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Funding Assistive Technology

Once we have decided that technology is a need and we’ve explored options that we think might work, we need to acquire the assistive technology (AT). If the technology is determined to be a need and written into an IFSP or IEP, then the school district is obligated to purchase the assistive technology. 

But what if a parent wants to purchase technology for use at home? Or what if technology was not determined to be a need but it still might provide some benefit? 

In this section, you will find materials with resources and options for funding assistive technology for young children.

Handouts to Support Funding Assistive Technology

Using Social Media to Fund Assistive Technology (AT)

Social media can be a powerful tool in both finding and funding needed AT.  This handout talks about crowd funding social media sites as a strategy to raise money for AT.

Helping Parents Fund Assistive Technology (AT)

AT Reuse is the process of giving life to used AT and can be a helpful resource for parents looking to acquire AT for their child. This handout outlines several AT Reuse resources for families.

Developing Guiding Documents for Consideration of Assistive Technology (AT)

Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) and Individualized Education Program (IEP) teams are required to consider AT when planning for the education of children with disabilities. Data about the inclusion of AT in an IFSP or IEP shows that it is underutilized. The handout presents information districts may want to include in their guiding documents about the process for considering and documenting AT.

Assistive Technology (AT) Libraries – Organizing, Inventory, and Repair

Giving special educators increased access to a variety of technology is a good way to help them make decisions about AT. Access allows educators to try AT with students, promotes learning, and makes it easier for students to gain AT. This is an important part of the consideration process.