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School Discipline of Minnesota Students with Disabilities - Parent Information

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My Child Is on an IEP

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The Discipline is:

being sent home before the end of the school day.


Each day that your child is sent home before the end of the school day counts as one day of out-of-school suspension* as to whether there is a pattern of removals* if the child does not receive regular or special education instruction during that dismissal period.1

However, if your child remained in school and:

  • was given services that allowed him or her to continue to appropriately progress in the general curriculum;
  • continued to receive the services specified on his or her IEP; and
  • continued to participate with children without a disability to the extent he or she would have in his or her current placement. For example, if your child was in the regular education classroom, he or she must be assigned to the same in-school suspension room as children without disabilities

then he or she received an in-school suspension*. Go to the In-School Suspension Section >>>

If not all of those requirements were met, or if your child left school before the end of the day at the school’s request, then that day is counted as one day or a partial day of an out-of-school suspension.1

Go to the Out-of-School Suspension Section >>>


  1. Minn. Stat. 121A.43(b).