Staff is wearing orange on Unity Day, Oct. 12th, to recognize National Bullying Prevention Month. We are also asking our membership, supporters, and Facebook followers to do the same and pledge to help prevent bullying.
DE Christina School District; Delaware School for the Deaf Use district's curriculum to educate children in classrooms about bullying.
FL Madison County School District
FL Marathon Middle / High School Anti-Bullying Committee No - name calling week in January.
FL ASSERT Empowerment and Self Defense We teach Empowerment and Self Defense classes to families, friend and peer groups, area schools and colleges, victim resources, clinics, and more. Please look over our website for more complete information.
FL Indian River Charter High School
FL The Sarasota Y - Adventure Club Afterschool Program Celebrating Unity Day at our 6 afterschool care sites by making unity ribbons. Talking with each age group about bullying and bullying prevention. Handing out the petitions for the children to have with them to help grow support. Reading and talking about "Spookley the Square Pumpkin".
FL Bronson Elementary Bulling Pledge; Unity Dance
FL International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry The ISEPP International Conference on mental health topics will be held Oct. 28 & 29, 2011. Bullying and Cyberbullying are issues that will be discussed by many of the professional members of ISEPP who gather annually for this conference.
FL Omega-Man School Assemblies Omega-Man and Friends is a very unique school assembly presentation because it delivers the anti-bullying message through a comic book superhero–an image which children look up to and emulate. And because of this admiration, the students’ attention is captured and thus they retain the message long-term. To our knowledge, there are no companies today that present their assembly message in this way.
GA Pinevale Learning Center
GA St. Marys Middle School
GA Okimat Juvenile & Family Services Okimat is providing NO Bullying workshops throughout the community and schools informing youth about the cause and importance of National Bullying Prevention Month.
GA Sconiers Homeless Preventive Organization Inc. 501c3 Conflict solving workshops; behavioral treatment action plans; roundtable section with the parent and adolescent students; anger management; crisis prevention and crisis intervention workshops; workshop to allow youth to express their feelings. Our youth leadership board conducts a bi-monthly community outreach function. Oct 22, 2011 will be a 2-day overnight self-help retreat.
GA Princess Free Zone Princess Free Zone's founder, Michele Yulo, has created a super hero who fights bullies. Her name is Super Tool Lula and she uses her magic tools and Super Dog Chewie to teach bullies that hurting other kids is not right. Ms. Yulo has been reading the Super Tool Lula story to local elementary kids and singing the Super Tool Lula theme song to impart the importance of accepting differences and being kind.
HI The One Hundred The One Hundred is an international group of martial arts teachers who work in their communities as bullying prevention teachers.
HI Wailuku Elementary School The week of October 10 & 17 an anti-bullying video will be played on a closed circuit.
IA CAABI We do ADR mediation, advocating for parents/schools, speakings, and educational events
IA Amazing School Events "BAND Together: No Bullies Allowed!" is a school assembly program available to elementary schools in Minnesota, Iowa, North & South Dakota and Wisconsin. It is a 45 minute assembly program featuring comedy magic, audience participation and focuses on the topic of bully prevention in the school!
ID Delta Kappa Chapter of North Idaho College
IL Gompers Fine Arts Option School Wearing orange on Unity Day; posting information and web.
IL Solutions For Bullying
IL Woodruff Career and Technical Center All will wear orange on Oct. 12th; student made posters; sign a whole-school petition; daily lessons for the week of Oct. 10th.
IL The Bully Police Squad National Bullying Awareness Night featuring Jodee Blance, Survivor, expert and activist Jodee Blanco is one of the country's pre-eminent voices on the subject of school bullying. She is the author of The New York Times bestseller, Please Stop Laughing At Me. Students will also speak on how we can take a stand against bullying. Local media will cover the event. The event will also be part of a tv documentary.
IL Fulton High School Announcements are read daily defining bullying and the effects it has on students. We will wear blue on October 26th, listen to a speaker on bullying, and sign our names to blue shoes as part of our campaign to stomp out bullying in our school district.
IN Project Acceptance Project Acceptance Photo shoot at Ball State University - October 21st; Project Acceptance Photo shoot in Plainfield, Indiana - October 26th; Project Acceptance Day - October 28th
IN Marion County Commission on Youth (MCCOY), Inc. Coordinating a panel discussion with the Children's Coalition of Indiana around bullying and related policy issues.
IN Social Health Association of Indiana, Inc. We are conducting Bullying Prevention instruction and parent programs in schools throughout Central Indiana.
IN Hey U.G.L.Y. - Unique Gifted Lovable You We encourage schools and law enforcement agencies to conduct Stop Bullying classroom activities and school assembly presentations. We work with educators and students to empower youth to be part of the solution to societal ills like bullying and low self-esteem.
KY KY-SPIN, Kentucky Special Parent Involvement Network Run Walk Roll Against Bullying October 22, 2011 at Waterfront Park, Festival Plaza Louisville, KY. Registration at 9 AM, event begins 10 AM. Distributing Information about Bullying Prevention Month to schools, participating in all activities in October.
LA Families Helping Families of Jefferson We will be working with two elementary schools in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana during the month of October 2011. We will be providing the schools with PACER's National Bullying Curriculum and handouts for all classrooms. Teachers will use the lesson plans during the month and students will be asked to sign the pledges. Students signing the pledges will receive an orange rubber wristband that says Unite Stop Bullying. We will also have Orange Yard Signs children can bring home to put in their yards during the month of October.
LA Ebarb High School Students and faculty wore orange to school in support of Bullying Awareness. Classrooms made bulletin boards and orange posters were placed in hallways titled "Unite Against Bullying." On Oct. 26, 2011 an assembly will be held where the cheerleaders will dance to the Unity song and cheer against bullying. They will involve the entire school by leading the dance and inviting the students and faculty to dance along with them. The principal will address bullying issues to the whole assembly.
MA Bay Path College-- Golden "Z" Our club is planning a bullying awareness day.
MA DeAngelis Studio of Music We are a music school and we do many community performances and we would like to dedicate some of our up-coming performances to the cause of bullying prevention.
MA South School Civics class will dedicate the service learning project to set up student support plan for bullying prevention in school by partnering older students with younger students.
MD Girl Scout Troop #112 Community meeting to be held October 20th. Each girl scout will be signing the Anti-Bullying Pledge, and is challenged to get 10 other people to sign pledge. Information to be presented to PTA at school where troop meets.
MD Code9 Mobile Code9 Mobile is committed to helping raise awareness for National Bullying Prevention Month and will promote the campaign via our social media channels throughout the month. We will also offer free download trials for the month of October to help support parents and families who are trying to protect their children from cyberbullying.
MD Montgomery County MD Committee on Hate/Violence We are hosting a symposium entitled "Bullying in Schools: A Community Symposium on Prevention and Intervention Strategies", to be held on Saturday, February 4, 2012 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m., at the Silver Spring Civic Building at Veterans Plaza, One Veterans Place, Silver Spring, MD.
MD Eastern Shore Parent Will promote PACER's National Bullying Prevention Month events in our e-newsletter, website and Facebook page.
MD Institute for Child & Adolescent Advancement
MD Chesapeake Therapeutic Riding Bullying: A Herd Perspective - Workshop offered through the Maryland State Department of Education for Harford County Public Schools and others. The two-day workshop provides an environment to identify, intervene and prevent bullying by working with horses in ground based activities.
ME The Civil Rights Team at Falmouth Middle School, Falmouth, Maine Announcements by students during the month; bulletin boards and other signs in hallways and bathrooms to raise awareness; classroom guidance lessons; and an after school film event for students.
MI Oakland Mediation Center Oakland Mediation Center works to address bullying behavior year round through the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program.
MI Programs for Educational Opportunity, University of Michigan Training and dissemination for Great Lakes states schools and communities on programs and strategies that reduce violence, hate crimes and incidence of bullying and harassment.
MI Care4Teen
MN Kellogg Middle School IMAGINE! Assembly Series - Weekly assemblies to give students a voice in the fight against bullying and the impact of student participation in creating an emotionally and physically safe learning community.
MN The Diversity Council We will be promoting a community wide anti-bullying campaign. It will include presentations, workshops, and facilitated discussions within the schools. We'll be handing out materials and we have partnered with the city of Rochester to move this campaign forward.
MN Cedar Riverside Community School Classroom activities throughout the month.
MN Robbinsdale Area Schools Schools in our district are involved in various activities in connection with National Bullying Prevention Month; for example, one school has students signing pledges to be bully-free, those pledges are displayed in a case in a prominent location in the school for everyone to see (and it has an orange background). The school also has awards ceremonies throughout the year to celebrate those students who stand up for others and do what is right. Our district has also implemented Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), of which bullying prevention is a critical component.
MN Transition to Adult Program
MN Harambee Elementary School School-Wide Pledge Against Bullying; Day of Unity; CLIMB Theatre interactive workshops; How Full Is Your Bucket? school-wide initiative; Anti-bullying orange t-shirts
MN Minneapolis Public Schools: Department of Student Support Services The MPS SSS department provides best practices training on bullying prevention and response for students, staff and families as well as social skills curriculum, responsive classroom activities, case consultation and awareness building resources for our school stakeholders and community.
MN Atkinson Elementary School
MN Lincoln Center Elementary School
MN Richfield STEM School
MO Delta Gamma Center for Children with Visual Impairments Our Group Recreation and Developmental Support (GRADS) groups will be wearing orange to their monthly meeting to unite against bullying. They will discuss ways to prevent and address bullying in their community, and will offer support to members experiencing bullying. Parents of group members are invited to attend a workshop entitled "Staying Safe in an Unsafe World."
MS College of Lifelong Learning at Jackson State University The College of Lifelong Learning at Jackson State University will host the Spirit of Safety (S.O.S.) National Super Conference November 17-18, 2011 at the Jackson Convention Complex in Jackson, Mississippi. In keeping with the tradition of presenting conferences that promote safety in educational institutions at all levels, this year’s S.O.S. Conference will address a very serious issue—BULLYING.
MS Jackson State University College of Lifelong Learning "Breaking the Silence on Bullying" National Super Conference
NC The C. L. King Group
NC The Revolution: the Fight Against Bullying We are going to hand out anti-bullying posters at our local mall and we will also become an official club at South Granville High School!
NC Winston-Salem Preparatory Academy Our theme is "STAND UP and STEP UP". Oct. 1, 2011 we are participating in a Walk Against Bullying. Oct. 12, 2011 we are participating in Unity Day/wear "ORANGE". Oct. 3-27, 2011 we will conduct classroom/team activities.
NC Cornatzer Elementary School
NC Streetwise Music Instruction Streetwise Music Instruction will donate $1.00 for every pre-sale ticket sold to our ROCK SHOP concert at Amos' Southend on Sunday, December 11th, to PACER.
NC Prevent Child Abuse, North Carolina Our 2011 Successful Students campaign provides school social workers with resources they can share with parents who are struggling with bullying and cyberbullying. We have an online resource center that links to web resources as well as Parent Pages that can be downloaded and distributed at events, placed in newsletters or handed out by teachers.
NC St. Ann Catholic School Drama Club
NE Crestridge School of International and Global Studies Tying orange ribbon on our school fence; Different bullying video each month; Students teaching students about bullying.
NE PTI-Nebraska Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying on October 8th, 2011 at 9:00 AM at the Walnut Creek Park located at 96th and Highway 370 Papillion, Nebraska.
NJ Alliance Center for Independence We are a non-profit that serves people with disabilities; our young adult group will be doing a presentation at a local high school. We are also hosting the first east coast NJ Disability Pride Parade and would like to incorporate it in. Sponsorship opportunities are also available.
NJ Penns Grove Middle School
NJ My School Folders Reinforcement is key, which is why we have identified anti-bullying campaigns as one of the top opportunities for us to use our folder education platform to help better the lives of students. If students are hearing the anti-bullying message from teachers and parents and being reminded to stand up and do the right thing every time they open their desk, there is a much greater chance that they will internalize this message.
NJ Utterly Global Utterly Global will be giving free Hero t -shirts to anyone who participates in our Hero Campaign. Utterly Global creates safe school and community environments through positive character development. Our mission is to focus schools and communities on the attributes of human decency and kindness as the foundation for a bully-free society. Our ultimate objective is to empower young people with the tools necessary to make socially responsible decisions.
NJ Lindenboro Chargers Cheerleading We are hosting a cheerleading competition on 11/12 at Timber Creek High School in Erial, NJ. Competitors range from 5 to 18 & will be asked to take a No Bullying Pledge & the team will make posters to support the cause.
NJ YMCA-Edison Branch We will be having an assembly for children in grades 1-8 about bullying. Then we will be having a training for our staff on bullying as well. On October 12th we will be wearing Orange a sign of unity. Also making a bulletin board against bullying.
NJ will host FREE parent workshops & student assemblies during October to raise bullying awareness with their campaign…. >EDUCATION>EMPOWERMENT>EMPATHY
NJ Bystander: A Portrait in Apathy
NM Fernando R. Rodriguez School in Mexico City Workshops for administrators, teachers, students and parents. The whole school K-12 participate in activities that raise awareness and promote a healthy learning environment.
NV Nevada PEP Nevada PEP is having a Bullying Prevention Walk on October 23rd. We have also gone into schools throughout the state and put up Bullying Prevention Bulletin boards and handed out Bullying Prevention Material in several different schools. We will also be taking part in Unity Day and will be wearing orange supporting and promoting Unity Day.
NY Friends Academy The 8th grade is creating an anti-bullying/anti-cyberbullying campaign for the entire Middle School community.
NY Coxsackie-Athens High School SADD & Student Council Our High School SADD chapter and Student Council are hosting Unity Day. Our entire staff will be wearing orange and students have been encouraged to do so, as well. If you don't have orange on, members from SADD and Student Council will be around to give labels with 'UNITY' in orange printed on it. The windows in each classroom's door will have 'UNITY' written on it in orange and 'UNITY' signs will be plastering our halls! It is our mission this year to sponsor one anti-bullying event each month. Make it orange and make it end!
NY Moms Fighting Bullying Encouraging dialogue with school administration and parents. *New website to engage others.
NY Oakfield-Alabama Central School District We have participated in Unity Day by wearing orange. We also had all students PK-5 stand hand in hand throughout our hallways and sang the song "Don't Laugh at Me." We have other ideas in the works through our anti-bullying team.
NY Stillwater RTF Throughout the month of October we will be using Stop Bullying Now in conjunction with PACER's NBPM. We will make posters throughout the month, participate in Unity Day by making orange anti-bullying buttons and wearing orange, our Life Skills course will focus on bullying, and our classroom blog will feature posts relating to NBPM and Stop Bullying Now.
NY Intermediate School Horseheads School District
NY Make Laughter Count
NY Reach for the Stars Network Funds Inc Speakers/workshops for child care providers, parents and grandparents; distribute materials
NY Rondout Valley High School
NY MS 50 In addition to Bullying Prevention Month, we are specifically doing a Cyberbullying Awareness Week in March. We are hosting Tina Maier, mother of Megan Maier who took her own life after being cyberbullied. We are selling ribbons and donating the money to Megan's Foundation to help raise awareness for cyberbullying.
NY Liberty Street Kids Afterschool Program
NY Concrete Temple Theatre Concrete Temple Theatre is working with young adult author James Preller to create THE BYSTANDER PROJECT, a theatrical adaptation of his novel BYSTANDER, that encourages young teens to stand up to bullies. In the Fall, Concrete Temple will be touring the production around the Hudson, NY area, and leading talkbacks and discussions about how students and communities can stop bullying in their areas.
NY Sinergia Sinergia will be promoting several events on October 19th to build awareness of the seriousness of bullying. We will conduct a Prevention Bullying Forum for parents and children, and our participants from Day habilitation will also have skits and art programming on that day. We will encourage people to wear orange on that day and design tee shirts for parents and children.
NY O-H-M BOCES Safe School/Healthy Students Initiative
NY Project54Tour Play Pretty, Play Pals™ Educational Program is an educational content program developed to teach preschool, kindergarten, and first grade children about being kind, friendly and playing nicely with others. The program teaches children the importance of kindness and thoughtfulness in a peer-to-peer environment.
NY Mental Health Association Of Oswego County Walk/Run October of 2011
NY PS 139 Bullying Newsletter to parents and school community; Bullying In-service program; Behavior Assembly; Filling Buckets and Random Act of Kindness Initiatives; Empowerment through Service instead of bullying.
NY Extreme Martial Arts & Fitness As a Martial Arts school we are dedicated to teaching children self-discipline, self-respect, and self-control. In order to take action against bullying we have incorporated a Bully Prevention Program into our curriculum. We are also very involved in helping individual families that have children that are being bullied, or that are bullies.
OH Cleveland Safe Kids We are a Martial Arts School that offers a variety of martial arts classes, self-defense courses, and bully awareness and response education for schools and recreation centers.
OH Garfield Heights Middle School
OH Independence Middle School
OK Tulsa Classroom Teachers Association We will be working with Tulsa Public Schools to provide information and materials for schools and students to sign the anti-bullying pledge.
OK Tulsa Public Schools Schools K-12 have been sent the information about all of the activities available through PACER for the month. In addition, 40,000 bookmarks have been purchased for all the children. Each school is asked to sponsor a day to sign the pledge.
OK Stand for the Silent We go to schools all over the country year round to speak to kids about bullying.
OR Bully Free Living We have a comprehensive program for the workplace, neighborhoods and schools. Our pledge of social courage has bystanders stand up to bullies. Please take our pledge and complete our free online surveys. We are working with schools, neighborhoods and workplaces to create walls of social courage. We are writing articles, public speaking, resources, and projects for National Bullying Prevention Month and beyond. Please contact us for more info.
PA Millie's Creative Learning Center We will have all children pledge no bullying. We will also be introducing social skills which will aide in the prevention of bullying.
PA The Anna Packer Project--Community Creating Change
PA Parent Education Network
PA Montgomery Elementary School Participating in Unity Day activities.
SC Boys & Girls Club of Hartsville
SC Buford Middle School Morning announcements, t-shirt design contest, essay contest, participation in Unity Day, classroom guidance lessons, B-Kind Awards
SC Ocean Bay Middle School Wearing ORANGE, Oct. 12; recording & viewing Anderson Cooper/360 "Town Hall" on Bullying from Rutgers University; hosting our own "Town Hall" on Bullying; writing letters & posters, "Dear Bully"; performing skits on bullying.
SC Indian Land Middle School Our school has built bulletin boards, used our advisory time to talk about bullying, everyone will sign a pledge against bullying, and we will participate in Mix it Up at Lunch day. Students are being encouraged to report bullying through our drop boxes and on our website.
SC Saluda Trail Middle School
SD Southeastern Prevention Resource Center
TX PILLAR We will be having anti-bullying rallies and poster contests at the schools.
TX City Sqaure at Roseland Community Center We are teaching and identifying bullying at our area schools as well as in our After School Programs.
TX Above & Beyond Foundation 4 Education
TX Laredo Martial Arts Center We will be promoting seminars on Bullying Prevention around our community.
TX East Texas Homeschool Group We are creating a petition for others to sign to stop bullying and saying things online that they would not say in person.
TX Students Against Bullying Students Against Bullying focuses on bullying prevention education for children and youth in elementary and middle school. We also do presentations by students for students to learn about bullying and how to prevent it at schools and other organizations.
TX Lampasas Middle School
TX Workplace Answers, LLC Launching a special course to educate faculty and staff in higher education settings about the signs of bullying and how to prevent bullying on campus.
TX Fairview/Miss Jewell Elementary Leadership Club This club made up of 4th and 5th grade students, will meet each week starting 10/04/2011. They will plan and present anti-bullying programs for the other students in our school.
TX Learning for Life
VA Virginia Department of Health Check out this toolkit for a tip calendar and accompanying information that you can use to share bullying prevention tips with K-12 youth you work with during the month of October - through morning or afternoon announcements, classroom activities, bulletin boards, and more. The toolkit also includes a series of handouts for educators and other adults to enhance their bullying prevention skills.
VA Warren County High School Will be promoting awareness on the serious issues of bullying and harassing...especially to those with disabilities. The entire school will Save the Date, Wed. Oct. 12th and wear orange to stop bullying!
VA Eve's Haven International, Inc. Women Tomorrow -Teen Girls Rock 6-week Summer Conference will include a series on bullying. The conference is scheduled beginning 6/20-7/22. Bullying discussion will take place week 4 of the conference 7/11-7/15. For more information please go to our website:
WA Pinnacle Martial Arts Pinnacle Martial Arts is committed to educating youth on what bullying is, and empowering them to take a stand against bullying.
WA Joel E. Ferris High School Multi-Cultural Student Union Unity Day where we pass out ribbons and also signing the digital page.
WA National Achiever Services Provide an anti-bullying link on website
WI Prescott Middle School We read the novel, The Revealers. We have Teacher Advisory groups that discuss anti-bullying practices and do some activities.
WI Family Center, INC We provide educational presentations to schools, parent groups, community groups, etc on bullying and prevention.
WI Fratt Elementary School School-wide assembly. Purchase of anti-bullying wristbands for the entire school population and staff members.
WI New Beginnings Are Possible Adding Bullying into our Life Skills program
WY Parent Information Center, Wyoming Dissemination of "Words Hurt" postcards about not using the "R" word, and bullying workshops at annual MEGA statewide disability conference in WY.

2011 Bullying Champions from Around the World - Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

- Puerto Rico Regional Bilingual School Ramirez-Hostos - SADD Held a Unity Day / Pledge Signing Day with a group of students presenting the Unity Dance. We will be working with school guidance counselor, social worker and health teacher to address the problem of bullying.