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Become a Champion Against Bullying

2010 Champions—Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

Foundation to Fly, Inc. Roots and Wings Program Roots and Wings exists to help girls discover their immeasurable value, based not on external things, but an internal understanding of the who they are. With a focus on self-esteem, leadership, and community, girls discover the impact their decisions have on their life and the lives of others. This experiential program celebrates individuality, allowing each girl to flourish emotionally, socially, and intellectually.®
AL Fairfield City Schools "Peer Advocacy Program" and petition for students to stop bullying.
AL Pike County Board of Education
AL Cherokee County Schools Classroom presentations, poster contests, and parent workshops.
AR Baseline Elementary School Guidance lessons.
AR Cabot Junior High South Bully free video contest, art contest, poetry contest. Anti-bullying survey and pledge. Distribute the bookmarks. Scrolling anti-bullying messages in cafeteria.
AR Arkansas State PIRC
AR Victory Baptist Elementary School
AZ Rebecca Rodriguez Assembly conducted by a panel of middle school students for K-5th graders to promote a non-bullying atmosphere.
AZ Raising Special Kids Posters, featured training in our workshop schedule
AZ Collier Middle School Poster contests, lesson plans that focus on bystanders, parent letters, and bookmarks.
AZ Crane Middle School
AZ Pueblo School
AZ Salida del Sol
AZ Ronald Reagan School
AZ Mesquite School
AZ Prescott YMCA School Age Programs Posters and banners. Discussions with our kids and having them take the pledge. Trainings for staff and community members.
AZ Motivational Small Talk, Inc. 3’3” motivational speaker, Mark Trombino, was bullied as a child for being so visually different. He has turned that negative into a positive and specializes in school presentations on Bullying & Diversity. He co-founded Motivational Small Talk” (MST) along with business partner Gail Blackburn (who is the average-height mom of a 13 year-old little person currently being bullied) to help fight this growing epidemic that leaves life-long scars on today’s youth. We teach students the pivotal and life saving role of the BYSTANDER - if you sit back and do nothing, you are as GUILTY as the bully!!! Our goal is to effect change, and our Non-Profit wants to help as many students as humanly possible. Why is it that people do nothing until tragedy strikes? October is “National Bullying Prevention & Awareness Month”. Be PROACTIVE - help us help others and together let’s save as many young lives as possible - call 480-926-0608.
AZ The Youth Corps of America TYCOA is doing a violence prevention program through traditional martial arts. We are working with neighborhood kids at a recreation center.
CA Newport Mesa Unified School District N-MUSD is a proponent of bullying prevention activities. All schools participate in character counts activities, John Wooden's pyramid of success programs, Victory with Honor athletic programs; and we are hosting our 2nd annual cyber smart weeks with a focus on cyberbullying prevention.
CA Desert Hot Springs High School Showing the DVD Bullied by Southern Poverty. Law center.
CA Heritage K-8 Charter School Bullying prevention event on 10.20.10.
CA Belvedere Middle School Parent letters and a school assembly.
CA Tustin Police Department Presentations, assemblies and community events.
CA Hollister Youth Avenue Launching the Olweus bullying prevention program.
CA St. Louis De Montfort School Using PACER resources.
CA Oakland Military Institute College Prep Academy Distribute bookmarks, making posters, in class lessons, and establishing bullying prevention committee.
CA Fremont Unified School District All sites will participate and are encouraged to use PACER resources. School board will pass a resolution declaring October National Bullying Prevention and Awareness Month.
CA Ecole Notre Dame des Victoires Morning assembly with bookmarks and teacher activities. RISE conflict managers will do classroom presentations.
CA Fiesta Educativa, INC.
CA ParentsCAN Parent - Child Advocacy Network ParentsCAN will be including anti-bullying information and links through our website, online newsletter, facebook and twitter.
CA La Mesa Junior High School At La Mesa, we take bully prevention very seriously! We have a bully prevention club which meets every other week. We are up to 58 members. We pass out bully prevention tags. Counselors go around to classrooms at the beginning of the year and discuss our program and then we do it again after 1st semester. We also have the Teen Truth Organization do an assembly for us in February. We also have a way for our students to report other students anonymously. It is called the "bully box" and it was featured on the Dr. Phil show on April 8th of this year. To celebrate bully prevention month, I will be once again going to classrooms who will have me to discuss the importance of bully prevention. Any information I can get from you all would be helpful!
CA Exceptional Parents Unlimited
CA Moorpark Elementary Schools Coordinator for Disability Awareness Fair. I'd like to implement a section about bullying. We present this Awareness Fair to all 4th graders in Moorpark Elementary Schools. I'm looking for ideas to include a section on bullying
CA Caring Connections-Whittier Union High School District We are working together with another organization and having a youth summit for youth with disabilities which will take place on oct.6.2010. at the event we will have a booth so the youth can pick up a bookmark as well as sign the petition.
CA S.C.R.S inc. We are working together with another organization and having a youth summit for youth with disabilities which will take place on oct.6.2010. at the event we will have a booth so the youth can pick up a bookmark as well as sign the petition.
CA Lakewood Elementary School
CA Tom Maloney Elementary Classroom activities.
CA Poinsettia Elementary School The NED show to promote good character. Spirit days to remind students to make healthy choices and be kind to one another. Dates are 10/25-29, 2010.
CA Thornton Junior High
CA Palmdale High School "safe rooms" program, bulletin announcements - messages. Classroom presentations/lessons.
CA Hoover Middle School Recognize students who perform random acts of kindness.
CA So California Rehab Services Working together with caring connections, which is part of the Whittier Union High School district, we are having a youth summit Oct. 6th 2010 for youth with disabilities. Having a booth to pass out bookmarks and to sign petition.
CA Sekai Ni Aikido
CA Bethel Lutheran School We actively emphasize Positive Character Traits. Students will attend an Anti-Bullying Assembly called "The Power of One". Students will take an oath and sign an agreement to report and respond to bullying behavior in appropriate ways.
CA Lakewood Elementary School
CA Alamitos Intermediate Morning announcements, lessons held during the school day, parent info night.
CA Lindbergh Middle School Banish Bullying, Peacebuilders, what is bullying? Bullying prevention PSA, letter to a bully.
CA Hoover Middle School Banish Bullying, Peacebuilders, what is bullying? Bullying prevention PSA, letter to a bully.
CA Dooley Elementary Bullying survey, seek wise people, identifying the bully, kids against bullying pledge for principal.
CO ingr8 Clothing We have launched our own (although edgy) campaign to raise awareness to bullying, and the general abuse of people. We would like to play a roll in the movement to further increase awareness.
CT Spector Criminal Justice Training Network Inc. The bookmarks will be distributed to school resource officers in our training program to return to their schools with.
CT St. Joseph HS
CT Fairfield Woods Middle School - Team R Classroom activities, projects, bookmarks
CT Fairfield Woods Middle School
CT Connecticut IB Academy Full school assembly, passing out bookmarks on 10/19/10. students to sign petition and will show them the pacer teensagainstbullying website.
CT Fairfield Woods Middle School N/A
CT Healthkick Inspired Fitness, LLC We are a Martial Arts School teaching at a local Elementary school.
CT Saint Joseph High School Guardian Angels-Branched off of SADD/Empowered Club, students buy angel pins and angel cut out for $1. The student becomes an "Angel" to another student by praying, offering guidance or listening, or help in any other way for that person. All money is being donated to National Center for Bullying Prevention.
CT CT State Police
CT Henry James Memorial School We will continue to follow the "Henry James Way" with our 5 pillars: Be Respectful, Be Kind, Be Responsible, Be Fair and Be Trustworthy. Also, we will participate in the "mix it up" day in November.
DC The National Tourette Syndrome Association, Inc. Writing Campaign-Capwiz Action Alert on Tourette Syndrome and Bullying Prevention.
DC Character Education Partnership The National Forum on Character Education (October 28-30) and professional development for educators.
DC Advocates for Justice
DC Howard Road Academy Anti-bullying assembly grades 2-6. Video - Fat Albert and the gang on bullying. Role play activity from, take the pledge, in class worksheet.
DC Advocates for Justice and Education, Inc. Parent to Parent Support Meeting: "A Parent's Guide to Bullying Prevention" Training: "School Safety - What Parents Should Know" Community Forum: "Addressing Bullying Issues and Protecting your Child from Cyberbullying" Artmania! Anti-Bullying Artfest for Youth.
DE Parent Information Center of Delaware We are offering workshops to both parents and schools on bullying prevention
DE Red Lion Christian Academy We are having monthly assemblies, Anti-Bullying contests, bi-weekly Devotionals.
FL Centennial Middle School Peer-to-Peer Movement, different handouts daily, t-shirts, available discussion on bullying.
FL Pasco High School Peer-to-peer movement, different handouts daily, t-shirts, available for discussion on bullying.
FL Martial Arts Teachers' Association Will encourage martial arts schools to be proactive in preventing and dealing with bullying.
FL North Folk Elementary No Bullying Week, Violence Prevention week, No Name calling week.
FL McIntosh Middle School
FL Sandpiper Elementary School
FL Myakka River Elementary
FL Ashton Elementary School Included info in school newsletter and Pacer website. Guidance lesson to prevent bullying to every class. Posters, signs, announcements on school news. info sent home. Pledge certificates.
FL Centennial Middle School Peer-to-Peer Movement, different handouts daily, t-shirts, available discussion on bullying.
FL Pasco High School Peer-to-peer movement, different handouts daily, t-shirts, available for discussion on bullying.
FL School District of Palm beach County, FL In August Rollout Plan included the District -wide Bulletin disseminated to all Administrators and School Personnel with information of the National Campaign, including the hyperlink to the National Center for Bullying Prevention Center web-sirte
FL St. John Neumann Catholic Preparatory School We will hold our Anti-Bulllying week in January. Assembly with skits, anti-bullying pledge, writing contest, special speaker, wear anti-bullying t-shirts and decorate the school for bullying week.
FL The Villages Charter School N/A
FL M K Rawlings Elementary School N/A
FL Sarasota Family YMCA Group talks, making posters, role playing, ongoing weekly bullying prevention meetings.
FL Renaissance Charter School
FL Gateway Environmental Learning Center K-8
FL Florida State University School Extended Day Enrichment Program
FL Beachland Elementary School Class lessons, morning announcements, role playing, Pacer videos.
FL Okeechobee School District Each elementary school class will have a video presentation and discussion about what is bullying and how to work together to make the school safe from bullying. The pledge and bookmarks will serve as positive reinforcements and reminders.
FL Florida Parental Information & Resource Center (PIRC) at the University of South Florida (USF) National Bullying Prevention Month will be featured on our Florida PIRC at USF website in October. It will be a primary focus of our October calendar for families. Information also will be disseminated via a listserv to a wide audience of individuals--parents, educators, and other community members statewide in Florida and beyond-- who are interested in family engagement in education.
FL Family Care Council Area 8 of Florida Exploring activities for Disability Mentoring Day.
FL Lauderdale Manors Elementary Pin wheels for peace, stand up to peace across boward day, and no bullying poster contest.
FL Curlew Creek Elementary Student, staff, and parent education, class pledge signing, poster contest, announcements on morning show, students against bullying quilt, 10-20-10 wear red to show we are united against bullying.
FL Belle Terre Elementary School
FL Flagler Palm Coast High School
FL Martial Arts Teachers' Association Will encourage martial arts schools to be proactive in preventing and dealing with bullying.
FL Florida School For The Deaf And The Blind N/A
FL Olympia Heights Elementary Morning announcements promoting "kids against bullying" campaign. Classroom presentations.
FL Bronson Elementary Poster Contest
FL Whitzend kidZone We a teacher-owned, students-inspired, bully and label free Saturday night indoor entertainment hangout for all teens ages 12-17 in Tampa, FL.
FL Euclid Learning Center Teachers will show the video "Bullied" and discuss with students. Demi Lovato-discuss letter and alternatives to handling bullies.
FL Belle Terre Elementary School
FL Lloyd Estates Elementary Presentation of bullying prevention policy, door decorations, and safe zone posters.
GA Bleckley County Schools School assembly and implementation of Olweus program
GA Windsor Forest Elementary
GA Tadmore Elementary
GA Cox Elementary Pledges, reading, wearing blue, skits and songs.
GA Mulberry Elementary Wall size Bullying prevention contract age appropriate coloring sheets - k-2
GA Parent to Parent of Georgia Facebook, Twitter postings; information on our website; information disseminated to our email newsletter lists; information to staff and families via email and list servs.
GA Tactical Survival Management systems School bullying workshops.
GA Jane Macon Middle School Speakers planned during October, "awareness" boxes will be installed for anonymous alerts.
GA W T Jackson Elementary
GA Brookwood School Student council skits, famous quotes and bio of tolerance in history. Role playing alternative outcomes in classroom.
GA Brookwood School Student council skits, famous quotes and bio of tolerance in history. Role playing alternative outcomes in classroom.
GA Bada Bain I am the founder of Bada Bain and I am also a freelance writer for (Atlanta Education and Schools Examiner). I am writing a series of articles on dealing with bullies in school. These articles will provide helpful information to parents and students who may be experiencing issues with bullies in their schools. Here's a link to the first article in the series:
ID Sage Valley Middle School N/A
IL Washington Jr. High School N/A
IL Madison School Use Pacer provided materials, poster painting party after school with bullying prevention slogans, etc. Article in school newsletter.
IL Riddle Elementary School N/A
IL Grayslake Middle School Fair, PSA contest, student workshops, posters, morning announcements, videos and advisory discussions.
IL Barrington Middle School - Prairie Campus
IL Vernon Hills High School
IL Madison School Using materials from PACER and other websites, after school poster painting activity, bookmarks, articles in newsletter, announcements, posters/signs in hallways, emphasis on how to be a good bystander, other TBD,
IL Kerr Middle School Roleplays, speakers, kick-off assembly, poster contest and daily announcements.
IL Washington Jr. High School
IL South Elgin High School
IL Westfield School All students and staff will wear blue, sign bully free pledges, and create a student body peace symbol (and various other activities).
IL Westchester Intermediate School N/A
IL Eldorado Elementary Daily character word to be discussed in class. Community and businesses will display character words. Read books about bullying.
IL Milford Grade School Bullying prevention activities daily in classrooms and school wide.
IL Haines Middle School Poster creation after school activity for display in halls, tips for teachers and parents in weekly newsletter, blog from anti-bullying leadership team on blackboard.
IL East Richland Middle School Daily announcements, each first block class will learn a lesson or do a related activity.
IN Youth First, Inc. Writing columns for the Evansville Courier & Press newspaper
IN Noble of Indiana Partnering with local YMCA's to provide fun and interactive presentations for youth addressing bullying themes against persons with disabilities.
IN Northwest High School
IN Christ the King School
IN Midwest Bullying Prevention Project
IN Raymond F Brandes Elementary School Assembly with Indiana sheriffs association. Curriculum. Contest.
IN Perry Meridian Middle School Public service announcements, classroom activities, signing pledge, and after school activities.
KS Louisberg High School - LEO Club
KS Prairie Star Middle School
KY KY-SPIN, Inc. Promote and distribute the week throughout Kentucky
KY LaGrange Elementary Classroom guidance lessons, skits, posters, drawings, video clips and songs.
KY Blue Apple Players Blue Apple Players opens its new musical BULLIES for a seven week tour of schools. This bold new production is targeting students in grades 3 through 8 and follows a group of teenagers as they learn to deal with bullies. audience members will be equipped with the tools they need to counteract a bully. Cyber-bullying is also addressed in this upbeat production.
LA Lafayette High School International Stand Up to Bullying Day - Nov. 19th Mix it up at Lunch Nov. 9th.
LA Katherine Drexel Elementary School N/A
LA Scuola Media Statale 'G.B. Tiepolo'
LA Benton High School Advisory group sessions.
LA Louisiana Parent Training and Information Center Information related to preventing bullying will be provided to LaPTIC LadisAbility Talk (PTI's state listserv) and to LaPTIC Facebook page each week. Information will be placed on our website. Letters to the editor will be sent to newspapers.
LA West Feliciana Middle School Poster contest, rap contest, PA announcements/skits.
LA L J Alleman Middle School N/A
MA Spirit of Knowledge Charter School All school "Town Meeting" devoted to the topic, daily advisory discussion, merits for kindness in the community.
MA Boys and Girls Club of Metrowest The staff is going to give small workshops in the classrooms regarding "Bullying" and inviting a police office as our guest speaker to reinforce what has been taught at our club.
MA Who Said Parenting Couldn't Be Fun! Free Workshop Bully proofing Your Child - October 20, 2010 Bullying, teasing and put downs can occur at any age. This workshop prepares parents for addressing these issues with tools and strategies to teach children how to respond to bullies, criticism, and cruelty, as well as how to avoid being manipulated while at the same time helping your child feel empowered, relaxed and in control.
MA KidsWin "Professional development/coaching to assist teachers and staff in presenting fun, engaging and easy to implement classroom activities (Challenges) to help prevent bullying. We share best practices and great ideas from teachers and other youth serving professionals to help make the Challenges memorable and engaging learning experiences! Will-Power against Bullying, a series of exercises to help children realize their value and the inherent value of all children. We've got the BEAT, a series of activities to raise awareness about the power of beliefs and the importance of empathy, acceptance, tolerance and kindness."
MA Paxton Center School "Vanishing Bullying" magic show "kick off". Poster contest. Pledge.
MA Talking to my patients and their parents about awareness and prevention about bullying .
MA Rutland Family Health Center talking to my patients and their parents about awareness and prevention about bullying .
MA Bedford High School We will be conducting a school climate survey for the entire student body. We are also having our Junior Mentor hold discussion groups with freshman about bullying.
MA Wang Middle School Mix it up lunches. Advisory Day. Discussion groups.
MA Virginia Pulitzer, Children's author PowerPoint Presentation available for libraries and Parent/Teacher Organizations "Gwendolyn Claire vs. The Foxfield Four" by Virginia Pulitzer - an intermediate grade chapter book about girl bullies in the elementary school.
MD University of Maryland, Kent County 4-H Program Newsletter articles, character education and ongoing efforts to integrate into schools and other organizations year round!
MD Hammond Middle School
MD Pocomoke Middle School Bully prevention week, coloring books, bookmarks, etc.
MD Montgomery county public schools Our bi-annual in-service meeting October 15,2010 we have a 20 min segment on bullying prevention to all bus operators and bus attendants about 2000 employees
MD Friendship Academy of Engineering & Technology Questionnaires, essay contest, poster contest, wall painting, bulletin board displays, classroom visits, beginning "Bully Busters" club.
MD Manchester Elementary school Daily morning announcements, classroom teachers will be talking to their homerooms about bullying behavior and ways to react to bullies.
MD Princess Anne Elementary
MI Marlette Elementary School Grade level meetings to view videos and discuss what bullying is and how to stop it. Sign the pledge. Anti-Bullying statements on morning announcements.
MI North Muskegon Middle/High School
MI St Johns Public Schools October bullying prevention month activities, newspaper articles, D-Day efforts, student group activities.
MI Capac Middle School/High School We would like to hold a pink shirt day "anti-bullying". We will also do activities in classrooms.
MI LifeWays Pink Shirt Day, October 20, 2010. Wear pink to take a stand against bullies in schools, workplaces and online. No event to attend, just wear pink from wherever you are to show your support.
MI LifeWays Stomp Out Suicide & Bullying 5K, 9/10/10 Wear Pink Day, 10/20/10
MI Kent Transition Center ---KentISD
MI Mercy High School Daily announcements, bully free zone petition/banner.
MI Great Oaks Academy
MI Outerlooks We are a company that will be opening soon (2011) in Detroit. Our goal is to assist public and private schools within the metro areas. we will focus on gay students who are being bullied by others. Any information this subject that you can share will be greatly needed for my company. Thank you, looking forward to hear from you.
MI Southfield Domestic Violence Group Cyberbullying Domestic Violence Forum United Methodists Church of Madison Heights,MI October 6, 2010 6:30pm
MI Gardner Middle School Daily announcements, movies about bullying, classroom presentations, signing pledge, poster contest, writing contest.
MI SPEAKS Education We are doing Pacer coloring book - k-6 and bookmarks, pledge and certificates.
MI Community High School We conducted teacher/parent training on bullying. We plan to have peer training for students on bullying and have identified students to do training.
MI Southfield Domestic Violence Group Cyberbullying Domestic Violence Forum United Methodists Church of Madison Heights,MI October 6, 2010 6:30pm
MI South Middle School Sign the pledge, Anti-Bullying blog, Bullying awareness day, post-it notes with positive messages, activities in advisory, "mix it up day" November 9, 2010.
MI Paragon Academy School-wide assembly, watch videos, pass out bookmarks, and sign commitment. In process developing posters with "Speak Up", "Reach Out", and "Be a Friend" suggestions posted throughout school. Monthly assemblies to build teamwork friendship, and strengthen anti-bullying commitments.
MN Central Middle School We teach a 9-10 day unit on Violence Prevention. It includes speakers and educating 8th graders on harassment, anger, stereotyping, bullying, cyberbullying and ending with creating Anti-Bullying slogans for posters.
MN Otsego Elementary Reading books about bullying prevention, student scripts, and wearing special colors.
MN The Blake School We will be informing our Parent Association Executive Committe through a presentation from school staff/faculty from each of our Lower School, Middle School and Upper School divisions about the many ways they weave 'Bullying Prevention' into the curriculum to help build community and teach conflict resolution so that all kids will feel safe at Blake.
MN Kody Thul collecting signatures, making t-shirts, handing out bookmarkers, making posters, creating awareness at schools, courts, communities, health fair!
MN Riverside Elementary Our teachers will be utilizing your website. A horse therapy bullying prevention program is being planned for October.
MN Autism Society of MN -AuSM We utilize work from author Nick Dubin on strategies/ solutions and bullying - Asperger syndrome. Utilizing Carol Grey and Judy Williams work on No fishing allowed - reel in bullying. Practical methods for teachers and students dealing with autism and bullying.
MN Waterville Elysian Morristown Junior High Bullying bookmarks, anti-bullying activities, students sign end of bullying petition.
MN Coon Rapids High School
MN Minneapolis Public Schools Department of Student Support Services
MN EXPO Elementary School
MN Nett Lake Elementary School
MN MN Organization of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (MOFAS) Link from our site to PACER site, promote the October National Bullying Prevention Month and share info with MOFAS stakeholders.
MN Holdingford Elementary Classroom presentations
MN Rollingstone Community School PACER puppets and skits
MN Watertown Mayer Middle School #111 Year long pilot awareness raising program designed to uniquely educate and engage students to address bullying in their school and take personal accountability.
MN Reed Gray Elementary Pledge signing, toolkit ideas.
MN Rice Lake Elementary Students created banner for hallway, signed by each student. Students created posters that are now in hallways.
MN B.U.L.L.Y., Inc. B.U.L.L.Y., Inc which stands for Building Understanding Love and Learning for Youth and the Ham Lake Area Chamber of Commerce will be hosting our annual "Strike out Bullying" bowl-a-thon on October 16th from 4-8 p.m. at Ham Lake Lanes. This will be a fun-filled family activity with a silent auction, bowling, raffle drawing, door prizes, and of course information on how to help children become bully-proof.
MN Intermediate School District 917 TESA Program Advisory groups will be using "Quest Skills for Adolescence" (Lions Quest International curriculum) and other materials to address Bullying Prevention in our program.
MN Marshall Primary Level Schools We are implementing the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program at West Side Elementary for grades 3 and 4.
MN University of Minnesota Physicians - Healthy Start
MN Northside Mothers of Multiples Speakers
MN Olmsted County Public Health Services - Healthy Community
MN Parent Advocate - Laurie K Will share information and links.
MN Working Family Resource Center Oct. 21 Webinar "Mean Girls (and Boys): Here's What A Parent Can Do" $10
MN Parent Voices of NAMI, St. Cloud Support and education - Series of speakers in the fall including case management, therapy methods, and school issues.
MN Oakview Elementary - Osseo ISD 279
MN Pine County Probation
MN Pine City Public Schools Week of bullying prevention awareness for grades K -12.
MN Farmington ISD #192
MN Ben Franklin Elementary School Character development training, circle groups, and PTSA sponsored events throughout the year.
MN Arc Northland Extreme parenting and family FUN Groups. October's topic is bullying: identify - intervene - prevent.
MN Lakes Crisis and Resource Center - Becker County Schools N/A
MN Scott Highlands Middle School Peer helper/mediator activities. Announcements. Non collaboration activities/lessons with students.
MN Brandon Elementary School Will hand out bookmarks to kids in K-4.
MN St Michael - Albertville Middle School we have a "zero tolerance for bullies at stma" day. We show a student made video, have a poster the students sign to pledge not to bully and drawings/activities during lunch. Sell t-shirts for anti-bullying.
MN Twin Bluff Middle School
MN St. Michael Elementary We are going to pick one from each day to do at our school.
MN The Blake School We will be informing our Parent Association Executive Committe through a presentation from school staff/faculty from each of our Lower School, Middle School and Upper School divisions about the many ways they weave 'Bullying Prevention' into the curriculum to help build community and teach conflict resolution so that all kids will feel safe at Blake.
MN Orchard Lake Elementary
MN Rogers Elementary School Classroom presentations, all school rally, bullying prevention posters, bullying prevention tip at morning announcements.
MN Oak Hills Elementary violence prevention, character ed. Development guidance curriculum. Bimonthly. All year by school counselor.
MN Edison High School
MO Uthoff Valley Elementary
MO Froebel Literacy Academy Bully Buster week and guidance lessons.
MO Solomon Schechter Role playing, role playing, role playing
MO St. Joseph Cathedral School Poster contests, reading books to the class about bullying and follow it with class discussions. Start each day with a fact about bullying and a quote for the day to promote discussions. Parent meeting regarding facts of bullying and its impact.
MS Germantown Middle School N/A
MS Hopewithtestimony Minerteries "Friends Against Bullying". I hope Collins-Johnson will be attempting to get Hinds, MS involved with Friends Against Bullying (FAB). I will contact local churches, Schools, and other supporting organizations because it has become a community problem that is often overlooked.
MS Holmes Community College - Phi Theta Kappa 1. Our mayor has agreed for us to write a proclamation for the week of Nov 14 - 20 to be Cyberbullying Awareness Week in our community. 2. We are teaming up with the Junior Auxiliary of Grenada to bring Tina Meier to speak to our schools and community. You can read more about Tina at 3. We are collecting data via surveys regarding cyberbullying. 4. Our English Department at our college has required the students to do extensive research on cyberbullying. 5. We are handing out black and white polka dotted ribbons for the students to wear when Tina gives her presentation. Black and white were her daughter, Megan's, favorite colors
MS J W Stampley Elementary School
MS Stone Middle School Classroom lessons in homeroom utilizing the school's motto of the 3 Rs: Respect, Responsible, and Reliable, use of bulletin boards, assemblies, and a no tolerance policy for bullying.
MS Florence Poster, Anti-bullying poetry, speakers, slogan.
MS Indianola Academy
MS Chickasaw Elementary School Activities to raise awareness of the definition of bullying and how to respond to bullying behaviors. Poster contest. Anti-bullying lessons. Each student signs anti-bullying pledge. Distribute bookmarks. Balloon release.
MS Stone Elementary School Bullying Prevention Awareness Month celebrations/activities.
MT Malta Elementary School
MT Beartooth Elementary School School-wide lessons and bully prevention assembly.
MT Communities Learning Appropriate Behaviors Oct. 20-22 Vendor booth at the Montana Board of Crime Control Convention. Our free bully tip line. Oct. 30th - our U-15 program will be having it's 80"s Party. Targeting youth ages 11-15.
NC Magnolia Elementary School K-3rd art contest. 4th - 8th writing contest. Daily announcements.
NC Steps N Motion Dance Studio We will be talking to our students during dance class about preventing bullying & encouraging each student & parent to sign the petition.
NC R.L. Patton High School We are forming a club called "Students For Peaceful Coexistence". We hope to plan many events to promote anti-bullying awareness.
NC Statesville Road Elementary School Bully Prevention Weekly Activities.
NC The Homicide and Motor Vehicle Death Prevention Program of the Lumbee Tribe of North Carolina
NC High Point University Holding a bullying prevention community event.
NC Statesville Road Elementary School N/A
NC Myers Park Traditional Elementary Students will make posters in art with an anti-bullying theme, explore the pacer website, read books and sing songs in media and music to foster bully prevention. Students will play cooperative games in gym. A school banner against bullying will be signed by all students. Counselor will provide mini anti-bullying lesson via closed-circuit.
NC National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI), North Carolina NAMI NC will be supporting National Bullying Prevention Month by providing information on their website, and resources will be shared through Facebook, email distributions and newsletters.
NC Gray Stone Day School Awareness assembly, bookmark distribution, informational poster display, "The End of Bullying Begins with Me" t-shirt sales.
NC J V Washam Elementary School Still planning activities.
NC Crain's Creek Middle School
ND North Dakota PIRC
ND Northwood Public School Classroom lesson, posters, assembly.
ND Edison Elementary School Bullying prevention
NE PTI Nebraska PTI Nebraska has two verified school based "Bullying: Recognition and Intervention" workshops planned in October. We, also, have one agency based workshop scheduled for early November which was originally planned for October.
NH Keene High School We are spending the entire year on an anti-bullying campaign. We are using Jodi Piccult's book Nineteen Minutes, have 4 guest presenters, badges, buttons, posters, pamphlets and videos.
NH Litchfield Middle School Monthlong activities and throughout the year. Hosting a speaker. Participating in "cybersavvy" in the district for the community re: safe internet practices and bullying.
NH Grifin Memorial Elementary School We are expanding educational events throughout October. Our elementary school is doing direct instruction about NH laws, reporting, bystander, self care and support. Hosting a parent info night, hosting a guest speaker.
NH Raymond High School Bullying statistic poster, bookmarks, bullying video competition, no bullying pledge, no bullying phrase, creation of anti-bullying rules.
NH Parent Information Center of NH
NH Penacook School Karate
NH Penacook School Karate
NH New Hampshire Teen Institute Non-profit teen-leadership organization in NH that has a strong focus on embracing diversity and raising awareness to prevent bullying through day-long, weekend and week-long programs for middle and high school students
NH Tutor Doctor "The Doctor is In" series features Claudia Boozer-Blasco, CE, Educator, UNH speaking on what everyone should know about bullying. October 27, 6pm at the Exeter Chamber of Commerce, Exeter, NH Free to the public. For more information call Allison Neal 603.953.5025
NH Pelham High School We had John Halligan/Ryan's story come to our school. We are forming groups to present tips to go mentor down to the younger grades and schools in town.
NH Tutor Doctor "The Doctor is In" series features Claudia Boozer-Blasco, CE, Educator, UNH speaking on what everyone should know about bullying. October 27, 6pm at the Exeter Chamber of Commerce, Exeter, NH Free to the public. For more information call Allison Neal 603.953.5025
NJ Central Jersey College Prep Charter School October 18-22 This is also Anti-Violence Awareness Week. Activities include various classroom activities including "The effects of gossip", Bullying quiz and discussion, the "Bullying Circle", bullying current events, "Wear Black Friday" for commemoration of victims of violence or bullying.
NJ Absecon Schools N/A
NJ Hackensack High School
NJ Jonas Salk Middle School N/A
NJ Warren County Technical School The students in the Television, Radio & Digital Media Program at Warren County Technical School are working on a Television & Radio PSA Campaign against Bullying. The class will produce and market 5 television and 5 radio PSA's that will be distributed throughout the country later this year.
NJ Integrated Martial Arts & Fitness
NJ Bayshore Middle School
NJ Danile F. Ryan Elementary School, No. 19 Assembly, pledge and activities integrated into curriculum.
NJ New Monmouth Elementary Creation of PEACE CHAIN, entering PACER's TELL YOUR STORY activity, class discussions, coloring books, and taking pledge daily.
NJ Hudson Community Enterprises Working with New Jersey City University peer mentoring program.
NJ The Bullying Stops Here! We will be setting up a booth at Community day to distribute pacer bookmarks, peace lip balm and having people sign the "End of Bullying Begins With Me" petition. We will than in turn take those names and add them to the PACER digital petition.
NJ Our Bully Project Doing Stop Bullying Now banner presentations in intermediate, middle and high schools. Presentations in youth organizations and community events. Working together with PTOs, Law Enforcement, Educators, and other community leaders to create a unified effort to stop bullying. Teaching Verbal Self Defense along with the Stop Bullying Now presentation in karate schools and youth groups.
NJ Hudson Community Enterprises Community guest speaker from local community college law department. Bookmark handout.
NJ Family Resource Network
NJ Nathan Hale School Bullying lessons, signing online Pacer petition, viewing bullying mini movies on, essay and poster contest.
NJ Academy of St Therese of Lisieux Post flyers, art projects, morning announcements.
NM Santo Nino Reginal Catholic School
NM Parents Reaching Out
NV Fernley Intermediate School
NV Nevada PEP Promote on website. Share bookmarks with schools. Student bullying trainings.
NV Advocates for Victims of Abuse Spreading awareness through press releases and community awareness events.
NY Holy Trinity Diocesan High School SADD - schoolwide anti-bullying campaign. "Don't be a bystander lend a hand". Nassau County Police Department assembly presentation for all students on sexting and cyberbullying.
NY Van Schaick Grade School Parenting program, proclamation and slogan contest.
NY S. Huntington School District Campaigns to raise awareness, banner signing and more!
NY Author's Academy, PS 63 In class discussion of - what is bullying? Role plays and ongoing activities.
NY Stop the hate Spread the Hope We are gathering stories about bullying anonymously and creating a documentary film - we also created survival bracelets and tee shirts, forums for sharing and have a lot more planned .
NY Broadway Middle School Poster contests, assembly, PSA's, morning announcement and classroom lessons.
NY Child Abuse Prevention Services Increase number of bully prevention workshops presented in schools across Long Island. Offering of CAPS annual bully prevention calendar and posters to local organizations.
NY P.s/M.s29
NY Ft. Plain Jr and Sr High School Family and consumer science teacher will use in 7th grade curriculum on character education addressing the NYS standards for a safe and healthy environment.
NY Capital Northeast Martial Arts Possible bullying prevention workshop.
NY East Rochester UFSD
NY Transit Middle School
NY Union East Elementary Create your own bully prevention sticker, presentations by high school challenge group.
NY Life Design Sharing information and raising awareness via blog and social networks.
NY Fox Lane High School
NY Taconic Hills Middle School
NY NYC Department of Probation Planning a workshop on bullying and handout bookmarks to all teens on probation supervision.
NY Mahopac High School Announcements being made each day of the week. Community outreach in Hope Forum III. "Creating safe environments for our children" being planned to address bullying.
OH East Clinton Middle School
OH Upper Scioto Valley
OH Youth to Youth The youth - developed and youth - led "Stand By. Stand Up." presentations will be conducted by middle school students in local elementary schools.
OH Crestview Elementary School Our students will sign a pledge.
OH Lordstown High School Daily announcements and classroom activities.
OH Struthers School District Participating in International Stand Up to Bullying Day. The mayor is declaring Bullying Prevention Week.
OH Champion High School
OK Hilldale Middle School Pre and Post Bullying Prevention Survey and No Bullying Pledge. Student made posters and messages in hallways and cafeteria. Guidance lessons with topics covering cyberbullying, bystanders and how to report incidents using a bullying and harassment intervention referral form.
OK Independence Middle School As part of our Red Ribbon Week and "Safe and Healthy Schools" Health Fair.
OK William R Teague Elementary School
OK Oklahoma Sate Department of Education Hosting a statewide conference for teachers, parents, and SROs in November.
OK Stigler Public Schools A pledge drive, classroom lessons against bullying, role plays, coloring contest.
OK Stigler Middle School
OK Oologah Upper Elementary N/A
OK Oologah Upper Elementary
OR Amity Middle School Bully prevention assembly, worksheets, role plays, activities.
OR Barbara L. Easton, LLC
OR Clackamas County Sheriff's Office
OR Coquille Martial Arts Coquille Martial Arts is teaching its Kid Speak program to kids and adults through the month of October and beyond.
OR r.i.s.e for children and youth with disabilities Oregon's Bullying Prevention & Awareness Campaign is hosting the 1st Race to Be Aware, October 3, 2010. A day of healthy running and walking along with knowledge, networking and family fun. See our website at for more information on this event and the statewide campaign we have begun to erase bullying from our communities.
OR Centennial Middle School Staff kick off video. Lessons taught during Advisor Class.
PA Gwyn-Nor Elementary School N/A
PA Hatfield Elementary School N/A
PA Northern Bedford County Elementary School N/A
PA Bridle Path Elementary School OLWEUS meetings, classroom guidance lessons.
PA York Avenue Elementary School N/A
PA Springfield Elementary School N/A
PA Sharpsville High School N/A
PA Shaler Area Elementary School Red Ribbon Week October 25-29, 2010. Theme for the week is "SAES Stomps out Drugs" Petition signing for students. Shoes to decorate and hang in the halls of our building. Assemblies concerning drugs and choices you can make about not doing drugs. Also, assembly about safety and bullying.
PA The Women's Center, Inc. of Columbia Reading groups, puppet shows, counseling groups, and school presentations.
PA Kistler Elementary School
PA Menor Parent Program Bookmarks, "Kids Against Bullying" Elementary School students News Release on Website Social Media.
PA The Women's Center, Inc. of Columbia/Montour County Children's groups targeted on bullying and how to speak out.
PA Penn Wood Middle School We will follow the lesson plan provided on the Pacer website.
PA Our Lady of Victory Catholic School International Peace Day program, community speech on "sticks and stones", a PA Anti-Bullying program, Friendship Circle Theme for all of October.
PA Fogelsville Elementary School
PA Oak Park Elementary School North Penn School District and Oak Park Elementary is being trained in the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program this month.
PA Kulp Elementary School TBD
PA Upper Darby High School Blue ribbons will be given to all faculty and staff for bullying prevention, students will be invited to sign an anti-bullying pledge, each morning a student will read a bullying statistic or fact and publicly make their pledge on morning announcements.
PA Carnell Elementary School Poster contest, implementing second step guidance curriculum, and school wide classroom bullying guidance lessons.
PA Fort Washington Elementary School We are holding a writing contest, our "No Place for Hate" Club will be delivering daily announcements and our school counselor will be visiting all the classrooms for a bullying prevention activity.
PR Coach Gio Blanco Prevention workshops, writing to raise awareness
RI JF Deering Middle School Don't leave me out Tree Mural, Bullying pledge, morning announcements, lyric contest, Anti-Bullying assembly.
RI Winman Junior High Don't leave me out Tree Mural, bullying pledge, morning announcements, lyric contest, Anti-Bullying assembly.
RI Blackstone Millvillle Regional High School Discussion, videos, pledge and advisories.
RI Providence School Department N/A
RI Providence School Department
SC Whale Branch Middle School Using the Monday through Friday lesson plans, skits, and scenarios.
SC School of Education, U of So Carolina Upstate In "organizing and managing diverse classrooms" for elementary education majors I will be reviewing South Carolina's Safe School Act and will be sharing with these future teachers steps they can take in their classrooms to confront, reduce and prevent bullying.
SC South Carolina Association of School Administrators 2010 Summit on Bullying, October 26, 2010, Columbia, SC. Topics covered will be cyberbullying, dating violence, and school bus violence.
SC Family Counseling Center of the CSRA The PROMOTE KINDNESS Campaign is an initiative of the Family Counseling Center of the Central Savannah River Area(CSRA). FCC is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to the mission of strengthening families and individuals in the CSRA. The goal of the PROMOTE KINDNESS campaign is to encourage the mental and emotional well-being of the community through partnering with organizations that do the same, and through the advancement of curriculum that supports non-violence, dialog and conflict resolution. A part large part of this curriculum will be the prevention of bullying in schools. We will be fund-raising and creating demonstrations of kindness during this month and in November to that will attempt to gather people around the idea of kindness in our community.
SD Jefferson Elementary N/A
SD Patrick Henry Middle School Activities will be done throughout Olweus Bully Prevention program (ongoing).
TN Kylie Morgan Hello, we'd like to share this video song written by 15 year-old Kylie Morgan ( in memory of Phoebe Prince to help raise awareness in the effort against bullying.
TN Bemis Elementary School
TN Northwest Elementary School Guidance lessons will be taught from the Pacer website and a bullying rally will take place by faculty and students at school.
TN Healthy You Inc.
TN Rock Springs Elementary School Taught in classroom guidance with art work and drama.
TX Southside High School Bullying prevention education provided to all high school students
TX Bill Wright Elementary Using PACER activities during National Bullying Prevention Month
TX Lakeview Elementary Themed dress up days. Guidance lessons will focus on bullying awareness the entire month of October. Poster contest for grades 3 -5.
TX McCall Elementary Kids Against Bullying pledges, bookmarks, poster contest, view "How Does Bullying Feel?" and bully free lessons.
TX McAnally Intermediate Reading books, videos, pledge, KIDS AGAINST BULLYING certificates, video and book discussion.
TX Troubled Waters
TX Chisholm Trail Middle School
TX Southside High School Bullying Prevention Education provided to all high school students.
TX Lake Dallas Middle School Dissemination the curriculum ideas to our teachers to use, providing bookmarks to students, having the daily announcement reflecting the anti-bullying messages from the Pacer website.
TX Impact United Methodist Church
TX Krum Middle School Advisory Lessons; Community Awareness Campaign; Administrative & Counselor Classroom visits; PACER materials; poster contest
TX Safe Haven of Tarrant County N/A
TX David Walker Intermediate Guidance lesson - anti-bullying. Citizenship BINGO. "Not in My School" Pledge against bullying.
TX Jefferson Avenue Elementary Bullying awareness guidance lessons for k-5. Grades 3-5 will go online to pacer website during guidance lessons-parenting awareness pamphlets to be given out.
TX Rains Junior High assembly, announcements, classroom activities.
TX Veil Life Change
TX The Arc of Northeast Tarrant County Workshop: Bully Proofing Our School Distribute book marks, coloring books and games to participants at the workshop and local schools.
TX Sacred Heart Catholic School
TX St. Peter Prince of the Apostles Catholic School Pledge signing, awareness bracelets, T-shirt day, pep rally, movie day and discussion, poster, essay contests and press releases.
TX Texas Leadership Charter Academy
TX Edwinna Mitchell Music and art department sponsors bullying prevention week in third week of November. Students will create a rap, perform skits and create bookmarks.
TX The Islands Children's Ministry We will be doing a series in Nov and Dec on bullying! This is heavy on my heart and I want to help kids!
TX Garland Independent School District
TX Marylin Burns Elementary During this month, School Counselor did classroom presentations on Bullying; School held Bullying Prevention Activities: Students will sign pledge, Team Up against Bullying-wear favorite team jersey on designated day, wear yellow t-shirt to designate kindness and compassion on designated day, decorate hallways with The End of Bullying Begins with You banners, and bully-free signs. Students read anti-bullying slogans during morning announcements.
TX Nobody's Perfect Campaign
TX WebSafety/CellSafety WebSafety educates and empowers parents to protect children in the dangerous online, wireless and real worlds. WebSafety has the SOLUTION to help STOP cyberbullying, sexting, texting while driving, online predators, has GPS locator & more.
TX St. Peter Prince of the Apostles School Awareness Week organized by Junior Girl Scout Troop 1237 - Kids Against Bullying pledge day; distribution of awareness literature to kids and parents; distribution of Respect All, Fear None awareness wristbands; Stand Out, Stand Up T-shirt Day; Movie Day (w/ discussion period); Looking Out for Little Buddy Day (older grades buddy with younger grades for bullying awareness activity); All for One and One for All Pep Rally; Daily PSAs; "On Bullying" Essay Contest; press releases
TX Borger ISD N/A
TX McCall Elementary TEAM UP AGAINST wide dress up day..wear team shirts to show you support positive friendships, not bullying, all classes are accessing PACER student website to increase awareness of bullying and know what to do to prevent it. All students are getting the PACER bookmark this week, and we are making announcements each morning to remind students what to do if they find themselves in a bullying situation, also sending tips home to parents.
TX Life School Red Oak Put a cap on drugs, don't be a sucker on drugs, too smart too start, team up against drugs (partnering with local police department-crime prevention team).
TX Cypress Falls High School N/A
TX South Grand Prairie High School N/A
UT University of Grappling We do bullyproof demonstrations and talks wherever needed for free. We promote assertiveness and self confidence through practice and application of Gracie Jiu Jitsu.
VA Roanoke Children's Theatre Play - "The Secret Life of Girls" and post show talkbacks and workshops with health professionals.
VA Forest Grove Elementary School School counselors will be presenting bullying awareness and prevention lessons in all grades K-5 throughout the entire month of October. Teachers will focus Oct. 18-22 on classroom bullying awareness and prevention activities. School will be imprinting a Bullying Prevention Program "Stop, Walk, Talk" based on PBS model. PBA's over the morning announcements.
VA Safe Schools/Healthy Students Charlottesville
VA Parent Educational Advocacy Training Center
VI Inter Island Parent Coalition for Change Inc Resource table, workshops
VT Caledonia North Supervisory Union ,N/A
WA Billings Middle School 8th grade October-December curriculum focuses on digital identity and citizenship - and these students will go on to teach 6th and 7th grade students as the year progresses.
WA Highline Transportation Department Driver meetings to share PACER resources, sign digital petition, and 5000 students riding the buses take the pledge.
WA Sedro-Woolley Community Partners Peer education presentations (high school peer educators present bullying prevention information and skill building exercises to 6th-8th graders).
WA Billings Middle School 8th grade October-December curriculum focuses on digital identity and citizenship - and these students will go on to teach 6th and 7th grade students as the year progresses.
WA Sedro-Woolley Community Partners Peer education presentations (high school peer educators present bullying prevention information and skill building exercises to 6th-8th graders).
WA Mercer Island Martial Arts Teaching workshops on bully prevention all over our community. teaching, blogging, about bully prevention. Mobilizing kids to teach kids bully prevention information. Getting out materials to the kids, bookmarks, coloring books, about bully prevention. Educating parents about bully prevention. Workshops for kids who are/have been identified as bullies, and helping to educate and redirect their behaviors.
WA Washington Middle School It will be our kick off week for our "we all belong" bullying prevention class meetings held in the fall and spring.
WA One Team Kids Week long lesson plan based on activities, ideas and worksheets from the Pacer website. This will take place at 9 schools in our local district during the after-school program.
WI Glacier Creek Middle School Implementation of an "X-box" (private box for students to submit thoughts, questions and concerns about bullying). Poster school-wide contest for students to express way to end bullying. School-wide assembly, possible introduction of parent/student pledge.
WI Glacial Drumlin School Bystander power, public service announcements, the power of words.
WI Lakeshore Tae Kwon Do Bully prevention presentation at area Crime Prevention Day Event. Petition signing. Booth with activities for children Elementary and Middle school age. Information on bully prevention available at booth.
WI Pecatonica Elementary Posters, presentations by high school students, pledge wall.
WI Pecatonica Middle School/High School Posters, skits, pledge wall, announcements, mix-it-up lunch.
WI Good Friend, Inc. Good Friend provides staff and student services to bring awareness and prevention of disability harassment, especially relative to Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our middle school video is now in production. See our Facebook group and cause.
WI Family Advocates Presentations and activities for grades K-3.
WI Morgandale Elementary School Classroom presentations on definition of bullying with discussion and review of bullying discipline/coaching procedures.
WV McNinch Primary Students will make a pledge not to bully, read stories, use coloring book activities and participate in a contest.
WV Hill Top Elementary School Bullying pledge, chain-link together against bullying, announcements, themed days.
WV Cameron High School Pacer bookmarks, sunburst bullying videos, acceptance and tolerance lessons with middle school reading classes - Diary of Anne Frank. The skin I'm in, Number the stars, strength team assembly, morning announcements, videos on united streaming and
WV Cameron Elementary School School-wide assembly, developmental guidance lessons, sunburst videos, videos on united streaming, activity sheets, Quotes and facts on morning announcements, Pacer bookmarks,, strength team assembly.
WV Central Elementary School Bullying prevention pledge; bookmarks, developmental guidance lessons, kind words and morning announcements.
WY East Junior High School Daily announcements, bully proofing your school lessons, caught you caring for students.
WY Northpark Elementary Bookmarks, bully prevention bulletin board and promoting awareness with daily activities.

2010 Bullying Champions from Around the World - Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

Dededo - GUAM Santa Barbara Catholic School Bullying Prevention Awareness using PACER resources and classroom presentations.
Montreal - CA Peace by PEACE Montreal Peace by PEACE is a non-profit student organization out of McGill University that educates grade five students in the community about important issues such as bullying. Conflict resolution, peaceful problem solving skills and inner power are key elements of our curriculum.