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Dispute Resolution

Section 504 Complaint

Complete Due Process Options Chart

Parents Need to Know

  • Issues: Claim of discrimination based on disability
  • Who is usually involved: Parent(s), organization, or any citizen, local 504 Officer, Office for Civil Rights (Region V Chicago)
  • Decision maker(s): Office for Civil Rights (Region V Chicago) Hearing officer
  • Timeline: File within 180 calendar days of violation
  • Cost (parent pays): None

Points of Interest

  • Can determine discrimination based on disability
  • Office of Civil Rights (OCR) does not handle cases that are being addressed by another agency or within the school grievance procedure
  • You have 60 days to refile your complaint with OCR once the other process is completed
  • OCR does not represent parties or provide advice if the issues go to a court hearing
  • Provides for an impartial 504 hearing but details aren’t provided; decision can be appealed within 60 days of OCR’s determination