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Building Capacity for Assistive Technology

This webinar was held 6/16/2009

This Webinar is the fifth and final workshop in a series on basic assistive technology funded by a grant from the Minnesota Department of Education.  Now that you have some great new knowledge about assistive technology what do you do with it?  How can you go deeper and acquire more knowledge about assistive technology?  Where do you go if you have questions about assistive technology beyond this workshop series?  Participants learned about available regional and state resources to help them get answers to frequently asked assistive technology questions.


Jonathan Campbell, PACER Center, and Meghan Kunz, PACER Center

Running Time

60 minutes


For project evaluation purposes, PACER may email webinar viewers a brief follow-up survey in 3 to 6 months.

Funding for the live Webinars was made possible by a grant from the Minnesota Department of Education. The source of funding is from federal award, Grants to States-Special Education CFDA 84.027, P.L. 108-446 Individuals With Disabilities Education Act.


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