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Health Information Center

For Medical Professionals

  • Transitioning patients from Pediatric to Adult Care

    One way to improve health outcomes for youth with special health care needs is ensuring that they successfully transition from pediatric to adult health care. Find research based resources here to successfully transition these patients to adult health care.

  • Communicating Effectively with Diverse families

    Building relationships and involving parents of children with special health care needs with diverse cultural backgrounds.

  • Medical Home

    A coordinated, family-centered way to provide care for children with special health care needs and disabilities. Through a medical home, a doctor and his or her staff coordinate care and information among health, education, insurance, and social service professionals

  • Family- Centered Care

    Patient and family-centered care is an approach to the delivery of health care that is based on the idea of partnership among patients, families, and providers. This philosophy recognizes the importance of the family in the patient’s life, and incorporates the family’s perspective into medical decision-making. This type of care is particularly important to families of children with special

  • Directing Patients to Health Care financing options

    Up to date information on public health care options including the Affordable Care Act, Social Security options and Minnesota specific health care programs.

  • Community Integration and Support Resources

    Connecting families and youth with special health care needs to organizations and resources in the areas of independent living and community involvement.

  • Technology options

    Assistive technology can be a device or service that helps children with disabilities participate more independently within their environment at home or school.

  • Pediatric Resident Training Program

    Physicians and families working together to improve the system of care for children and youth with special health care needs.