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School Discipline of Minnesota Students with Disabilities - Parent Information

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My Child Is on an IEP

The Discipline is:

an out-of-school suspension* and the total out-of-school suspensions is more than 10 school days* for this school year.


School administrators must give you written notification of the disciplinary decision.1

Tip: The district must provide alternative educational services beginning on the sixth consecutive day of out-of-school suspension.

Note: Each partial day that an IEP student is prohibited from attending classes or remaining in his or her current classroom without the provision of educational services counts as one full day of suspension.


Is the removal for more than 10 consecutive schools days?

  • If yes, this is a disciplinary change of placement*.2 Because the removal is considered to be a change of placement, a manifestation determination* meeting with the IEP team, including you, along with school district representatives must be held as soon as possible but no more than 10 school days after the disciplinary decision is made.3.

    This is a disciplinary change of placement - Continue Here >>>
  • If no, is this part of a series of removals that constitutes a pattern of removals* 4 because:
    • the series of removals totals more than 10 non-consecutive school days,
    • the behavior is substantially similar to previous incidents and
    • other factors such as the length of suspensions and the total amount of time suspended and the proximity of the suspensions to one another constitutes a pattern?

The school district determines on a case-by-case basis whether a pattern of suspensions constitutes a change of placement. 5

The school district determined this constitutes a change of placement - Continue Here >>>

If the suspensions were for 10 or more nonconsecutive school days, and the school determines that the suspensions do not constitute a change of placement, no manifestation determination meeting is required.

The school district determined this does not constitute a change of placement - Continue Here >>>