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School Discipline of Minnesota Students with Disabilities - Parent Information

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My Child Is on an IEP

The Discipline is:

suspension from the bus and transportation is not listed on my child’s IEP.


Your child cannot be suspended or expelled permanently from the bus, even if transportation is not on the IEP. Your child must still be afforded the opportunity to access his or her special education and related services.

If your child's behavior on the bus is a continuing problem, you should request an IEP meeting to discuss interventions. A Functional Behavioral Assessment (FBA)* and Behavioral Intervention Plan (BIP)* should be developed to address bus behavior, and the IEP should be amended to include transportation as a related service.

When transportation is listed on the IEP as a related service or if there is an IEP goal related to bus behavior, suspensions from the bus are treated as out-of-school suspensions*.


  1. The school recommended a change of placement* to a more restrictive setting. Go to the School Ordered Change of Placement Section >>>
  2. The school district recommended that my child return to his/her current educational placement following the suspension.

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