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Early Childhood Frequently Asked Questions

Private School

My son has been receiving preschool special education services. After considering kindergarten programs, we have decided to send him to a private school with his siblings. The private school is not located in our school district. Will the private school provide the special education services written in his Individualized Education Program (IEP)?

Most private schools are not required to provide any special education services. However, the public school district in which your son’s private school is located must provide “equitable services” to children who are eligible to receive special education services. You should contact the new school district and arrange a meeting with staff from the private school to discuss a special education program for your son. Bring along a copy of his current IEP. It is likely that the new school district will propose a new service plan that will reflect when, where, and how special education services will be delivered. The public school district is required to provide transportation to the location where these services will be provided if they are not being provided in the private school.

My son was recently diagnosed with autism. I’d like to enroll him in a private program and also continue special education preschool services through the school district. Is this possible?

That depends on scheduling. Most school districts in Minnesota place children in either a morning or afternoon class so you’ll need to consult with the district and the private program to learn about their specific schedules. Some families are able to work out a convenient schedule that enables the child to attend one program in the morning and the other in the afternoon.