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Health Information Center

PACER Center’s Dental and Medical Advisory Board Members

  • Andy Barnes, MD
  • Wendy Berghorst
  • Kendra J. Bjoraker, PhD, LP
  • Supreet Deshpande, MD
  • Christina Dunn, MD
  • Karl Eckberg, MD
  • Linda Goldman Cherwitz, MD, PACER Center, Health Advocate
  • Maggie Kappelman, MD
  • Jeff Karp, DMD, MS
  • Mary Kautto, MA, BSN, RN
  • Quentin Knutson, DDS
  • Daniel Saltzman, MD
  • Israel Sokeye, MD
  • Read Sulik, MD
  • Nicole Williams, MD
  • Karen Wills, MD
  • Laurel Wills, MD

For more information about the Health Information Center, please contact Linda Goldman Cherwitz at (952) 838-9000.