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Family Engagement in School

Your Child’s Educational Progress

All families play in an important role in supporting their student’s success in school.  One way to support your student, at any age, is to monitor their academic progress.  But what do we mean when we talk about academic progress?

Students are expected to meet certain learning standards set by the State.  Schools teach students based on those learning standards. They then report to families on how their student is progressing toward meeting those learning standards.  This reporting often comes in the form of report cards, standardized test scores, and teacher reports and observations.

Families can also tell if their child is learning by observing what their children do at home, and then provide such feedback to teachers. 

Resources for Parents

  • A Parent’s Guide to School Testing: What You Need to Know
    Students take many tests in school. Two of the “big” tests are the Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments (MCAs) and the ACCESS for English language learners (ELLs). Here is why the tests are important and how you can help your child do well on them
  • Keep tabs on your student’s progress
    These family-friendly handouts can help keep tabs on a student’s progress from elementary to high school
    Elementary school | Hmong | Spanish
    Middle school | Hmong
    High school | Hmong
  • School Choice in Minnesota | Spanish version | Hmong version
    In Minnesota, school choice is part of state law. When considering a new or different school for your child, parents can choose from a variety of options and the handout explains each one.
  • Understanding the MN School Report Card | Hmong version
    The Minnesota School Report Card provides families, educators, schools, districts, and communities with important information about schools. This information helps families make meaningful decisions about their student’s education.
  • A Tool for Success: High Expectations and Your Child's Education | Hmong version
    As a parent, you will have many concerns about your child's school community. You can use the information provided in this handout to learn more about your child's school and find ways to promote high expectations for your child’s success.
  • Reading and Understanding Your Child’s Report Card | Hmong version
    In order for students to be successful, schools must regularly communicate with families about a student’s progress. This handout reviews what families can expect in their student’s report card and how it can be used to promote discussion between home and school.
  • School Record Keeping Folders
    Keeping track of school paperwork is an important part of family engagement.  The School Record Keeping Folder makes it easier to stay organized and keep track of your child’s progress in school.  It contains five tabbed folders with tips for gathering and using the information in that section to help your child to be successful in school.