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Health Information Center

Community Integration and Support Resources

Options for families and youth with special health care needs to connect to supports needed in the home and community.

National Resources

Resources In Minnesota

Parent Resources

  • Person Centered Planning
    A Tool for Transition: Using Person Centered Planning to assist teenagers and young adults plan and prepare for transitions.
  • Minnesota Secondary Transition Toolkit for Families: A Guide to Preparing Your Child with a Disability for Life Beyond High School
    This toolkit was created to make transition planning easier and offers easy-to-understand information about the purpose of transition planning, the goal and importance of age-appropriate assessments, and the required rules that are used by schools. It also includes information on the community partners that can provide youth with supports as adults. Topics include benefits planning, postsecondary education and accommodations, recreation, social resources, transportation, and housing.
  • The One-Page Profile as a Medical tool
    Video commentary from a person with a with a developmental disability and his doctor regarding how the One-Page Profile, a Person-Centered Thinking tool, helped facilitate communication during a medical procedure.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Services
    Information for Students on how to access VRS.
  • Self-advocacy
    Students explain in this video the importance of advocating for their needs in the school environment.