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Trainings on Demand

If you view the videos and/or use any of the supporting materials we would love to hear how you are using them.  We invite you to share your feedback with us .

The TIKES Project is launching a new on demand video series to help educate and inform parents and professionals about using assistive technology with young learners. These training videos feature a variety of basic assistive technology concepts and can be used for new learning, to refresh your learning and to help schools build capacity for assistive technology.

Certificates of completion are available for viewers who complete a post-test after viewing the video series and answer the questions with 80% accuracy. Certificates will be sent to the email address provided.

Introduction to Assistive Technology (AT) for Young Learners

Videos in this Series

Video 1: What is Assistive Technology?

In this video viewers are introduced to the topic of assistive technology, review the training session agenda for the video series, define assistive technology, meet Mason, a young user of technology, and review some common myths about assistive technology. 11:21 min

Video 2: Continuum and Categories of Assistive Technology

Introduction to the different categories of assistive technology for young learners with disabilities. 25:26 min

Video 3: Hands-on with Assistive Technology

We take you through a virtual “hands-on” time with a variety of assistive technology appropriate for young children with disabilities ages birth to 5. 12:34 min

Video 4: Research and Effective Use of Assistive Technology

We wrap up the Introduction to Assistive Technology for Young Learners by revisiting some important points and briefly discussing what some of the research says about the use of assistive technology with young learners. 4:22 min

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Including Assistive Technology in the IFSP and IEP

A Child-Centered AT Plan: A Process for Including Assistive Technology (AT)

Funding Assistive Technology (AT) for Young Children

Exploring the Myths of Assistive Technology Use with Young Children

Videos in this Series

Video1: Myths of Assistive Technology Use With Young Children: AT is Computers and Tablets

There are several myths around the use of assistive technology with young children. This video series explores these myths and debunks them. In this first video we look at the perception of assistive technology as only computers and tablets and explore the range that makes up assistive technology. 3:12 min

Tiny Tech in Action

Videos in this Series

Video 1: Tiny Tech in Action: Lucas – Going Where He Wants to Go

Tiny Tech in Action is a video series, brought to you by the Technology to Improve Kids' Educational Success TIKES Project, that highlights young children's use of assistive technology. In this video you meet Lucas, who uses a modified child's motorized car to get around and play. 3:03 min