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Become a Champion Against Bullying

2012 Champions—Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

AL Crittenton Youth Services We are working to plan a Run, Walk, Roll during National Bullying Prevention Month in October 2012.
AL Sigma Beta Club of Tuscaloosa
AL Sigma Beta Club of Birmingham
AL The Montgomery Job Corps Center The Montgomery Job Corps Center will hold focus groups that will offer discussion panels that are centered around bullying prevention.
AZ North Canyon High School SADD We are wearing our orange on October 10th and getting the rest of the school to as well. Also promoting the "End begins with you campaign".
AZ ICAN Motivational speaking; blue shirt day; unity day
AZ O-Live! Theatre O-Live! Theatre participates in National Bully Prevention Month. We believe that we all play a role in addressing bullying prevention. Over a period of 2 weeks, O-Live! worked with a local youth group to produce a viral video. Teaching children and pre-teens how to handle and deal with bullies. We hope that our contribution will make a difference and changes lives.
AZ LeChee Boys & Girls Club of Diné Nation Bullying Prevention Community Art Walk
CA Sacramento Student Athlete Academy The Student Athlete Academy is sponsoring a Community Service Project called the "Anti-bullying Awareness Project" . The event will be targeting middle schools with an Art Campaign and a 64 team Middle School Basketball Tournament. Workshops will be provided on bullying and cyberbullying to students and parents and resource material on anti-bullying will be distributed at the event.
CA Committee for Children On Sat., October 13, 2012, the You Just Believe Specialized Tutorial Dropout Prevention Program will be supporting bullying prevention during National Bullying Prevention Month by hosting a 2-mile walk2stop campaign. Upon returning there will be a gala of fun and music. That evening, we will close with an Anti-Bullying and Educational Fundraiser Campaign, with a speaker, music, and dance.
CA The Dead Kid - Dodge College Graduate Thesis Film In September, our cast and crew will be participating in the Chapman University Emerging Scholars Conference: Naming and Resisting Bullying in Families, Schools and Communities.
CA Girl Scouts Troop 32206 Will be participating in activities during National Bullying Prevention Month, October 2012.
CA Orange High School
CA You Just Believe Specialized Tutorial Dropout Prevention Program Finding a better way of joining Sacramento in The Anti-Bully Rally Sacramento Youth Screaming Out Loud, Reaching Out, and Encouraging Peer to Peer to Stop the Bullying
CA Social Groovy was created to prevent online bullying among teens and young adults, a place where people can safely interact online without the worry of bullies. Our motto: Be Safe, Be Real, Be Groovy!
CA Anti-Bullying Resources for Children Anti-bullying books for children. Include practical activities/strategies for both children and adults. Also anti-bullying children's games.
CA Zuri and Nevaeh Zuri and Nevaeh will be searching for activities during the month of October to perform their R&B / Rap song called "Influence" about Anti-Bullying and Negative Peer Pressure at local Elementary, Middle and High Schools, along with festival or rallies. Please view their official video located on their website. (*Please contact us for live entertainment in the Sacramento, CA area.)
CA Coaches and Athletes Against Bullying, 3 Point Play
CA Advocacy Resources for San Diego First Annual Gathering Against Bullying Meet-up at Lake Murray in La Mesa, CA. - walk, ride, run around the lake or picnic with us!!
CA Boys & Girls Club of Whittier
CA Kuk Sool Won(tm) of Menlo Park We'll be having a Bully Prevention Workshop for children in 4th through 8th grades on Saturday October 6th from 1:30 to 3pm.
CA Your Beautiful Mind, Inc. 10/5/2012 - Seminar at Silverado High School in Victorville, CA. Web campaign on bullying, how to recognize the signs and how to prevent it beginning 10/1/2012 and running the entire month.
CA For Teachers Only We promote bully awareness and education to teachers and schools across the county. Our Bully Free Pledge Magnet has been ordered by hundreds of schools for use in their Bullying Awareness events.
CA California Youth Crisis Line The California Youth Crisis Line is a confidential, toll-free, 24/7 crisis line for youth ages 12-24 and their families. If you need to talk to someone about bullying, we're here to support you. Call us any time at 1-800-843-5200. We also post relevant information about bullying on our facebook page.
CA Parents for Peace at Sierra Middle School Pledge rally to kick off Bullying Prevention initiative at Jr. High School. Asking entire student body (7th & 8th graders) to sign pledge to end bullying. Week bullying awareness raising sessions worked into daily curriculum. State of the School address focusing on bullying prevention delivered by Principal.
CA Challenge Day 1. Challenge Day's 25th Anniversary Video Challenge - two schools will receive a scholarship towards the cost of bringing Challenge Day's anti-bullying program to their school. 2. Be The Change Movement activities - 25 ways to be the change and unite against bullying. 3. Our Denver partners, Challenge Denver, are hosting an Anti-Bullying event on 11/12/12. People are invited to register in October as their way to "Love Back" We will be celebrating UNITY Day on October 10th and SPIRIT Day on October 19th.
CA Blogpost with tips on how parents can protect their children from cyberbullying:
CA A Touch of Understanding We helped a local TV-station with a program called Bully: ATOU provides workshops at local schools to eliminate bullying at schools.
CT Quest Martial Arts HERO anti bully program; help everyone respect others
CT Springfield Area Young Peoples Division (YPD) of the AME Church On-going workshops/round table discussions on bullying. Made a PSA about bullying, making a PSA video for YouTube.
DC Howard University Middle School of Math and Science
DC Congressional Anti-Bullying Caucus Congressman Honda will be working with a State Assembly member and a school in his district to coordinate a screening of “Bully” for the school’s entire 7th grade class. The students will be bused to a local theater and will watch the movie as a group, and afterwards will fill out “pledge cards”, stating what action they will take to prevent bullying at their school and in their community.
DE Future Leaders Project We have developed a Bully Prevention Community Education Project Guide through a partnership with to help martial arts schools across the country combat bullying in their community.
DE Teach Anti Bullying, Inc. We will host a fundraiser every month to raise anti-bullying awareness with local communities. Dr. Cerullo is also donating half of his new book proceeds to help families and victims of bullying-related situations in an effort to give back. We are also creating a new Anti-bullying Film in partnership with Yuma Productions on Bullying and Teen Suicide in an effort to help fight this growing issue in the US.
DE Delaware Adolescent Program Inc., DAPI
FL Byrneville Elementary School, Inc.
FL MOMS Club of Lake City Our community decided to adopt Unity Day this October in memory of a young boy that ended his life as the result of bullying.
FL H.O.P.E.'s Counseling Corner Offering free seminars to teachers and school administrators that address bully trends, resources, and suggestions to minimize bully occurrences in their schools.
FL Reynolds Lane Elementary School
FL People Make a Difference, Inc. Formation of parents organization/ Creation of anti-bullying/violence video/ Interactive psychoeducational and motivational web community for students, educators, parents, and communities/ Creation of anti-bullying emergency response system/ Youth targeted bullying strategy videos in concert with school police.
FL YOUCANTBULLY.US Do you have a story about being bullied? Overcoming bullying? A friend being bullied? We are now accepting entries for 2012 Bully Stories. As someone that has been bullied, I understand that it helps to have your story heard. Please feel free to submit entries to [email protected]. The top 3 stories will be published on YOUCANTBULLY.US Entries being accepted now.
FL Omega-Man School Assemblies Omega-Man & Friends is a very unique school assembly presentation. Our message delivers the Anti-Bullying/Character Development message through a comic book superhero, an image which children look up to and emulate.
FL iKARE Global Institute
FL Alpha Dogs Martial Arts Hosting a walk and other activities at local schools.
FL Faithfully Guided, Inc. Free workshops for parents on how positive parenting helps bullying behavior.
FL Rollins Self Defense Club The Rollins Self Defense Club promotes safety throughout the entire Rollins College campus by providing ongoing classes for students. We are certified through the Olweus Program and American Taekwondo Association, and have traveled to local elementary and middle schools to teach bully prevention techniques. Currently, we are in the process of planning an event to spread awareness about the physical and mental effects of bullying.
FL Project D.A.L.E. Inc.
FL Belle Terre Elementary School Ways to unite on Oct. 10: In your school, home or community: 1. Wear the color orange. 2. Write the word “UNITY” on your hand, on your notebook, or on a poster to hang in your locker or hallway 3. Hand out orange “unity ribbons.”
FL Miabella Magazine
FL PTA/Palm Springs North Elementary School We are supporting bullying prevention and awareness month in our school this year with announcements and activities throughout the week of Oct. 18-25. On the 18th we kick off with the "kids against bullying poster contest" and "what would you do video campaign." We are then ending our week with our Unity Day scheduled for Thursday Oct. 25th that will end in our Run, Walk, Roll fun event in the afternoon sponsored by our running club the Road Runners. Please join our Facebook and keep updated with our activities as we post our success and announcements.
FL Fellowship Baptist Church of Pine Hills Our youth ages 8-16 will speak at church services about how to respect others and lend a helping hand; not a critical word. The youth will sign contracts that they will not bully others.
FL Kelley Smith Elementary School We are sending home a parent newsletter about Bullying and holding student assemblies.
FL International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry ISEPP professional members lecture and write on the topics of student bullying and cyberbullying. Concern about bullying and the effects of anti-bullying laws is high among our members. Our social networking team lead is partnering with Target Corp. and elementary schools in Tampa, FL with "It Takes a Team: a team approach to address student bullying."
FL Mavericks High School-North Broward
GA Prissy Girls Perfect Gentleman, Inc. As Non-profit for youth services (Anger Management Program), our youth deal with many of the same emotions adults do. Adolescents get angry, sad, frustrated, nervous, happy, or embarrassed, but they often do not have the words to express how they are feeling. Instead, they act out these emotions in very physical and inappropriate ways. The program will assist youth with learning how to understand and express their emotions properly. We at PG-PG understand that positive self esteem is an important responsibility for all adults who interact with them. This program is designed to assist youth in feeling good about themselves, and understand they are better able to resist negative influences in life when positive self esteem is developed. We will teach youth that positive self-esteem enables them to grow up and be happy, responsible, and contributing adults.
GA Hawk Enrichment Center At the Hawk Enrichment Center we educate at risk youth about bullying by providing workshop, seminars, role play about the effect of bullying and how it impact another person. We help educate parents about recognizing rather their child is a bully. We educate on cyberbullying, bullying in the work place, school, home (youth who deal with half sibling who bully in the home).
GA MOMSY Anti-Bullying Essay Contest and Bully Buster package (t-shirt with anti-bully message, storybook/workbook, anti-bully song, backpack and bullying information for parents and children). Talking to middle schools to bring bullying discussion to the forefront.
GA Young Women Striving for Success During the month of October, our organization will host an Anti-Bullying walk and plan to do some other fun, but educational activities to help support the cause.
GA Better Home Health Care of Georgia We are in the process of launching services for Mentoring, Bullying Prevention, and Gang Awareness Education and Prevention in Georgia!
GA Strong, Beautiful, & Godly Girls, Inc. SBGG will be holding an "Anti-Bullying" Back to School Block Party on July 14, 2012 at the Athens YMCA for children of needy families. We will provide free school supplies, hair cuts and hairstyles, games, food, entertainment, and resources.
IA Iowa Federation of Families for Children's Mental Health We are starting a Bullying Prevention Coalition. We are in the beginning stages and will be using PACER resources frequently.
IA Greene Country Intermediate Weekly bully awareness lessons, posters for the school, and a final assembly with students performing skits.
ID BeanStalk Our company gives Free Workshops throughout the country educating parents and children about cyberbullying, sexting and online predators. Our goal for this year's National Bullying Prevention Month is to get the movie "Bully" into every high school and middle school in the country.
ID Madison CARES We have a youth group that is making daily efforts in the fight against bullying. They have already launched multiple campaigns and have plans to launch many more in order to help get support of our community and students. They also participated in a national video competition, REach out REELZ, and placed 1st for their video entry. This video had been spread all over our community and promotes the message, REACH OUT, MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
IL Ordo Inc. We run a online chat room from called justforrlaughs as a effort to prevent teen suicide and bullying. The room was created as a safe place for people to share their stories and get help from our staff in dealing with school, life and other things, and most of all to have fun.
IL Mercy Home for Boys and Girls Mercy Home for Boys & Girls (Walgreen Home) are purchasing the "Stomp Out Bullying" Blue shirts to support National Anti-Bullying month. In addition, we are hosting milieu meetings and activities throughout the month of October (and beyond) that focus on the definition of bullying, bullying prevention, bully awareness and how to take a stand against bullying.
IL GATE America Each month our organization promotes anti-bullying by providing free programs to community groups and schools. In addition our presenters are available to deliver targeted messages at bullying.
IL Francis Scott Key Elementary At Francis Scott Key Elementary, for the first time, the student government will wear anti-bullying t-shirts and host a pep rally against bullying. Students will perform skits, rap, and watch a video against bullying.
IL Stop Bullying Champaign Urbana Make It Orange and Make It End--October 10 Online survey on extent of bullying in Champaign-Urbana (IL) schools
IL TrueCare We offer social media monitoring tools for parents to help them monitor what their kids are doing online. We will be offering discounts and educational materials in Oct.
IL Villa Grove High School Dance Team The State Champion Villa Grove High School Dance Team will be hosting a Black Out Bullying day at our school with the support of local businesses. The Junior High School Dance and Cheer team as well as the High School Cheer team will be partnering with us to kick off the event.
IL Villa Grove High School Dance Team The State Champion Villa Grove High School dance team is partnering with the Villa Grove Junior High dance team, Junior High cheerleading team, and High School cheerleading team to raise awareness for anti-bullying. We are working on a campaign called "Black Out Bullying" to raise awareness in our local schools and businesses in Central Illinois.
IL The ACES School
IL Talala Elementary School School-wide assembly, classroom lessons, put ups vs. put downs school wide contest, and more!
IL Villa Grove Junior High Cheerleading Black Out Bullying Basketball Game
IL Glen Oak Community Learning Center Writing, trading & sharing bullying stories among classrooms; selecting students to read 2 bullying statistics over the PA every morning; distributing wristbands with an Anti-Bully slogan; Campaign for Kindness looks for students promoting kindness/tolerance and photographs them for a school display; distributing Anti-Bully pledges to students and using the signed pledges to create a mural.
IL The Bully Police Squad Hosted an Anti-Bullying Awareness Rally at Jane Addams Elementary School Chicago,IL on October 23rd. Teaming Up With Jane Addams To Stop Bullying.
IL Danville Eagles Youth Football & Cheerleading The Danville Eagles is working on doing an event in the community to prevent bullying upcoming for 2013.
IN Hey U.G.L.Y. - Unique Gifted Lovable You We sponsor National Stop Bullying Day which is the second Wednesday in the month of October annually. We also sponsor National Bullying Bystanders Unit Week which is the third week of October annually.
IN Muncie Human Rights Commission Distributing bully prevention bookmarks to city officials.
IN TBird's Radio Network Broadcasting Awareness to "National Bullying Prevention Month".
IN Bully Prevention Alliance
KS Truesdell Middle School
KS Lincoln Elementary
KY Student Association of School Psychologists Our student organization is creating an information booth in the College of Education at the University of Kentucky to raise awareness of Bullying and the many ways of preventing and responding to it.
KY Cloverport Schools
KY Rousseau Elementary We strive to be a bully-free school. We have several activities during the year to teach acceptance and character building. In the month of Oct. we have one activity or speaker per week.
LA 100% Rare Jewels Social Organization Our social organization is planning a family and friends event on March 31st 2012 and would like to represent the stop-bullying campaign in the community. We will have in attendance over 1,000 parents and kids.
LA Don’t Judge Me: Bullying Prevention Movement Anti-Bullying Day - Oct. 21, 2012 at 11:15am St. Mark Baptist Church, Walker, LA; Anti-Bullying Informational in conjunction with Domestic Awareness workshop on Oct. 22, 2012 at 6pm BREC Independence, Baton Rouge, LA
LA The R.O.C.K. Outreach We are covering topics about friendship, empathy and compassion to illustrate how bullying is harmful and no one wants to feel that way.
LA International High School of New Orleans The International High School of New Orleans had every student, teacher, administrator, and security guard in the school sign a Resolution of Respect on September 28, 2012. On October 10, 2012 students and faculty will be wearing orange to show support against bullying. On October 30, 2012 students will "Mix It Up" at lunch to promote diversity. These events will qualify IHS to become a No Place For Hate School for the 2012-2013 school year!
LA Rosenwald Elementary School Pointe Coupee Parish is Going Red and Orange.
MA Knowledge Is Power Knowledge Is Power presents workshops and PowerPoints on anti-bullying and the owner shares his own story growing up. Role plays are included.
MA South Shore Charter Public School Participating in Unity Day
MA SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions) SADD chapters are encouraged to conduct bullying prevention activities during the month. We've compiled resources from various partners in our Bullying. Not Cool prevention toolkit (available at
MA Lesson One We wrote an informative article on the HowToLearn website:
MA Curtis Sudbury Extended Day Curtis Sudbury Extended Day (SED) has implemented a bullying policy and rubric. Parents and children are notified of the policy and the program's expectations regarding bullying. We strive to provide children with a safe and exploratory social environment where they can be themselves with out judgment or ridicule. We strive to provide students with activities that they otherwise may be hesitant to try, and try to encourage understanding and acceptance of diversity on a daily basis. This year on UNITY day the children posed for a picture, all wearing orange shirts for the cause. They held up posters saying "UNITE" with their handprints on them.... it was a beautiful unifying moment! We are also hoping to have Jodee Blanco (an advocate for bully prevention) come speak to the public school and community.
MA Blueskies Wellness Inc. Bullying prevention one-on-one interventions.
MA Shane's Antibullying Program Shane's Anti-bullying Program will have a No Bully Zone Kids Carnival open to the public on October 13, 2012 at Shedd Park in Lowell, MA from noon to 6pm.
MD Terri E. Johnson Clinical Consultative Services, LLC Connect with private, public, and charter schools, religious communities and local businesses to discuss bullying prevention and "make it orange and make it end!"
MD Jhoon Rhee Black Belt Academy Free community seminars
MD CAIR - Maryland (Council on American Islamic Relations)
MD National Background Investigations, Inc Unity Day 2012 at Matapeake Elementary and Middle Schools.
ME Civil Rights and Social Justice Team We are doing an anti-bullying music video as well as passing out orange ribbons on October 10th.
ME Washington County Consortium for School Improvement The Washington County Consortium for School Improvement hosts an annual bullying prevention rally for K-8 students on the campus of the University of Maine at Machias.
MI Bellevue Jr/Sr High School Encouraging students to speak out against bullying. Meeting with all grades (6-12) in class town hall sessions to educate on the effects of bullying whether through social media sites, classroom disruptions, or acts of vandalism and illustrate how positive upstanding citizens can change the student at a time.
MI Johnson Upper Elementary Johnson students will sign a pledge banner to show they care about being kind and tolerant which will be unveiled at a Unity day ceremony in October.
MI Abuse Bites Help us receive a grant from ChaseGiving to do our CHANGE of HEART TOUR in memory of our son, Brian, who lived and died forgiving his bullies-- to CHANGE HEARTS & SAVE LIVES like he wanted. Please log onto to the link below to see about voting and details. Http://
MN Youth Frontiers Youth Frontiers is a nonprofit, non-partisan organization that partners with schools to build positive communities where students thrive socially, emotionally and academically. Our programs serve as a "catalyst" for students - inspiring the silent majority to stand up for what they know is right and to act on behalf of those who need support. Ultimately, our retreats help connect students to each other, reduce bullying and cultivate a community of character.
MN C.A.B Community Against Bullying Currently for the month of May we are doing speaking engagements about our campaign against bullying and helping empower kids to not become victims.
MN Youth Performance Company We will bring back our critically acclaimed production "MEAN" which focuses on bullying. Sept. 28 – Oct. 14, 2012. We follow three students, a young woman being teased about her physical appearance, a young man being harassed for his perceived sexual orientation, and a young Muslim woman being tormented by her peers because of her faith. Each provides stories highlighting the cruel effects of bullying.
MN Beads On One String Project School programs throughout the year focus on anti-bullying
MN Glenville-Emmons Schools
MN Sumi Mukherjee Focusing on impact of bullying on mental health. Speaking to groups of students, parents or staff about this topic in an interactive setting. Also doing workshop for staff.
MN Saphire's Courage Campaign Against Bullying Speaking/singing/presentations at various schools in Minnesota. Collaborated with the Beltrami County Suicide prevention team to put on a concert where Saphire debuted her new single "One of a Kind" that she wrote for her Courage Campaign. Due to Saphire's experiences with bullying, we are fighting for policy changes and want to spread awareness as well as spread KINDNESS.
MN Metro Deaf School Metro Deaf School will be incorporating National Bullying Month into our Character Counts! school climate building curriculum. We will have weekly presentations related to bullying and the importance of bystander intervention during morning announcements. We will also be showing videos of students and staff discussing about how bullying has impacted their lives and those around them. We will be posting PACER activities on our website and invite parents and community members to become involved. We will have our two student body councils in both the Middle School and High School create and host school-wide activities related to National Bullying Prevention Month.
MN In the Company of Kids Creative Arts Center In the Company of Kids Theater School will be working on skits with students regarding bullying prevention. All abilities will take part in this.
MN Fight Against Bullying As a new organization, Fight Against Bullying is speaking to people in person and online. We intend to hand out flyers/newsletters to schools and post to boards of local businesses. We are beginning to organize a walk, run, roll and also sell t-shirts that support the cause.
MN Harambee Community Cultures/Environmental Science School WOW (Wear Orange Wednesday). Orange ribbons for all students and staff on 10/10/12. Anti-bullying Presentation for parents on 10/23/12.
MN Wu Long Karate LLC Our Karate School educates the kids on what or how to handle bullying situations whether physical, mental, or cyber. 1) notify the person of the specific act you do not like, and ask them to stop. 2) warn them that future or repeated attacks will be reported. 3) ask the most important question: "Do you understand what I am saying to you?". This is a basic action plan that the kids can adopt to have ready when needed, or help other when needed.
MN M.O.B.B. (Mothers Outraged By Bullying) We are currently attending each parent night being held in conjunction with the Olweus program being implemented in the 622 school district. We have PACER bookmarks to hand out and have made orange ribbons to hand out as well.
MN PeaceMaker Minnesota Stand Up Minnesota fundraising luncheon Oct. 10 to raise funds for school violence prevention efforts. For more info call: 651-285-7087.
MN Maple Grove Junior High Wednesday, October 10, all students were asked to wear orange to show their pledge to rally against bullying. We had students and staff sign a big poster to pledge that their school was a No Bully zone. Also, we have dedicated every Wednesday morning in the month of October to educate the students about bullying/harassment. We feel that it is important to teach the entire student body the proper social skills to put an end to bullying.
MO Girl Scout Troop #4703 So far we're planning to make a mural to hang at the grade school, Hodge Elementary, to show how the effect of bullying can hurt and how to prevent it.
MO ATA Martial Arts Bully Prevention Workshop October 5 starting at 7pm. FREE to community. Register by calling 636-527-0062
MS Greenwood-Leflore Public Library
MS Heartbeat of Sandusky/"Stepping Up To Success" We are having discussions with our group(s) about the dangers and consequences of bullying and being bullied.
MS Leflore County School District We will host a bullying assembly at some of the district schools.
NC New Salem Elementary School
NC Peck's TaeKwonDo America We will be discussing bullying in class as part of our curriculum for the month of October. Saturday classes will be dedicated to bully prevention.
NC Smith High School Every1 anti-bullying group created; Unity Day Event including a student made video; pledges signed to stop bullying; students and teachers wore orange; Mix it Up Day.
NC No More Bullying™ We are hosting an event at a local school to teach children about the negative impact of bullying.
NC Madison Middle School Unite Against Bullying Poster Contest - Display School-wide
NC WellBalance WellBalance helps overweight and obese children, teens, and young adults learn how to live healthier and happier lives. Those struggling with weight are more likely to be bullied or bully others. WellBalance will facilitate focus groups and raise awareness by inviting community members to participate in a bullying discussion.
NC Solutions Noticed, Inc. Solutions Noticed, Inc. is opening up a chapter in Charlotte, NC under SAVE (Students Against Violence Everywhere), a cyberbullying and bullying recovery and outreach program that will be designed to help support, advocate, and educate everyone about the devastating affects of cyberbullying and bullying.
NC PATCH, Inc. (Parents and Their Children) PATCH will partner with several schools and community based organizations. We will have a fun day that consists of a walk-a-thon in the morning (All participants will wear orange tee shirts and blue jeans). After the walk, we will sponsor a breakfast/brunch and a 30-minute bullying workshop. In addition, we will host a drama/dance event illustrating the importance of bully free schools.
ND Fargo Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Bully Prevention classes for kids ages 4 and older.
NE YWCA of Grand Island Kirk Smalley of Stand for the Silent, will be visiting to meet with parents in a seminar and question/answer session on Tuesday, Oct. 23. We will be offering two seminars on talking to children about bullying during the month. Also will discuss bullying with our childcare and after-school program children.
NH Katrina Fiorella, Miss New Hampshire Contestant Pageant contestant raising money to help support bullying prevention.
NH Miss NH High School America 2013, Sophie Rancourt Sophie Rancourt (Miss NH High School) and Nyla Page (Miss NH Jr. High) will be appearing at the Dover NH Apple Harvest Festival on October 6th to raise awareness about bullying prevention. They will have opportunities for children to be a princess for the day while they and their parents learn more about bullying prevention and how they can become active (including information about PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center and the Crown C.A.R.E.S. organization). Sophie will also be making appearances at NH schools to help raise awareness and educate children about bullying prevention and awareness.
NJ Edison Branch YMCA
NJ UTA Martial Arts UTA Martial Arts has been very active in the fight against Bullying. We will be teaching as many people as we can Bully Busting!
NJ Charles Lafitte Foundation Kid’s Corner invites you to enter a contest to win $1,000 for your school library and a Kindle Paperwhite for you! Just read one of the books listed below under your grade level and tell us your thoughts on how the actions of the characters in the story - either good or bad - impact the lives of others who are “different.”
NJ Winslow Township High School Chain Reaction program through Rachel's Challenge Tree of Respect Bully-Free Contract
NV Zai Martial Arts Academy Offering a free community bullying prevention seminar.
NV Nevada PEP, Inc. Nevada PEP is conducting a statewide Bullying Prevention Run, Walk, Roll event held simultaneously in Reno and Las Vegas. Additionally, Nevada PEP will be going into schools disseminating bullying prevention materials and placing Bullying Awareness Bulletin Boards in schools throughout the state.
NY AmeriKick Martial Arts More than 2 out of 5 kids are getting bullied in school, social sites and abused at home. We provide a safe bully proof classes every few months to help our community become safer for kids. These Safety classes are approved and highly recommended by school teachers. Help us help your child build their confidence, physical confrontation and self esteem.
NY Magic With A Message Using a combination of magic illusions and audience participation, James Warren will be addressing thousands of elementary, middle, high school and college students about the very serious topic of bullying, in a very entertaining and amazing way.
NY bullybeadz We were so saddened to hear of Grace McComas suicide on Easter Day. Bullybeadz is giving away 50 blue beadz in her honor (blue was her favorite color). Our blue bullybeadz are to give to someone who is being bullied as a show of friendship or solidarity. We will send out the beadz to the first 50 respondents to our email at no charge. Message us on FB with your address or email us at [email protected].
NY Karlee Roberts' "Whatever" Tour Tween recording artist, Karlee Roberts, uses the power of music to create anti-bullying awareness in schools throughout the nation as she tours with her original music to social acceptance, tolerance and diversity.
NY Strong Kids Safe Kids of Chemung County October activities include: Countywide School Assemblies, Community Assembly, Community BLOCK PARTY , and “Stick2gether” Spot - Community Art. Visit our website for more information and to get involved!
NY Out Loud Chorus We are sponsoring an event entitled "Out Loud Chorus Presents: It Gets Better! A Celebration of the Dignity for All Students Act" on Oct. 25, 2012. We will be performing with community choruses, dance groups and high school choruses, educating the community about making schools a safer place. We'll be debuting the new arrangement "It Gets Better," written for the Trevor Project.
NY Corinth Middle School Unity Day Assembly
NY William Floyd Middle School Students Against Bullying WFMS Students Against Bullying will be celebrating Unity Day and having and entire Unity WEEK!
NY Oyster Bay EAST Norwich PTA Bully Prevention Committee We are making a bully prevention mascot, a unity circle of all students on the Unity Day, bully prevention PTA workshops for parents, and a poster contest at the end of the year.
NY Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention The Alberti Center for Bullying Abuse Prevention provides free research-based resources for educators, youth, and parents to help prevent bullying and intervene when it occurs. We promote National Bullying Prevention Month on our website, in our e-newsletter, through conferences and partnership initiatives, and in media interviews.
NY Riverhead Community Awareness Program, Inc. (CAP) National Bullying Prevention Month activities include: a student initiated Anti-Bullying Club, posters to decorate school, skits to address the problem with bullying and ways to end it, reading the book The Juice Box Bully to each class in the school, teaching children at a local youth center about learning to be friends and supporting each other, and forming a Girls Circle Group at local elementary schools where fourth-graders will learn the power of friendship, importance of tolerance and supporting one other.
NY William McKinley I.S. 259 "Respectful Turkeys", "Take a Stand", Garden signs Pledge against Bullying
NY Margaret A Connolly Elementary School We ordered a big poster to post by our main entrance of the school and also A to Z book marks to give to the student on ABCs of Bully Prevention and stickers. We are also in the process or ordering T- Shirts for our school.
NY "Pinky Promise" Our Small group will be working with local elementary schools to raise awareness on Bullying. We are planning on doing small presentations/workshops in order to help kids understand that bullying is unacceptable, and also to help those kids who are bullied have the courage to get help and find comfort.
NY Make It Better Right Now Promote PACER, Participate in Unity Day and Spirit Day (Oct. 19); continue to add to our Honor Roll of Victims of Bullycide; and continue to promote the importance of communication.
NY Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County Through our ongoing education and community outreach, we seek to create a generation of youth who stand up to bullying and intolerance.
NY Impact Martial Arts Bully Defense and Prevention Class on 10/25 at 5:30 PM.
NY Portt Jervis Middle School Bully Busters Club
OH Our Lady of Perpetual Help School We are having Miss Ohio 2012, Elissa McCracken, speak to our students and parents about her personal experience with cyberbullying. The school counselor, Mrs. Libby Kopec, will be facilitating classroom lessons for grades K-4 on bullying and respecting differences. She will also be facilitating Bully Awareness Sessions for grades 5-8 during the month of October.
OH Walnut Creek Elementary School, K-5 Unity Day, Classroom Guidance Lessons, Small Groups (STAND UP), School Wide Assembly, Daily Morning Announcements, School Wide Pledge, Mentor/Buddy Group, T-Shirt Design Contest and much more!
OH Down Syndrome Support Network Of Stark County
OH St Clair Superior Development Corporation Anti Bully Community event 2012
OH Perry Lake Village Community
OH Community Action Commission - Head Start We read stories about bullying, and talk often about feelings and how important it is to NOT be a bully. Our students are ages 3-5.
OH Potential in School Mentoring Program We participate in the NBC4 battle against bullying program as well as attend several Central Ohio schools with our own anti-bullying program. We can affect an entire school with our initial assembly.
OH The Dance Difference Company The Dance Difference Company will be hosting a Unity Dance Day and other activities in October!
OH Educator's School Safety Network
OH Union Local Elementary In Aug. we will be selling bully prevention shirts to wear on UNITY day. We will have a bully prevention assembly on Oct. 10. We will also be having various community activities during the month of Oct. to recognize bully prevention month.
OH Newton D Baker School of Arts We are doing two Stop Bullying Workshops in our school , one for pre-k through 4th grade and the other 5th-8th grade.
OK Lincoln Elementary "Unity" 24 X 48 canvas was signed by all students, teachers, and other staff members, if they made a pledge to help stop bullying. Orange unity bracelets, made by our PTO, were given to all who signed. We have watched the bullying videos in our Rise and Shine assemblies on Monday mornings.
OR Project Believe in Me Project Believe in Me is currently working on presenting our one-for-one anti-bullying compilation album, produced by Hold on Another Day. For every album sold, we'll donate one to a youth in a school or counseling program.
OR Break the Chain Apparel
OR The Phoenix Project The following activities are being planned during the month of October (dates TBD): Lunch-time Rotary presentation; Salem Progressive Film Series Bully Event; a rally; a Town Hall meeting
PA The Peace Center The Peace Center’s overall goal is a comprehensive approach to changing school climate so all students feel safe. In April 2012, The Peace Center established the Bullying Prevention Resource and Call Center to address bullying and cyberbullying cases throughout Bucks County, Pennsylvania. The Peace Center believes every month should be bullying prevention month with extra focus on programs in October. We will also resume our bullying prevention program for 2nd-4th graders throughout Bucks County school districts. The eight session program teaches emotional intelligence with a focus on empathy, compassion and becoming a ‘Peaceable Being’.
PA Rochester Books As the public school system struggles with funding, Rochester Books wants to help by donating a portion of the proceeds from our book selection to the school system. "The Gossip, the Bully, and the Attention Seeker", by Geneva Rochester is based on issues that affected her eight-year-old grandson throughout school. The intention behind the book is to generate awareness and help children to understand the impact of their behavior.
PA The Golden Mile Scorpions Football & Cheer RJ Score Against Bullying
PA Tenth Round Boxing Tenth Round Boxing are hosting free seminars on Bullying prevention at our school on Saturdays from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm. We are helping children learn self defense, building confidence and awareness.
PA Network of Victim Assistance
PA Hopewell High School
PA Pennsylvania Family Support Alliance We provide information to parents about how to help their child if they are being bullied, or if their child is a bully.
PA SBN Club (Stop Bullying Now)-Jersey Shore Our group is wearing blue t-shirts on Oct. 1 stating, "I stand against bullying." We have also conducted fundraisers and are putting up signs on playgrounds, ball fields, and tennis/basketball courts, with a stand against bullying message.
PA Action Karate Newtown We are using the entire month of October to educate and help our students take a stand against bullying. We are also participating in UNITY Day on 10/10.
PA Nitschmann Midle School We have formed a student run anti-bullying club after school program and plan on using many of PACER's activities in the month of October!
PA The MMA Movement Social Media Awareness and Fundraising.
PA The Golden Rule Pledge We will be raising awareness during the month with at least one event focusing on the Golden Rule.
PA Pittsburgh Colfax K-8 On Thursday, October 18, 2012 our school will be participating in a UNITE AGAINST BULLYING campaign. All students and staff are asked to wear orange in support (we also purchased T-shirts from and classrooms will be conducting a variety of age appropriate anti-bullying lessons under the message "The End of Bullying Begins with Me".
PA MPR Endurance At MPR our martial arts programs help empower, encourage and teach our bullied students how to overcome obstacles and bully's to regain control over their own lives.
PA Champs Sports Network Champs Sports Network runs anti-bullying PSA's during all high school sports broadcasts.
PA NEWS-Line Publishing A featured-post on website with information about National Bullying Prevention Month.
PA Ryer Martial Arts Academy Ryer Academy is a professional martial arts school and a member of the Managing Bully Program overseen by the Verbal Defense and Influence Institute. We are dedicated to ensure that all children in Pittsburgh are treated with dignity and respect by; teaching children to bully-proof themselves, helping parents understand how to effectively intervene in bullying situations, and to assist local government officials, administrators, and educators how to effectively address the problem of bullying in schools. Beyond our daily children classes, we are very active in the community working with local schools and hosting charity events to support anti-bullying initiatives.
RI Greenwood Elementary School We encourage all the children and facility to wear orange and are supplying all the students with the Bullying pledge bookmarks. We provided each classroom with a poster and put them in strategic spots all around the school. On Oct 10th we are adding orange ribbons to all of the trees around the school and adding the words "bullying" under all 16 stop sign around the school so that they will are read "STOP BULLYING."
RI East Bay Martial Arts East Bay Martial arts stands strong against bullying with lessons on education and prevention within the dojo, at local schools and libraries. Our message is simple, "Take Action" together we can put an end to bullying. We are currently sponsoring a poster contest and several fund raisers to benefit local prevention programs, leading up to our open house event on Oct. 27th with a main focus on bullying prevention.
RI UR Brand Stop Think Feel Each month we are going into schools to talk with students about bullying. Our Anti Bullying Bracelets are sold to raise money for wallet cards that contain crisis numbers you can call any time of day if you need to talk. There are a lot of Government funded hotlines that no one knows about; our goal is to get the information to the kids.
SC Mrs. South Carolina United States 2012 Making appearances and giving speeches in my local community about the negative effects of bullying. Going into local schools to talk with students, signing the petition to "stand together against bullying."
SC Japan Karate Institute
SC Samurai Karate Studio Sensei Chris Feldt makes himself available for school talks in the local schools as well as neighborhood organizations like the Boy Scouts, etc. SKS also provides anti-bully workshops that teach children how to deal with bullies in a non-violent manner, at different times throughout the year.
SC Ocean Bay Middle School Wear ORANGE on UNITY Day, October 10, 2012. Write letters in Enrichment classes, "Dear Bully…" Draw posters in Art class about Bullying. Show PowerPoint presentations on different days: 1) Types of Bullying 2) Why people Bully 3) Effects Bullying can have. 4) Steps you can take to stop a Bully. We will send text messages from the classroom that are positive, anti-bully text messages to friends, family, etc. Students are REALLY looking forward to this activity!
SC Whittemore Park Middle School Beta Club We will participate in the Unity Day, and we are reading a book as a school: The Bully by Paul Langan.
TN Making another peace quilt for our school and have developed a system to help bullies apologize, and to help victims overcome their fear. I have also begun fundraising for a scholarship fund to reward good student citizens who work within their community to create a more peaceful environment. Set-up a Peace Project on Facebook at:
TN SAFE in the South Hosting a committee meeting at City Hall on Dec. 4.
TN Chattanooga's Kids on the Block Chattanooga's Kids on the Block uses the power of puppetry to educate children about social concerns and differences, giving them the skills to stay safe and healthy. CKOB’S program, S.T.E.P.S-Safety Talk Encouraging Peaceful Schools (Bullying prevention and anger management) is a two script program that addresses bullying precautions and tips to promote positive behavior and anger management in order to maintain respect, personal safety and the safety of others. This program emphasizes communication as the key to personal respect and safety without resorting to violence.
TN Grianger County SRO's Stop bullying Now-"Take a Stand-Lend a Hand"
TN International Bullying Prevention Association November 4-6, 2012 annual conference is being held in Kansas City, MO.
TN High Hopes Excelling Youth Enterprises, Inc.
TX Eagle Martial Arts We host Bully Prevention Seminars for our community and provide seminars and information to our local schools.
TX More Of Us Than You More Of Us Than You (MOUTY) is a new network; the first and only one of its kind. We are kids and adults who have been bullied, or those directly impacted by bullying, and we have formed a network of strength through sharing.
TX Landa Branch Library Banned Book Week celebrations include a banned book display. Teens will blog on how bullying equals banning of books. Bullying will be the topic of discussion. How to stop cyberbullying and creating safe environments for all teens.
TX Proyecto PCNE- Alto al Acoso Escolar Red Interactiva and Proyecto PCNE is focused on guiding and educating Latino parents with children with disabilities who speak only Spanish. We develop cyber-campaigns using technology to prevent bullying in Hispanic communities, and as parents need to get involved in these issues at the community level and work with schools and government to create safe classrooms for all .
TX Ohana Academy We will be attending different functions here in San Antonio, TX. Handing out flyers, coloring pages and any information kids, parents or any adult need.
TX A Thousand Reasons To Smile Salma is a 12-year-old student in 7th grade who does a weekly tv show on bullying awareness. She also did a city-wide community event two weeks before school started on bullying awareness. She continues to do presentations about bullying by request.
TX Flower Mound Youth Football Association We will be hosting a Bullying Prevention Day to raise funds on Saturday, October 27. We will be selling awareness t-shirts to raise money to donate to PACER. We will also have the petition available for our players and cheerleaders to sign.
TX Harmony Science Academy-El Paso We're having a Bully Walk for all grades K-12 to "stamp out" bullying, participating in the local El Paso Bully Walk to help Children with Disabilities Intervention Coalition (CDIC), rallying the "troops" at school by having them sign a contract to avoid being a bully, and inviting guest speakers to talk to the students about bullying.
TX Launching A Dream Launching A Dream Youth, Family and Community Services is a non-profit organization that provides after-school enrichment activities to at-risk youth. We currently are operating 7 locations across the DFW Metroplex and will be participating in National Bullying Prevention Month by increasing awareness and education throughout all of our locations throughout the month!!
TX Learning for Life Bullying, harassment, and cyber-intimidation are real issues that can dramatically affect today’s schools. More bullying cases have parents turning to the courts to hold schools more accountable. What proactive steps is your school taking, and how can you mitigate your district’s risk? The Learning for Life program is helping educators better address these critical issues by providing access to online educational videos and staff development courses that allow educators to better teach students and parents how to recognize, address, and prevent these issues. Schools are finding this program to be an ideal supplement to enhance existing anti-bullying programs and initiatives. Please contact us to join one of our weekly webinars to learn more about anti-bullying program as well as our digital Character Education and Substance Abuse Program.
TX The Haven Family Shelter Joined in on Unity Day with the help of our local Middle School. In November, after a discussion, there will be an Anti-Bullying Poster/Poetry Contest in Grades 2-12. (The discussion will be held at all grade levels).
TX Good Samaritan Community Services Anti-Bullying Groups, Anti-Bullying Arts & Crafts, Posters, Unity Day Petition Drive and Awareness Events.
TX Atlantic Housing Foundation
UT Nichole337 Consulting Nichole has won the state award from the Disability Law Center as a Student Leader in Anti-bullying. Her youtube channel and many other ventures focus on anti-bullying and raising awareness. Especially for the month of October she is creating projects including many other top celebrities making anti-bullying videos.
UT Utah Parent Center We are using the PACER Bullying Materials and filming the presentation, as well as providing information and training.
VA Safe Schools/Healthy Students Charlottesville/Albemarle "I Care" posters and videos, pledge walls against bullying, Mix It Up at Lunch Day.
VA CMG Foundation We currently work with the juvenile courts conducting mediation for families, and recently did a program for Norfolk State University, entitled Introduction to Mediation & Listening and Communication Skills. From the positive feedback received, we decided to look into working with other schools, businesses, and families to educate them on our mediation, parent education and youth/peer program.
VA Cedar Forest and Riverview Elementary, Spotsylvania County Bully Free Starts With Me! Community Fall Festival. We will "CRUSH" bullying with a live Monster Truck and enjoy food, moon bounces, games, live performances and more! Every Student at our school took the pledge to become bully free! We started a flag program to highlight buses who are bully free! Every classroom in our schools meets every Monday morning to discuss bullying issues and ways to overcome! Further, We have created report forms that teachers, parents and students use to report bullying!
VA City of Alexandria Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities City of Alexandria Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities has an arts program (ACCT) Alexandria City Community Theatre that promotes anti-bullying messages through skits that youth create and act out for other youth. Facilitators help guide the post performance talks with youth.
WA With Respect Training for educators, community individuals, organizations, youth, corporations, families, and others that provide strengths-based skills to transform bullying into something wonderful!
WA National Achiever Services
WA Autism Empowerment During October, Autism Empowerment will be hosting local panels and outreach events that support Bullying Prevention both to children and families on the autism spectrum and those with other special needs. We will also be blogging on our website and hosting a number of shows about Bullying Prevention on Autism Empowerment Radio and our sister station, Autism and Scouting Radio. Please check our website and also our Facebook page at for our upcoming schedule.
WA My Purple Umbrella MPU is a gender independent play group for kids 13 and under and a support network for families and caregivers. Through play the kids learn conflict resolution, character qualities and develop self-esteem. MPU is promoting this campaign at local school districts and is sharing Unity Day with the community as well.
WA Academy of Kempo Martial Arts Workshop for all ages on Bully Prevention October 19th 5:00 to 6:30pm. How to identify a bully. What you can do if you see bullying or are bullied.
WA Bullied People History Please "Like" our Facebook page to help support those who have been and are being bullied. Share your stories with us.
WA Blind Judo Foundation
WA Jae H Kim Taekwondo Institute of Seattle We run a "bully busting" seminar in our school and also out in the community to help kids understand bullying and learn effective strategies to deal with bullying.
WI Good Friend, Inc. We will be including information about Unity Day in all our middle school presentations through Oct. 10, and will continue to promote National Bullying Prevention Month at our scheduled student presentations through October.
WI Good Friend, Inc. We promote autism awareness, acceptance, and empathy among typically-developing students in grades K-9 through individual classroom workshops and assemblies. During our services for grades 5-9 in September and October, Good Friend is including a slide regarding Unity Day, and is ordering the CustomInk t-shirts for our staff and supporters. We focus on disability harassment, and always include a bookmark from PACER in our Presentation Kits, which we send for every staff and student service we do.
WI Stand Up, Speak Out Against Bullying
WI Peers for Peace-Stop Bullying Actively participates in the national Pink Shirt Day, along with stand together.
WV TRIO Talent Search at Marshall University
WV Man High School Reading anti-bullying stories and conducting activities with local children.
WY Girl Scout Brownie Troop #1510 We are participating in National Friendship day that honors our founder Juliette Lowe. We are also submitting a video to the Girl Scouts for the Anti-Bullying PSA.

2012 Bullying Champions from Around the World - Supporting and Promoting Bullying Prevention In Their Community

- Canada Phase 4 Films Recently released film, The Fat Boy Chronicles, is about a teenager who is bullied in high school for being overweight. Despite the constant teasing and torment, he finds the strength to focus on his goals to lose weight and succeed in school. The film is inspired by a true story and based on the book by Lang Buchanan, and has been praised by parents and teachers and introduced as a teaching aid into various school systems throughout the United States.
- Canada BRIM Anti-Bullying Software In appreciation of National Bullying Prevention Month, BRIM Anti-Bullying Software is thrilled to be able to provide anti-bullying software and reporting tools to schools in financial need at no charge
- Germany Ramstein Intermediate School We are hosting our official anti-bullying kick off on 10 October. The entire school will be singing, Don't Laugh At Me, will raise signs to show what we choose to be a bully-free empathic school community and recite our No-Bullying Pledge. Of course we will also be dressed in orange--including our official school jaguar mascot, Spots. Our local radio and tv station will cover our anti-bullying program kick off.
- Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands Cayman Bullying Project Conducting training programs, walk-a-tons, Bullying-101 Presentation, teen support groups in schools and more.
- Tasmania, Australia Angels Goal Anti-Bullying Organisation Activities include an awareness and accountability program which continues throughout the year and focuses on cyber-safety. This program encompasses schools, sporting groups, and the workplace.
- Trinidad/Tobago The Silver Lining Foundation We will ensure that October 2012 is observed as National Bullying Prevention throughout the twin-island Republic focusing on areas such as education and awareness of the causes and effects of bullying as well as ways in which to deal with bullying. We intend to have PACER's classroom toolkits implemented in schools for Bullying Prevention week and hope that all schools will adopt some form (if not the in entirety) of the toolkit and help raise awareness while at the same time fostering good values and morals in the students and promoting tolerance and respect starting in the classroom. We intend to mark Unity Day as well with activities to highlight the issues and raise awareness all in a fun and respectful environment.