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Become a Champion Against Bullying

2013 Champions—Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

AK Wendler Middle School Wendler students will participate in UNITY Day by wearing orange. We'll enlist the community's support with a short walk, holding signs that encourage motorists to honk and wave to support our students in this task. After school, Wendler's School Business Partnership Class will host a free movie night, where students will get to join together in solidarity and sign the digital petition to stop bullying.
AL P.A.S.S. Academy P.A.S.S. Academy is an alternative school. Many of our students have been involved in bullying. We will show our support for this campaign by having students participate in guidance lessons about bullying, wearing orange on UNITY Day 10/9, and participate in the poster contest.
AL Kuttin Up Hair Salon Wear orange t-shirts during the month of October; bring awareness to the city of Trussville through the Chamber of Commerce.
AL Sigma Beta Club of Tuscaloosa Participating in UNITY Day
AL Bush K-8 School Drama Club Play, "Just Say No" Parade Anti-Bullying Contracts Ribbons Go Orange Day
AR Greenwood Martial Arts My students sign a kick bullying contract that I made stating that they will not engage in bullying. And will help stop or report it if they see it happen. We also demonstrate at schools and tournaments our techniques to stop bullying.
AZ Bellezza Models This is our agency's third year participating in the bullying prevention campaign. We do a PSA commercial and have our models take a VOW to end bullying during a fashion show where they put their I WILL sign into a NO BULLY BOX. The models are required to campaign and have 100 people each sign a commitment to stop bullying. Every year we receive 2,000 signatures. PSA's: and
AZ My Kindness Counts The aim of is to encourage young people from around the nation to work together to brainstorm better ways we can address bullying in our communities.
AZ MASK (Mother's Awareness on School-Age Kids) MASK will be participating in a variety of events in connection with National Bullying Prevention Month. Plans include distributing a complimentary digital copy of the Bully issue of our award-winning publication, MASK The Magazine, throughout our social media channels and to schools; redistribution of our powerful MASK Teachable Moment that addresses cyberbullying around our social media platforms; and furthermore, MASK will begin reaching schools in Arizona to begin the process of setting-up informative presentations that provide proactive solutions and approaches to bullying. We hope to reach more than 88 schools with our bullying prevention message and programs.
AZ Building Strong Families National Seminars In response to the rise in school bullying and violence, Building Strong Families National Seminars presents a powerful 3-hour research-based school bullying and violence prevention conference for professional development entitled the "Standing Up To Bullying" conference. Using the latest international research, the conference empowers and equips K-12 school administrators, educators, social workers, counselors, psychologists, and others with the skills and tools needed to recognize, minimize, and/or eradicate school bullying and violence.
CA A Touch of Understanding
CA California Youth Crisis Line Posting information about bullying and anti-bullying campaigns to our social media. Also doing outreach to let youth know they can call our crisis line if they need help dealing with a bully.
CA Speak Out Against Bullying, Inc. Hosting many bullying prevention school assemblies; Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying with LAPD youth organizations; hosting a press conference to kick-off Los Angeles National Bullying Prevention Month.
CA Carquinez Middle School Hosting several assemblies and class assignments related to bullying prevention. The following is a link to an NBC News story profiling our school.
CA The Brightest Star, Inc. Wrote a bullying prevention book titled "The Strawberry Pot" and have the kids take pledges against Bullying.
CA Citrus Middle School Bully prevention classes to students. Anonymous bullying reporting form.
CA S.A.Y. Bully Prevention S.A.Y. (Same as You) Bully Prevention - Inspiring Bystanders to be Allies! We provide classroom presentations throughout 9 Northern California counties. Our presenters are adults with developmental disabilities who were teased and bullied in school. They share their experiences and do activities with kids of all abilities.
CA Leyva Works Photography Our community is participating in our first ever National Bullying Peace March. We are having a photo booth to capture the faces of young and old victims and advocates of anti-bullying.
CA Magnolia Science Academy 7 Having a guest speaker; participating in UNITY Day; bullying prevention pledge; distributing bookmarks; drama club performing an anti-bullying skit.
CA Dr. Lin Skincare As a dermatologist who suffered from acne and was bullied as a child, Dr. Michael Lin has formulated his own 2 Step Acne Clarifying System that is now available in CVS, Walmart, Bed Bath and Beyond and other mass retailers.
CO Hands & Voices Have created the O.U.R. Children's Safety and Success Project to assist learning and research that serves to prevent, or at least reduce the frequency, duration, and impact of abuse and neglect as experienced by children with disabilities:
CO Colorado Families for Hands & Voices Our Facebook discussion page--, is an ongoing partnership with a special task force, The OUR Children Safety and Success Project ( and an Audiology task force related to children who are deaf/hard of hearing and bullying screening/follow-up support.
CT C3 Athletics C3 Athletics will be conducting martial arts training workshops through its Bully Proofing program. This program will be focused on three disciplines: Muay Thai, Boxing, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Bully Proofing is designed to help participants become more confident with themselves, give them courage to walk away from a problem and seek help, and encourage them to be committed to themselves and the program. C3 Athletics will provide a safe learning environment outside of school where kids can interact with each other while learning martial arts.
CT General Federated Women's Club of Windsor Locks Providing bookmarks for school-age children; promoting bullying prevention awareness at October festival on 10/6/13.
CT Wilton Volunteer Ambulance Corps, Inc. Printing and Distributing Unity Day Flyers at the Elementary and Middle/High Schools in Wilton, CT Article in local newspapers regarding bullying, how to talk about bullying, and how to promote Unity Day by wearing orange and how to make an orange unity chain.
DC Friendship Southeast Elementary Academy "Orange" You Ready To End Bullying? Rally, Yo No Bullying Here school-wide assembly in conjunction with the Ned Show; participation in the Bully-Free Zone production.
DC Public Justice 10/9/13 from 2-3 p.m. ET: Webinar on litigating school bullying cases; blogging on school bullying cases throughout the month.
DC Friendship Chamberlain Hosting a bullying awareness assembly featuring The NED show, guidance lessons by the school counselor, a No Bullying Newsletter, and an end to bullying walk/rally.
DE Kidini Teaching Kidini's bullying prevention program at assemblies and classes at elementary schools and early learning centers and churches.
DE Keene Elementary School
FL Bullycide: To Whom It Concerns Some of the activities and events planned to support bullying prevention are as follows: Put the Right Foot Forward Each Day National Shoe Campaign; selling BULLYCIDE AWARENESS BRACELETS and BULLYCIDE: TO WHOM IT CONCERNS books with a portion of the proceeds being donated to an anti-bullying organization; visiting various schools to speak about bullying and bullycide. Please visit our Facebook page for more information and future events. Https://
FL Hemophilia Foundation of Greater Florida We are offering our families programs and activities from the National Hemophilia Foundation's Steps for Living program. The focus for September and October is anti-bullying. Our bleeding disorders community will use our collective voice to stop the bullying.
FL McIntosh Middle School Currently planning to implement a comprehensive bullying prevention and intervention program in the fall.
FL Kenpo Karate Academy The grand opening of our new location will coincide with National Bullying Prevention Month. On that same day, we will combine our efforts with the police department, hosting bullying prevention seminars to bring awareness to the community. Along with incorporating bullying prevention techniques into our classes, we also hope to give students new awareness ideas to incorporate into their school communities.
FL Lyman High School Lyman High School's Gay/Straight Alliance will be wearing orange to support anti-bullying during October to bring awareness to this issue.
FL Communities In Schools of Northeast Florida, Inc. During National Bullying Prevention Month the organization will be distributing prevention material to the schools we serve as comprehensive sites. Also, we conduct anti-bullying workshops for children, youth, and parents throughout the year.
FL Brooks DeBartolo Collegiate High School We will be participating in UNITY Day on Oct. 9th!
FL International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry ISEPP's social network and website administrator is a team member at a Super Target store near Tampa, FL. For a second year in a row, she is the team lead of their bullying prevention project. At the Pasco Sheriff's National Night Out Against Crime, held on Oct. 1., the Odessa Super Target hosted a bullying prevention table and handed out 800 PACER book markers and drawings. The table had an interactive display promoting early communication and team building skills as bullying prevention tools. Children engaged in a mini hockey game and had a chance to partner with each other to learn what a tape-to-tape pass was. This activity encourages eye contact, sharing and team work. Presentations will also be given a local Title 1 schools. Information on bullying prevention will be provided on ISEPP's blogs and social networks throughout the month. At the ISEPP Annual conference on Nov. 1-3 there will be presentations on bullying prevention and CEU's are available.
FL Girl Scout Council of Tropical Florida Girl Scouts serve girls in middle school with the BFF- Be a Friend First anti-bullying prevention program and invite all schools and counselors to sign up for a presentation.
FL Adrian Ellis's International Karate Academy We are hosting bullying prevention seminars in schools and bullying prevention/self-defense workshop.
FL Youth and Family Alternatives, Inc. We are putting up material throughout our youth shelters in support of bullying prevention and education efforts around this issue. We are holding life skills groups throughout the month focusing on the topic.
FL Fancy Face Painting Performing an anti bullying puppet show for schools.
GA Hodac, Inc. Hodac's Reality Check Community Awareness Initiative is currently planning a pre-screening of the nationally acclaimed documentary "Bully" and a following workshop, October 30, 2013, 11:00am - 2:00pm at Centerville City Hall (lunch included). We would like to sit down with Middle Georgia parents, educators, youth professionals, and faith-based professionals to address the issue of Bullying Prevention. Through our community awareness initiative we are committed to creating a safe and caring community for all. To reserve your seat/lunch please RSVP by emailing [email protected] and providing the name of those attending. For further details, please visit:
GA Altama Elementary School Students will be reminded of our UNITY Day Anti-Bullying Campaign by wearing orange. A morning activity will be completed by students that focuses on unity per grade level (K through 5) as well as an orange pledge will be signed by each teacher's class and hung outside their door.
GA Brooks County Middle School Beta Club
GA Submit the Documentary We are working with several organizations to spread the word about National Bullying Prevention Month with a film about cyberbullying. On October 10 at The Loft Cinema in Tucson, Arizona we will be screening, The Last Bully: Stopping Epidemics of Violence. A panel discussion with the filmmakers and Q&A with audience members will follow (event article: We are also working to produce a similar event with the WNY Federation for Just Communities. Lastly, we are offering this film to all schools, parents, organizations, and individuals to spread awareness and more importantly solutions to cyberbullying in coordination with National Bullying Prevention Month.
HI Saint Francis School Homeroom Door Pledges Against Bullying, Oct. 25th; UNITY Day every day in October morning announcements, will show videos relating to anti-bullying, compassion, unity, and empathy; anti-bullying wrist bands.
IA Pieces of Me Campaign We are a photo campaign, which means people take a visual stand against bullying by just getting a photo taken. They choose any word that they want, a word that describes them and makes them unique, a word that describes why they are/have been bullied, etc. We write that word on a blindfold, and they pose with that word in any way that they would like to. It is an empowering way for people to show everyone who/what they may be and own it.
ID Robert Stuart Middle School All the school staff at RSMS will be wearing the 2013 Unite Against Bullying shirt on October 9th 2013. Students will also be wearing orange to show support. Will be a month of different activities and education to show Uniting Against Bullying. RSMS are Bully Free Bears!!!
IL Chester High School The topics we will cover are: Bullying 101; What Can You Do; Students and Adults Working Together; Bullying Prevention: It’s Not Just a Month; The End of Bullying Begins with Me Information Table (during all lunch periods, we will have an information table available to support the topic of the day. Students will also be able to sign PACER's Digital Petition, the Mean Stinks banner, take a quiz on bullying statistics, and learn the facts from the Mean Stinks Team. Prizes will be awarded daily courtesy of Secret's Mean Stinks Campaign.) Advisory Activities: during Advisory Homeroom, this month, we will focus on the following: Bullying 101; reviewing & understanding the Chester High School Prohibiting Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying policy; discussions based on why students should talk to an adult about bullying; and show the Meanamorphosis film to help us promote a more caring environment at CHS. The film is available on YouTube.
IN Central Indiana Law Enforcement Training Network The Central Indiana Law Enforcement Training Network will bring awareness to bullying prevention throughout all of Central Indiana.
IN Net Literacy Net Literacy is a national digital inclusion and digital literacy nonprofit organization located in Indianapolis. This year, in partnership with IPS and Bright House Networks, we are launching an anti-bullying contest where six lucky winners will star in their own safety PSA in October.
KY James E Bazzell Middle School Our middle school has begun a H.E.R.O. Up! Campaign which encourages everyone to stand-up for what is right and be the voice that breaks the silence against bullying by helping, encouraging, and respecting others. We not only want to educate our students, but our community about the seriousness of bullying. It is an epidemic we can help cure.
KY Be Real And Voice Everything B.R.A.V.E. Our goal is to get youth to speak-out about bullying by being brave and help them overcome these issues before they become adults. We are currently working with SPAVA to mentor youth in churches and schools. During October, we will wear our B.R.A.V.E. shirts and spread the bullying prevention message.
KY Tygart Creek Elementary School-wide bully survey, school-wide awareness education, older students writing books about bullying to share with younger students, petition letter to KY Senator about bullying prevention laws.
KY Cumberland Trace Elementary We unite together to take a stand against bullying by having a wear orange day, hosting a unity walk for families to take a stand together, students making a pledge against bullying, and the whole school participating in unity dance day.
LA Fifth Ward Elementary Our after school students will perform a play; Orange shirt day; videos; class discussions; role playing
LA Project Celebration, Inc. Distributing flyers about National Bullying Prevention Month and working with Shreve Island Elementary on UNITY Day.
MA Boston-based parenting website offers several bullying prevention resources including a free printable "Bullying Stops Here" pledge.
MA Education Development Center EDC has recently launched Prevent Bullying at, a website full of resources and guidance for parents and educators about bullying prevention and intervention: including a section dedicated to prevention in early childhood; guidance about cyberbullying with interactive scenarios; and school and community resources.
MA Rivera And Rivera Act Against Foreclosure Inc. We are pleased to announce that the second annual Anti-Bullying Event for 2013 will be held on October 19th, 2013, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Blunt Park, 2460 Roosevelt Ave, Springfield, MA.
MA Living Elevated Church I Won't Be Bullied Youth Rally October 12, 2013 4PM, and a book release "I Should've Told the Teacher" by Eric Shelton and Allyson Gundal.
MD Apple Grove Elementary School
MD We Lead By Example, Inc. In August 2013, we held our annual week-long Bullying Prevention and Self-Defense Summer Camp at Bladensburg Community Center a week before school to prepare students for the new school year. Our camp, which includes interactive skits and candid discussions about bullying, was featured on a local ABC News program (WJLA's Harris' Heroes) in August 2012. Throughout the year, we provide seminars for schools, Girl Scout chapters, and other organizations to address the gamut of bullying methods (e.g., cyberbullying), including physical assault (e.g., on the school bus and in the classroom). Through our affiliate, Tae Kwon Do Ramblers Self-Defense Systems, we teach martial arts year round, and part of that instruction addresses bullying prevention and child safety. Watch this video to learn more about our bullying prevention camp:
MD John Ruhrah Elementary/Middle School Some activities include: invited local celebrity Jahiti to perform "Be a Buddy not a Bully" song, hosted an orange party on UNITY Day, and hung "no bully zone" garland and "be a buddy not a bully" banner; incorporated bullying activity into language arts lesson by having students write letters to the step sisters in the story of Cinderella; selected “Bullying in Schools What You Need to Know" as a selection to read with middle school girls book club; posted "No Bully Zone" signs throughout school building and distributed "No Bullying Zone" posters to all staff to hang throughout classrooms/workspaces, provided middle school student leadership team with the opportunity to sign the bullying prevention petition, encouraged students and staff to wear orange on UNITY Day, and asked staff to take part in at least one anti-bullying activity throughout the month of October; hosting a school-wide Anti-Bullying Rally in December, in conjunction with a neighborhood association.
MI Cornerstone Charter Schools/Lincoln-King Academy We participate in daily Character Development, providing instruction and lessons in character development, as well as, building relationships with students and engaging in Peer Conflict Mediation.
MI Henry Ford Community College Christian Club The HFCC Christian Club will be having an Anti-Bullying month campaign on Thursday October 17, 2013. Our efforts will be to promote awareness of the effects of bullying, and to help persons to know to overcome being bullied.
MI Social Work Student Organization We will be raising awareness about bullying among our college peers. Within our organization we are equipping each of our members with the knowledge of what bullying is and how to prevent it. Bullying is not just something that happens with children. It is something that also happens with young adults.
MI STRONG Campaign The STRONG Campaign is a program that the Gay/Straight Alliance started. This Campaign is a pledge to help prevent bullying in the gay community. We mentor students, as well as support students.
MN USA Karate Shakopee Share the Art - Our instructors visit school classrooms in the Shakopee, MN area and give a 30 to 45 minute presentation about showing Respect towards others and developing personal Discipline. We believe these attributes play a key role in how individuals see themselves, and others, and lead to positive interactions.
MN Lourdes High School - L.E.A.P. (Lourdes Empowering All People) We are implementing the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program this month, with activities on the 9th (along with wearing orange), 15th, 23rd, 29th & 30th during our convocation.
MN Harambee Community Cultures/Environmental Science School Participating in UNITY Day; having a Walk Against Bullying.
MN The Richfield S.T.E.M. School We plan on supporting UNITY Day by wearing Orange!
MN Student Leaders Creating Change March 26th, 2013: Screening & Discussion "Bully" Documentary. SLCC is a student-led group, in Rochester, MN formed to make schools a safer place. Their mission is to put an end to bullying and harassment and to mediate conflicts as they happen. SLCC's purpose is to give students the confidence and training needed to stand-up to those who create a dangerous or unwelcoming atmosphere and to make schools a safe place for everyone.
MN Totino-Grace High School - Empower Group
MN Minnesota Women of Today Our Youth of Today programming area will be promoting bullying prevention all year long. We will sell bracelets and have events to promote bullying prevention awareness.
MN Sumi Mukherjee Focusing on the impact of bullying in regards to mental health. Speaking to groups of students, parents and/or staff all around the country about this topic in an interactive setting. Also speaking to school counselors, school social workers, school psychologists, and other mental health professionals at conferences. Also involved in conducting workshops or focused, small group discussion sessions for students as well as for staff members on this topic.
MN Youth Frontiers We partner with schools throughout the school year to provide character development retreats to bring awareness to bullying and give students tools to stand up against disrespect. Youth Frontiers will work with 119,000 students and educators this school year alone, teaching values of kindness, courage and respect to build positive school communities.
MO Stop The Acceptance Of Bullying October 1st event: Stand Against Bullying Outside Chillicothe Middle School
MO Peculiar Elementary School Peculiar Elementary School Patriots will be wearing Orange shirts on October 9, 2013 to celebrate UNITY Day. Our students will also be receiving classroom guidance lessons related to bullying prevention during the month of October.
MS Northeast Mississippi Conference Board of Christian Education We will observing Bullying Prevention on October 26, 2013 at Hurts Chapel CME Church in Olive Branch, MS. We will discuss the role that parents and church leaders can play in curbing the attacks by bullies and forming allies for children who are being bullied.
NC Kloud Nine Kids Step Off Stop Bullying (bully awareness program), November 23, 2013, 5-8 p.m., Booker T Washington Theater, 170 East Thomas St., Rocky Mount, NC 27804
NC Margaret B. Pollard Middle School UNITY Day - Wear Orange Classroom Pledge posters - Main Gallery Pictures of Homerooms - UNITY Day Be the Change Anti-bullying Club video for students Bullying Survey - Pre-test for 2013-2014 Homeroom - videos, poetry, articles for Literacy Enrichment
NC Madison County Public Schools Be an Upstander
NC East Rowan Impact Team Our impact team has been involved in various anti-bullying events, with still many more to come. We will be working with the middle schoolers over at Erwin about the effects of bullying. We are also providing students, staff, and parents with the correct tools to handle bullying. This impact time is beyond a blessing!
NC UNC Center of Excellence for Eating Disorders Participated in UNITY Day. Published a blog post to help raise awareness of bullying prevention.
ND Elevate Within--Peer Support Group We will be asking the city of Valley City, ND to wear orange on UNITY day and we will be hosting bullying prevention community events on Sundays in area churches during the month of October.
NE YWCA of Grand Island Grand Island YWCA, Stand for the Silent - Grand Island Chapter, and Purple Hands Pledge will be presenting our first community-wide RESPECT conference. The focus of the RESPECT conference is on raising awareness of the effects of bullying in our schools and our community. Any student or adult who is interested in learning more about this vitally important issue is invited to attend, Saturday, October 19 at the YWCA, 211 E Fonner Park Road. Details online or call 308-384-9922.
NE Awareity/TIPS Prevent Awareity's TIPS platform is helping schools and communities nationwide improve bullying prevention, incident reporting, investigations, interventions, documentation, training and more. TIPS empowers the less confident student to come forward and share concerning behaviors with the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time to ensure proactive prevention. Stop reacting...Start Preventing!
NH Blueskies Wellness, Inc. Oct. 20-22: Handing out informational flyers on bullying issues; October 23 and 24: Focus groups; October 25: Community Forum.
NJ The Charles Lafitte Foundation Bullying Prevention Essay Contest
NJ PATHWAYS-SBYSP/ CHS PATHWAYS PALS Community Service members will sponsor a Walkathon to Prevent Bullying on May 18th. We are expecting the entire town of Carteret inclusive of the Mayor, town council and sponsorship from various business owners, corporation and agencies.
NM Project PeacePal Sept. 20-21, the weekend of the International Day of Peace, Project PeacePal will host its 3rd Annual Youth Service Summit, “You are Not Alone”, focusing on bullying. High school students from around Albuquerque will participate in this free two-day training, organized by a PeacePal student planning committee. The agenda for the weekend begins with a UNM low ropes course and pizza social on Friday evening. On Sept. 21, the International Day of Peace, students will participate in a day of organizing and planning. Participants will learn about and discuss the affects of bullying and develop plans for service projects to educate and train younger students on positive ways to counteract bullying. To register NOW, or for more information, please visit: or call (505) 255-2042.
NV AVA-CASA Raising awareness and education about bullying and prevention in Humboldt County, Winnemucca, NV!
NV Step Up Run, Rock, Roll event September 29, 2013. Reading books about bullying to elementary students. Unity day October, 9, 2013 wearing orange.
NY Personalized Children's Books by MyFairyTaleBooks Personalized Children's Books by MyFairyTaleBooks pledges to: Utilize social media to show support; Donate 10% of all sales from The Good Friend Storybook during October to PACER; Create educational and informative blog posts on bully-prevention; Create a dedicated Pinterest board with anti-bullying pins including PACER resources; Launch a special banner on during October to raise awareness in support of National Bullying Prevention Month.
NY Schuyler County Public Health Participating in UNITY Day, with Staff wearing orange, making and distributing orange ribbons. Encouraging all county departments to participate.
NY Mattituck-Cutchogue School District Recognizing UNITY Day on October 9 and 10 district-wide. Secondary SADD club students will present Upstander Bully Prevention Workshop in 3rd and 4th grade classes. Students and faculty in all schools will be encouraged to wear orange and sign the UNITY Banner. Students will be given UNITY bracelets purchased by the SADD club that read TUCKERS vs. BULLYING UNITY DAY.
NY Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County Each October, the Center invites student leaders from across Long Island to participate in a half-day conference. Students hear from a keynote speaker, an individual who has demonstrated extraordinary courage at intervening or preventing intolerance, and then small groups form to discuss ideas and action plans to combat bullying or prejudice in their own schools. Each group is led by a trained Facilitator from our Center. Teachers select ten student leaders to send as ambassadors for their school. Additionally, we host ongoing interactive, multimedia Tolerance and Anti-Bullying Workshops to educate students about the roles they choose (bully, bystander or Upstander), and also provide safe, effective tools to challenge prejudice and harassment. Trained facilitators, films, activities, and small group discussions help students examine and reflect upon their choices and actions.
NY Impact Martial Arts - Team Dewitt Students will wear orange on October 9th; Bully Buster Class on October 11th.
NY Yates Magnet School Students and staff at Yates School will be wearing orange to UNITE against bullying!
NY MDQ Academy Participating in UNITY Day.
NY Catskill Central School District Our school district participated in UNITY Day by wearing orange to unite against bullying! Our high school and middle school students presented a skit to elementary students to show them not to be a bully. Each student in all of our schools is signing a banner against bullying and wearing orange ribbons. These banners will be hung in the lobbies of our schools for the month of October!
NY Future Leaders Elementary School P.S. 74 FLES students will have staff and students wear purple t-shirts and create anti-bullying posters to display in our school halls.
NY Precise Publishing Group 1) We are bringing awareness to social issues the youth are facing such as bullying, domestic violence, & low self esteem by providing Free creative arts workshops at schools & youth groups throughout New York City 2) We give young people an outlet to express themselves, offer resolutions, and overcome social challenges 3) We provide services such as counseling, creative arts, literature, motivational speaking, and academic enrichment along with our community partners & organizations.
NY Longwood Junior High School The students and teachers will all wear orange shirts. Also, students will connect and hang the word UNITE. We will also be teaching bullying prevention lessons in all of our classrooms.
NY Ramah Christian Center Missions Ministry Bullying Prevention Classes/activities/interventions
NY Mom's Against Crimes in Colleges and Universities (MACCU) We focus on providing individuals, such as victims and families, with assistance. We are aiming to raise awareness and put an end to bullying and hazing. We want to provide a world where no matter who you are, where you come from, or what you believe, you are given the right to a safe educational environment. The majority of our activities and/or events are focused on raising awareness with the community, as well as, providing knowledge, assistance and support. We primarily conduct our events during the fall and spring school terms. However, we are not limited to just fall and spring…we show support and raise awareness whenever, wherever it is needed in order to achieve a safe and equal environment for all!
NY Wolcott Street School Every year we have a kick off in October. This year we had a week long event which included a large assembly, and classroom and cafeteria activities all centered on having the power to stand up for someone. The theme is "I've got the power" and the students were trained in how to use the stop light from PBIS, received wrist bands that say "I've got the power" all tied to a theme song as well. In addition every Wednesday at 2:40 all classrooms shut down and conduct a Class Meeting following the Olweus model.
NY United Synagogue Youth (USY) USY has a zero tolerance bullying policy to ensure that our events are bullying-free zones. We are having events across the US and Canada this month, which provide safe spaces for Jewish youth. Find events in your area by checking out our regional directory here: As a part of the Coalition of Jewish Teens, USY joined up with other Jewish youth groups to create a more inclusive and open Jewish community for today and tomorrow. We urge all Jewish teens, as well as all those who work with Jewish teens and the parents and families of Jewish teens, to take a stand against intolerance and sign our pledge at
NY Up In Arms Up In Arms presents their anti-bullying puppet musical Helping Drew in K-5 assembly programs nationwide during the entire school year.
OH Pollenate Pollenate will be featuring bullying prevention stories on our site and social media channels for the rest of the month, in addition to speaking at a local high school (in Los Angeles) on 10/31 about the importance of living a positive lifestyle (and eliminating negativity/bullying) to achieve one's goals. Bullying prevention is the pillar of our organization and we have a sincere commitment to support this cause to help make the world a better place.
OH The Arc Summit and Portage County -- People Together The Arc's People Together program is a disability awareness/anti-bullying program designed to educate and sensitize students toward their peers and people in general who have various disabilities. People Together is implemented through a week long in-school unit using a variety of lessons and activities, such as simulation activities, classroom discussions, attention holding DVDs, and speakers who have disabilities, to help students gain a knowledgeable, favorable and more tolerant attitude toward those who have disabilities.
OH PRO Martial Arts Kenwood In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, we will be having special guest speakers at our free ARMOR® classes. The PRO Martial Arts ARMOR® program teaches children how to stay safe in an increasingly dangerous world. We teach students to recognize bullies and not become their victims, to carry themselves with confidence, to set and respect personal boundaries, to be assertive when seeking help, how to use martial arts defensive skills (as a last resort), the characteristics of bullying and red flags to look for, and how to avoid cyber-bullying. We will be having contests, drawings, giveaways, and other special events all in honor of National Bullying Prevention Month! Check out our Facebook page for more information:
OH Think Before You Speak We are hosting a Stop Bullying Obstacle Run at Zion Christian Retreat in Flushing, Ohio.
OH G.A.B. Girls We will be speaking at Beat Back Bullying on October 5th, 2013 and will be wearing Orange on October 9th, 2013 in support of UNITY Day.
OH Franz Karate We are coordinating an anti-bullying workshop that will take place in October. Our vision is to have local youth share their stories and break into small groups to discuss individual situations. At the dojo, we teach students to defend themselves. They learn control, respect, and integrity while gaining self-confidence and strength. They learn to walk away, but also learn to defend if the need arises.
PA A Community for Change A Community for Change will be working with our school board to implement new school-wide policies/procedures and programs for the upcoming school year. Our plans for National Bullying Prevention Month are to hold a multi-community Walk for Awareness, as well as, host a screening & discussion of the Lee Hirsch documentary "Bully", “Submit the Documentary” on cyberbullying, and hopefully Michelle Danner’s "Hello Herman."
PA Heart Eyes: Beth and the Bullies A Picture Book, "Heart Eyes: Beth and the Bullies” is a tool parents and educators can use to empower bystanders of bullying. The book includes follow-up questions adults can use to guide discussions about how to prevent bullying. Numerous bullying prevention activities are scheduled in the fall including: teaching college courses, speaking at local schools, speaking on local radio shows, and hosting a booth at an international teachers’ conference: The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI).
PA Teach Anti Bullying, Inc County-Wide Anti Bullying Sumitt in Chester County, PA, along with new Anti Bullying Proclamation for Teach Anti Bullying, Inc. in October for the Township of Aston, PA.
PA Summit Township Elementary We follow the Olweus program and have weekly class meetings with lessons about bullying.
PA Bridge50 Raising awareness of bullying through social media outlets. Publishing articles highlighting efforts to combat bullying.
SC J. C. Lynch Elementary School In honor of National Bully Prevention Month, the students at J. C. Lynch Elementary School will participate in anti-bullying morning news announcements, wearing orange on October 9th, participating in a Unity Walk at recess on October 9th, a Pledge Day, classroom guidance lessons on bullying, and ending the month of October with a "Friends Don't Let Friends Bully" Celebration.
SC Whitesville Elementary School-wide assembly, door decorating contest, daily themes for dressing up, and classroom lessons.
SC Anderson School District Four In the spring of 2011, Anderson School District 4 joined the South Carolina Association of School Administrators (SCASA), the Hazelden Foundation, Clemson University, the South Carolina Department of Education, and the National Association of Elementary School Principals in the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program partnership. With the state's first K-12 district-wide Olweus implementation, Anderson School District 4 schools are celebrating successes of the program with an annual kick-off event during National Bullying Prevention Month. Visit the schools' websites to learn more about the events for 2013!
SC Ocean Bay Middle School TEAM BULLY staff group will plan activities for October.
TN Chattanooga's Kids on the Block Chattanooga's Kids on the Block (CKOB) uses the power of puppetry to educate children about social concerns and differences, giving them the skills to stay safe and healthy. Our S.T.E.P.S program addresses bullying precautions, anger management, and self esteem issues. CKOB also had a program for younger children, Rescue and Report, which addresses the ways in which children who witness teasing and bullying behavior can respond to help diffuse the situation. Please contact us with questions regarding our bullying prevention programs or to schedule a program!
TN FLMS Lady Braves Basketball FLMS basketball players have dedicated their season to anti-bullying. They will sign anti-bullying contracts, share their stories at basketball games, wear anti-bullying t-shirts and more. They are dedicated to the cause.
TN Jo Byrns Elementary School Teacher Training Lessons in guidance class Stop; Bullying Pledge Sheets
TX posiTRACT Solutions, LLC We are working with kids and parents to help build their self-esteem to combat bullying. We provide them tools and techniques to help them deal with negative thinking, depression and anger to name a few. We are participating in a community event on October 19th and donating proceeds from books sales to bullying prevention organizations.
TX Kind Kats Club at Elgin Middle School October 28th from 5-7 p.m., we are having a bullying prevention rally at the Elgin Middle School track. The community is invited. Author, Eric Kahn Gale, of "The Bully Book" will be present for a book signing, music, giveaways, games, prizes, bounce house, and other surprise guests.
TX Guadalupe Regional Middle School Our school is conducting daily morning announcements with bullying statistics, anti-bullying slogans and motivational quotes. We are also conducting multiple group counseling and education sessions with all of the students on topics in relation to bullying. We are wearing orange and participating in a school unity day in addition to passing out the anti-bullying bookmarks as well as other information. We have multiple activities planned as well, including an anti-bullying poster competition, which was a brainstorming idea developed by the students.
TX United MMA Oct. 21st -25 United MMA will encourage students and the community to "Join the Cause to Prevent Bullying" by setting up the online petition in the lobby. Students are encouraged to bring a friend the following Friday to learn self defense in kids Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu program.
TX Abby's Pledge Come join Abby and take Abby's Pledge as she travels across the country to speak on bullying. Join thousands of others who have taken her pledge to take a stand and take action.
TX Olivero Garza Sr. Elementary Our principal has designed shirts for the whole school to wear for the month of October. They are orange t-shirts that say Take A Stand -Lend a Hand Against Bullying. We are also hosting a 1 Mile Run/Walk themed Walk the Talk on a Saturday.
TX Headline Mentors & Performing Arts HMPA Inc. is hosting auditions for our upcoming Stage Play titled "Don't Bully Me!"
TX Harmony Science Academy-El Paso We have a bullying prevention walk for K-5 in which students take a stand against bullying and parade around campus to show their support of the program followed by activities throughout the week.
TX J Solutions Consulting Group Working with two neighborhood schools during their Bullying Prevention Week by assisting with activities for the students involvement, as well as with parents education night.
TX Our Lady of Fatima Catholic School
TX Warren Middle School We are hosting an event that promotes kindness within our schools and community. Join the revolution: impact change 5K fun run & rally on April 13, 2013.
TX Rockhold Karate Students at Rockhold Karate has the opportunity to learn anti-bullying strategies, defensive tactics, and various other means of self defense in a fun, safe and friendly environment.
UT Liahona Academy We have created an infographic that outlines all the different things people can do to show their support for National Bullying Prevention Month 2013.
VA Dietrich's KARATE - Burke Lake Dietrich's BULLY Prevention Team performs live for schools and organizations. We also publish a BULLY Prevention Video viewable on our website.
VA A.B. Westrick, author Viking (Penguin Young Readers) is giving away 20 copies of BROTHERHOOD by A.B. Westrick to the first 20 educators who email in response to the post at NERDY BOOK CLUB, saying that they'll use the book to kick off a writing project about bullies and bullying:
VA Elkton Boys & Girls Club Posters and asking members to sign and post an "anti-bullying pledge" in our club.
VA Chickahominy Middle School Chickahominy has completed a school wide Orange Out Day to show support for bullying prevention. We also held a special dance following the Orange Out Day and are donating part of the profits to charity. We as a school are working to extend bully prevention month to a year round event.
VA Precise Portions We are currently doing a crowd funding campaign to help us raise funds to develop a nutrition line of products and tools for children that will help address one facet: that of weight bullying among our kids. Click here to see and participate in the campaign:
VA Mentors Against Peer Pressure We encourage people to share stories and provide tips about bullying on our website This will be one of the many ways we plan to spread the word to Stand Up Against Bullying. We will also educate youth about bullying during one-on-one and group mentoring sessions. Bullying prevention promotion will be done through social media and distribution of bookmarks, bracelets, and pamphlets.
VA Applerouth Tutoring Services Applerouth tutoring methods are based on building students self-efficacy and becoming their own best advocate. We find that as students become more confident and are able to communicate effectively, their social and "professional" relationships improve. In October, Applerouth plans to participate in fundraising opportunities that support anti-bullying in the greater DC area. We are particularly interested in finding an activity that supports Wooton High School, where there have been 6 suicides in the past year and a half due to bullying.
VA Bouncing Bulldogs Double Dutch Club We are a jump rope team of 2nd-7th grade students at Blue Ridge Elementary School in Ararat, V.A. We are planning to introduce anti-bullying programs to our school next year. During National Bullying Prevention Month we plan to put on a show for our school, have games, competitions, wacky week, and much more.
VA Inner-tainer Theatre Troups The Inner-tainers Theatre Troupe will perform the full length play: The Wrath of a Real Life Bully in honor of Bully Prevention Month on October 10th and October 20th. This is the second play we have performed in connection with bully prevention month.
VA SocialBot Events
WA Autism Empowerment During October, Autism Empowerment will be hosting local panels and outreach events that support Bullying Prevention both to children and families on the autism spectrum and those with other special needs. We will also be blogging on our website and hosting a number of shows about Bullying Prevention on Autism Empowerment Radio and our sister station, Autism and Scouting Radio. Please check our website and also our Facebook page at for our upcoming schedule.
WA The First Best Thing Working with a number of local and national anti-bullying organizations and schools to promote inner strength and personal growth during and after bullying.
WA Skyline Presbyterian Church Middle School/Jr.High SchoolYouth Group SYG (Skyline Youth Group) is a Middle/Jr. High student group that have pledged to take a stand against bullying and with that have taken the challenge to stand-up for themselves and for others that are being targeted by bullying!
WA Blind Judo Foundation Co-Founder Coach Willy Cahill of the Blind Judo Foundation and Principal of Cahill's Judo Academy is acutely aware of this national epidemic and is teaching athletes both sighted and visually impaired to be aware of and proactive in stamping out bullying to his students.
WV River View High School We are announcing a bullying awareness fact every morning during the announcements for the month of October. We are also encouraging all staff and students to wear orange on UNITY Day - Oct. 9th and discussing with the students about how this day came about. We are also using character education quotes to reach all of our students. The words that we have chosen as part of the character education for the month of October include: Compassion, Empathy, Motivation, & Hope.
WY Worland High School Library/Media Center We are having a book talk, setting-up displays in our libraries, sending information home to parents about our campaign and doing a bulletin board as well as public service announcements on the radio. All of our libraries are ordering bookmarks as well.

2013 Bullying Champions from Around the World - Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

- Hagatna, Guam The Guam Community The Judiciary and Legislature of Guam and the Dept. of Education have partnered with TakeCare Community, the Guam Anti-Bullying Organization, Youth For Youth LIVE, and others to sponsor and host various activities and events. Some activities include: Guam Bullying Prevention Month Resolution Signing Ceremony on Sept. 30 at 10am; BASTA! Art Contest for elementary/middle schools and a PSA Video Contest for high schools; a UNITY Against Bullying WAVE at 4pm on Oct. 9 at three different major street intersections; a free movie event featuring "Bully", on Oct. 19 at 1pm and 4pm at St. Anthony School Auditorium; and, a parent and community awareness session for a Guam Olweus Bullying Prevention Program trainers' presentation on cyber safety and bullying, cyberbullying, and sexting laws.
- San Juan, Philippines Lorma Colleges 1. Anti-Bully Awareness on "Shaping a Bully-Free Campus" 2. Music Video on Bullying 3. Developing Social Relationships and Values Formation Activities 4. Kids Helping Kids 5. Parent Seminar on Bullying 6. Poster Making for 1st grade to 3rd grade 7. Poster Slogan for 4th grade to 6th grade.
- Singapore Friend Our World Friend Our World is a collaboration between Microsoft, Peace One Day and Skoolbo. Friend Our World aims to unite children in online friendship games of geography, languages and global citizenship. There is an overall theme of "Let's be friends" and children are encouraged to reflect on "Who will you make peace with?" The Friend Our World site will open on Sunday 1 September 2013 and run as a festival through to International Day of Peace on 21 September 2013.
- St. Thomas, Virgin Islands, U.S. Lockhart School Artists In Action Against Bullying and Violence Club Planning a "Say No To Bullying! Say Yes To Peace Rally" on Oct.7, 2013, followed by Anti-Bullying Recess Activities Oct.7-11,2013.
- Toronto, Canada and are dedicated to the goal of building respect for self and others as a way to help people lead happy and successful lives. We do this by raising awareness in our publications, our blogs, social media, and radio and TV appearances. Like PACER, we're dedicated to preventing bullying in all its forms.
- Trinidad & Tobago The Silver Lining Foundation We will ensure that October 2013 is observed as National Bullying Prevention throughout the twin-island Republic focusing on areas such as education and awareness of the causes and effects of bullying, as well as ways in which to deal with bullying. We intend to have PACER's classroom toolkits implemented in schools for Bullying Prevention week and hope that all schools will adopt some form (if not the in entirety) of the toolkit and help raise awareness while at the same time fostering good values and morals in the students and promoting tolerance and respect starting in the classroom. We intend to mark Unity Day as well with activities to highlight the issues and raise awareness all in a fun and respectful environment.
- Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Anti-Bullying and Other Topics Short-listed for the Carol Shields Winnipeg Book Award, The Beech Nut of Big Water Beach is a hilarious and endearing coming-of-age novel (grades 6-11) and its multifaceted accompanying Novel Study and Anti-Bullying Guide are currently being taught in over 150 Manitoba, Alberta, and Ontario schools in Canada as an excellent classroom resource for raising student anti-bullying consciousness. Author Margaret Shaw-MacKinnon reveals the transformative effects of the book and guide package on her blog, Anti-Bullying and Other Topics, where she furthers the valuable, ongoing anti-bullying discussion, with student feedback highlighted. Numerous schools will use this great anti-bullying resource during anti-bullying month in October, as well as throughout the year.