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Archived Webinars Complete Listing
A Place to Start: Understanding the Present Level of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance Statement (PLAAFP) in the IEP 11/28/2012
Accessible Instructional Materials (AIM) in School Settings 2/3/2011
Advocating for Your Child with a Disability 2/11/2014
AIMing for Achievement: Why Your Child with a Disability May Need Accessible Instructional Materials & How to Work with Your School 10/31/2012
All About Apps for Education: Just the Apps and Nothing but the Apps 5/5/2011
All About Digital Books 7/16/2009
All About Digital Media 3/3/2011
Assistive Technology for Reading, Writing and Math 6/2/2009
At the Table: Six Areas That May Affect IEP Services for Your Child 3/14/2014
Building Capacity for Assistive Technology 6/16/2009
Considering a Charter School for Your Child with a Disability? 1/16/2014
Cool Tools for Transition Aged Youth 7/24/2012
Crisis Planning and Children’s Challenging Behaviors: Making a Plan That Works 8/23/2016
Early Childhood and Assistive Technology 7/22/2013
Engaging and Supporting Culturally Diverse Families with Young Children 8/25/2009
Engaging and Supporting Culturally Diverse Youth 5/20/2014
Everything You Need to Learn Before Your Child Turns Three 11/4/2013
Families Are Important: Understanding the Early Intervention Process In Minnesota 5/11/2009
Family Matters: A Family-Focused Introduction to Accessible Instructional Materials 9/28/2010
Five Tips for Parents of Young Children: Encouraging Positive Behavior 10/11/2011
Foundations for Using Visual Strategies 12/11/2008
Gearing Up for SEAC Success – Introducing New Tools and Resources 12/2/2009
Housing: First Steps to Independent Living 10/13/2014
How will I Know My Child is Making Progress 8/31/2010
IDEA: Understanding Measurable Goals on the IEP 8/25/2011
Intro to Assistive Technology and Lending Library Resources in Minnesota 1/28/2010
Introducing Your Child to the School Community Using the "Student Snapshot" Format 8/25/2011
Introduction to Assistive Technology 9/8/2011
Introduction to Augmentative and Alternative Communication and AAC Lending Library Resources in Minnesota 5/12/2010
KidSmart - Webinar #1: Welcome to KidSmart 2013-2014 9/19/2013
KidSmart - Webinar #2: Introduction to KidDesk and Early Learning Software 6/6/2013
KidSmart - Webinar #3: Sharing Success Stories 5/31/2011
KidSmart: Assistive Technology and Other Resources 1/19/2010
Making a Smooth Transition from High School to Adult Living: Successful Collaboration 5/16/2012
Making the Move from Early Childhood Special Education to Kindergarten 7/25/2012
Meeting the Needs of Postsecondary Students with Disabilities from Diverse Cultures 9/30/2015
Mental Health and Transition Age Youth: Preparing for the Future 7/15/2015
Parents as Partners 7/28/2010
Parents as Team Members: How to Communicate Effectively with Early Childhood Professionals 7/15/2010
Planning for Educational Inclusion 4/21/2009
Practical Tips for Working Effectively with Culturally Diverse Families of Young Children 6/24/2010
Practical Tips: Working Effectively with Culturally Diverse Families of Children and Youth Needing Mental Health Support 10/28/2015
Preparing Minnesota Students for Career and Postsecondary Opportunities 5/28/2015
Prior Written Notice 10/22/2012
Resolving Disagreements Through the Special Education Process 1/27/2009
Serving Diverse Families: Strategies for Early Childhood Service Providers 5/9/2008
Six Skills for Effective Parent Advocacy 3/24/2010
Special Education Communication: Three Quick Skills 9/12/2012
Supporting your child or youth with mental health needs: Developing a proactive crisis plan for support 11/20/2015
TEFRA/Medical Assistance (MA): A Potential MA Funding Option for Children with Disabilities and Special Health Care Needs 5/10/2011
TeST - Mapping Your Future: Creating a Personal Transition Plan 8/29/2011
TeST - Career Possibilities: Discover, Explore, Dream 8/29/2011
TeST - Knowing Your Options: College, Independence, and Beyond 8/29/2011
TeST - Virtual College Tour 8/30/2011
The Consideration of Assistive Technology in the IEP 5/19/2009
The House of IDEA: Blueprint for a Strong Education Program 2/12/2009
Tips for Talking to Youth Who Are Under Stress 2/10/2015
Transition: Pathway to the Future 4/28/2010
Webinar 101: How to Attend and Navigate a Webinar 4/7/2009
What Parents and Professionals Need to Know About Assistive Technology 5/5/2009
Working Effectively with Culturally Diverse Families of Children and Youth with Behavioral Health Challenges 1/11/2017
Working Effectively with Diverse Families of Children and Youth with Behavioral Health Challenges 1/23/2018
Working for Change Using the Power of a Personal Story 9/21/2010
Working with Culturally Diverse Families of Children and Youth with Behavioral Health Challenges 1/31/2019
Working with Families to Address School Avoidance and Truancy for Children with Mental Health Needs 2/21/2019
Working with Parents When a Child’s Challenging Behaviors Impacts School Success 12/1/2017

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