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Foundations for Using Visual Strategies

This webinar was held 12/11/2008

Many learners understand what they see better than what they hear. For these learners, visual strategies can be a powerful tool in helping learners understand directions, expectations, schedules, sequences and more. This workshop, part of a series funded in part by Autism Speaks, will lay a foundation for understanding what visual strategies are and how to use them.


Bridget Ames, PACER Center and Meghan Kunz, PACER Center

Running Time

120 minutes


Support documents mentioned in the Visual Strategies Webinar including the power point handout that follows the presentation and the same listening support created with five different board making tools to give participants and chance to make a side by side comparison of the product created using the tools referenced in the presentation.


For project evaluation purposes, PACER may email webinar viewers a brief follow-up survey in 3 to 6 months.

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