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Parent Leadership in Special Education

Disability-Related Interagency and Special Education Council and Committee Opportunities

State Level

Governor's Interagency Coordinating Council (ICC)

Makes recommendations to the governor, the legislature, and the state agencies serving infants and toddlers with disabilities and their families to ensure a coordinated state and local early childhood intervention system.
Contact: Kara Temple, (651) 582 - 8795 - [email protected]

Special Education Advisory Panel (SEAP)

Advises the Division of Special Education and Office of Monitoring and Compliance regarding policies, practices and issues related to the education of children and youth with disabilities, ages birth through 21.
Contact: Kristin Olen, SEAP Coordinator - [email protected]

State Advisory Council on Mental Health;
Subcommittee on Children's Mental Health (website )

Advises the governor, legislature and state agencies about policy, programs and services affecting people with mental illness. The subcommittee makes recommendations on matters pertaining to children’s mental health.
Contact: Shelly White - [email protected]

Governor's Council on Developmental Disabilities (website )

Advisory group charged with providing information, education and training that will enable people with significant disabilities to become independent, productive, and included in community life.
Contact: Colleen Wieck, (651) 296 - 9964 - [email protected]

County or Local Level

Interagency Early Intervention Committee (IEIC)

Each regional committee is responsible for the implementation of Help Me Grow child find and public awareness in their area. Help Me Grow is a statewide initiative that conducts outreach and public awareness activities to connect young children who have developmental delays or disabilities and their families to free early intervention services. Help Me Grow offers information on child development and a way to refer an infant, toddler, or preschooler for free help when there are developmental concerns.  
Contact: Kara Temple, (651) 582 - 8495 - [email protected]

Community Transition Interagency Committee (CTIC)

For the improvement and delivery of services to young adults 14-21 with disabilities and their families.
Contact: Jayne Spain, MDE Secondary Transition; (651) 582 - 8515 - [email protected]

Children’s Mental Health and Family Services Collaboratives ( )

For the development, delivery, and improvement of services to children, youth 0-21 with mental health issues and their families.