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PACER Puppets


Learn more about the PACER Puppets in these videos.

Puppet Interviews

Ben answers questions about what it’s like to have ADHD. He discusses ways he has learned to get along better in school and at home. (2:07)

Gina answers questions about what it’s like being blind. She explains how she gets dressed and matches her outfits, how she can participate in activities like swimming and beep ball, and the future of self-driving cars. (1:39)

Mitch has recently learned about autism. He answers questions about Megan, a girl in his class, who has autism, like why she eats the same thing for lunch every day, why she doesn’t make eye contact and how he’s learning how to understand her better. (1:43)

Mitch answers questions about how autism manifests differently in different people and specific questions about Max, a kid in his class, who has autism. Mitch also explains how he and Max became friends. (2:11)

Sally answers questions about cerebral palsy and what it’s like to do activities like getting dressed if her legs and muscles don’t move very well. (1:07)

Sally answers questions about being in a wheelchair, like how she goes upstairs and gets on and off the school bus. (1:10)

Sally talks about activities she likes to do. She discusses learning how to play basketball in a wheelchair basketball league, how she uses ball ramps when she goes bowling, and how she gets into the pool and swims. (1:05)

Corey answers questions about baseball, movies, hamburgers, and what it’s like living with Down syndrome. (1:37)

Kindness and Inclusion

Shannon surprises Carmen by writing a kind message in chalk in front of her house to make amends for her previous bad behavior. (0:53)

Brad reaches out to his friend Mitch over video call when he is being picked on by his older brother. (1:25)

Brought to you by PACER's National Bullying Prevention Center, Carmen’s Corner is a series of educational videos designed for young audiences kindergarten through third grade. Carmen focuses on kindness and offers tips for kids on how to make the world a kinder place. (12:09)

Our Puppet Maker

Charlotte has been making puppets for PACER since 1995. We interview her in her basement workshop. PACER puppets are available for purchase.