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Serving Diverse Families: Strategies for Early Childhood Service Providers

This webinar was held 5/9/2008

This webinar is designed for early childhood intervention and early childhood special education professionals who want to increase their effectiveness in working with young children with disabilities from diverse cultures. It is for everyone who has ever wondered:

  • "How can I avoid offending a parent who is from a culture different from my own?"
  • "How can I help families be comfortable in expressing their opinions and proposing solutions?"
  • "How can I support their decisions, even when I do not agree?"
  • "How can I help the family determine family-directed outcomes based on their concerns, needs, and priorities?"


Part I: "Serving Diverse Families: Strategies for Early Childhood Service Providers."

  • Diversity and Communication
  • Focus on the Family
  • Preparing for the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) Meeting
  • Strategies for Working with Families
  • Checking Your Skills

Keynote presenter Dixie Jordan is a nationally certified cultural competence trainer and a board member of the National Federation of Families. She has conducted more than 600 trainings, presentations, and keynotes nationally on topics such as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), diversity, and early childhood.

Part II - "Practical Tips for Successful Interactions." A panel presentation by PACER’s multicultural parent advocates, Lucy Favorite, Hassan Samantar, Bonnie Jean Smith, Jesús Villaseñor, and Dao Xiong.

Part III - "From Family Concerns to Family-directed Outcomes." A case study exercise presented by PACER’s early childhood project coordinator, Judy Swett.

Additional Webinar Q & A's

Please Note: PACER's multicultural advocates responded to participant's questions regarding the May, 2008 webinar presentation content. There was not time to respond to the following related questions during the live webinar. It is important to read these responses in the context of the entire presentation. It is also essential to understand that all families are different, even within a specific culture. Rather than making assumptions at an individual family level, it is always appropriate to ask questions to increase understanding.
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Dixie Jordan, Lucy Favorite, Hassan Samantar, Bonnie Jean Smith, Jesus Villasenor, Dao Xiong and Judy Swett. Moderator: Barb Ziemke.

Running Time

2 hours, 22 minutes


For project evaluation purposes, PACER may email webinar viewers a brief follow-up survey in 3 to 6 months.

These materials were developed in part with funding from a grant from the Minnesota Department of Education. The source of the funds is a federal award, State Personnel Development Grant CFDA 84.323A.


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